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    new rules set

    Ok, i will mark this date in the calender and check the news section here. Such a roadmap is what i am waiting for.
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    new rules set

    This should be a big year for WC in terms of Spartan game licences and products. We know that Dystopian Wars is coming soon and should dominate the QA; whilst Firestorm we should hopefully hear about plans for a Beta I just hope that they can start to give us a roadmap of what is to come. Maybe not with fixed dates but at least to say what we can expect and in what order.
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    Warrior Nation

    Aye, though the sea-scale is still very much of a good size - however if we were to get sea-monsters; whilst I'm totally up for them in Dystopian Wars; they'd just make me want to see Uncharted return to the seas even more (and I'm convinced that IF we see Uncharted return it won't be for years and years yet sadly. Heck its been a year* or more and we are only just getting near Dystopian Wars hitting the high seas once more - and Firestorm after that at some unknown point in time. So I'd wager it will take several years to get those titles running smooth before they'll have attention and time to fit in Uncharted (if they decide too, they can always step away and say - no we're ok where we are we don't need another title). Of course if popularity of the series launches strong and we, as a community, can grow it then improved sales and ships on sea and space flying off shelves could give the investment opportunity for faster turn around! *Feels like a year, might be longer or shorter I honestly don't recall when Spartan died.

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