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  1. https://www.facebook.com/events/1072504146103019/ - 7th May, Valhalla Gaming Centre, Doncaster Chief Judge Gaz Grubb will be in attendance and ensuring that all Admirals play nice! The Gaming Centre is located near transport links, has loads of free parking and a great onsite Cafe! - Excellent prize support as well!
  2. https://www.facebook.com/events/1715736428694639/ - Rules to be confirmed, tickets will be up with RUlespack shortly. We have about 5 or 6 local players and some very very nice terrain to play on! We are hoping to get a good turnout for Valhallas first Planetfall Tournament. Valhalla Gaming Centre is in Doncaster, very central for travel and transport links, loads of free parking and a good cafe on site.
  3. I hope that this is the right place to put this! If not, please move it to somewhere more appropriate. We are holding a Tournament at Valhalla Games on 7th May of this year. Many tournaments have been as hit or miss as a game of Battleships of late so this time we are pulling out all of the stops to try and ensure that there is a good attendance; we even have a load of new terrain built and tables prepared. Full details are here; https://www.facebook.com/events/1072504146103019/ - we hope to see a good turnout for this event and will be doing all we can to make it lots of fun!
  4. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this.. but the Grid have an Event on 23rd January - Arctic Grasp. https://www.facebook.com/events/853572244749912/ - its a cool venue (pardon the pun) and had 12 players last time so are hoping to beat that this time round!
  5. Any sign of the V2.0 stats for the Syndicate yet? Picked up my first battleship this weekend, looking to field her with my Rense for now.
  6. I'm trying to get my 750pts Land force ready for UK Expo - i'm liking this list so far, still got to finish the robots, put dozens of decals on tiny flyers and attempt some glowing effects on the Guardians. and finally.. i'm not using her but love the model!
  7. MadHatter


    I'm a big fan of the dettol! it even smells good! Nothing like having your ships smell piney fresh
  8. Use dullcote on top of army painter and it gives you a good finish. I never, ever dip it though! just use an old brush and make sure you coat it thoroughly.
  9. So far, the list is 5 for 5, against a couple of good players - 1 of whom dice bombed the bejeezus out of me and still went down. The carrier is a bit of a lame duck, I was tinkering with dropping it perhaps for a battleship. However, the Guardian is no use with the Orions as they are usually foraging far afield and controlling the battlefield - if they are sitting tight with the Battleship they are being used wrongly. Locally we have a good mix of air and sea so the extra tiny flyers as fighters has been helping a lot.
  10. I carry stock of it and my order will be with me tomorrow, it was dispatched today but to be fair I only put the order in on Monday so thats pretty good going. Official "street date" is 27th.
  11. Spartan have it down as a release date of 27th for retailers..
  12. MadHatter

    Inks And Washes

    Inks tend to be more watery, washes are slightly thicker hence pool and collect more in recesses giving more of a shaded effect. You can sometimes get a little too much shine with either, the best varnish out there is Dullcote - I'm reliably informed it is in fact a lacquer but it leaves a fabulous finish and definitely does what it says on the tin.
  13. I've been running with this list recently; Avenger 3 x Bastion 3 x Agincourt 3 x Agincourt 4 x Orion 4 x Orion It's a nasty list that can take on all comers, no need to tailor for the opponent - this can take on em all. If my opponent is fairly air heavy I use a lot of fighters in the tiny flyers, otherwise dive bombers are the order of the day. So far I've won against Prussians, Covenant and FSA with this list and all barring the Covenant were fielding Dreadnoughts. Its quite an aggressive list and has to be played that way but the Orions can overwhelm most things with those Torps (although double 1'ing the Covenant BB helped..), i even steam into 8" of flyers and AA them royally. The Carrier and escorts make for a prickly little fortress, most flying stuff daren't approach and even if the carrier gets chewed a little the escorts AA and CC usually help keep it in the game. It doesn't lack for firepower either, even without a Battleship or Dreadnought those Agincourt can dish out and take some serious punishment. The best idea, is to find a combination that works for you - i love the mobility and punch of this list and it usually allows me a few turns in optimum torp range against a range of opponents, this gives me the best chance of grinding em down a little!
  14. That is gorgeous! I may need to down tools on the submarine pens just to paint mine..
  15. The pens will indeed have levels, the sea level is framed out - for subs, Doncasters, storage of ground vehicles. The upper floor will be primarily Aircraft maintenance and tiny flyer storage and finally the "roof" will be the airfield. I have a couple of British Towers but I'm going to build up the town and fixed defences with the neutral buildings and defences, just leave a bit of space for bunkers and faction specific towers - that way we can change "ownership" of the base easily and still have it massively defended.
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