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  1. Quite simply a beautiful fleet!
  2. Nice report! Hope to see more!
  3. The mast was the bit that was originally supposed to come with it. I had them send it out.
  4. Excellent work on these! Loving the paint scheme too!
  5. I'll be publishing them shortly. Post-con catching up to do with work etc... has been keeping me busy.
  6. Their is a little stink going on about the Tourny at Adepticon. Was the Russian fleet legal or not, did Bob Cheat?


    1. Slick


      Not that I was aware of. 

    2. Russkie


      Thank you, very much.


  7. It's the base that came with it. It's all one piece. This was one of the Corinthian Club minis.
  8. I'll be posting up the results shortly in a separate thread.
  9. Fairly certain Spartan Josh made those.
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