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    Redesigned Unit Stat Cards

    Edit, June 2015: For a variety of reasons I won't get into here, I am no longer able to actively maintain these cards as I have for the past few years. In the interest of not letting them die on the vine, I've decided to take the step of making them available for everybody. The download link to the required packages is here. I have done this as two separate packages because the content involved falls under two different sets of intellectual property categories and I want to be sure that there is no confusion about who owns what, especially as pertains to the intellectual property of Spartan Games. Package 1 - Spartan Games Media.zip This contains all the content which is owned by Spartan Games, or which I created using said content. It is entirely composed of items which are freely available online, but which I have collected together and, in some cases, edited and/or cleaned up. It includes the following things: CSV files containing all the stats Images of all the units Flags used for all the card backs All of this content is entirely the property of Spartan Games and cannot be used in any fashion without their approval, most particularly not in any commercial context. If anyone breaks that rule, Spartan will have to ask me to take down that archive, and things will get more inconvenient for everybody, so please respect their rights. This content is required to make the stat cards in question, but it should also be of use to people working on other projects. I have received a few requests in the past while for various stuff included here. Package 2 - You Look Like A Nail Stat Cards.zip This package includes the content which is my own work and which was not created using any content owned by anybody else, namely: Card templates to create the cards in photoshop A photoshop action export used in card creation A readme file with complete step by step guidance to use all of this content to recreate my cards This file contains nothing owned by Spartan Games and as such I am releasing it under a creative commons attribution license. The details are included in the readme file. People can do whatever they like with this part. If you want, you can create and update my cards, or you can make something similar but tweaked for your own needs. Or you can make similar cards for another Spartan game. Or you can make a game about zombie zucchini in Polish. Whatever. The content in this file is free for anybody who wants to use it. The cards I've made, and the cards that other people will make with this, are likewise free. There's info for a tip jar in the readme file, but nobody has to pay anything to use this material, or anything created from it. I provided all of this to BigB and draco84oz earlier and, if they desire to do so and for so long as they wish to, they have my endorsement as the "official" maintainers of this set going forward. ---------- Back in the misty days of yore, I started a project to create a replacement set of unit stat cards for Dystopian Wars. The goals of the set are roughly as follows: Sized like playing or collectible cards, so as to fit into standard card sleeves All content on one side, so you don't have to flip back and forth Easily identify which card goes with which ship, at arm's length Group all statistics by function, to make it easier to find the ones you need Size statistics to make the commonly used ones easily found and easily read Include reminder text for MARs wherever possible Pretty! The set has, I think, generally achieved all these goals. On the old forum, there was a thread that covered the introduction and development of these cards. Since that's (hopefully temporarily) lost, we'll need a new thread. I will update this thread going forward as I update and/or expand the card sets. I've received a lot of support since I first introduced these cards. People have volunteered their time and server space to host them, provided stat cards and rules that I didn't have access to, made suggestions, provided helpful feedback, and reported a ton of errors. Thank you to everyone who has helped out, and to everyone who will help out going forward! You can always find the latest copy of the stat cards at this location: http://zoom.rendermotion.ca/dystopian-wars/ They normally come in up to four archives: PAGES - all cards arranged on 8.5" x 11" sheets, for printing IMAGES - individual images of each card PRINTERFRIENDLY - like Pages, but done in black and white, for home printing DIFF - just the cards that changed since the last drop The full colour ones are intended to be printed by a commercial printer. You can probably find a local Staples, Kinkos, or other print shop who can run off pages in full colour at a very reasonable rate. They look very nice when done professionally and laminated. If you don't have access to that, you can use the printer friendly ones on your home printer. Some people say they actually prefer the printer friendly ones on their own merits. I will continue to keep these up to date as new units are released, as long as I have access to the rules in question. The most recent version of these is 2.13. This set has full coverage of Britannian, Prussian, Blazing Sun and FSA units, as well as all the released French units, released fortifications, and the Black Wolf mercenary unit. UPDATE (May 2014): See Page 47 for an overview of the 5.0 set for Dystopian Wars 2.0.
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    All the fleet here
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    Redesigned Unit Stat Cards

    The archives for my stat cards for the 2.0 rulebook units will be going live some time tomorrow. (Sorry that I can't be specific but it's a volunteer operation.) But! I can show you what the cards will look like, and talk about how they changed. Here is an example: Things you might notice: The card looks a lot like the old ones, generally. The layout has changed. The image is on the right and the title text is left justified. This is mostly because you can only dodge the fundamental rules of good graphic design for so long when you have a talented graphic designer in the family. The types, listed under the name, are more formalized now. There are a number of rules which are attached to the specific types used. The squadron size, points cost, and strategic value are all included in smaller font below the types. Auxiliary statistics are familiar (AP, AA, CC, IR). The AP type is listed separately and, as a reminder, the to hit values for that type are listed. These are in the format X/Y where X is the value when boarding aggressively and Y is the value when defending against boarding. The weapons box has 5 entries to handle the fact that units with more than 4 weapon systems are not as unusual as they used to be. The weapon box has Name, Type, RB1 - RB4 AD, Number, and Arc. The Type, Number and Arc values are slightly thinner and grayer to emphasize the AD values, which you will refer to most often. Type (P, S, T) is listed for each weapon because it is more important in 2.0 to know which is which. The number is useful for most weapon systems, but especially for bombs and mines, as many larger ships can drop and/or lay multiples of those types of weapons. Arcs: 90, 180, 270, 360; OS = 180 offset; FC = Fixed Channel; BS = Broadside; B = Bomb (2" range, 360 degree); M = Mine. The MAR section incorporates MARs, munition effects, and generators. As before, mandantory ones are white and options are in yellow. Some models have options which do not fit into those three categories, such as options to upgrade their crew type; these are listed in this box as well. Informational summaries of the effects of MARs are included where possible. Some MARs are really straightforward, like Hunter, so I don't include summaries for them. In some cases I have to exclude summaries because otherwise it makes it difficult to include all the relevant items. In those cases, I preferentially exclude MARs that are common in the fleet and are likely to be described on another card you'll be using. Some abilities, such as Carrier, have handy informational summaries to capture things you might want to reference from the rules. I tried to focus on things that are not necessarily easy to remember but come up often enough that you'll want to have a reference on the card. Generators always specify whether Internal or External, as it is an important distinction in 2.0. Movement, HP, and DR/CR are unchanged. SAS squadrons have a slightly different layout, but it should not be hugely unfamiliar: Of note, I put a summary on each SAS card to remind you of the ranges and base hit values for the three types of engagements that can involve SAS models, and also a reminder that attacks directed at SAS do not explode. I am particularly pleased with the cards for Infantry tokens, which capture all the required statistics (of which there aren't a ton) and use the extra space to present a mini rules cheat sheet of the extra rules that come with Infantry tokens: Everything below the smaller-than-usual MAR box is boiler-plate reminder text that will appear on all infantry cards, reminding you of their MARs, their special rules, the effects of being in cover, and the changes that come into play when they are mechanized. I am myself getting into the land game after many years of just playing naval/air, and I personally found this extremely helpful. The cards for 2.0 will be released in seven archives, one for each faction, each one containing colour cards, printer friendly cards, and transparent cards. Later on I'll release an archive of card backs and some sample variant backgrounds to use with the transparent cards. I'll also be including a transparent .png of the shadow filter that I overlay on top of the national flags to make my stock card backgrounds, in case you want to make something which looks just like the colour card flag backgrounds but using a flag or image other than the ones I use. As always, I'm sure I've inadvertently included a pile of typos, errors, oversights and general screw-ups, so please let me know when you spot them and I'll fix them. Also, there are two land units for which I don't have proper renders for the unit image, so I had to use renders of similar existing land units. Hopefully this will be a short term kludge until I can get proper images. If you read all the way to the end of this post, I salute you, and look forward to your feedback, questions, complaints and vague innuendo.
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    LBPBs Unit Stat Cards

    Hello fellow Admirals I've recently be switching to FA after playing a while on Dystopian, and I really missed the custom stats cards made by You Look Like A Nail So I decided to make my own. Since that they are now finished, I thought I'd better share them with the community. Core Fleets : Aquan Prime (update 01/05/2016) Dindrenzi Federation (update 01/05/2016) Directorate (update 01/05/2016) Reltholzas (update 01/05/2016) Sorylian Collective (update 01/05/2016) Terran Alliance (update 01/05/2016) Alliances Fleets : Kurak Alliance (update 27/06/2016) Zenian League (update 27/04/2015) New Marauders (update 29/05/2017) Game Helpers : Help Pack (update 12/09/2014) Some little exemples : Updates : 12/09/2014 - Card Back added in all Decks 21/11/2014 - Added SRS rules over all SRS cards 24/12/2014 - Added Defence Platform cards in all Core decks 13/01/2015 - Cloaking Field typo correction 12/03/2015 - Added new Oroshans & RSN ships 20/04/2015 - Added Return of the Overseers ships 27/04/2015 - New pictures of Hawkers & Work Raptors ships 03/07/2015 - Added all Invasion Ships for Core races 13/07/2015 - Minor fix on the Dindrenzi Castra Ship card 24/08/2015 - Terran Artemis Destroyer stat correction 08/10/2015 - Weapons fix on Terran Solar & Marauder Shadow 22/10/2015 - Dindrenzi Castra MAR and Directorate cards typo 04/11/2015 - New Terquai ships added 01/05/2016 - Added Task Force ships & redone Destroyers 27/06/2016 - Xelocians and Syndicate ships updated 29/05/2017 - Added new Omnidyne OSO ships Dont hesitate if you find any error or improvement ideas.
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    Hi all ! Here's my currently growing Russian Coalition force ! %20> %20> %20>%20> %20> %20> %20> Hope you like ! Cheers, Karun
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    Hi ! Here is my Sorylian fleet. I found a cheap old model patrol last spring, when I was considering starting with Spartan Games. So the first models are old ones, but I already have much more and recent models to paint The entire fleet so far Click on that one to see full size And my preferd one, the Swordbreaker ! Hope you like it
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    I have just finished my modular industrial harbor this morning. It took me about 1 week to finish it! (without addind the time for the cargos) I used DW industrial scenery, TUS harbor ant Triang Minic buildings. It's modular (4 sheets of 4mm plasticard) and suitable for both DW and AC, so I can constitute 2 small harbors, or 2 industrial zones. The jetties are magnetised so I can unmount them. The 10 cargos were scratched from : - landing barges bits - airfix pontoon brigde 1/76 hulls - miscellaneous bits -textured plasticard
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    Non core nation PDF's

    Hi everyone, Just a quick note to let you all know that just because Spartan have been quiet (yes, we agree - too quiet), that doesn't mean we haven't been paying attention to DW. There has been quite a few things going on in the background at Spartan HQ, but the long and the short in terms of this discussion: I will be managing the playtesting side of Dystopian Wars for the next little while. Derek, Neil and myself will be working on Dystopian Wars together, which will be honed by the Focus Group, and revised again by the core team, before it goes online. At the moment we are running over the Alliance nations. I understand that when the core nations received their major updates we stated that it wouldn't be long to wait for the Alliance nations to follow. We apologise profusely for not hitting that- as I said, there has been a lot going on. My primary goal right now, along with the excellent folks in the Focus Group, is to get the Alliance Nations sorted and online. This won't happen in the next week, but it is the overwhelming goal of the Focus Group, and will happen sooner rather than later. We plan on rolling the Alliance nation updates out in small batches, with the Black Wolf, Ottomans and Chinese the subjects of our current round of testing. Again - many apologies for not getting this done sooner. I will be around these forums much more consistently from this point on, so if you have any questions I will endeavor to answer them. Lastly - I have always taken great pride in the quality of discussion on our forums, please refrain from baiting and name calling, this behaviour has no place here - we are all here because we share the same hobby with the same passion. Cheers, Giles.
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    SCANDINAVIA gaming table

    I made DW simple Scandinavia table... Its took two evenings of work.
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    Allow me to make you all aware of what is going on. Since returning to Spartan Games, my number one priority has been to update the Spartan Games Online Store. A good example of what I am hoping to achieve is the Kingdom of Britannia setup. For each nation (all games, but starting with Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada), I will be doing the following: Ensuring all product descriptions are uniform (fixing strange formatting issues). Adding photos of painted models to all products that only have a render image or no image at all (boxed sets, models and parts). Adding individual models for each nation/race. Adding missing parts. Adding a 'Maximum Squadron Size' tab to listed individual models. In addition, I am ensuring fulfillment is aligned at our end, taking photos, editing photos, and generally organising everything myself. This is a one-man job and it is going to take time (I'm not going to say exactly when this task will be finished). I've also got product releases to organise, Spartan Vanguards to attend to and loads of other things going on that might interrupt this process, but it is my number one priority and I am on it! So Kingdom of Britannia is done... next up is the Prussian Empire.
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    Dystopian Empires Kickstarter!

    Thank you all for your valuable comments. As you’d imagine, we hoped they would tell us you loved our new idea and would be pledging on Day 1, but we’ve learned so much from your comments that although they’re not what we were hoping for, they are incredibly valuable for us. Page one of the handbook tells us to build products that customers want to buy. We have a number of Dystopian, Firestorm and Planetfall projects already underway (new narrative, new scenery and new models) but based on your feedback yesterday we need to gather more information directly from you. So we’re working up a short new survey to ask you EXACTLY what you want now from our game systems. We thought expanding the Dystopian World through Empires would be welcomed, but it is clear you want us to do that in other ways and we want to learn what you need. Watch this space and thanks for so openly sharing your views – we are committed to responding to them. All the best, Spartan Neil.
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    Dear DW Community,

    To the Dystopian Wars Forum Community, I have been thinking about a post like this for a while and really feel compelled to tell you all thank you. Thank you for being an honest, genuine, respectful community that helps each other and offers constructive criticism without devolving into flame wars. I have read a lot of different forums for a number of different table top games I have played over the decades and have come to this conclusion, this forum community is the best, by far, hands down in my honest opinion. This community is the most interactive, nicest, forum community I have seen. The way that Spartan interacts with its customer base on a regular and constructive basis is amazing. The game system is not perfect but you can see a genuine desire by both customer and company to constantly strive for improvement and ironing out things for a better product for all. Before I got back into DW after about a year away (game group went in other directions for a while) I was inventorying all of my tabletop games to start getting rid of them. Then we got back into DW and I remembered how much fun it was. Then I got back on the forums and this community just cemented my love for the game. I am constantly perusing trying to brush up on the rules (still not as solid on them as I would like to be) and it never ceases to amaze me how well the community works together and actually helps each other. What I am trying to say in a nutshell before I ramble too much is you should all be proud of yourselves and the community of this game, it is truly fantastic.
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    (AB) = airbrushed - (AB) basecoat of tamiya Field Blue - (AB) highlight of tamiya med. blue - (AB) highlite of tamiya light blue - (AB) very light highlight with GW Ceramite White (beautiful stuff!) - wash with Secret Weapon Washes Blue-Black, mixed with some Future to make it more wash...y. - hull seams darkened with Micron Pigma Black Pen .005 size
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    Hello Planetfall Commanders Here you will be able to find the Planetfall stat cards for all available units. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as me. Card sets : New Aquan Prime & Terquai Empire (update 29/09/16) New Dindrenzi Federation & RSN (update 29/09/16) New Directorate & Work Raptors (update 29/09/16) New Relthozas Empire & Ba'Kash (update 29/09/16) New Sorylian Collective & Veydreth Tribes (update 29/09/16) New Terran Alliance & Hawker Industries (update 31/10/16) Help Pack (Beta) (update 04/11/15) Some little exemples : Updates : 02/02/2015 - All packs are availables for ORBATs v1.6. 07/03/2015 - Update for complience with ORBATs v2.01. 27/04/2015 - Update Dindrenzi for compliance v2.31 28/04/2015 - Update Terrans for compliance v2.3 18/05/2015 - Update Aquans for compliance v2.3 18/05/2015 - Update Directorate for compliance v2.3 18/05/2015 - Update Relthoza for compliance v2.3 18/05/2015 - Update Sorylian for compliance v2.3 03/06/2015 - Update Aquans for compliance v3.1 03/06/2015 - Update Dindrenzi for compliance v3.0 03/06/2015 - Update Directorate for compliance v3.0 03/06/2015 - Update Relthoza for compliance v3.1 03/06/2015 - Update Sorylian for compliance v3.0 03/06/2015 - Update Terran for compliance v3.1 03/09/2015 - Major update for compliance v4.0 10/09/2015 - Directorate Patriot Card minor fix 04/11/2015 - Ground Attack Flyers included and helppack(beta) available 17/12/2015 - Command Helixes available + new Infantry & corrections 01/04/2016 - Major update for compliance v6.0 02/05/2016 - Terran & Hawker minor fixes 10/05/2016 - Dindrenzi Hades weapon corrected 29/09/2016 - All packages updated All sets provide you all available Core and Allied cards. Dont hesitate if you find any error.
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    Comments on the Kickstarter

    Spartans, You may be aware of the recent backlash to your proposed Dystopian Empires Kickstarter recently. And it isn't that the community wasn't open to the idea of a 15mm Dystopian game, its just that the announcement exemplified a trend that has become a little too common and obvious to us. The fact is that Spartan very much has a reputation of being like a Magpie - jumping from project to project without finishing anything, always looking out for the next shiny thing. It is a reputation that is driving some potential new players away. And it is somewhat well deserved - during the leadup to the release of Halo Ground Command, Spartan was totally devoted to that one game, and promised releases and updates for other games seemed to fall by the wayside. And that's not good - it makes the community feel that they've been forgotten, or, worse, decieved (I'm still waiting for my Dystopian Legions Russians...due Q1 2014). Remember the big hype when you posted all those blogs for new releases to existing games in the last couple of weeks? That was the community coming back and getting excited again, thinking that you'd remembered them...and then you said your next release was another new game. Which would take massive effort and massive amount of resources away from other projects. Plus, Kickstarter being used by an established company...eh, no - Kickstarter already had a bad enough reputation there, thanks. The other issue was that Dystopian Empires would have been released to a market that already had plenty of other well-established Company-level team-element games, such as Dropzone Commander, Flames of War, Epic 40k (Net and the upcoming GW version), and even your own Halo Ground Command. For a new game to try to break into that? And on top of that, there's your statement that you're a small company. If anything, this a more of an indictment rather than a mea culpa now - other companies, larger companies even (Corvus Beli, Privateer Press, Hawk Wargames, Battlefront) have one, maybe two miniature lines to maintain for their games. You've maintaining five (six, if you include Dystopian Legions), with most likely several thousand various model types. If you're a small company, you have to focus on what you've got and make it better, instead of constant expansion - expansion comes when you're doing well and have a large enough team (a la Games Workshop). Quality over Quantity will work here (and because this isn't Soviet Russia!). Let me give you some examples of things that your energies could be devoted towards, instead of another new game: Dystopian Wars For one, get the Fleet Action rules available for download. Its supposed to be an introductory/more accessible game, so make it more accessible. These factions have been mentioned in the rulebook in the Allies table, but have yet to be released or even detailed: - Free Chilean Republic - The Wani (More Phase Generators!) - Socialist Union of South America - Republic of Egypt (burrowing APCs?) - Portugese Empire - Spanish Republican Confederacy - Garibaldi's Legion - The Order of Honorable Gentlemen - League of Crimson Talk and rumours from the Spartans and the Vanguards have put forward the idea of improvements, revamps, and new models for the following factions: - Dominion of Canada (what ever happened to that see-saw top Mobile Airfield?) - Ottoman Empire - Teutonic Order - Honorable Eclipce Company (Heavy Interceptor?) - New models for existing factions (the Brit artillery battlecruiser...) Additionally, some of the older models in the range are starting to look their age compared to their contemparies. The following models could probably do with a resculpt, especially in the light of some of the more recent, more detailed releases: (Please note that this is my personal list - others may have other opinions) - Enterprise - Washington - Princeton - Saratoga - Lexington - Sokotsu - Nakatsu - A-17 You don't need to call them the same thing, either - you have precedent for using different names/models for the same stat line in Firestorm Armada. And whilst the Dreadnought Robots may not have sold well, they were well-designed miniatures, capturing all that weirdness that is steampunk. Why not do a few more? A British submersible aircraft carrier. An Antarctican Bipedal Titan Robot with Particle Accelerator eye. An EotBS Super-Dreadnought, the Yamato! Firestorm Armada Firstly - Taskforce rules - downloadable. Apart from the obvious release of the full stat documents for Firestorm Taskforce, there are still a few factions in the background that still don't have models: - Illosians - STL Traders - OSO Marauders - Pathogen (I think their rules also need a rework) Also, a third Sorylian vs Relthoza Starter box would probably not go astray, as well as the re-release of the Battle of Valhalla, so that all six main factions have a starter box. And if that isn't enough, your proposed expansions, resculpts, revamps...any sort of new release (even if its just a re-boxing of an existing line) can be a news item. Why not Reinforcement boxes for the allied races? (Ryushi escort carriers?) Dystopian Legions It was mentioned some time ago that a revamp of the Legions game engine in progress, but the line was effectively dropped before anything could come out of that. Its not that the game was unpopular, it just that it was competing against established games of a similar scale like 40k and Warhammer, or against good dedicated communities like that from Bolt Action. It needs something to stand out, and some of the weirdness of steampunk could certainly make the game stand out. Additionally, the range needs to be completed - even if it is just completing the range for the Antarcticans and French, but you already have test models for the Russians, so why not go all out with them as well? And after that - more mercenaries? Italian Condottieri? I would not be surprised if you had a bunch of ideas ready for Dystopian Empires, but, there's nothing saying that you couldn't include those in the Legions range. That "Medium" Ironclad on the DE banner would certainly look interesting in 28mm. Firestorm Planetfall Whilst I can agree that the game is playable in its current form, and its basically complete, additional variety certainly wouldn't go astray in this game - you've teased CQC Leviathans, alternate helices such as Artillery, as well as your more recent announcement of core helices for the allied races. Different model options for each of the helix types, such as different tanks, infantry types, a proper Dindrenzi Recon helix (as an alternative to the current "Beachead" Helix). But on top of that, helices for the Illosians, Kedorians, Ryushi, Xelocians and Takarians are missing - I would love to see a Ryushi Drone flyer helix, or see the kind of twisted biomorphs the Illosians field as shock troops. Halo Fleet Battles Fleet Battles needs to be supported and expanded as well - people are still waiting for more commanders and heroes (who doesn't want to field John-117 as a Hero!?), as well as the already-prototyped Halcyon/Autumn-Class Cruiser. Plus, what happened to the promised Sangheli ships? Also, there is the option there for a third faction - the Forerunners/Prometheans. Their ships would look very different to the current horizontal vessels (they're vertical!...its an Eve Online joke), and it would add much needed variety to a pretty solid game. And finally, the campaign rules in the Fall of Reach book certainly deserve another look - I mean, there are plenty of battles and the campaigns in the Halo universe. Why not release more campaign supplements for them? They don't have to be for sale in the store - its one of the great things about Spartan Games that the rules (generally) are available free for download. Uncharted Seas Why not bring it back, even if it is Mail-order only? You even listed a few new models a few years back (I remember something about an Imperial Human Dragon?), but its a decent game, and it could do well because the last well-known high fantasy high seas/tall ships game was...Man-O-War. That factor is a potential selling point. That all said, though, I think one thing that needs to be also done is that you need to have a good plan worked out - and I'm not talking just six months, I'm talking two-three year plans. Find out how long it takes a team to do something, plan their time on certain project, work out how that fits into the cycle of getting a product ready for release - Project Management 101. Face it, Spartan, you've got a loyal, dedicated community, a bunch of great people working for you, and good group of rule sets. The DE smack-down may hurt, but its better to get hit now rather than at a time when the company may be going belly up - because at least now you can fix the problem. We of the community fell in love with your games and still play them for a reason. You keep that going for us, and we'll keep buying your resin. Your lovingly crafted, solid, weird-shaped resin. Signed, Draco (Greg H) - Spartan Nut since 2010, and proud of it.
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    A Guide to Firestorm Planetfall

    A GUIDE TO PLANETFALL Hello All! Delboy / Spartan Derek here. One of the questions that folks are asking a lot when it comes to Planetfall is “How do you set up a game?” It’s a fair question, and one I am sure I can answer in a droning and longwinded fashion…but I’ve always felt it is better to show than tell……so here goes – a rolling Battle Report taking you through a game of Planetfall... Start to Finish! In time I don't doubt this thread will become a pain for folks to navigate, so I've included some links at the end that will let folks get straight to the action! Our Glorious Leader Neil will be playing as his dastardly Directorate and I(the plucky young Scottish firebrand) will be playing as the noble Aquan Prime! . Apologies to the crappy graphics, but I've done this myself from Scotland without the benefits of Spartan's techy-fellows and their wonderful gubbinz. But hopefully you will all get the idea! MUTUAL AGREEMENTS Firstly 2 players need to come to a set of Mutual Agreements to allow them to plan and prepare their forces for the upcoming struggle. 1 - Determine Main Force, MFV and Table Size This is pretty simple really – Basically you agree which sides are fighting, how many points you want to play and what size of table you will be playing on!.....you know…..the basics of all wargames! So Neil and I agree to play a 4000pt game, with Directorate vs Aquans on a 6x4’ board…..easy-peasy. 2 – Determine Battle Group Strength This is a simple agreement whereby we decide between us how many Battle Groups we will take. A Battle Group is explained as a Core Helix with add ons (…..which I will go into later on!) In the end we agree to play just ONE Battle Group each…..mostly because it was all we had painted and both Neil and I are pretty strict about not playing with ‘colourless models’! And that is all the Mutual Agreements done…… off we both go to plot each other's demise. At present I have the following Helixes painted: 2 full Aquan Core Helixes. a Heavy Helix and a Terquai Recon Helix. I reckon I'll use as much as possible! This makes my Helix Map that looks like this: Here is the Force List I decided upon in the end. *Elements with an ‘*’ are Requisites for their respective Helixes and MUST be taken before other elements within the Helix may be taken. Squadrons can be taken in 2 forms: Battle or Reinforced. Being a big believer in full force=maximum leverage….I choose all my Squadrons to be Reinforced! With my forces ready to go, the pizza on order and the beers chillin’….. its time to set up the table. First thing to do is set up the terrain. We decide to use the Tournament Set Up and divide the table into 24”x24” sectors (giving us 6 sectors). Rolling a dice each for each sector, on a 4+, a player gets to place a piece of terrain within the relevant sector. Once Terrain is placed we move on to rolling for table sides. This is done by one of the many Opposed Tactics Tests that are required during the Pre-Game Phase. Opposed Tactics Tests are a simple 2D6 roll where the total number rolled + the Force’s Tactical Bonus are added to give a total score. Neil rolled 7 on his 2D6 and added +1 (the Directorate’s Tactical Value) = 8 I also rolled 7 on my 2D6 and added +2 (the Aquan’s Tactical Value) = 9 Ordinarily that would be that…but in Planetfall there is a sub-rule that can apply – Logistical Points. What are Logistical Points?...basically they are points that a player can ‘bid’ with to improve the end result of any Opposed Tactics Test. The Logistic Points come from your Maximum Force Value and are a good way of using up those annoying few points that are left over when building lists! Player hide their bid from their opponent and then reveal…making the use of Logistical Points quite exciting! The cost of Logistical Points differs between the Forces, and the Directorate get theirs cheap!.....well they are a conglomerate of corporations after all….you’d expect them to be pretty good at logistics. Neil chose to add +2 Logistical Points from his reserve into the roll….I didn’t so he won and got to choose the board side. Next we set about setting up our Objectives. With a 4000pt game, each player gets 1x Primary Objective and 1x Secondary Objective to place on the table. Another Opposed Tactics Test is rolled…this time I win and Neil chooses not to add points in!...so I make him put his Primary Objective first. Primary Objectives are always placed in your opponent’s Deployment Zone…. And Neil goes for a centre placement. I then place my Primary Objective and decide to put it on my right flank where I can take advantage of come cover! Secondary Objectives are always placed in your opponent’s side of the board, but NOT within their Deployment Zone….. Another Opposed Tactics Test is rolled, and I win again! This time I choose to go first and place my Secondary Objective just off the centre line on the right. Neil once again places centrally (no prizes for guessing his plan of advance!) With all that done, our Terrain and Objective Map looks like this! Next? I’ll talk about Neil's Forces, Deployment, Drop Sites, Tactical Action Cards and show the first turn! PS. Due to the unexpected popularity of this topic I've added the links to each of the other instalments below. This should make it easier for everyone (especially me!) to navigate to the parts of the battle they want to read. Preliminary Chat and Aquan Forces : http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/11530-a-guide-to-planetfall/?p=210821 Directorate Forces, Tactical Action Cards, Deployment and Recon Phase : http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/11530-a-guide-to-planetfall/?p=211833
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    The new rules haven't been released. So everybody is just guessing at this point. And those that do know can't say. In time all will be revealed. When it is revealed it will probably follow the usual pattern that goes on around here. Many will cheer wildly after reading the rules and proclaim the Vanguard is now awesome. Many will thank Delboy for his work. Many then will ridicule Delboy for over hyping the Vanguard. Then some poor bloke will look at the rules and proclaim the Vanguard is "over-powered". Many points and counter-points will be made and all the while no one has actually gamed with the new Vanguard. Then someone will say that he has gamed with the new rules for the Vanguard and that its good, but it has a problem. Something like it can't blow up a dreadnought in one turn. Others will agree after saying that they also have gamed with the new rules. Then that same poor bloke will say Spartan fixed the wrong thing. Then some poor daft bloke will say it wasn't broken in the first place and Spartan should have spent time instead on building something new. ( All the while that guy has the new box set sitting next to his pc.) Then some rules lawyer will say there is a hole in the new rules. Then another poor bloke will say why can't Spartan edit their bloody rules ?! Then Spartan Guy will present a pdf with the errata for the new rules. Next some sod will ask YLLAN about the new card for the Vanguard and whether it's updated. YLLAN will kindly reply "Yes". Then that same poor bloke will show us that he has finally painted his Vanguard. Then another poor bloke will say since the Vanguard was "fixed" about fixing ship "X". Many will agree.....and for the next year and a half 102 threads will be written about ship "X". And finally at that time no one will ever speak of the Vanguard ever again.
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    My RSN fleet, adding a flagship

    This is the first cruiser I have painted for this fleet. It is finished except the engine glow. Need the rain to stop so I can spray some more
  19. 20 points

    Earth Systems Alliance Navy

    Hey guys! I just started with this awesome game and already painted up my first nice battleship! The color scheme and logo are inspired by Mass Effect, and I'm really looking forward to painting the rest of my small fleet Tyrant Class Battleship Any comments and critiques are very welcome! Cheers, Christoph
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    Nothing spectacular, but I ran with a tan-and-red scheme myself. No idea why, just seemed like a good idea at the time.
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    Dystopian Wars Playtester Thread

    Dear diary. Today a KoB player complained about inability to kill smalls in my presence. I ate his orions and attackers because he clearly does not deserve them.
  22. 20 points

    Dystopian Wars Playtester Thread

    Australian Battle Group + Turrets - No I don't think to, but I do know they will be available from the Web-Store as a Parts option. I don't think the box comes with the TFTs, so a blister of KoB TFTs wouldn't hurt [assuming you are planning to use them as a stand alone faction!] Playtesting - The interesting thing about the Ozzy playtest was how quickly the vessels fell into place. We had a pretty clear vision of where the fleet should fit in terms of gameplay styles and operational focus, so when it came to building stats, creating notes for renders etc - the process was a breeze!......This made us all instantly suspicious of course , so we spent more time than usual in the 'Power Gamer' phase of the test checking for obvious and not so obvious tactics, measuring these against the fleet vision and then ....testing them again - This seemed prudent considering the huge scope for players to include the Ozzy vessels in their own fleets as Mercs or part of a Grand Alliance. Don't worry about asking questions, its the reason this thread exists! Taking time to engage with gamers is something that Games Companies are traditionally poor at. But Spartan strives to be different. Its becoming a big company, but has a very grounded mindset. Its one of the reasons I like them. The creation of this Community and its steering towards being an Ideas Space, rather than 'Land Where Ego is King' has come about in part from the Playtesters becoming more active and involved, but the main reason for the shift are the members themselves. This place is a constructive and productive community that largely polices itself, And that's what makes it feel different. The Playtesting Diary The testing over the last few months has been pretty intense - In six months we have..... *Designed, playtested and revised 4 Fleets - Italians, Chinese, Australians and revised the Russians [...and we have one fleet still in development!..].... *Converted 28 models from the Armoured Clash release to be used in D-wars [.....its a good job I love the Land Game!...]... *Designed and tested a secret D-Wars 4-box release for later in the year [shhhh....] *Designed and playtested 2 models for each of the main factions.... *Tested the Storm of Steel Supplement... *Tested Armoured Clash in the later stages of development.... And there is more to come! The pace of Spartan's advance is often akin to Roadrunner on steroids......a blur..... followed by a freeze-frame and a neep-neep....followed by a blur.... Of course all this wouldn't be possible without the playtesters who all give of their time for free, so that Spartan can continue to grow. The Senior Team are great fun to work with, being insightful and enthusiastic to the Nth-degree [...unless they beat me of course...in which case they are all gits....], but with such an overwhelming work load before us it was clear if we were to be able to complete on time and keep our high standards we would need to increase the size of our testing group to create a Beta Team of playtesters. Around Christmas time, I decided to approach a number of luminaries from this forum with proven track records in content, forum positivity, and such, to help us drive the game forwards. Initially their job was to act as our sounding board, pointing out where our barmy ideas would fall upon stony-rules-ground, but with such creative people working towards the same goal, it wasn't long before we were bouncing ideas back and forth! The Chinese are a good example of team-focused endeavour - And they are all the better for it IMO. So, on behalf of all the playtesters I'd like to thank the members who have taken the time to thank us either through 'Likes' or by positive comment. As volunteers, its nice to be appreciated, especially by our gaming fellows. But I'd be remiss not to mention that any credit that is put at my door should be spread out amongst the other playtesters too!
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    Dystopian Wars Playtester Thread

    Hello All! I'm Delboy, the Senior [senior] Playtester/Designer for the Dystopian Wars Game at present. .....no jokes about my age please...... Quite a few members have asked if it is possible to have us (ie the testers) comment on vessels that we have designed and tested. Its a good idea, but as with anything that is governed by the legality of our Non-Disclosure Agreements, I think its sensible to lay down a few ground rules. This should allow everyone to focus their questions into ones we CAN answer and help remind everyone covered by their personal NDAs where the line is drawn. Remember Spartan have final say on any copy/comment NDA'd members post, so if this thread gets out of hand they are entitled to shut it down and take action against any NDA'd person who steps over the line. We CAN talk about : 1 - How the model plays and our experiences during the stages of playtesting. 2 - The concept of a model's use on the tabletop and possible game tactics. 3 - Synergy with existing models. 4 - Models that are headlined in the Spartan Blog or if clearance is given to the Tester to comment by Spartan. Remember we ain't here to steal Spartan's Thunder, only to tell everyone how loud it is! Also, folks should realise that the playtesters do not WORK for Spartan, and present their thoughts as un-paid, private individuals who have a vested emotional involvement with the D-Wars Game. That said, they are protected by Spartan from any aggressive, overly negative posters who may see this as an opportunity to make themselves heard. If everyone remains focused and adult during the thread, follows the rules of the forum and directs their comment in a mature non-accusatory fashion, there will be no problems. So given these criteria, here are my mutterings about....... The Fresnel and Arronax http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/#entry55212 The Aufseher Airship http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-2#entry56767 The Rudnitsky Class Repair Ship http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-3#entry60195 The Konigsberg Class Battle Cruiser http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-3#entry60292 The Onryo Support Gyro http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-4#entry60401 Reno Medium Tank http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-4#entry60435 Speerwurf Light Zeppelin http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-5#entry60487 Lysander Support Vehicle http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-5#entry60721 Bansan Walker http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-8#entry61176 Pesets Class Submarine http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-9#entry61612 CHAR-1C http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-9#entry62019 Alma Class Frigate http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-10#entry62088 Tennessee Class Land Ship http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-10#entry63259 Aronnax Submersible - a revisit http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-10#entry63426 Fresnel Support Cruiser - a revisit http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-12#entry63906 Triumph Command Vessel http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-23#entry72383 Foxhound Light Tank http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-24#entry73251 Recke Assault Tank http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-24#entry73251 Steward Assault Tank http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-24#entry73251 Myobu Light Tank http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-24#entry73426 Miage-Nyudo Command Walker http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-24#entry73426 Orlov Assault Tank http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-24#entry73426 Arbalete Air Support Tank http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-25#entry74384 Scorpios Tank Hunter http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-25#entry74384 Orpheus Drone Controller http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-25#entry74384 The Italians http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-26#entry74680 http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-27#entry74954 http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-28#entry75041 Ritter Assault Tank http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-31#entry76243 Shildtrager Medium Robot http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-31#entry76243 Grele Flak Tank http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-31#entry76243 Columbia Land Train http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-31#entry76243 Komainu Garrison Tank http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-31#entry76578 Ronin Heavy Walker http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-31#entry76578 Ryou Skimmer Robot http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-31#entry76578 The Chinese http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-34#entry80072 http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-38#entry80862 http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-40#entry81385 The Australians http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-42#entry81538 http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-42#entry81549 Collosus Small Robot http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-45#entry81906 Minsk Tank Destroyer http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-45#entry81906 Defiance Small Robot http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-45#entry81906 Poltava Light Tank http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-46#entry82521 Baronet Command Tank http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-46#entry82521 Janus Small Walker http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-46#entry82521 Time Dilation Orb mkII http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-46#entry82521 The Ottomans http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-52#entry87291 http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-55#entry87903 http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-58#entry88989 The KoB Support Box http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-72#entry95280 The PE Support Box http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-78#entry96467 The FSA Support Box http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-87#entry97327 The EoBS Support Box http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-91#entry98253 The CoA Support Box http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-103#entry101991 The RoF Support Box http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-110#entry103791 The RC Support Box http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-121#entry107541 The Amphibious Landing Box http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-126#entry110938 The Merchant Navy Box http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-129#entry113826 East India Company http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-131#entry114518 The Kingdom of Denmark http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-136#entry117614 The Polish and Lithuanian Commonwealth Air Force http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-145#entry121612 More to follow.....
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    Hi all here is my Hyperion http://erebiminiatures.blogspot.cz/2015/04/planetfall-dindrenzi-federation.html
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    Dystopian Wars Covenant of Antarctica Battleship by c0d3monk33, on Flickr Painted my first Dystopian Wars with this slightly predictable splinter camo scheme. It's GW Fortress Grey, GW Codex Grey and GW Space Wolves Blue. Metal parts are painted with Vallejo silvers and bronzes. They feel nice and frosty on the table, as benefits cool headed scientists from the south pole.
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    Here are two of my battleships, the Souryuu and the Ayanami. I focused on painting them so they're best viewed from three feet away, from the top. I attempted to create something from scratch, in terms of the color, but wanted it close to a historical IJN grey-blue. I mixed a RMS Ash Grey and RMS Military Grey in equal parts, and added a couple of drops of P3 Blue Ink (about 1 part ink to 50 parts paint). I ran out on my first run, meaning that half my fleet is painted with the first batch and half with the second; luckily, I was able to match them really close, so it's not even really that apparent.
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    The Ivory Tower has spoken...

    Hi all. Derek here.....(from my Ivory Tower ....or more realistically, my Design Cave! ) I have always felt that transparency dispels doubt, so I am happy to give a bit more insight on the time-bound-delivery process for the FS Galaxy in the run up to the dual release here. The timeline that Neil mentioned in his blog is my roll-out plan for the products, based upon my team's design path for both games - both of which are fully on schedule at present. Currently, the FSA game is in final development, with Linde and his team going through the testing checks for core models/rules. The competitive play system is finished and the exploration campaign game is finished (but still under Design Test). This means that my team and I can now focus on FSPF as a core product in the lead up to my planned FSPF roll-out dates. The core engine for FSPF is complete, with all added mechanics implemented and tested in Design Stage. Spartan George and Spartan Linde will be getting our Design Rules and Force Lists to begin their Alpha Testing this week, with their schedule for testing and delivery laid out. The process of community involvement will then engage. I will fully outline the process to you all in my upcoming blog. But to calm any initial concerns you might have about delivery on FSP, you should expect my Design Process Blog in the next few days (before Salute on the 22nd!)) where you will get the 1st roll-out of a word->pdf version of a sample Force List (the Directorate/Works Raptor)...and a brief rules change synopsis for 2.0. The blog will also outline my plan of community involvement in the testing, delivery and execution of Planetfall going forwards. After that we have the roll out for all other factions, which as you would expect are technically ready for release in word-.>pdf now, but I am holding them back to allow for concept-debate and discussion within the community. The concept-debate is a vital part of any creative endeavour so I want to allow gamers a period of reflection and discussion before overwhelming everyone with too much data and statistics. So, there you have it. A blog in 5 days with Design Notes and a trial Force List Full Force Lists after that Then a period of community testing Then a pdf-Rules Release that the community was fully engaged with to build And a new 2-player set with 2 new factions that were extensively tested by the gamers themselves! I will create a new thread for discussion as soon as the blog is launched, but feel free to ask questions here until then! Cheers, d
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    I certainly appreciate people taking time to dialogue about fluff and story elements greatly. But a discussion that circles this type of abyss... really not that constructive, informative, or in no way developmental. So I will kindly ask we steer the ship away from highlighting our frustrations on historical accuracy of oppression and genocide and the like. And for anyone that doesn't understand why such a topic should be left on the table... while I did not work to create the concept, I certainly get it... try to have a bit more internal clarity. I am strongly opposed to dialogue like this. Let,s instead try to focus on a wagame about mega boats with silly names and weapons powered by magic rocks! -Mike
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    WAR LOG 3724

    Admirals, another year of war begins. The Alliance of Kurak defends itself against the onslaught of the Zenian League and losses are huge in each factions. All your forces are needed to stop this conflict. Send your fleet in space, fight for the honor of your world and claim all the glory of victory! Here is the War Log for the year 3724 : How to read it? The big numbers are the sum of battle log points of each faction games. Average is this total divided by the number of games so it give the average battle log of the faction in a game. How to contribute? - Like that : Players: Jon / Joe Points Value: 2500 Scenario: 4 - Hold the Waypoint Factions & Allies: Aquan / Dindrenzi Battle Log Scores: 20 / -20 optional : BCs: Aquan 0 / Dindrenzi 2 - Play the game with the 2.0 rules. (No houserules, it’s for the stats) - All games count for the stats at the end of the year but only Kurak vs Zenian games will count for the WAR LOG. - Feel free to help me improve this Topic Now play and change the fate of the galaxy! Support your faction! Paste this pic or the code in your signature to support (Be sure to be in the code mode if you copy paste the code) : Terran : [url=http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/8268-war-log-3724/][img=http://zelord.free.fr/Firestorm_Armada/WARLOG/signature_terran.jpg][/url]Aquan : [url=http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/8268-war-log-3724/][img=http://zelord.free.fr/Firestorm_Armada/WARLOG/signature_aquan.jpg][/url]Sorylian : [url=http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/8268-war-log-3724/][img=http://zelord.free.fr/Firestorm_Armada/WARLOG/signature_sorylian.jpg][/url]the Kurak alliance : [url=http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/8268-war-log-3724/][img=http://zelord.free.fr/Firestorm_Armada/WARLOG/signature_kurak.jpg][/url]Dindrenzi : [url=http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/8268-war-log-3724/][img=http://zelord.free.fr/Firestorm_Armada/WARLOG/signature_dindrenzi.jpg][/url]Directorate : [url=http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/8268-war-log-3724/][img=http://zelord.free.fr/Firestorm_Armada/WARLOG/signature_directorate.jpg][/url]Relthoza : [url=http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/8268-war-log-3724/][img=http://zelord.free.fr/Firestorm_Armada/WARLOG/signature_relthoza.jpg][/url]the Zenian league : [url=http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/8268-war-log-3724/][img=http://zelord.free.fr/Firestorm_Armada/WARLOG/signature_zenian.jpg][/url]
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    ORBATS for Firestorm Planetfall

    Follow this link to download the latest statistics for the Orders of Battle (ORBATS) for all the forces involved in the Planetfall Game. Look in the Firestorm Planetfall Dropdown folder and click on the link. http://www.spartangames.co.uk/resources/downloads All files are in pdf fomat for ease of use. Remember, these are living statistics and will change every so often, so its important to check your ORBATS are the most up to date! Cheers and have fun! Derek
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    First new directorate

    Hi, I've just finished (well kinda) my first few directorate models and I thought I would share. I am an Aquan player so no idea why I started with the directorate!
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    The prices of individual models are absolutely in keeping with the prices of our boxed sets; that is, the boxed sets offer greater value, whilst individual models, something that has been asked for by so many for so long, give gamers the flexibility to buy exactly what they want to flesh out their forces. I notice some have pointed out that carriers don't come with tokens. That's something I can come back and look at, but right now I am busy trying to implement this much-asked-for service to the online store. I originally pondered whether to implement individual models or full squadrons in the online store, and went with the former because many of our veteran gamers may have picked up blisters in the past that do not reflect full squadron sizes. Regarding the comment that a sky fortress not coming with tokens would potentially put off newcomers, I would highly recommend a newcomer who wants an aerial force to pick up an Aerial Battle Group. That's my take. I'm not going to expand on this further if anyone comes back with counterarguments because, quite frankly, I'm trying to stay 'in the zone' to get this service, something that was not available before (okay, there were still some outdated blisters in the store), up and running for everyone that asked for it.
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    Sorylian Resurgence

    "maximum squads" is something that applies to all factions. It's just more noticeable on Sorylians because their "stock" tier 2 and 3 units are good enough to be expensive. TwoToneWyvern said it well. Sorylian "options" or "tricks" are built right into their ships and come about because they have such solid capable ships in all areas. They are the only faction with multiple access to two specialized weapon systems (Kinetic and Scatter, and actually, they even have some nukes too), giving them more flexibility about choosing a long range or short range engagement than any other faction. They can go tanky (with weapon shielding and extra shields), or pump up the boarding options. Underlying it all is a "trick" no one else has: the ability to minimize other faction advantages (between scatter negating a lot of key defenses, and experienced engineers making it easier to overcome any damage based "tricks" your opponents use). They aren't flashy, I'll grant you that, but Sorylians aren't a flashy faction. Here's a few builds to try out that are a bit "different": "Psycho-Aggressive" list 4 x Halberd w/ Weapon Shielding (400 points) 3 x Bombard w/ Nuclear torpedoes (300 points) 5 x Plumbata (100 points) Yes, it's an 800 point patrol fleet with no large and no Skyhammers. Use Drives to Max on turn 1, buy it back and use again on Turn 2 so the Halberds and Plumbata's scream across the board aiming at the opposing Admiral while the Bombard's nuke opposing tier 3's (and hopefully hit the opposing large for a point or two at range with kinetics; you just want to strip some PD off). Use terrain for cover for the Plumbata's and Halberd's (and hopefully planetoids for slingshot as well). Your goal is on turn 3 to play Thermal Controls and slam 20AP hitting on a 3+ into the Admiral's ship and take it out (you might have to shoot at it once or twice with the Bombards and Plumbata's first to reduce PD; you'll average 20 successes on your assault and want to double surviving crew). It's a high risk/high reward strategy. Take out his large and nothing he has left can stand against Sorylian Tier 2's. You'll certainly be outnumbered so use Scout to redeploy and again, maneuver with terrain and defense in mind, not offense, for the Plumbata's and Halberd's the first couple turns. The Warwolves can hang back a little keeping the range open, where distance and CR should keep the damage to a minimum on them even though they'll be "out" shooting kinetics. "Delusions of Dindrenzi" list 2 x Hasta w/ +1 shield, weapon shielding, and 6 bombers (300 pts) 3 x Warwolf (270 pts) 3 x Kestros (195 pts) 5 x Reaper w/ Pack Hunters (125 pts) 5 x Plumbata (100 pts) 990 points, and again no Skyhammers Typical Dindrenzi corner strategies apply, with the added bonus that you can put the Warwolves in one corner and the Hasta's in the other. Then you have the choice of using Scout to shift them to the same corner (if you want, after seeing opponent deployment) or putting an Ambush token with each of them so he has no idea which side is stronger. Up to you (I generally find it better to load up one corner, which limits the Ambush utility after the game starts, but still helps with deployment, and you get to choose that corner after you see his setup and terrain). Reserve the Reapers--ideally they'll arrive turn 3 and shunt into his rear. They become a "sacrifice"--charge them into the middle of as many targets as possible and let Pack Hunters go to town. They'll probably die then, but oh the blaze of glory as they do! I even activate them first that turn if I can get a triple attack off. For TAC's think about Power to Shields (you shouldn't be moving more than half speed with the Hasta's and Warwolves anyway--make him come to you to open up space for the Reaper's and maximize your kinetic time) and Intel Gathered. "The Falx Sucks" list 2 x Falx w/ +2 Move, +1 Shield, and Weapon Shielding (215 pts each, 430 total) 2 x Hasta w/ Weapon Shielding, 6 wings, and +3 AP (290pts) 3 x Kestros (195) 2 x Plumbata (40) 2 x Plumbata (40) 995 points. 4 large ships with Weapon shielding, and speed 8 or 9 BEFORE Drives to Max. No Skyhammers again. Does use the somewhat cheesy "min squadron size for Tier 3" trick to free points but meet requirements. Some groups don't mind, some do (I don't, unless they use Regroup on turn 1 to combine them--legal but that is cheesy to me since it's clearly built to get around the rules whereas minimal squadrons are not, your group may feel differently). And pretty much completely different than the other 1000 point list above. This one advances quickly line abreast (not too far about--maybe 8" between each squadron). There is no way some of your weapon shielded larges aren't getting into the middle of the enemy fleet and blasting away. Don't forget Drives to Max and Power to the Shields. OR the same list with Perfect Timing can reserve *both* Falx, and play the hide and reserve game like the next build, just with larges. "Hide and Seek and Destroy" list 1 Broadsword w/ +1 Shield, Weapon Shielding, +2 Wings, +2 AP, and 3 Interceptors (335) 4 x Skyhammer (240 pts) 4 x Skyhammer (240 pts) 5 x Reaper w/ Pack Hunters (125 pts) 5 x Reaper w/ Pack Hunters (125 pts) 5 x Reaper w/ Pack Hunters (125 pts) 1190 points total. Reserve all the Reapers. Lots of Skyhammers Again use terrain and try to hide with the Dread and Skyhammers (all 3 squadrons near each other), and encourage your opponent to come to you the first couple turns. Hopefully no Reapers show up turn 2 (I would pay 1 battle log to prevent the first squadron showing up, if possible), and on turn 3 play Perfect Timing and hope to get at least 2 squadrons in together (again, it's worth a battle log spend). As above, shunt and cut loose at as many targets as possible. By then you should be able to charge the Skyhammers and dread into the fight as well--that's the goal, protect your ships and draw out the enemy until you show up to their front and rear (terrain placement is key--think about it during setup if you can). Then as you take damage: Regroup. A sadly under-used TAC for most, but perfect for Sorylian tier 2 and 3's since the squadrons are big, capable enough to take multiples of them and without hurting overall build strength, and opponents like to strip ships off squadrons to weaken them. There you go: 4 fleets with some tricks and tactics built in. Sorylians are a good faction for "pre-planners." They don't have as much ability to adjust on the fly or use "tricks" (as you term them) mid-game as other factions. But they are great for sneaky b------ with a ton of possible fleet builds and options your opponent might not expect. I feel like I have more fleet-building options with Sorylians than any other faction. I know my Directorate will have a defensive carrier (either an Overseer or Works Raptor Attrition). Aquans will pretty much always have DT cruisers and a BB with extra wings (or a battle carrier filling the same role). You'll almost never see a Terran fleet without a central BB/Dread tank the rest of the fleet builds around. But Sorylians? I didn't even include any "standard" builds really, and my opponent can never know what I'm going to do. And once you come up with some good build ideas--start tying them to scenarios and opponents. Remember that technically you know both before you build. You could actually build a "fleet book" (if you're the obsessive and anal type, like, um, me) that gives you multiple 800 points Patrol fleets, 1000 and/or 1200 point Battle fleets, and 1500 and/or 2000 point Grand Fleets, pre-built and listed as "ready for" different opponents and scenarios. Other factions might be flashy. Other factions might (usually do) adjust on the fly better. Sorylians are just deadly. But you HAVE to come in with a plan--it's the Sorylian way!
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    I finally nailed my scheme/theme down. Wolves of the Seas!
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    2.5 Commodore Cards

    Updated: now contains Commodore Cards for newly revised Minor Faction ORBATs. You can find the downloads at the bottom of this post. With the changes to Dystopian Wars 2.5, Commodores have become much more interesting. I love that you can randomly receive traits, I love how you can opt to replace traits and I love how the rolled effects can dramatically effect the battle. Writing down Commodore Traits every single match got old pretty fast though. Considering how we had objective cards and TAC cards, it made sense to me to make cards for Commodore Traits as well. So without further ado, allow me to present the 2.5 Commodore Cards. For those interested: the cards are made using Crobi's RPG Card generator (https://crobi.github.io/rpg-cards/). I've uploaded the JSON with the source of the cards at https://github.com/thomasverkooijen/Commodore-Cards. If you have anything you'd like to add or correct, feel free to make a pull request or post in this thread! Usage The cards are made to be as self-explanatory as possible, but I like rambling so here are some instructions. At the top of the card is the title as found in the relevant Trait Table. For National Traits these are the names that can be found in the relevant ORBAT. In cursive below the title is when the ability can be used, which can be one of the following: persistent, once per game turn or once per turn. If a Major Faction can elect to select this Trait instead of rolling on the relevant Trait Table, this is acknowledged in the text on the card. The meat of the Commodore Card is the Trait text on the middle of the page. This contains the exact text as listed in the relevant Trait Table or ORBAT, though I reserve some self-loathing and gnashing and wailing of teeth for the inevitable spelling error or attempt to sabotage my opponents' factions. Below the Trait text is the type of Trait, which can be either Command, Aggressive, Defensive or National. If it is listed on a Trait table, the relevant dice number is listed underneath for those who prefer to roll a D6. If you are so inclined, one could elect to randomly draw cards instead of course. Naturally, this would be the more civilized way of settling matters amongst honourable opponents. I'd recommend sleeving the cards, if not for durability then for comfort. Contents The PDF contains the following 36 cards: Command Trait Table Reputation For Failure Perfect Plotting Spy Master Coordinated Attack Not One Step Back With Me! Aggressive Trait Table Attack With The Sun At Their Backs! Close Range Precision Send In My Best Strike Hard and Fast! Dead-Eye Gunnery Weapons Free! Defensive Trait Table Requisitioned for my Personal Transport Perfect Reconnaissance Pass the Tools Local Air Support Jury Rigger Battle Drilled Ack Ack National Traits Major Factions Covenant of Antarctica: Masters of Technology Empire of the Blazing Sun: Shadow Tactics Federated States of America: Take Aiem Kingdom of Britannia: For Queen and Country! Prussian Empire: Lightning Assault Republique of France: Perfectly Planned Manoeuvres Russian Coalition: Sturginium Overload Minor Factions Black Wolf Mercenaries: One Careful Owner Chinese Federation: Wrath of the Red Dragon East India Merchant Company: The Best Money Can Buy Indian Raj: All Hands Forward! Kingdom of Denmark: Combat Turn League of Italian States: Power to the Shields! Ottoman Separatists: Unnamed (named it Advanced Alchemical Defenses on the card) Ottoman Traditionalists: Advanced Alchemical Munitions Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth: With Fire and Sword Republic of Egypt: Wrath of the Gods Eye Royal & Free Australians: Forced Compliance Downloads A4 A4 format, single sided. http://thomasverkooijen.nl/files/CommodoreCards_A4_Frontsideonly.pdf A4 format, double sided. http://thomasverkooijen.nl/files/CommodoreCards_A4_Doublesided.pdf US Letter US Letter format, single sided. http://thomasverkooijen.nl/files/CommodoreCards_USLetter_Frontsideonly.pdf US Letter format, double sided. http://thomasverkooijen.nl/files/CommodoreCards_USLetter_Doublesided.pdf All cards now in one convenient package http://thomasverkooijen.nl/files/Commodore_Cards.zip
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    Kurgan's Fleets

    Although I already have a dedicated Directorate painting topic I am in need for a new one as I started to expand a bit. I will continue in this thread with all my painting updates and keep this first post updated with my complete and finished fleets and group pictures. Directorate Fleet Pacification Fleet Works Raptor Fleet Return of the Overseers dualbox Aquan Fleet Overseers
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    Ship identification sheet

    Know your enemy...
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    There seems to be lot's of confusion and questions about the scale of Dystopian Wars, hopefully this will clear it up. Disclaimer: There are averages and approximations all throughout this article but nothing that has been rounded in such a way to make any appreciable difference so please, for all that is holy, don’t nitpick. Also, I use a lot of Woodland Scenic products, they work well but can be a bit expensive. You can find similar products from other places but I will be referencing them a lot, and no I don’t work for them or get any commissions. But you can check out their products here: http://woodlandsceni...s.com/index.cfm What scale is Dystopian Wars? Answer, 1:1200 from Spartan Games themselves. So what is 1:1200 scale anyway? 1:1200 scale means, 1 inch = 100 feet. Breaking that down, there are about 25 millimeters in one inch and if you divide the 25 mm by the 100 feet you get 1mm = 4 feet. So are the DW figs actually 1:1200 scale or are they closer to some other scale? Yes DW figs are 1:1200 scale. Measure them. Spartan Games did a very good job on the scale of their figs and have kept it consistent. Measure a hatch on a ship model, give or take they are about 1mm wide by 1.5mm tall which makes them 4 feet by 6 feet i.e. the size of a regular door. If you look at the wingspan of the bombers yeah they are a bit large, but they are about the size of a modern jet bomber. The Prussian bomber has a 57 mm which is about 228 feet and about the same size of a Lockheed C-5 Galaxy. But wait a minute, why would DW bombers be so big? And I also measured some of the guns on the ships and they are 1mm plus in size, that’s 4 plus feet, that’s huge what gives? That’s the point my friends. Spartan Games chose 1:1200 scale because it allows for epically huge machines of war that wage battle scale on an grand scale scale. BTW that’s not my opinion that was Spartan Games thinking from the start. I’ve only paraphrased a post from Spartan off the first forum. So what does this mean to you and your terrain building? First you need to decide if you want to do things to scale or if you just ‘want to be close’. Regardless of which you choose I offer this advice. First building terrain should be fun, don’t worry if your first pieces are not as good as you would like. If you keep at it you will get better just like anything else. Second decide if you want to be accurate (i.e. to scale) or not (i.e. looks about right) and then stick with it. If you don’t, and you switch back and forth your stuff will never look right together in any sense of the word. So which should I choose? That’s up to you, do what you want, it’s your terrain. So here is some advice and how-to’s for common terrain items in 1:1200 scale. Ground: You only really have 1 of 2 choices here. You can either paint ground (I’ve use a sponge technique that works well) or you need to find the finest flock that you can get your hands on. Woodland Scenic makes some fine flock that works. One thing to remember about flock is that you should mix different colors together before you apply them to avoid the ‘golf course’ effect, (i.e. everything looks the same). Static grass and anything above a fine grade flock are too large, but medium grade flock could be used for tall bushes. Trees: The easiest way I have found to make trees is to use clump foliage from Woodland Scenic. If you break them into smaller pieces and mix the colors you can get a good effect. I went the extra bit and actually made trunks and lifted them off the ground a bit. Straight pins work well for they, as they are a bit less than 1mm in diameter (which is a 4 foot diameter, so it’s a bit big for an average tree trunk, but the closest easiest material that works). Tree Tutorial: Build a jig using ¼” basswood and screen (like from a screen door) for the base, the screen is a key point because you don’t actually want the clump foliage to stick to it. Mix up some different colors and size of clump foliage and pack tightly into jig, then soak the clump foliage with Woodland Scenic, Scenic Cement (It’s basically watered down PVA, but regular PVA dries with a shine to it, the Scenic Cement dries flat). Let dry COMPLETELY (elevate the piece so the glue can drain through the screen) and use a knife to separate the trees from the sides of the jig and the rest should pull up easily. When it's dry you get a tree 'pad' that you can then cut the the shape you need or glue to other piece if you need it bigger. For the tree trunks I took a 1/4" inch piece of pink foam and made a stand out of more foam about an inch tall for the edges. Then I took some wax paper and aluminum foil sprayed them down with cooking spray, put one on top of the other, and then folded it in half. Next I placed the painted styrene with holes already drilled in it, on top of the aluminum foil wax paper sandwich, and on top of the foam stand. At this point I pushed the pins through, then once they were all in and at the right height, I then covered the piece in thin set super glue and let dry. I was then able to remove the styrene from the stand and cut off the protruding end of the pins and then glue on the clump foliage for the tree top. As for the why I did it this way... Sticking the pins through anything thicker than the 1/4" foam made it impossible to separate if from the foam without pulling all the pins out in the process. The aluminum foil / wax paper sandwich was necessary to contain the super glue and keep it from stick everything together. The wax paper by itself stuck to the styrene like crazy but was heavy enough to keep the glue from reaching the foam underneath. The aluminum foil on the other hand didn't stick to the styrene (as much) but did allow the glue to seep through to the foam. But the two together, with some cooking spray so the pins wouldn't grip worked out well. And the results look like this: One other thing to consider is how you can move your figs through the trees. What I do is cut out a piece of paper the same shape as the base of the forest and place that on the table and then the forest on top of it. This way if I peace needs to move through or over it, you can remove the terrain, but still have a template as to where it was and it's boundaries. You can however, just attach the clump foliage to the ground and it will be fine. Just remember a 50 foot tree which is pretty tall is still only 10mm (less than ½”) tall which is pretty darn small. I’ve also seen interdental brushes (teeth cleaning brushes) that have been used as pine trees that (once trimmed into shape) worked well. Just keep in mind the actual size of the trees that you are trying to make. http://en.wikipedia....terdental_brush Rocks: This is a pretty easy one. Rocks can be and are any size, so it’s as necessary / important that you are paying attention to what size you are making them. In addition there are lots ways to model them from craving up foam, to cork bark, to plaster and molds, and even using real rocks. However, different types of rock formations appear in different parts of the world. If you are playing in the fridge waters of the North Sea then you would see a lot of rock formations like the White Cliffs of Dover. But if you are playing in sultry Coral Sea, you would completely different types of rock formation and coast lines. If you do some research on your area for reference pictures you can stay consistent with your work. Buildings: Here is where things can get a bit tricky. Buildings can be just about any size or shape, however there are a few things that you want to keep in mind. The average height of a floor is 8 – 10 feet which works out to 2mm to 2.5mm. In addition, roofs on the average tend to be around 6 feet height from the peak of the roof to the roof line, which is 1.5mm. (Although roofs can be much higher with steeper slopes it’s a style choice) So in a nut shell you are looking at making single story buildings that are about 4mm. But wait there’s more… Also you need to consider doors and windows. One of the things that you can do, is just leave them off and have your buildings be blocks with roofs so to say. There is nothing wrong with this approach but if your prefer detail I suggest a couple of ways. You can either make decals (Testors) or print on regular paper and glue that to your buildings, or use very small pieces of plastic for doors and windows which will give the piece some depth. Regardless, for a scale door you’re looking at 1mm wide by 1.5mm tall, and windows in the same range (you could do squares or rectangles). Here’s the good news. Making building can be some easier by using 1/8” * ¼” balsa or basswood, that should be available at the local craft or hobby store. 1/8” is just a touch under 3mm so it’s close enough for a single story building, and ¼” is just touch over 6mm so it works for a two story building. But what about the roofs you ask? You can do it the easy way and find some triangular balsa and just attach it, or modify it a bit with carving or sanding. Or you make your own roofs. Roof Tutorial: You can make Japanese style roofs by stacking pieces of decreasing size cardboard on top of each other, filing in the slope with spackle, and then use wire for the roof lines. So they started out like this: (the material is card board, and you glue them one on top of the other) and ended up like this: (that's wire for the roof lines, and spackle that has been shaped and sanded) The problem here is the time required to do this. From the cutting to the gluing, plus the shaping it took well over an hour per roof. So I simplified the process and made a mold. This process can be used to make any style that you would like. Also for those of you who are handy with GreenStuff you could sculpt your roofs and then make your mold. For how-to's on mold making and products check out http://www.alumilite.com CONTINUED IN PART 2
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    Relthoza of Terror (johnz)

    Hello. Im john and i just started 2 weeks ago and im hoping the game would pick up in my gaming community. I guess a good way to promote the game would be to post pics of our casual games with nicely painted ships. I was tempted to paint my fleet green but i already have a lot of green painted minis from other games and i wanted my relthoza to be different. I also wanted to focus on the stealth cloaking and tech aspect rather than the alien aspect.
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    Erebi's Planetfall

    Hi all, here are my first steps in the world of Firestorm Armada: Planetfall http://erebiminiatures.blogspot.cz/2014/11/firestorm-armada-planetfall-trojan.html
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    Greetings and salutations admirals, directors, and hideous space monsters, I've been busy working on other things, some of them being videos which will never see the light of day at this rate. I got super bored working on the mundane so I grabbed an unopened patrol fleet box and decided to set to work on something. I don't know a lot of the Oroshan fluff but I thought of something while priming the patrol fleet. The Oroshan lost their home world and their entire empire, turning them into a migrant fleet, not unlike the Quarians from Mass Effect. The ships all have symbols carved into them and almost look tribal in their markings. I got to thinking about the markings and thought "What if instead of just tribal markings the symbols on the hulls were star charts of the old empire and the Oroshan mourn in silence of their loss." Considering the Oroshan don't talk to anyone about what happened, leaving it ambiguous, I thought why not cover the ships in what appear to be gas clouds and stars, the symbols on the models can then be given a subtle (crappy) glow as if they were in fact old star charts. I also got to thinking about what would make them truly alien. I love Star Trek to death, but man, I get so tired of the one dimensional nature of the aliens; Klingons are all warriors, for instance. All aliens in many conventional sci fi's tend to be of the one dimensional aspect of a specific human trait. The Oroshan in my head may have a different reason for adopting star charts on their hulls. Like we see shapes in clouds, a phenomena known as pareidolia, the Oroshan may hold greater significance in those shapes. Where you or I may see two bears high fiving or a mushroom cloud the Oroshan may see important figures. The stars themselves and the symbols only show "where we are from" to outsiders. Plus the "We are very sad because reasons" aspect of what I have in my head for the Oroshan. Their ships would not only be their homes, warships, but their temples to a church of mourning a loss that is very difficult to grasp; going from mighty empire to fleet of ships scavenging an existence through mercenary work, literally using their home containing their families to wage other race's wars to scrape by. I suppose this thought experiment might be best in the Oroshan sub thread, and no one comes to the Hobby thread to read someone's rantings. I'll be releasing pictures of individual ships as I complete them. Next is the Armageddon, going to take a while, then a Defiler, and finally a Grief. Then I'll put a fleet together for a fleet pic. For now here is the Battle Carrier: Thanks for viewing!
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    Relthoza test scheme

    Here is a frigate I worked on last night.
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    Because its Friday!

    Hi Guys, its a lovely sunny Friday and here at Spartan Towers another model has rolled (or rather VTOL'd) off my painting desk and into a photograph It would be really mean for me not to share with you the delights of the Directorate Gunship. I NEED more of these in my life.....what about you guys?
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    my clockwork themed COA fleet
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    2.0 is here!

    I feel a great disturbance in my wallet....As though a couple hundred dollars cried out and were suddenly silenced.
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    Chinese Takeaway... ish..

    Well, i just couldn't decide what color scheme to go for, i didn't want to copy the box, and thought jade, hmm green.. and guess what, no dark tone lol... I think they look ok... I'm going to satin varnish it and ardcoat gloss the hull maybe, or the topside armor.. The light this was taken in doesn't really do it justice.. Anyway, here's the BB. Many more on the way. Gaming standard, definitely not for show or bragging rights.
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    Thorins Little Scenery

    Hi there, since I play DW I wanted to make some terrain that suits to the scale of my favorite wargame. But I it was very hard to find things/buildings/whatever that fitted to the scale til Spartan released their own buildings for DW. This was a very kind move and I really love that models. So I started to build up an Prussian Fortress some time ago. Here it is: Hope you like it!
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    Dystopian Wars Playtester Thread

    Hello All. Just a quick update. I will be posting the Covenant of Antarctica Review on Friday of this week.. I'd also like to thank those folks who offered their best wishes during the last week, which has been a trying one. Your kind words have been greatly appreciated. Cheers, Derek/Delboy
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    Rule Book Sale

    Hi Guys, The next DW 2.0 hardback book will arrive after Christmas, in the first couple of months of 2014. We've a bunch of new online PDF materials coming your way prior to Christmas (currently in the hands of out testers) and in the 2.0 book these amends will be formalised and put into print. Hope this helps. Spartan Neil
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    Just a quick update for the Spartan Games Community to let you guys know what’s coming up for Dystopian Wars. Our designers have been working to flesh out the model offerings for each of our Core Nations. There’s a lot to look forward to, and we will be sure to blog these models with renders and more information as soon as they are completed. Here’s what you can expect next for Dystopian Wars: The Kingdom of Britannia Lysander Class Medium Armoured model Lord Hood Class Large Naval model The Prussian Empire Königsberg Class Large Naval model Speerwurf Class Small Flying model Federated States of America Tennessee Class Large Armoured model Reno Class Medium Armoured model The Empire of the Blazing Sun Onryō Class Medium Flying model Bansan Class Small Tank Covenant of Antarctica Fresnel Class Medium Naval model Aronnax Class Large Naval Diving Robot Republique of France L’Arman ‘Char 1C’ Class Medium Armoured model Alma Class Small Naval model Russian Coalition Rudnitsky Class Medium Naval model Pesets Class Medium Naval Diving model These models will arrive after our first set of Alliance Nation models.
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