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    Model availability

    I have ordered 3 torpedo Cruisers of the Terran Alliance, so I'll report if the resin still in that kind of quality.
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    Sorylian re-stat

    I looked at boarding, but I ran into a couple balance issues, since they have access to a fax that gives them +1 to hit, I can't give them speacial forces, other wise they would hit on 2,3,4,5, and 6 and when you look at those heavy cruisers, a squad of 4 could drop a 20 AP boarding assualt, it's a bit excessive Giving them cyber would be difficult to balance, which leaves biohazard as perhaps the best option, but directorate and relthoza can already get biohazard, if sorylians get it too, terrans are going to rage but im open to suggestions
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    Re-stat/houserule candidates

    My 3 colour dice approach made Red fdice actually uncommon. Blue is the most common by far, but certain fleets get certain dice to be red or black as standard. For example, my redo of hte Sorylian fleet, their scatter weapns roll black dice. But a cruiser throws 12 of them out of each broadside To better representnthe fact that they throw a lot of flak out for weapons, they get Red PD, and obviously they got Red AP. Their torpedoes used to lose 2 dice at RB1. Now I just shift them from Blue to Black dice. It's made a huge difference in how fleets work. Like Terrans are some of the only Red shields, and other fleets taht have less advanced shields might carry Blue ones, or those that are still getting it all figured out might just carry a whole pile of Black shields. As to the idea of proprietary dice...ugh. Hard pass for me thanks. I've got reams of dice as is, and have little interest in having ot use a specific set for a specific thing and nowhere else.
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    Re-stat/houserule candidates

    My group took a ground up approach to ship designs, and we fully embraced the 3 colour dice mechanics, adn it's made thigns play very differently, and been a blast.

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