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  1. This album contains the few photographs I take of my fleets, armies, etc., that actually turn out alright.
  2. I'd be all for seeing a more low-tech Egyptian look; if they go too "Pharaoh-onic" they end up looking like the baddies from Stargate. No bad thing, though. I liked Stargate.
  3. I've played two games this weekend; Free Australia vs. The Ottoman Empire. Both ended with Australian victories; one of them was a bit of a scrape and the other looked like it was going to be an Ottoman win until the Sadrazam got prized. The Australians have an advantage at range, and the fact that the Ottomans have to turn their ships sideways to bring their firepower to bear to best advantage means that they are easier to hit. The Victoria, in particular, had a field day with the Ottoman cruisers (game one) and weakening the Sadrazam (game two). The storms are useful, but they're by no means a game-changer. I'm not as struck on the Mizraks as I could be, I suppose. The amount of Gunnery the Sadrazam can put out is useful, though it withers quickly once it's had a bit of damage (except the broadsides).
  4. The Marteau Bombard for the Republique doesn't look like it has a 360 arc of fire, but I am certainly not going to raise my voice to complain on that one.
  5. With the Covenant, will it be possible to use some of the models from that box as an auxiliary air force for the Australians, or would you have to be going a CoA force?
  6. http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/gallery/image/4309-3rd-contractual-flotilla-free-australia/ I've only taken one image, but I shall get some others and see if they work out; hopefully they do. Here's my fleet, anyway.
  7. I tend to glue my turrets on, and usually they're not pointing straight forward - usually I show them traversing to point at something either fore or aft (on ships), or just turning (on vehicles - though that's only been the case with the 1Cs in France).
  8. I dunno - never faced the KoB and so don't know how they are at boarding. The crocs do well at it, and they're particularly vicious if there's a Cerberus nearby!
  9. This is one of only two gaming forums I ever go on, and the only one that I have never seen get bogged down in drama. It's an actual pleasure to come on here and discuss the game (even from my own position of relative ignorance on the game).
  10. I generally use fighters because I play France, and I play on land. Switching over to Naval at the moment, and to Free Australia, means I get to use dive bombers, which I've always wanted to use and never got to. I understand that torpedo bombers are pretty good, but - you know - land. I'm still quite excited by the dive bombers, though, because the Australian ones get some pretty decent rules to beef them up, give them a bit more utility. At least on paper.
  11. I guess Africa might have a bit of a different history from its real-world 19th Century equivalent? I hope.
  12. I've got the metal turrets spare somewhere; Free Australia for me, glued them in and everything. I'm in the UK, though, so you'll probably be able to source some closer to home...
  13. I'm thinking of going for a battered dark grey and maybe ... orange? I'm not sure, but have them look really workhorse-ish; it'll help them contrast the CoA forces, which will probably look a little odd next to them. So it'll probably be a Free Australian Naval core (if that's allowed) with a Covenant Air Force to back it up.
  14. I think they'll probably serve as a second fleet for me - before the Australians came out, it was land models only for me. Not so much now - the Ottoman ships look brilliant!
  15. I'm heading for Free Australia; I don't trust the Victorians. Also, lasers.
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