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This month's SPOILER ALERTS are in full swing!

Lucky you, you've found Spoiler Alert TWO - what do you think it could be? Let us know...

Next month's new releases are available to pre-order from our online store and your FLGS from Friday 29th March.
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Wild West Exodus: Nakano Gozen
The time has arrived to welcome the Emissary of the Blazing Sun! Nakano Gozen has served a full year as our very special event promotional miniature and now it’s her time to become part of our regular Wild West Exodus listings.
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Wild West Exodus: March Pre-Orders
Two new posses, and more, for March 2019! What an exciting month we have ahead!

We have the pleasure of releasing two brand new posse sets - one for the Enlightened and the other for the Outlaws , both of which received high praise from the Wild West Exodus community when they were shown as sneak peeks in 2018. For the Enlightened players out there, we have Discordant Symphony which sees Thomas Edeson with his beautifully dangerous Mina, whereas for the Outlaw players we have The Golden Army featuring none-other than Pancho Villa, Heraclio Bernal, Rosaria Mendes and Catalina Romero.

And that’s not all…

Alongside the new and improved Order Tumbler for the Order , Warrior Nation players can now add more grey brothers of the mountain, the Hunting Wolves, to their posse - perfect extra support for last month’s release, the Hour of the Wolf posse. PLUS the Spirit Totem set is now available on pre-order too.

And lastly, but by no means least, you can now pre-order Nakano Gozen! Having played her part as our very special event miniature, the Emissary of the Blazing Sun will be released on March 30th along with the rest of this month’s pre-orders.

These items are available to pre-order from us, or your FLGS, and as always, be sure to check out all of this month’s pre-orders so you don't miss out on any of our new Wild West Exodus products. 

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Warcradle Scenics: March Pre-Orders
Did you Take the Lead with Hero Tokens? We’ve added more to our range!

The city is not a safe place to roam at night…

Compatible with the Batman Miniature Game, Hero Tokens make a great addition to your games.

The new Hero Tokens are currently available to pre-order at Wayland Games and soon to be on pre-order with your FLGS - due for release at the end of March 2019.

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Wild West Exodus: Hour of the Wolf
This month brings with it an assortment of legendary miniatures and a brand-new posse! Hour of the Wolf is set to be the second Warrior Nation Posse Set for the Second Edition of Wild West Exodus - and includes everyone’s favourite chieftain; Ghost Wolf.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the Hour of the Wolf.

Who are they?

The Hour of the Wolf posse is led by the insightful and wise Ghost Wolf. For a character who is fond of storytelling and enjoying the company of his extensive family, he is all too often roused to war where his talents are put to a bloodier purpose.


Though a powerful Spirit Walker, Ghost Wolf often remains in his mortal form as the Warrior Nation has a great need for his leadership and tactical mind. The wolf within him calls to his kin and often he is always accompanied by a number of his brother wolves. These hunting wolves have been blessed by the Great Spirit to be larger and stronger than their kin as well as possessing more intelligence. They are as fast as the wind and their powerful jaws are potent allies. When they attack in a pack there is little that can stand against them. The wolf spirit ensures he is often accompanied by those Spirit Walkers of the Weylyn who can embrace the animal spirit and aid their chieftain.

Ghost Wolf can always rely on the support of Hawkeye and Moonswift, two experienced warriors who are carving out their own legend within the Nation. Hawkeye is second to none with a bow, capable of hitting the eye of a running hare. With a kinship that approaches family, Moonswift is almost as fast as her Hunting Wolf brothers and sisters. Adept at channelling spirit energy, Moonswift is able to leap over her enemies and bury an axe in an exposed flank.

How do they play?

This Posse likes to get up close and personal. Not only are they good at getting there, all being rather swift of foot, but they can wreak havoc when they do get there. Leveraging Moonswift’s DANCES WITH WOLVES special rule on the Hunting Wolves means they will not only be able to activate via Teamwork but will allow them to Focus their Move and Charge Actions for free. Use all the cover you can and get in quick as, once you are there, these trained warriors will tear your enemies to pieces.

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Get yours today!

Hour of the Wolf is up for pre-order now and is released 22nd February 2019 so, if you want to get humanity’s greatest hope on the tabletop, order your posse from our online store or your FLGS today.

Until the release date, you can take a look at the other sets and miniatures currently released for Warrior Nation!
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January 2019 Warcradle Q&A - Video and Blog
Our latest Q&A is now live!

For January 2019’s Q&A Stuart and Chris sat down and answered the community’s questions on Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars, and Firestorm Armada.

You can read the blog and watch the video, right here.


Prefer to read? If you're interested in a specific game and would like to skip straight to questions asked about that system, take a look below, as we've included a summary for each!


When can we expect a hardback edition of the rulebook?

The hardback rulebook is still a work in progress at this stage.

We are starting work on 1.09 from next month and, in fact, we already have a lot of notes on the update - we just need to collate them all and test them out.

We should have more information on the hardback rulebook after 1.09.

Where can we get information about our favourite characters?

All of the new releases, and a large number of the existing miniatures have a bio on the webstore and we will continue to add more as we go. We advise you check them out - they’re great little pieces of information.

We also have some new novels currently in progress, which will let you take a more in-depth look at individual characters as well as the Dystopian Age as a whole. The Ore War is definitely a part of the background we want to explore in more detail and, although we cannot divulge, we do have a few ideas on how to do this.

There are plenty of vignettes on the blog as well, you can view all of Sarah Cawkwell’s vignettes right here.

What’s your plans for terrain?

We have plans for a number of Wild West Exodus buildings and they are not all in Red Oak... watch this space for some rather interesting terrain pieces coming your way!

Smaller scatter terrain pieces are something currently on our development board for future releases too.
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Wild West Exodus: February Pre-Orders
As 2019 is now in full swing, let’s introduce February’s pre-orders!

It’s time to become legendary with next month’s releases for Wild West Exodus. If you’re a player of Hex, Enlightened, or Watchers you’ll be able to add new and improved legendary sculpts to your posses.

We’re sure Warrior Nation players have a lot to celebrate… Hour of the Wolf is the second posse set for this beloved faction and is out to pre-order now! Get hold of yours and put Ghost Wolf, alongside Hawkeye, Moonswift, and Weylyn Walkers to the test on your tabletop.

All of this month's pre-orders are set to be released on February 23rd.

These items are available to pre-order from us, or your FLGS, and as always, be sure to check out all of this month’s pre-orders so you don't miss out on any of our new Wild West Exodus products.

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Warcradle Scenics: New Hero Tokens
When night falls on the city, the streets turn into a warzone where vigilante heroes fight against their villainous enemies to keep the ordinary folks safe as they sleep soundly in their beds…

We’ve added Hero Tokens to our Warcradle Scenics range!

Hero Tokens are currently available to pre-order at Wayland Games and soon to be on pre-order with your FLGS - due for release at the end of February 2019. 

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Your Questions Answered - December 2018
Did you miss Roberto Cirillo’s Question Time on the Community Facebook pages? Not to fret, you can have a look at the questions Roberto answered right here!


Question Time List

Simply click on the title below to go to the relevant section:

The Sturginium Lounge dated 19th December 2018

The Dark Council dated 21st December 2018

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Tune In! January 2019 Q&A
We’re kicking off 2019 with a Q&A! On January 31st you’ll be able to tune in and listen to Stuart and co. talk about upcoming releases and our plans for the games within the Dystopian Age.


This Q&A event will be focusing on all things from Warcradle Studios; Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars, and Firestorm Armada, and will be shared on the Warcradle Studios Facebook page (as well as our YouTube channel).

Submit your burning questions NOW! We’ll be answering as many as we can during the video - all you have to do is leave it on our Facebook event wall.

We will try and answer as many questions as we can during the video. All questions need to be submitted BEFORE Tuesday 22nd January at 12 pm (midday) GMT.

The video will go live on Thursday 31st January and a summary will follow. A follow-up article will be published to the Warcradle Studios blog and the Community forum for you to read at your leisure.

See you then!

Make sure to check the Facebook event for regular updates.
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Warcradle Studios at Salute 2019
April this year, Saturday 6th April to be exact, Warcradle Studios is bringing Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars to Salute 2019 at the London ExCel!

Warcradle Studios will be at Booth TE11 for Salute 2019, visit us at the London ExCel Centre this April!
Make sure to come and see us to check out Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars - we’ll be bringing members of the Warcradle Studio team, alongside miniatures and, well, we’re sure to have a few extra delights along for the ride...
More information about what to expect at our booth will be announced as we get closer to the event.
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Warcradle Studios at GAMA 2019
Warcradle Studios are attending GAMA 2019!
In March, our team will be visiting the Peppermill Resort in Reno, USA, to discuss all things Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars, as well as the other fantastic ranges we distribute.
At GAMA, you'll have the chance to talk to the Sales team about upcoming plans and releases for both Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars, as well as trade packages available to retailers and distributors.

Whether you're attending GAMA as a member of Trade or Distribution, are one of our existing stockists or someone interested in finding out more about our products, we want to see you!
Booking an Appointment in Advance:
To secure an appointment on the day you can book with our team in advance. All you have to do is contact your account handler or, if you do not already stock our products, please head over to our website for more information.
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Warcradle Classics News!
We’ve been quiet for a while… but we’ve been busy behind the scenes with Warcradle Classics and have many of your favourite miniatures either available or on their way very soon!

We have already released a variety of miniatures as part of the Warcradle Classics brand, including many units for Dystopian Wars and Wild West Exodus, and we’re pleased to let you know that we will be continuing to build on this range as we add MORE Dystopian Wars, MORE Wild West Exodus and… drum roll, please… Firestorm Armada miniatures to our catalogue.

Remember, the Warcradle Classics range is being produced in limited numbers so, if you’re after something in particular, do check on the Wayland Games website (and at your local FLGS) regularly so you don't miss out on that certain something.





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New Wargame Terrain with Dark Assembly 8mm
Red Beam Designs has more terrain and scenery for sci-fi and fantasy tabletops! The new Dark Assembly 8 mm range has been released for pre-order for trade from Warcradle Studios.

The Dark Assembly 8 mm range can be used for all types of small-scale sci-fi and industrial fantasy wargames - it’s also compatible with Adeptus Titanicus; tough war machines won’t look out of place amongst this terrain! 

Just like the Dark Assembly range, these are great-value MDF items that are easy to assemble with full assembly instructions online. Assembly instructions for all Red Beam Designs products can be found on the new Red Beam Designs website.

All items are due for release at the end of October 2018.

Red Beam Designs Dark Assembly 8 mm scenery is currently on pre-order at Wayland Games and soon to be on pre-order from your FLGS.

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Dystopian Wars Third Edition Beta - Get Involved!
You’re excited.

We’re excited.

The time has finally come...

The Open Beta of Dystopian Wars Third Edition is now live and we want YOU to take part!

We’ve been working hard to get the Third Edition of Dystopian Wars ready for you, our community, to play, enjoy and then feedback your thoughts and opinions to us.

We hope you enjoy testing it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

There’s no sign-up process to take part in the Open Beta, the free rules are available for you all to download, read through, and have a go at (we like to keep things simple).

Start playing now!

Download the Open Beta Rules here: https://www.dystopianwars.co.uk/ 

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We're Attending AdeptiCon 2019!
Haven't had a chance to see Warcradle Studios at any events yet? We've added AdeptiCon to our list of events so make sure to come and see us if you can!

Not near you? Make sure to check our events for up-to-date information.

Warcradle Studios will be attending AdeptiCon 2019!

We will be joining over 100 exhibitors who attend AdeptiCon every year to showcase their new products, run demos and interact with the community.

AdeptiCon is a fantastic show to attend, priding itself on presenting its attendees the highest quality wargaming event possible, and we cannot wait to join in the wargaming fun!

We will be there with our awesome demo team (we don’t go anywhere without ‘em) and members of our Studio team, as well as bringing with us a host of plastic and resin delights. So, whether you want to come and play Wild West Exodus or Dystopian Wars, talk about the future of Warcradle Studios' games, or view some awesome miniatures - we’ll be here with bells on.

Stay up to date with news about Adepticon from their Facebook page and their website.

What more could we add, you ask? Well… the first Wild West Exodus US Gunslinger Masters event is being held here too! Check out information about this here.

We'll see you there!



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The Warhost Programme - Volunteer Now!
We have some great news for you; our Warhost Programme is now open for US volunteers!

So, it’s time to ask yourself a very important question...

Have you got what it takes to be a Warhost?

We are looking for enthusiastic community members, who are positive, inquisitive and friendly, to go out into the world and introduce new players to Warcradle Studios games systems by organising demo events at Clubs, Events and their FLGS.  

Grow your community!

As well as getting the opportunity to introduce and recruit new players to the worlds of Warcradle, you will also get to enjoy and share your hobby by running sanctioned Organised Play leagues, tournaments, hobby nights and more - in fact, what you do as a Warhost will only be limited by your imagination and the time you have spare!

What are you waiting for? If you want to be part of the Warhost Programme, head over to the form and register your interest now!        


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Version 1.08 Softback Rule Book - Available to Buy!
We’re very excited to announce that the latest version (v.1.08) of the Wild West Exodus Rulebook in English is now available and, as one of our valued customers, we are giving it to you at a special discounted price!

How do you qualify? Be sure to add the new softback rulebook to your basket when you place your next order of Wild West Exodus goodies, then make sure to use discount code WWXRULES  before you check out*.

Using the code will entitle you to £4 off the RRP of the softback rule book!




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