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    Lex Orion

    Model availability

    You are right. A friend and me began to play Firestorm Armada since 3 or 4 years ago. We were enthusiastic with the ship´s models (really awesome), rules and background. And DW were in our wish list. I fall in love for the DW minis when I saw the Prussian Imperium Sky Fortress for the first time. The end of Spartan Games was a shock for us. And the Warcladle announcement was encouraging. Awesome minis, background and good rules are the best basis as possible. A good job with this legacy could be a secure succes. And periodic (near in time) news are needed. The best way to expand a game is to have enthusiastic gamers (with the game and the company). Then, we need the security of the old model availability and the knowledge of the future of these games. Same: news, news, news....
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    Model availability

    I think we all want to be positive, but it would be damned sight easier if Warcradle could get a bit more positive about their Spartan heritage, their Dystopian wars and Firestorm ranges, and they realised that the community, even when critical, wants to help. Its been nearly two years, we just want some more fancy boats, and with the long timescale things are taking we need to make sure the community is involved and engaged,
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    Model availability

    I'm sure any incorrect statement would be swiftly corrected. Warcradle do seem more facebook centric, which is fine unless you are banished from the official facebook groups due to an excess of passion for the setting. But official announcements of the expanding ranges would get more publicity.

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