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  1. wouldnt be hard to do a living FAQ, after all they have living fleet lists
  2. thanks, that helps. will have to do a MARs one myself I guess
  3. something we did for another game I was involved in was fighters (or interceptors in FAs case) are free then you pay to upgrade to better SRS. this way you can always bring interceptors and wouldnt be wasting points if your opponent brings no SRS. only problem to this is the additional defence against torps
  4. anyone done any cheat sheets etc for v2? I remember wih v1 the book came with one so after something similar to print off with quick details and page references etc plus MARs on a sheet would be nice too.
  5. well having the AD as an even number would help. on the platos 4/4 turrets would actually only give each plato the same number of dice linked as frigates tend to get at RB1. i dont think this would be too much as currently providing 4 dice from a cruiser +2 for squadron mates is a bit pants for the cost.
  6. why does it take out the 2nd? you can sit your 2nd one outside of the 4" blast which is centered on the ship exploding so this shouldnt be a problem unless your manoeuvres are not though out fully
  7. used 2 squadrons again in my last game against the prussians. yet again they proved their worth with only one of them taking a single point of damage. people just have too much to concentrate on over a squadron of 2 ships 24" away or more. and you might as well fire from RB3 as 2 because of only 1 dice difference once turrets are linked. think i will always try to include at least one squadron of these amazing ships
  8. FSA dreadnoughts. doesnt matter how many ships I have against them I just cant drop them.
  9. but then unlike the americans its not the whole fleet doing it, just a support squadron or 2. and with things like a british dreadnought (plus supporting ships) steaming into you and the hoods firing at range bands 3 and 4 at pretty good firepower it really gives your opponent difficult decisions
  10. Well got my new Lord Hoods, have to say I am impressed with the amount of firepower they put out. played 2 games, 1st against russians with 1 squadron of 2. they managed to take out the russian cruiser squadron and his battleship (finishing it with a magazine explosion although would have died anyway taking out 4 frigates). after getting rid of ablative armour the sheer amount of dice allowed them to seperate fire at RB2 and drop a cruiser each in one turn. 2nd game against CoA I ran 2 squadrons of 2, this time they had half damaged a CoA battleship before it had even surfaced, then took some zenos and frigates out. so not as good as against the russians but still plenty of dice for hitting wavelurking battleships. I have been running them sat at all stop at RB4 and making the most of their dice whilst people have to deal with closer threats, then moving off as the enemy closes. yes they are expensive but think will have to always try and include them where possible.
  11. yes difference between DR and CR is minimal but the CR is the same as almost every other fleet anyway. also destroyers etc tend to go down quickly to those massed rockets (as they dont have shields, cant have a CAP or escorts and usually have low AA). my opponents know what destroyers can do so at long range they go 1st. does feel an uphill struggle against the americans most of the time. although did a starter box russians against americans and they did well (admittedly no dreads in starters)
  12. I have been playing against FSA recently and they do seem very powerful. my brits for example have almost the same problem as the FSA on secondaries, only theirs get better as you get closer (taking more damage at long range from american rockets) but RB1 is nothing. problem is the brits rely on multiple turrets so any damage seriously hurts them. my last game had a dreadnought and battleship up against a FSA dread at the end of the game, the FSA dread killed them both as with a couple of points of damage each the firepower went right down compared to the fewer FSA turrets. also people overlook that 1pt higher DR, but that really is huge. the amount of times facing FSA and getting enough to damage a normal ship but being one short on the americans is just annoying. So FSA have higher DR than anyone in the game, most dice at RB4, and some of the best gunnery at all ranges. and for some reason alot of their ships seem to come in cheaper too (my brits were outnumbered and so were my CoA but thats not unsurprising)
  13. should use the energy weapons rules from armoured clash, they ignore shields. ignoring shields plus the same dice at every range might make them useful
  14. well under 1.1 KoB get an inbuilt guardian generator now (shield generator+ ) so i went all turrets anyway but i believe people do magnetise them.
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