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  1. Hi BigB (and anybody else that's experiencing problems or glitches) please feel free to email beth@spartangames.co.uk with details of any problems you're having and we'll get onto our support team to fix them. Unfortunately the upgrade was necessary in order to fix the spam problem we were having, which hopefully has now gone (fingers crossed!) but we definitely don't want to replace one problem with another.
  2. Hi all, thanks for all your comments on the changed forum. We are actually in the process of a large upgrade, which will take care of all of the spam issues we've been having lately, along with various other 'tidying-up' bits and pieces. We hoped this would be a one-day change, and we'd be able to tell you all about it yesterday, but unfortunately it's taken a little longer than expected (blame our steam-driven internet if you like!). This is why the forum is running a little slower than usual, but please rest assured it will soon be back up to normal speed. We will let you all know when the upgrade is complete.
  3. Hi everyone, This is a quick note to say a packing error has resulted in a small amount of Taskforce Two Player Boxes shipping out with 2 missing Frigate models. We're very sorry to anybody impacted by this. If your box arrives and it's missing two Frigates, please email despatch@spartangames.co.uk with your physical address and we’ll get your missing ships out ASAP. Again, we are sincerely sorry for this inconvenience.
  4. Hi all, ​We understand there's been some confusion on where Uncharted Seas currently lies, and we're very sorry to hear that some of you have been so unhappy and confused with the stance we've taken on this. In no way do we mean to imply that we don't care, or your reactions are unimportant to us. As we've undergone some changes within the team lately, our forum presence has been somewhat hit-and-miss and we understand that, and are dealing with it. This is not at all a reflection on Uncharted Seas, as it has been forum-wide and not just within this conversation. With the regard to the game itself, the following is an official update from Neil himself. "As you all know we withdrew the last models from mail order sales a few months ago. We currently have no plans to sell these models again and have effectively retired their moulds from manufacturing. We had been working on an updated set of rules for the models gamers currently own, and we are hoping to release these later this year as a free PDF download. We had also been working on new model sculpts, but this project is on hold while we focus on Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada projects. As soon as any of these plans change we will update you via our forum. Best regards, Spartan Neil" ​We hope that clears up any questions on the future of the game, but if you do have any others, or any comments you'd particularly like to share, please do feel free to email a member of the team.
  5. Hi all, As many of you mentioned that our Firestorm Taskforce offer ended before payday we've decided to be extra-nice... and extend it until the end of the month! Anybody that pre-orders any of the three Firestorm Taskforce Two-Player Starter Box Sets between now and the 31st of January will also be receiving the FREE objective set! Also, don't forget to keep directing your questions for the Q&A video with Neil to marketing@spartangames.co.uk, as questions just posted on the forum may be missed. We will aim to answer as many questions in the video as possible! Any that we don't cover, we'll aim to answer as soon as we can either on the forum or through a blog post. Thanks guys! Spartan Beth
  6. The name says it all! What started as an engineering feat to show French relations with the Federated States of America soon took a militaristic turn when the world war erupted. With relations between France and the FSA strained the statue was suddenly re-envisioned as a weapon of war, the torch and tablet (tabula ansata) no longer evoking the law, rather the torch became a devastating heat lance and the tablet a missile battery capable of raining down destruction on all enemies. The Battle Statue, as she is now known within the French military, is a giant mobile fortification mounted on a classic French skimmer utilising Gravity Nullification Engine (GNE) technology. Madame Liberté has literally become an icon for the Republique of France! Check out the renders in the blog and let us know what you think!
  7. Due to unforeseen circumstances we are making modifications to the products below previously announced for release in October. Please note that these products will now NOT be released in October but will be released with future monthly releases: FAAT25 Xelocian Patrol Fleet FAAT26 Xelocian Dreadnought Group Please accept our apologies for the change of schedule and any inconvenience caused.
  8. Presently no plans to make Firestorm Planetfall models available individually.
  9. Really sorry to hear you are missing items, but we will fix that quickly for you. Send the problem and your postal address to dispatch@spartangames.co.uk and they will get back to you with a confirmation.
  10. The Firestorm Armada Rulebook is available to download for FREE from our website! Do you dare enter the war torn Firestorm Galaxy?
  11. The Firestorm Planetfall Rulebook is now available to download for FREE from our website! Get your copy, share with your gaming buddies and then jump aboard!
  12. The Dystopian Wars Rulebook, complete with bookmarks, is now available to download for FREE!
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