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Warcradle Studios At Spiel '19
In October, we will be at Spiel '19 for the best four days of gaming that Germany has to offer.

If you’re heading to the Messe Essen too, why not meet up with your friends and come and play Wild West Exodus, the beta of Dystopian Wars, and talk about the future of Warcradle Studios' games systems with our team?

We’ll be sharing more information with you as we move closer to Spiel '19.

Tickets will be available from August 2019. For more information, please see: https://www.spiel-messe.com/en/

Staying up-to-date: Spiel
You’ll never miss an update if you join our Facebook event for Spiel 2019 or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Not on social media?  Check the community calendar on the Warcradle Studios forum to see all of the events we’ll be attending throughout the year.  
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Wild West Exodus: June Pre-orders
Forces are Gathering in Wild West Exodus…

Are you ready? We certainly are.

With TWO new Posse sets and a drop-dead gorgeous terrain piece on the way, it’s time for us to showcase this months pre-orders and for you to tell us what you think of them. Without further ado…

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Announcing Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time - The Board Game
Warcradle Studios announces the upcoming release of “Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time” board game.

We at Warcradle Studios are incredibly excited to announce that we are developing an official board game based off of the “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” film franchise in partnership with Creative Licensing.

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Neil Googe Joins Warcradle Studios!
Meet Neil Googe, the newest member of the Warcradle Studios team.

Now, we’re sure you have a lot of burning questions so, to help answer a few, we’ve asked Neil to officially introduce himself.

We’re all super excited at Warcradle Studios to have Neil on board as we develop the Dystopian Age, among other world creations we have in the pipeline...

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Warcradle Studios Salute 2019 Round-up!
We attended Salute this year and, boy, was it a busy day!

We’ve compiled a nice little gallery blog for those of you who couldn’t attend and for those of you who attended but wanted to relive the magic.

Head to the blog to see what the booth looked like, the miniatures, terrain and demo tables we had on the day, and take a peek at Roberto's Sketchbook…

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Wild West Exodus: April Pre-orders
Available to pre-order this month, and released on 27th April 2019, is The Bloody Espinosas and Tainted Biology! Two new posses filled with both familiar and unfamiliar faces, one for Hex and one for Outlaws, we do like to treat you after all.

Oh wait, there’s more.
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January 2019 Warcradle Q&A - Video and Blog
Our latest Q&A is now live!

For January 2019’s Q&A Stuart and Chris sat down and answered the community’s questions on Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars, and Firestorm Armada.

You can read the blog and watch the video, right here.


Prefer to read? If you're interested in a specific game and would like to skip straight to questions asked about that system, take a look below, as we've included a summary for each!


When can we expect a hardback edition of the rulebook?

The hardback rulebook is still a work in progress at this stage.

We are starting work on 1.09 from next month and, in fact, we already have a lot of notes on the update - we just need to collate them all and test them out.

We should have more information on the hardback rulebook after 1.09.

Where can we get information about our favourite characters?

All of the new releases, and a large number of the existing miniatures have a bio on the webstore and we will continue to add more as we go. We advise you check them out - they’re great little pieces of information.

We also have some new novels currently in progress, which will let you take a more in-depth look at individual characters as well as the Dystopian Age as a whole. The Ore War is definitely a part of the background we want to explore in more detail and, although we cannot divulge, we do have a few ideas on how to do this.

There are plenty of vignettes on the blog as well, you can view all of Sarah Cawkwell’s vignettes right here.

What’s your plans for terrain?

We have plans for a number of Wild West Exodus buildings and they are not all in Red Oak... watch this space for some rather interesting terrain pieces coming your way!

Smaller scatter terrain pieces are something currently on our development board for future releases too.
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Warcradle Classics News!
We’ve been quiet for a while… but we’ve been busy behind the scenes with Warcradle Classics and have many of your favourite miniatures either available or on their way very soon!

We have already released a variety of miniatures as part of the Warcradle Classics brand, including many units for Dystopian Wars and Wild West Exodus, and we’re pleased to let you know that we will be continuing to build on this range as we add MORE Dystopian Wars, MORE Wild West Exodus and… drum roll, please… Firestorm Armada miniatures to our catalogue.

Remember, the Warcradle Classics range is being produced in limited numbers so, if you’re after something in particular, do check on the Wayland Games website (and at your local FLGS) regularly so you don't miss out on that certain something.





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Dystopian Wars Third Edition Beta - Get Involved!
You’re excited.

We’re excited.

The time has finally come...

The Open Beta of Dystopian Wars Third Edition is now live and we want YOU to take part!

We’ve been working hard to get the Third Edition of Dystopian Wars ready for you, our community, to play, enjoy and then feedback your thoughts and opinions to us.

We hope you enjoy testing it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

There’s no sign-up process to take part in the Open Beta, the free rules are available for you all to download, read through, and have a go at (we like to keep things simple).

Start playing now!

Download the Open Beta Rules here: https://www.dystopianwars.co.uk/ 

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The Warhost Programme - Volunteer Now!
We have some great news for you; our Warhost Programme is now open for US volunteers!

So, it’s time to ask yourself a very important question...

Have you got what it takes to be a Warhost?

We are looking for enthusiastic community members, who are positive, inquisitive and friendly, to go out into the world and introduce new players to Warcradle Studios games systems by organising demo events at Clubs, Events and their FLGS.  

Grow your community!

As well as getting the opportunity to introduce and recruit new players to the worlds of Warcradle, you will also get to enjoy and share your hobby by running sanctioned Organised Play leagues, tournaments, hobby nights and more - in fact, what you do as a Warhost will only be limited by your imagination and the time you have spare!

What are you waiting for? If you want to be part of the Warhost Programme, head over to the form and register your interest now!        


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