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  1. No I haven't for 2 reasons. First, to get the over hang off a roof it would have to be a two part mold, and second it's really easy just to glue the roof to a block of balsa. I like easy
  2. Those are darn nice icebergs. I've been debating about how to make some of my own, I'm stealing your technique
  3. Long story short the FSA Dreadnought wrecked face. The FSA fleet and EotBS Squid were painted by BasicBob, and I did terrain expect for the volcano. Everything that you see on the island (including the island) were scratch build.
  4. Another battle in Atlanta Ga, at the Tower Gaming Center.
  5. 52 Tiny Flyer Tokens! That's crazy, lol. Plus I wouldn't want to have to paint that many!
  6. Yeah I really have to give a BIG shout out to The Tower http://www.thetowergamecenter.com/ They have lot's of space, serve good food, and the owner is cool as ****.
  7. I've been reading a lot of our factions forum and some others and I've noticed a bit of a pattern. People don't like to use units. It seems constant across all the factions. This unit (insert whatever unit from which ever faction) sucks because it's easy to kill. It would be nice to fight a battle and wipe your enemy out without loosing any of your forces, in fact if some one has figured this out, please share! I think what a lot of Prussian players (the ones new to war gaming, or DW, or the Prussians) are missing is the end game. Granted this is not chess and is not all about the king, but it is about the % damage done which is what they / your are missing (assuming that you are not playing a scenario game). So I've said that to say this... Food for thought... You know we are going to get chewed up at range, give them something to shoot at that you PLAN on loosing. If you plan on losing the units, when you do lose it, it's all part of YOUR plan not theirs. Speed is our advantage, plan your list accordingly. If your going to go for speed then leave our slower units at home, regardless if a slower unit might be 'better'. Speed on the battle field can be a huge advantage but ONLY if ALL the units can take advantage of the speed. If you mix in slower units it will reduce the effectiveness of your faster units. Just saying
  8. wdlanghans

    Cities And Ports?

    I looked into docks and harbors a lot and I have to say for the most part, they are kind of boring, because in the long run they are nothing but rectangles over water however... That doesn't mean we can't spice them up a bit. Check out this site for some inspiration: http://www.modelshipgallery.com/gallery/dio/dockyard/usnharbor-700-dhs/dhs-index.html Make sure you poke around the rest of the site, there are more cool diorama's to check out. Also you should do a search on WW2 harbors aerial views to see how and entire harbor is laid out. If your planing on building this from scratch make sure you remember your scale (1:1200) which means the material that you use for the docks should only be 1/8 of an inch thick and the widths from 1/2 inch to 1 inch. If you don't want to make your stuff by scratch you can check out these 2 site, they have the right scale (just about anyway) stuff. http://waterline-ships.co.uk/ http://www.anticsonline.co.uk/1590_1.html Have fun, and post some pics!
  9. Glad you guys like the pic, there will be more of different battles The day before I went to play I read through the 'How do you win with Prussians' thread, and I have to admit it did jade my opinion a bit about my chances of winning. So when I did, I felt instead of replying to that thread I'd start this one. Snipafist and Grim6 do have a valid point it was only one game, and the EotBS player allowing me to get close probably wasn't the best move for them tactically. This game was also more about learning the new rules than wining, but we both played to win. That said, the Prussians do strike me as a bit of a 'glass cannon' faction, and for those of that have been war gaming for a while, we all know that, that type of faction isn't the easiest to play. But for a faction to out right suck in my opinion that would mean that they loose the majority of the time, and / or they are broken but in the bad way. I don't see that as the case for the Prussians, but it was only one game, so time will tell.
  10. Lot's and lot's of complaining about the Prussians and I can see why... I just played my second game ever, first under the new rules, Prussians VS EotBS (and they had the squid), Prussians won. I'm not going to go through an entire battle report, but I'll sum it up. First round, Prussian took a pounding, lost 4 ships, several damaged, only damage 1 or 2 EotBs, I closed in on them. Second round got nasty. Lots of damage on both sides, EotBS closed ranks with me. Third round, jetted past the EotBS units that had closed ranks with me to get to range band 1 and wrecked face. But what about the EotBS units that had closed ranks with me? Aft Tesla Coils. Don't forget about these people! Use our speed to close ranks, leave things in your wake, position yourself correctly and crush what is in front of you and behind you, all in the same activation. Fourth round, there was no forth round. Yup, the Prussians suck... Oh yeah almost forgot... PICTURES! Yeah! Scroll down a bit. http://community.spa...tlanta-georgia/
  11. wdlanghans

    3Mm? 2Mm? ?mm

    Pico armor is 1/600 scale, DW is 1/1200, so not really but it's your table.
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