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    Warcradle Stuart

    new rules set

    It's likely the classic Firestorm is still played in various clubs and in peoples homes. But like all games that are no longer in active production, its natural for it to become a rarer game on the tabletop. For those that still play the Classic Firestorm Game, we have the Warcradle Classic miniatures to help complete your collections. There is a brand new game called Firestorm Armada in development. It is a new game that we hope appeals to many fans of science fiction space battles. Knowledge of or experience of the Classic Firestorm is completely unnecessary. If you have classic models you will, of course, be able to use them as a 'counts as' in the new Firestorm Armada, but there will be an entire range of new and exciting miniatures to enjoy!
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    Reviving the official wiki

    Changelog ; - Dindrenzi completed - Most of aquan done Total ships processed so far : 244 Ships left to do (some aquan, and all those of the RSN) : 27. An then, some Rules, Taskforce stats, and Lore if I find some.
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    new rules set

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    new rules set

    Thanks for the update. Information on FSA has been fleeting. So I will certainly look forward to the beta when released.
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    Warcradle Stuart

    new rules set

    Once Dystopian Wars launches you should expect to start hearing the wardrums for Firestorm!
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    Excelsior Games & Comics

    Update: Thanks to my badgering and the scent of gold in them thar hills, Excelsior is now an official Stockist.
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    Where did you get the models? If it isn't old stock from Outlaw Miniatures and you got them via the Warcradle Classics range, then you should contact the Warcradle helpdesk in order to get the correct bases shipped to you. Ruleswise you should use the base-size which is indicated on the respective statcard.
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    Some help with reactions

    It is described in the ruelbook on Page 30. For your question about Units. As they are performing a single Action. The target is only able to perform one reaction against that one action. If your Unit does target different units with a combat action, every different targeted Unit is able to perform one reaction. Well for the other stuff. I don't know yet.
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    No need to, if a rule implies an action of any kind then it would be listed in the rulebook. I.e. strike (combat action) for a normal action or for example charge (special combat) action. There are two types of actions, combat and move actions and some of them declared as special move/charge actions. In addition there may be special rules/abilities on Statcards which describe wether or not a certain ability is some kind of action, like <Sky Leap> for example. Actions are always described as such, if a certain ability isn't, then it isn't an Action. Don't hang yourself up on the word 'Special' regarding the 'Special Rules', it's just there to distinct those rules from the 'Common Rules' above.
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    Dark Council and Compel aren't actions of any kind. They're just special abilities that cost AP if being used.
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    Critical Lethal.

    Each hit is resolved separately. So one of those Successful Grit Checks will have to be re-rolled. Technically speaking, you have to call out a specific Check to be subject to Lethal in this case. I don't believe it matters in this specific situation, but it often does.
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    Line of sight question

    I had to check back with Warcradle if my following example would be correct. Below you see a montage to clarify how LoS in WWX works. To prevent modeling for advantage Warcradle decided that only the base size is important to determine line of sight, regardless of the model standing on top of it. Let a base stand on its edge in a perpendicular angle to see your bases "height", in addition to the bases width you create a somewhat 3-dimensional cylinder. This cylinder is the area from which would be drawn line of sight in terms of height. That way a deputy sharpshooter would have the same LoS-area as a Warrior Nation totem, even though both models are of different size. EDIT: Stuart from Warcradle added that the expectation for this rule is that the model can crouch.
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