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  1. Is it possible to deploy tiny flyers at game setup? It would be incredibly logical for a force to have its recon planes up as a battle approaches. It would also enable long range rocket units to have enemy spotted and therefore fire on turn 1.
  2. During our latest game a question arose as to whether multiple kill rated units take disorder checks etc for each damage band that is suffered. I found the reference to damaged units taking disorder checks, although it is still not clear. As far as I can see, there no reference to this in the rules generally that I can see, the critical hit table which is optional and which we have not chosen to use to date includes a shaken result which brings in the disorder check in respect to this type.(but only if you elect to use the critical table) However in the new boarding rules (*Page 38) the very last paragraph of the example refers to the damaged Belerogod land ship taking a disorder test due to damage as a result of the boarding. It is worded in a way that does not suggest this is via the critical hit table result but a normal result of damage and I can see no logic as to why this would only apply to boarding not damage from ranged attacks. It is possible that this example is incorrect and the reference not intended although this example was added as an addendum to the original rules to clarify boarding .To my way of thinking the Multiple kill rated units should take a disorder test like all units that lose a casualty otherwise they are completely immune to the affect of morale and will never receive a shaken token (unless you play optional rules), doesn’t seem right to me Any Thoughts
  3. The other related issue here is mines. Reading the rules it seems that a flyer can lay mines while flying high - since it is not targeting another unit. Also there would be no "-" since when the mine is activated it would not be flying high, but at ground level. Is there anything to stop mines being laid (presumably on some sort of parachute) when flying high?
  4. Some great ideas there Druss. I agree that the system of everyone moving one unit at the same time was a bit confusing - definitely not helped by one side having 3 players - the other 2, and trying to balance that. Also not so much time was saved because the targeted player needs to watch what the other is doing and react accordingly (play cards, roll shield dice etc) - so facing opponents tend to move alternately anyway. I think we try simpler "Dan" system next. In truth, currently one side can target a unit multiple times before it can react (if that Units formation is late to activate) - so the ganging up might not be such a big issue. After trying a 2 on 2 we could think how best to cope with uneven numbers.
  5. At our club we often play games with more than one player a side. This week we had a 3 a side Armoured Clash game. With most games, more players usually allows us to play bigger, more sociable games. With Armoured Clash rules, as they are written only 1 battalion a side moves, with each formation activating in sequence. This means that more players just mean more waiting for your turn. We are going to experiment with different options so all or most of the players can be active. If we get it right it would mean that we can play some huge games in an evening. Has anyone else come up with a workable model for this?
  6. COA has Small and Tiny Walkers Both are classed as Ironclads For movement restrictions do they use the "Walkers - all" factor, or the less beneficial "Ironclad" factor?
  7. I have a pack of the generic bunker models - all painted up and looking pretty. Are there any rules for these for Armoured Clash? Which forces can use them?
  8. I take a new picture since that one is a little blurred. I will then save it at 640x480
  9. OK - thanks for the advice. Here is the result: http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/gallery/image/3071-coa-bunker-with-turret/
  10. This is the bunker http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/gallery/image/3061-coa-bunker/
  11. OK I have a bunker model with COA spere shaped turret - all painted up and looking good. Looking at the stats it has 2 main turrets - the second with a 270 degree arc. However the bunker model doesn't work for this. All the other bunker stats for other nations seem to have 4 x 90 degree guns - which fits with the model as it has small guns on each of the 4 facings. What do people do? Should I modify my bunker model to add a second turret and blank out the small guns on the faces? - or what?
  12. Well 18 planes is comparable to a WW1 aircraft carrier - so I guess that works. It strikes me as way too few for a landing field though (which again can only launch 6 tiny flyer tokens).
  13. I find this too small for land (which I mostly play). Looking at maps, a small rural town would be about a kilometre square. At 1:50,000 this would be 2cm square on the gaming table At 1:1,200 it would be 83cm across (way too big in gaming terms). At 1:10,000 it would be 10cm across. I made up a couple of town bases using the building set both about 10cm across. They look "right" and work in gaming terms.
  14. I agree with the concept that a token could represent more than the physical space to represent area it dominates or "owns". But surely not less than the physical space? How much room do you reckon a squadron of say 10 aircraft would occupy / dominate?
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