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  1. I don't have the Aussies, but this makes sense. Stingray Assault Boat should have given me a clue.......
  2. I have already had to clean these up after drooling on them. Got the Flyer box as a birthday pressie, and have the support box on order. One question though, the first tiny token, the Stingray Assault Boat, does not actually appear to have any weapons in the booklet (apart from AA and CC) am i missing something or is it a misprint. Would have thought that they would have something.... The other tiny has a high angle volley gun, not particularly dangerous on its own, but in a swarm.......
  3. I have picked up some good dials, they come in blue, red, green and grey. Plastic two part, numbered up to 10, held together with rare earth magnets. Possible rules break as they are not made by Spartan, but check out Litko, Uk stockist Figures in Comfort. Will try to get a picture up if I don't get a hand slap.
  4. I have just discovered some vacformed islands, Amera I think, have been in a cupboard for a few years. I am definitely going to mount them, probably on some heavy gauge plasticard which I found in the same cupboard.
  5. Hi Derek. I would like to be considered. Have been gaming for over 30 years now in one form or another. I am heavily involved with the RAF Wargames Association, being the treasurer and am active at two local clubs. 1-2. For DW I have French, Empire, Russians and am in the process of putting together FSA and Prussians. Have been playing since just before v1.1 came out - timing impeccable, bought the rules and the following week you released v1.1. 3. No problem with NDA's. 27 years in the RAF and now in the defence industry, you would be surprised as to the amount of these already with my John Hancock on them. 4-5-6-7. I am a Trials Engineer. My job is breaking things and writing reports on how I broke it. I have to give briefings to irrate customers. I still have a job, so must be doing ok with the politeness. As to the sense of humour, slightly warped after a long military career, but seems to have made the transition to civilian life fairly well. 8. Functional English. Hmmm, spell checker seems to work when all else fails. English is my first (only) language. As I said before, most of my work is actually based on writing reports when things dont work correctly. Please PM if you need anymore information. Cheers
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