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  1. First of all, good on you for keeping UCS kicking and twitching at your club! With regards to the Dragon Lord ships, i think of them as more reptilian than elvish (admittedly im not a fan of DL). As for the Ralgard, I quite like the idea of the Samauri Beastman look of the race, but as there's only one or two pics of the race itself i guess there's no harm in stating that the beastmen are shock troops and they have humans for command etc? Love the idea of evil Gnomes wearing deathmasks btw...wouldnt like to find one of them fishing in my garden! ;-)
  2. My interpretation was that UCS was set in a world largely made up of archipelago type islands, therefore a land based mass battle doesnt seem right no matter which scale. Further, there are already many Fantasy based 28mm mass battle games out there so not sure this is a financially viable option for SG (especally as IMHO the fluff of the races has never been expanded to make them totally stand out from the generic Tolikien-esque races). I believe a better option might be the 28mm skirmish, but perhaps based more on a Mordheim type set up with a crew of individuals able to be kitted out and gain experience etc. To be honest when those previews from Studio Sparta appeared a couple of years back called 'Shore Party' I thought that was it! This would also enable 'zooming in' to ship to ship combat which really floats my boat...:-)
  3. Not sure how many of our dear community are members but the voting has begun for the Beasts of War 2014 games of the year awards. Dystopian Wars is up in the 'Punk/Weird category' and Firestorm Armada in the 'sci-fi' category. Choose wisely... (or biasedly)
  4. Just downloaded card backs - fantastic work! Thanks YLLAN
  5. One thing you cant get away from playing DW Naval is the amount of deck plates to paint. I've noticed that a good deck paint scheme can offset nicely the steel outsides of the ships.What are peoples opinions of the best technique to paint them? Undercoat black and drybrush, base coat and ink the grooves then highlight?
  6. Wow, are they allowed to do this?!? Item's location is Russia - looks like Markov's up to his old tricks...
  7. This may have been asked and answered earlier in the thread but is there a reason you are no longer including the back flag images in the recent uploads? Goes without saying that your work is very much appreciated and respected sir!
  8. Ah, bummer...never mind, it was a nice thought whilst it lasted!
  9. Good point Nazduruk_Bugzappa, I notice the small flyer in the new Eclipse Aerial Fleet are resin. I can't fault the detail on SG's TFT's so fairly confident this is a good move.
  10. Notice from the FA range that some ships (for whatever reason) have got a 'MK.II' new design ie. new casting and model not just stat line. With the recent topic on moving the fluff forward with DW, which models would all like to see get a 'MK.II' design? (I realise SG have enough on already but this is hypothetical!) For me, I've never been keen on the Majesty Dread, sits too high in the water like a turret mounted birthday cake...
  11. Wow thanks, these might even be better than the real thing! (cue U2...)
  12. Had my head buried in DL for several months and just heard about stat cards no longer being included in boxed sets (or blisters?) for DW. I'm wanting to start a new fleet of Russians, I presume Spartan will make the cards available to download so I can laminate etc. (I am presuming, unless they are coming away from cards completely??) Doesn't seem to be an entry in the Resources section of website...
  13. Woo Hoo, new UCS stuff! So happy about this and calms the nerves thinking the game was going to be dropped... As for the new SP ships, im quite impressed; in fact i do hope they are all resin to keep costs down. I wouldnt mind the inability to move the sails at all, c'mon MOW was never 'realistic' was it? ("Hmmm that big 24 ton warhammer, lets put that right on the prow leaning over the front end.")
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