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  1. Cool. I like the concept. Sucks that it's old module. I play RSN mainly with a Dindrenzi as a side of I feel like playing it.
  2. Never heard of it before. What is it?
  3. Was the fluff different in the older rule books?
  4. I was referring to flames of wars special characters. Such as tank aces or infantry specialists etc. only in FSA it be that super crazy captain of a frigate or cruiser that pulls a serenity maneuver through a battlefield
  5. Get some spook cruisers man. Cloaked and spook torpedoes!! Not to mention they could be used as carrier escorts. My pure RSN fleet will always have 2-3 full squadrons if points permit. They are my finishing punch.
  6. Love your highlighting. Awesome We need some hiigaran ships and beast ships now. Wish they had homeworld ships in FSA scale
  7. It's mainly bio and corrosive that he is referring to. Any faction with weapons shielding, the terrans and sorylians mainly, the bio will be helpful since the MAR does not apply to crew losses. Corrosive for factions without the weapons shielding MAR such as aquans and etc.
  8. Unique characters would be interesting. But have to be represented through the model I think. The captain made personal modifications to his ship. Of course only one could be fielded.
  9. Small Magnets for the fins. Have to drill a little to fit magnet into the model. End result is ease of transport and sturdiness
  10. Most successful sci fi battlecarrier other then Battlestar galactica would be the Star Wars venator class. Beautiful ship
  11. I think the Russians or Brits use something like a battle carrier. Granted the carrier capacity is either helicopters or harriers
  12. Stealth material in armor, ECM and probably a form of decoy system
  13. http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/12125-spellduckwrongs-pathogen-fleet/#entry221563 Now this is a pathogen fleet
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