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  1. Bit late on this.... Shooting another ground unit within 8" on an elevated piece of terrain shouldn't be a problem because it isn't at another height level, it just counts as a size category larger for the purposes of LOS (rulebook p21). The unit on the terrain also wouldn't have a problem.
  2. The Grapple MAR for the EOtBS Ryushi flying-squid-robot-thingy says that the unit may grapple if it scores more successes than a target unit in a boarding action. Would the Ryushi grapple instead of doing damage as normal, or as well as doing damage? Could be important if fighting a large landship or a multi-unit battalion with a generator-equipped model attached. Any thoughts?
  3. Commodore Chris's list is a good one. Tsushima is a classic example, and there's some good info on it at the Russo-Japanese War Society website. They have a transcript of Admiral Togo's instructions to the Japanese fleet before Tsushima, which gives a good illustration not only of the 'T', but also how to develop it into a 'L' which engages the enemy line in crossfire - http://www.russojapanesewar.com/instruct.html. The rest of the site is also worth browsing.
  4. Hi Druss Are you aware of Lancaster Wargamers? We meet at the Grammar School on Tuesday nights from about 7.00pm. A bunch of us are getting into DW (land and air rather than naval). Unless, of course, you're already a member and I didn't recognise your tag!
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