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  1. Will Spartan be represented/doing demos at Gencon '17?
  2. Got it...too bad I really like the model...maybe I'll throw one in for fun, as an outdated, jallopy battleship they give to the worst admiral in the fleet. Does Spartan ever rework ship stats?
  3. Thanks for the info! I've no problem having multiple races, I like the idea of an army composed of many different allied races, fighting for a common goal! Besides, both Hawker and Ryushi looks amazing, as do the xelocians and many others. PS - whats wrong with the Ganak? I love its look, does it perform poorly?
  4. Hey all, I play DW and am thinking about Firestorm... Do the rules make it possible for me to field a full fleet of Alliance of Kurak ships only? Or do I need one of the other races? If possible, are alliance of Kurak-only fleets competitive at all? I just LOVE the look of 95% of the Kurak ships, and the other races don't quite do it for me. Thanks!
  5. I'd say the 'bergs remain. No explanation why they'd just vanish into thin air.
  6. After not being pleased with the play style of the Prussians, I look greatly forward to collecting this army. I love the Prussian models, but wasn't to fond of just rushing up and boarding all the time. I WANNA GO BOOM!!! I actually rarely collect the "hard as nails in your face" or "space mariney" or big monster armies, so this will be a nice change for me. Love the models, especially those saucer frigates!! It will be pure joy to zip them in and out of my formations.
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