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    Classic model rules

    I guess you mean the following..? But no word on how much will be covered. It's just this snippet.
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    Small Mek

    new rules set

    Soooooooooo... DW Beta is coming to a close at end of June. Anyone care to speculate about the timeline? Anyone hoping for Q3? Or will the finalisation of the actual DW profiles take much more time and developer resources? Do you guys think that the FSA beta can be similar to the DW in that can be concluded without seeing actual profiles for the fleets, or the distinction between them will require stats closer to the intended final versions (Shunting, shields, cloaks, Cyberwarfare etc.)? Too early to speculate? Shall I wait a few more months? Ok ok. Patience. I know. I'll see myself out.
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    Lord Nat

    Classic model rules

    I hope its a case of all the ships that can't count as against current stat lines..... although what are they going to do with the avenger carrier I have no idea! ps thanks RuleBritannia for asking this as this is the question thats made me dust off this account (not used since before Spartan went)
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    Lord Nat

    Introduce Yourself

    <cough cough>... excuse the dust! Didn't expect this account to still be live! Name is Nat, Been playing DW since v1... and was part of the community online team that helped with the transition of v2.0... stopped playing slightly before 2.5 was released due to moving and the new club in Essex had even less players. Still with the link to the beta test onthe wayland games email thought I'd give it a look, like the look of how the game flows, need to give it a try when I've got time.
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    Classic model rules

    Thank you! Not going to lie, heard it second hand and hoped for more detail! Various is rather vague...
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    smack talk

    Describes most 2nd edition combats, don't you think?
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    Space Cat

    smack talk

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