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    Reviving the official wiki

    I did it. Every ship is complete for FA 2.0. The objective to revive the wiki is successful, with over 1200 visits per week.
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    Warcradle Stuart

    new rules set

    It's likely the classic Firestorm is still played in various clubs and in peoples homes. But like all games that are no longer in active production, its natural for it to become a rarer game on the tabletop. For those that still play the Classic Firestorm Game, we have the Warcradle Classic miniatures to help complete your collections. There is a brand new game called Firestorm Armada in development. It is a new game that we hope appeals to many fans of science fiction space battles. Knowledge of or experience of the Classic Firestorm is completely unnecessary. If you have classic models you will, of course, be able to use them as a 'counts as' in the new Firestorm Armada, but there will be an entire range of new and exciting miniatures to enjoy!
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    Hello there! Some years have passed now, and i am here to bring news. Sadly, the launch of the Neuschwanstein was delayed, most probably a treacherous act of the Teutonic Order, as it got bombed during construction. But this incident gave King Leopold II just the support within the Reichstag to gain the right to establish his very own airship fleet. And now, after the Neuschwanstein is rebuild and nearing completion, and the first prototypes of the Bavarian airfleet are constructed, designed and named after the kings most beloved knights and heroes of his favourite operas, forming the new "knightly order" of the swan, i can finally present you the mighty airforce of the bavarian kingdom: Tristan Class Small Airship Siegfried Class Airship Lohengrin Class Heavy Airship And the reworked Neuschwanstein Class Sky Fortress The stats are the same as the prussian ones, its more like a skin than a new as of now. Hope you like it. If not, watch the skies ;P
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    Zephyr Station

    Firestorm Beta announced

    Hello all, The beta rules for Firestorm Armada will release on 6 May 2020. See the announcement, and some ship sketches in the Warcradle blog post https://blog.warcradle.com/blog/2020/warcradle-studios-diary-25 ZS
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    Firestorm Painting Group

    With a canceld vacation due to corona and time at my hands, i could tackle my FSA part on my Pile of Shame:
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    Thanks !

    Thanks for bringing this back. I had won a box of the priori and wyldborn on BeastsofWar and was just about to start when the game got cancelled shortly after. So it’s great to see this coming back.
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    The cards for the Youngers can now be found on the WWX card resource: https://www.wildwestexodus.com/factions/confederates
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    Pierre's Hex

    My newly found Hex, beginning with a Hex Beast and Marie Laveau.
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    So after initially dismissing v3 of the DW rules I have had a bit of a turnabout in my thinking. I am not sure if the initial version of the beta was significantly different than the current version but I had a reread of it and am now looking forward to it. Time to finish my Prussians!
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    Fluffwise Torpedos are slower but more intelligent Kinetics. Ruleswise this weapon ignores Shield and Armor (fromt he Kinetic trait), but lowers the TN for PD to 4 (from the Torpedo trait, as pure Kinetics have a TN of 5 for PD).
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    It'll be an open Beta, so you're in. ZS
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    Warcradle Tarnya

    Path of Chronozon

    Checked with the guys in the studio and you're correct. Let me know if you have any other questions, and I'll get an answer for you!
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    What you have stated is so true ... Use it as a guide IF you think it helps , OR just make your own . To me it's the game first the lore is just a bonus ... then you can make the lore what you want
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    Hey everyone, allow me to briefly introduce myself: I am from Bavaria, Munich to be precise, and followed Dystopian Wars for years now, without buying anything, until a few weeks ago. With Warcradle reworking the game, i thought it is the best time to finally begin collecting. About the models, i absolutely fell in love with the Prussian and Eclipse Company airships. Only Problem: Bavaria and Prussia never really liked each other, but no german kingdom really liked any other, so thats quite usual. Anyway, i came to the conclusion to paint my airships in a Bavarian style, and even wrote a story about how it came to be. I also modelled their unique legendary flagairship. So i present to you: The Kingdom of Greatbavaria How they play: Due to their isolated location in south Germany, surrounded by allies and the Alps, their forces mainly consists of airships, with the few ground divisions being under Prussian control. Their airships are the standard Prussian ones, with a few additions (see below). I have no idea how to set the stats of the new airships, for i could not manage to find any players here, so i am absolutely unexperienced how effective or ineffective some things are. The new airships: 1. The Neuschwanstein: The massive flagship of the Bavarians, even larger than the Imperium-Class Skyfortress. Equipped with four heavy battleship turrets, a hangar, and an unique fore weapon, that ignores armour and shields. Ideas: 2. The Donner-Class Bombard-Airship: Idea for a long ranged airship. Using the bombard pushes the ship 1'' back because of recoil. 3. The ?-Class Medium Airship: A medium sized Airship with two turrets and focus on broadside attacks. All these Airships have no Tesla-Weaponry, as the reactor energy is needed for the stabilizers, preventing the Airships to tilt resulting from the recoil (or massive castles upon them ^^). The .pdf file explains the history of Greatbavaria as well as its unique weapon system. Hope you like it^^ Kingdom of Greatbavaria.pdf Edit: I added a few picture of the Neuschwanstein
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    Phant Mastik

    Subfaction: Kingdom of Greatbavaria

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    Fleets ahoy

    To take another step on Uncharted Seas visibility After some time collecting and some heavy eBaying, Im slowly approaching my goal of approx. 1000points for each faction. Sadly not a peep on the Sky Pirates front... So here is my own Spithead review...… First up - Orcs Battleship, 3 Cruisers and 6 Frigates from a starter set, 2 extra cruisers, 3 destroyers, Battlecruiser and Assault Cruiser
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    Bonjour, Ici juste de passage pour vous signaler que plusieurs personnes ont décidés de relancer la communauté en France. Pour commencer, nous avons créé un Discord pour nous rassembler et proposer des choses pour la traduction TOTALE des règles (cartes comprises) et pour organiser des conventions et autres. Le lien Discord : Wild West Exodus France Vous y trouverez aussi une section répertoriant les joueurs et leur départements pour faciliter les rencotnres. Venez nombreux...c'est notre meilleure chance de relancer ce jeux plein de qualité en France!!
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    Finally got around to finishing my Wild West Exodus stuff. I used Daren's "Painting the Signature WWX Look in 4 Simple Stages". I really like how they came out, though the pictures aren't as great as I would have liked (still dialing in my new light setup). I used Citadel Contrast paints instead of the diluted inks Daren suggested and went back over the skin and lenses with traditional Citadel paints to lighten them up a bit. Now just waiting for Coronabola stay at home orders to expire so I can find an opponent to run me through some games.
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    Reviving the official wiki

    Wiki is now complete for Task Force Stats, for every ship except System Wars models. Okay, wiki is pretty much complete now. 2.1k visits/week
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    GenCon 2020

    I do understand that there is still time and it is a ways out but at 66 I think I'll put it on hold till next year. God willing and the creek don't rise. hope fully I'll make a good showing with the new rules if and when they come out.
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    GenCon 2020

    Looking forward to GenCon. This will definitely be on my schedule.
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    how and when do we sign up for the Beta?
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    Warcradle Studios at Gen Con 2020

    Warcradle Studios are returning to Indianapolis at the end of July to join thousands of gamers at Gen Con 2020. If you're thinking of attending, make sure to come and see us and check out the games set in the Dystopian Age (including Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars) and much more besides! At our booth, you can have a demo of Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars, and get hold of our new card game. Fog and Friction: Western Front. Find out more about Fog and Friction here. You’ll also be able to chat to our studio team about the future of all Warcradle Studios games. We’ll have spectacular miniatures on display, our latest releases available to purchase and a few exclusives too - you won't want to miss out. We will be sharing our booth number and more information about what you can expect at our booth as we get closer to the event. Stay tuned. Badge Registration opens after January 26th. If you're thinking of joining us at the event head to the Gen Con website when registration opens: https://www.gencon.com/ Staying Up-To-Date: Gen Con 2020 You'll never miss an update if you join our Facebook event for Gen Con 2020 or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Not on social media? Check the community calendar on the Warcradle Studios forum to see all of the events we'll be attending throughout the year. View the full article
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    Wow thanks for the info
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    Court of the Nazombu - 670 Marie Laveau - 180 Jaques Santiago - 125 Cemetary Kriminal - 130 Cleo - Nazombu Crone - 115 Zora - Nazombu Oracle - 120 Dead or Alive - 795 Lilith Hart - 160 Longtree - 75 Thomas Tate Tobin - 125 Yann "The Wraith" Packer - 110 Broad Arrow Jack - 100 James McClain - 100 Jim Petersen - 125
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    Warcradle Studios Diary #22

    When we think about wargaming our first thought is usually about the miniatures we play with rather than the tables we play on. But the terrain is just as important for helping set the scene, bringing another facet to the hobby to get excited about. With Wild West Exodus we wanted to create a range of scenery that works perfectly for the setting and scale. The town of Red Oak was our answer to that and has been a very popular product range. Chris from our studio has thoughts on the world beyond Red Oak… It can be a real challenge to get enough terrain out on the table to make a good game, particularly if you want it to be specific to the game you play. Way back in the mists of time when I started wargaming I would use a Subbuteo pitch with books layered underneath to make hills. I recall having a resin church and I had made some gravestones on some spare bases I had. Finally, I had a handful of trees from the local scale model shop and that was the extent of my terrain collection. Today hobbyists have so many great options for terrain in a variety of different materials and I am a million miles away from that poor terrain starved Chris from the early ’90s. MDF has proven to be popular because you can create some very cost-effective and visually impressive products from it. The town of Red Oak, Wild West Exodus’ default location for the past two years, has been expanded with almost every building you could find in a frontier town in the Dystopian Age . Continuing an expansionist policy after the end of the Ore War, the Union now occupies states as far south as the demilitarised zone beyond the state of West Columbia and New Peru. But the Union of Federated States is a vast territory incorporating over sixty states many of which were once proud independent nations with their own rich history, culture and architecture. So it was time we moved beyond the Arizona territory and explored another iconic location in the Union, this time travelling further south beyond Texas to look at the more recently admitted states. The adobe-style buildings predominantly found in the states of Senora, Durango and North and South Mexico were distinctive enough from their Red Oak contemporaries, while at the same time gave players a space to tell the important stories of Mexican independence and occupation - key themes for many characters hailing from those southern states. Welcome to Rio Sonora! Having concept art and references from our Art Director Roberto Cirillo gave the Studio a great direction, the challenge lay in bringing these gorgeous illustrations to life. The team were up for a challenge and I hope you agree that they’ve done an outstanding job. These buildings are not only the start of a continuing range for Wild West Exodus, but also feature fully detailed interiors and, for the first time, are in multi-coloured pre-painted kits. Once assembled there is no additional painting necessary! Rio Sonora - The finished Product This new range gives players a diverse selection of pre-painted buildings to collect and use in their games. New stories can be woven around the town and Rio Sonora might start featuring in the narrative that weaves throughout Wild West Exodus in the product descriptions for each Posse we release. Here is a closer look at each building. We are very excited to start exploring Rio Sonora with you, so make sure you pick up your set and join us there. Until next time! Chris View the full article
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    Warcradle Classics?

    A whole bundle of classical models switch to status: in stock
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    You are correct here.
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    new rules set

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    Warcradle Stuart

    new rules set

    Once Dystopian Wars launches you should expect to start hearing the wardrums for Firestorm!
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    Warcradle Stuart

    Warcradle Classics?

    Dystopian Wars can be played using classic models to represent the units in the game. Of course we cannot create hundreds of units for the game to support models that are no longer in production, but what we hope to be able to give players is a list of 'counts as' for tournament play as well as a single generic class for each ship type in each faction (cruiser, battleship etc) that will act as a catch all for those old miniatures people may have in their collections.
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    Excelsior Games & Comics

    Update: Thanks to my badgering and the scent of gold in them thar hills, Excelsior is now an official Stockist.
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    Warcradle Stuart

    Warcradle Classics?

    This seems to be a common comment. Existing fans are irked that the miniatures they have purchased in significant quantities are not selling now. Could I suggest that a good reason is that the models are classics and designed for a game that is now largely only played by people that own significant fleets etc already? We only ever intended the classics range to be a customer service offering to the existing community. A way to give continuity to your collections and allow you to complete or fill or certain selections. The same is true for WWX. It is regrettable that the Classics offerings have not sold especially well compared to main range releases or to community expectation, but considering the time elapsed since the classic game was in production it is less surprising. The important part was that miniatures have made it into to the hands of fans that would otherwise have to rely on third partirs such as eBay or Facebook selling pages. On the subject of things we find especially irksome, for me it is that Warcradle is being accused of blaming the community for anything. While it's true that there have been a handful of toxic individuals who have had to be taken in hand, they are certainly not reflective of the amazing community that supports the games we make. Regarding those individuals, I do not think aeshva you are one of them, I realise it is comforting for those feeling isolated and embittered to cling to the general community and delude themselves that they are in the same mental space and that their personal views represent a groundswell of opinion. It is perfectly natural to do so. But we have a responsibility to keep the community spaces we look after safe from such self-destructive people.
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    As far as I know the 2nd gen UCS stuff are computer designs, so depending on the fabrication method either the masters or the moulds are 3D printed. Also the Dragon Lords pictured in the last rulebook look more detailed than the earlier models, so I think they actually got reworked, just not to the level of Spartan’s later work. Anyway, it has been over two years now, I have six fleets gathering dust while waiting to be completed, and I’m not happy about that. Like I said before, if they don’t have the intention of actually doing something productive with the stuff, then why not sell it on to someone who will do something productive with it. At the moment the vast majority of the UCS models are still competitive quality wise, and there’s no competition whatsoever, but those circumstances aren’t going to last forever. They are just burning daylight.
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    Where did you get the models? If it isn't old stock from Outlaw Miniatures and you got them via the Warcradle Classics range, then you should contact the Warcradle helpdesk in order to get the correct bases shipped to you. Ruleswise you should use the base-size which is indicated on the respective statcard.
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    Some help with reactions

    It is described in the ruelbook on Page 30. For your question about Units. As they are performing a single Action. The target is only able to perform one reaction against that one action. If your Unit does target different units with a combat action, every different targeted Unit is able to perform one reaction. Well for the other stuff. I don't know yet.
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    No need to, if a rule implies an action of any kind then it would be listed in the rulebook. I.e. strike (combat action) for a normal action or for example charge (special combat) action. There are two types of actions, combat and move actions and some of them declared as special move/charge actions. In addition there may be special rules/abilities on Statcards which describe wether or not a certain ability is some kind of action, like <Sky Leap> for example. Actions are always described as such, if a certain ability isn't, then it isn't an Action. Don't hang yourself up on the word 'Special' regarding the 'Special Rules', it's just there to distinct those rules from the 'Common Rules' above.
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    Dark Council and Compel aren't actions of any kind. They're just special abilities that cost AP if being used.
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    The Beta Lives!

    For those of you not using Facebook, the beta rules are up: https://www.dystopianwars.co.uk/
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    i have just left the warcradle store and i noticed that there are very few photos of the models that are available .... it would be nice if warcradle would were to up date the site and put the photo in . i am more visual and need to see what i would like to buy. can you guys do something to fix this . thanks
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    Critical Lethal.

    Each hit is resolved separately. So one of those Successful Grit Checks will have to be re-rolled. Technically speaking, you have to call out a specific Check to be subject to Lethal in this case. I don't believe it matters in this specific situation, but it often does.
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    Line of sight question

    I had to check back with Warcradle if my following example would be correct. Below you see a montage to clarify how LoS in WWX works. To prevent modeling for advantage Warcradle decided that only the base size is important to determine line of sight, regardless of the model standing on top of it. Let a base stand on its edge in a perpendicular angle to see your bases "height", in addition to the bases width you create a somewhat 3-dimensional cylinder. This cylinder is the area from which would be drawn line of sight in terms of height. That way a deputy sharpshooter would have the same LoS-area as a Warrior Nation totem, even though both models are of different size. EDIT: Stuart from Warcradle added that the expectation for this rule is that the model can crouch.
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    A New Orleans themed board built mostly by our fellow Terrainiac Dirk with a little help from his terrain- and painting-elves. For the most part i did the digital work, like posters, commercials, wallpapers, paintings etc., with some additional painting work here and there. Also i had to do the quay wall and the water board. The ship, "La Belle", consists of three parts so that that the first level (Casino), the second level (Saloon and private suite) and the roof are playable simultaniously. The complete board took about 500 hours of work, starting back in may, shortly after the Roleplay Convention and finishing about two weeks ago. Now, since the Spiel'18 show is over, the board travels back home to Cologne and will be just the newest addition to our WWX terrain at Top Tables
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    Still playing

    I have recently dragged this back out, after a moderate dig of the internet for traders around the world carrying old stock that went rather well, and an ongoing painting session (thanks to German and Swedish shops here!). I went from starter fleets for Orcs, Elves and Dwarves with two heavy cruiser for the dwarves to Starters for all factions , a extra duff human starter box that had two orc cruiser hulls in plus an assortment of blisters for Orc, Dragonlord, Dwarf, Bone Griff and Elf. Sky Pirates elude me however. Still hunting more, especially since there was an auction here last year where huge amounts of Uncharted Seas got sold but never resurfaced in traders that I or friends are aware. However, I can get decent fleets down for most now and with a set of 7-8 players familiar with the rule can get 2-4 fleet games going at the games club whenever we want....
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    Question on Shroud Mages models

    I always thought they were bucket chains supplying coal to the steam boilers.....
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    I really hope Warcradle puts some great energy and effort in resurrecting this game. Sails, Steam, Airships, Dragons, and lots more. Uncharted Seas has a ton of potential and I would love to see it as a major part of the Warcradle family
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    On the Dystopian Wars forum the old posts have been locked which is still a great resource for players until the new rule set comes out. Can we please have the old forum back for UC as the old rules are all we have for the forseeable future.
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    Re-release the game as is i’d Be fine with some sort of rules for coastal fort assault ( hence only needing infantry tokens without need for cavalry , hoplites , etc) release a new faction for the north: ice floe that rams as frigates, longships as mediums, and large ships that can cast ice storms
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    Question for Spartan Games

    They were scheduled to have a booth, I believe, but apparently something came up. There are at least a few Spartan Vanguards attending and running events. There is an Armada event on Thursday evening, and I am running three 2-hour Planetfall games on Friday (which have slots still available). I don't know about Dystopian or either of the Halo games, but there might be something happening.
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