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  1. I like smalls and used correctly they can be very powerful. I usely take the max. allowed amount of smalls. I once played a battle were I took about 75% in smalls, I massacred my opponent. Big guns are important, but your fleet is a combined force were each ship has its role. Sky Captain
  2. I hope you are right. This is a weaker version of the COA drone re-build that causes the overpowering carrier spam. Although activation wise, it is even stronger. Sky Captain
  3. Sweet stuff, gave some inspiration for my own modifications. Sky Captain
  4. I loved the PA as it was under the 2.0 rules. No idea why they changed it (again). Looks pretty useless now and doesn't feel right. Sky Captain
  5. Mike, thank you for your reply. Being different is what draw me to playing Covernant. I understand they are hard to balance against the other nations, but it as it is, they look very bland at the moment. I looking forward to what you will come up with. I would like to add a point to the Combat Coordinator ability. Overall I like it, but spreading it out over too many ships with a very short range, will make it hard and chaotic to use. Both players constant measuring which drones are in range of which ships and forgetting them half of the time. Sky Captain
  6. Yup, still a life and kicking. Haven't stop playing Dystopian Wars, but I have tried a number of new games club members introduced. Got hooked on some of them. Still love this game. Sky Captain
  7. I have to agree with the comments about the particle accelerator and drones. They completely lost their cool factor. 8'' for the accerators and Combat Coordinators is way to close for a fleet that want to keep its distance. Are we going to pay again for stuff we can't use? Maybe they should make work the accelerator in rangeband 2 and 3 or something like that. Seems big a blast to use so close the firing vessel anyway. Drones have now become more or less like normal SAS... what an anti climax. Sky Captain
  8. Bit disappointed in the Orbat update so far. Expected a little more compensation, since PE suffers more then average due to the rules changes. The Lahn is the new kid the Stolz always wanted to be. Sky Captain
  9. With the new rules, carriers have become even more important. To name a few points: - Relaunch wiped out squadrons. - Local air support only fighters, but can easy be retasked by a carrier (as fas as I know). - Subs getting stronger, increases the need for torpedo bombers. Especially for nations without much torps. So, are carriers becoming a no brainer? Sky Captain
  10. Or ram them... When submerged ignore them, not worth the AD, unless you have area bombing.
  11. Tried the Donnerfaust Arminius combo, but got frustrated with the reduced speed of the unit. Have some good results with attaching a Donnerfaust to two Havels.
  12. Layout is not a real improvement.
  13. So, anybody tried the new orbat? What are your thoughts?
  14. As someone who got a triple crit on his Aristotle battleship, I can without doubt say that it is possible.
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