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  1. So this took longer than expected. Anyway, they've been done for two weeks now so here's some pictures: First up the dreaded Anarchist battleship DFC Kukulkan-TQ6: Some SRS tokens: And the complete fleet: Thanks for all the nice and supportive comments, by the way, I really appreciate it. :) My next project is a Terran Patrol Fleet but I'll post the whole thing once it's done, I think.
  2. Not that quick, it turns out. Anyway, on to the Turmoils, DFC Bathornis-PI99 and DFC Illuyanka-S001 (as you can see I looked up the Directorate's naming conventions): Pictures are very blue this time, don't ask me why, I didn't do anything different. Next up: Well, the Anarchist, of course. Last ship from RotO that's still missing.
  3. I haven't seen it mentioned yet but the range of available miniatures has silently expanded. RotO Aquans, Sorylian gunships, Ba'Kash battle carrier, lots of Directorate and Relthoza, Tarakian fighter tokens (lol), Oroshan and Dindrenzi escorts etc.
  4. Thanks, that's really kind of you to say. Fashionably late here are the Aquan SRS that have been lying around for weeks but I only just got around to take a picture of: And, as promised, Annihilation-class gunships Kelenken and Paracrax, ready for duty: The Turmoils should be quicker, I hope.
  5. So, as (not) promised I'm back with the big 'un, only a day late. The light is bad today which messed up my pictures, so please be kind. Oannes: From the bottom: And the whole shoal: Next up: Directorate. I guess I'll start with the gunships. I give myself time until next weekend, if I'm not back by then inform the president.
  6. I like to believe that's a compliment, so thanks! Here, as promised, the Sulises: Not much to say: Today's Sulis is on the right, the other one has been finished for a few weeks already. New varnish actually helped evening out the models. Oannes coming up as soon as I get to it, so probably tomorrow. No promises, though.
  7. Thank you for your feedback! The colour scheme on the Aquans is basically what I came up with after I saw a picture of a whale shark. It's easy to do (just spray the bottom white then the top brown) and looks pretty, although it probably makes the whole fleet look really brown on the table. In my experience the problem with many space ship models is that you can't really see all the detail on the bottom of the ship and, in this case, the colour of the bottom, which is a bit of a waste because it's pretty to look at. The Directorate colour scheme is something I think I blatantly stole from Kurgan IIRC. I'm not 100% on my interpretation of the colour scheme on the frigates, I think it's a bit boring and could use a little more contrast. Maybe some brighter green stripes on the dark green parts for the larger ships? Here's a better picture of the Anathema drone, the one I took yesterday was too blurry to post: And here's two pictures of the Shiva gunships, the one on the left is the one I finished today, the right one has been finished for about three weeks, now: Not sure why exactly the left one is so much darker than the right one but I'm just going to accept it. Left one isn't completely varnished, either, my spray can of matte varnish crapped out on me yesterday, maybe that'll change something on how it looks. Next up: Sulis heavy cruisers, probably by the end of the week. First I need a new can of varnish.
  8. It puts the paint on the resin or else it gets the hose again! So, it's been a while. Nice being back. I painted some things in the last few weeks, didn't want to keep them from the public. Or the public from them. Anyway, I could use some motivation to keep going. First the Aquan half of the Taskforce box: Carcinus and Ladon Ladon shows off its engines Oh no, Carcinus fell over! Nereids, still don't know where their engines are so I just guessed And the first finished things from RotO, more to come: Chimaeras, confused The belly of the ... beast? Small aggressive aquatic creature? Liquidators, with purpose Nothing funny to see here, folks Strange structure I think it just turned on ... So cute! Let me know what you think!
  9. I've got another question about the available models: There's two types of Terquai torpedo cruisers (the old and new one) and only the old type of Dindrenzi gunship available. Is that a labelling mistake and they're supposed to be Aruals and Spathas instead? Because if yes I might have to spend some money.
  10. Thanks for the response! So, to summarize: It almost always takes that long, probably because they wait for a big enough backlog that throwing some old Spartan moulds on the model making machines (I obviously know everything there is to know about how miniatures are made) makes economic sense for them. Which, again, is alright with me as I'm not in a hurry. Any info on whether the range of available models will expand in the future? Or are the ones currently at Wayland all that will ever be available until the reboot?
  11. Is there a way to find out if additional models will become available in the future and if yes which ones specifically? Because there were quite a few models that I still wanted to get before they went OOP but didn't get around to it, and they're not available on Wayland, either (basically RSN Patrol Fleet and Dreadnought Box as well as a Dindrenzi gunship and one Aquan and Directorate escort carrier). I can go look on the secondary market but I'd rather buy them new. I also have an order of FSA models in limbo right now. It's been three to four weeks, now, so I'm starting to get worried that it somehow got lost at Warcradle. Does it always take that long (which would be alright with me, I've still got enough to paint) or should I open a ticket?
  12. I now realized I was actually talking about a different thread. The "Limiting Bombers?" thread from a few months ago, to be precise. @Captain Frederic: So ... what are you actually saying? Are you even talking about my post? If you are could be a bit more precise than "I don't like it", please? Otherwise it's not much of a discussion.
  13. I just thought about SRS again these days, as one does. Mainly because I remembered that in WW2 fighter planes had to stay out of the AAA-range of their fleet if they weren't completely suicidal, as it's really hard to tell your shells who to hit and who to miss. Well, in all honesty, first I thought about the trench run in the first Star Wars movie where the laser batteries stopped firing as soon as Darth Vader and his TIE escort entered the trench, but that's the same thing, basically. This led me to the idea that maybe SRS need to lose their PD bubble while they are within PD range of friendlies. (Just imagine it as them staying in formation so the PD knows where not to shoot, or something like that.) So: While SRS are within PD range of friendly ships they can only combine PD with ships that are in base contact with the SRS token, once it's outside of the 4" PD range the token has a 4" PD range itself. Just a little chip off PD mountain, if you will. Another thought I had was that maybe the amount of dice-rolling actions any token is allowed to do should be limited. My earlier suggestion in this thread had some of this, but how about this: Any time a SRS token has just used either their AD or PD you reduce the token's strength by 1. (so a 4-strong Interceptor token rolls 8PD => now it's a 3-strong interceptor token) Same thing for the AP on assault shuttles? Returning to its carrier returns the token back to its starting strength. If at any moment the token's strength is reduced to 0 it is lost. FOREVER! Well, for the duration of the game, at least. Maybe fighters could get one free action that doesn't cost a wing or something like that? "Driven-off" = one point of "damage" on the token hit, "Hit" = two points of "damage"? Or keep PD results as they are now? Let me know what you think.
  14. *whips out booklet* Mission one: Both sides have one squadron of four frigates each. Mission two: Both sides have one squadron of two gunships and one squadron of four frigates each. Mission three: Directorate as in mission two, Aquans have Heavy Carrier accompanied by two Sulis and the usual squadron of frigates Mission four: Aquans have the same stuff as in mission two (with the shield upgrade on the gunships thrown in), Directorate has one Anarchist with a bunch of upgrades and some wings which starts with a ton of critical effects on it Mission five: Aquans get the Heavy Carrier, this time with wings and upgrades, accompanied by one Sulis, also the usual frigates; Directorate get the same Anarchist as before, crit-free and with a different wing loadout, plus the usual frigates (probably; they're missing from my booklet, but the mission description references them). Upgrades on both frigate squadrons depend on the outcome of missions three and four. Mission six and seven: Everything that's in the box. Does this satisfy your curiosity?
  15. So, I'm turning lots of paintless models in my fingers right now, and I think one little hurdle that's keeping me from actually starting to paint them is that I'd have to paint SRS tokens too where I'm drawing a blank in terms of creativity. Which led me to this fantastically selfless idea: YOU show me pictures of YOUR SRS tokens (no matter the faction, as long as they're painted) allowing ME to steal what I like for MINE. Maybe you have some nice conversions and/or paintjobs you want to show off, maybe you're seeing right through my plan and want to show me the worst pictures you can find to frustrate my shady efforts, it doesn't matter. Pictures of SRS tokens is all I want, and perhaps other users get something out of it too? Yeah, let's go with that! Now, post away!
  16. Maybe the even more mysterious mystery ship is the Valhalla station? IMHO that would make sense seeing you have both a Tyrant and a Praetorian, although there seem to be a few ships missing from the Battle for Valhalla box (it should be 1 x Tyrant, 3 x Teuton, 4 x Armsman, 1 x Praetorian, 3 x Secutor, 3 x Thraex and the Valhalla station, plus SRS tokens).
  17. Also, in FS:A destroyers and frigates aren't really interchangeable terms. Frigates are small skirmishing ships normally fielded as tier 3 squadrons while destroyers are medium-sized long range-focused ships fielded as tier 2 squadrons. Just FYI.
  18. Hm, does that mean if I only have one Conqueror/Nausicaa I cannot field it legally in Taskforce? That's a bit mean, isn't it? Glad I have an old one and a new one.
  19. TBH I swiped the idea from a video I watched about a scenario from X-Wing: They had a few containers that slowly floated up the board, and the attacker could use a tractor beam in close proximity to one of the containers to steal it (I think instead of using the guns on the tractoring ship in this turn). In FS:A I think this could be done with something like a boarding action instead. I mean, if I imagine a civilian ship like the Nostromo from Alien there's about one or two handful of people on there, you could board and take over a ship like that with two or three armed marines if you had to. Just from the top of my head you'd have one capital ship that cannot fire its weapons this activation because it's busy firing warning shots, sending marines over to prize the civilian ship, taking some kind of important cargo/passengers aboard etc. Don't know whether that's balanced or not, or even fun.
  20. I don't know about "fun" but how about no one is allowed to shoot at the escortee? Defender has to enable them to move across the board, wins once x amount of them has reached a certain table edge; attacker can only board them, wins once he has boarded y amount of them. That should at least remove the ridiculousness of trying to have civilian ships survive several turns of fire from military craft.
  21. There's the insignia in the pdfs, normally in the upper right corner of the ship profiles. I do remember that STL and OSO don't have one yet, though, but that may be wrong.
  22. Convince the undecided player to play Directorate and share a RotO starter box with him. He's really going to want the Anarchist, at least. (Don't get me wrong, the other Directorate stuff in that box is good, it's just that the Anarchist BB is awesome.) Also, a patrol fleet box is never a bad idea. That gives you: 1 x Battleship (fast, tough, manouverable, can have its own SRS support) 1 x Heavy Carrier (basically a slightly smaller battleship with more SRS and fantastic accompaniment options) 2 x Gunships (unusual weapons layout for Aquan ships with its focus on fore firepower) 2 x Sulis heavy cruiser (these are lots of fun, as in shooting-around-corners-fun) 4 x Cruisers (really fast and manouverable, they can either get quite a strong mine or Difficult Target MAR) 8 x Frigates (because you need 'em to make your fleet legal) All in all, about 1200 points. So more than enough for an afternoon long game. You can expand that with a cruiser box (more Isonades are always good, also gives the option to try out a full squadron of heavy cruisers) and a frigate box (not that you need more frigates, but the corvettes are a nice change of pace). Add to that any dreadnought, battle carrier and/or battle cruiser you like. The Aquan carrier is in a weird spot, though: It's not a bad ship per se, it just doesn't add anything to the fleet the other T1s cannot do at least as well. If you like the model, though, I don't think anyone's going to stop you. Dreadnought, battle carrier and carrier boxes also come with three escorts each, which are probably the most useful Kurak Alliance escort with their Minefield MAR and a small MN value they can link into their parent ship's already useful MN. Alright, I hope that makes sense.
  23. I'm using a cleaning agent meant specifically for vinyl floors which I got from the nearest hardware store. You could soak the resin in it for days without damaging it, but so far it had softened up most paints after few hours at most. Then the models can easily be cleaned with an old toothbrush, for example.
  24. That part was probably just painted with clear paint.
  25. I have to admit that I didn't read the whole thread, but now that I've looked closer at the Syndicate rules it seems to me that they rely on linking direct fire exclusively. When taken together with the absence of the weapons shielding MAR I get the impression of them losing their teeth rapidly. Can someone who plays them comment on that?
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