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    I think it is soon to criticize, but I prefer the Spartan´s design. Perhaps, this design and the design of the Dystopian Wars ships are nearest the Steampunk Style, but I prefer the most sober style from Spartan. Anyway, I am expectant to see the definitive models.
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    For those interested there are a few Dindrenzi concepts at the bottom of this blog entry, including a fighter that reminds me of a B-wing: https://blog.warcradle.com/blog/2019/8/warcradle-studios-diary-4
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    Warcradle Tarnya

    Warcradle Classics?

    Hey @Lex Orion, Warcradle Classics items are made available after old masters and moulds pass our initial quality control checks. These items will be produced in limited numbers, by nature, as we only have the old masters and moulds to produce them with. If you’re after something in particular, feel free to contact our support team for more information - submit a ticket here: http://helpdesk.warcradle.com/support/home! Hope this helps. Hey @I am Belch, due to the way the moulds are identified and catalogued, there may be an extended period of time between the production of batches of some miniatures, but rest assured that our production team is hard at work producing Warcradle Classics items. It's likely the ships have been removed from the site due to the quality of the old masters and moulds. Feel free to contact our support team (http://helpdesk.warcradle.com/support/home) for more information about the ships in question.
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    Makes it a lot easier to decide how cool your jets are when you have some idea of the art direction, fluff, and timescale, so news is good news.
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    Model availability

    I think there are two separate issues there. One is the discontinuity. Warcradle have every right to go we have bought this now, we own it, we can throw whatever we want in the bin and make it our own. However, the time taken to relay this and the way its been handled can be off putting and confusing to those already invested in Spartan's settings and just want more fancy boats, and the treatment of the 'classics' range as quite ad hoc and this only being explained later has perhaps shown some room for improving communication. As I've said before I don't get why Warcradle is so ashamed of Spartan's games since they bought them, and now selling them and want to create games based upon the same settings and ideas even if they want to shift the fluff and aesthetic. While I would have preferred more continuity because I don't want to lose the feel and desire to expand an extant force , perhaps a better articulation of the position might be helpful, especially with a lot of talk of some radical shifts in FSA rules. Secondly, the question of content and timelines and handling the hype. Because there isn't communication on this its very hard to judge. While of course Warcradle has every right to withhold information because they are running the show, the lack of timeline and deliberately going dark on information because they don't enjoy fans taking an interest and a critical lens on the project does seem like a lost opportunity for engagement rather than necessary to keep the product popular. But, to be fair, at an early stage things might still be being played around and give a different impression of the end product.
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    Model availability

    To clarify on the Spartan models not counting as WC Firestorm models, Stuart was referring to the pricing. The prices shown for the Firestorm classics should not be taken as an indicator of what price range the new models will be set at. Which to me makes sense, in that the classics are limited short runs.
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    Model availability

    I'm sure any incorrect statement would be swiftly corrected. Warcradle do seem more facebook centric, which is fine unless you are banished from the official facebook groups due to an excess of passion for the setting. But official announcements of the expanding ranges would get more publicity.
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    Model availability

    I don't get why this isn't advertised?
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    Model availability

    I haven't seen it mentioned yet but the range of available miniatures has silently expanded. RotO Aquans, Sorylian gunships, Ba'Kash battle carrier, lots of Directorate and Relthoza, Tarakian fighter tokens (lol), Oroshan and Dindrenzi escorts etc.
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    Model availability

    So, a nice surprise package arrived today. Three Ryushi Battle Carriers arrived in the mail today. Simple packaging, but all accounted for. Now to find time to get them painted up...
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