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    Hello Planetfall Commanders Here you will be able to find the Planetfall stat cards for all available units. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as me. Card sets : New Aquan Prime & Terquai Empire (update 29/09/16) New Dindrenzi Federation & RSN (update 29/09/16) New Directorate & Work Raptors (update 29/09/16) New Relthozas Empire & Ba'Kash (update 29/09/16) New Sorylian Collective & Veydreth Tribes (update 29/09/16) New Terran Alliance & Hawker Industries (update 31/10/16) Help Pack (Beta) (update 04/11/15) Some little exemples : Updates : 02/02/2015 - All packs are availables for ORBATs v1.6. 07/03/2015 - Update for complience with ORBATs v2.01. 27/04/2015 - Update Dindrenzi for compliance v2.31 28/04/2015 - Update Terrans for compliance v2.3 18/05/2015 - Update Aquans for compliance v2.3 18/05/2015 - Update Directorate for compliance v2.3 18/05/2015 - Update Relthoza for compliance v2.3 18/05/2015 - Update Sorylian for compliance v2.3 03/06/2015 - Update Aquans for compliance v3.1 03/06/2015 - Update Dindrenzi for compliance v3.0 03/06/2015 - Update Directorate for compliance v3.0 03/06/2015 - Update Relthoza for compliance v3.1 03/06/2015 - Update Sorylian for compliance v3.0 03/06/2015 - Update Terran for compliance v3.1 03/09/2015 - Major update for compliance v4.0 10/09/2015 - Directorate Patriot Card minor fix 04/11/2015 - Ground Attack Flyers included and helppack(beta) available 17/12/2015 - Command Helixes available + new Infantry & corrections 01/04/2016 - Major update for compliance v6.0 02/05/2016 - Terran & Hawker minor fixes 10/05/2016 - Dindrenzi Hades weapon corrected 29/09/2016 - All packages updated All sets provide you all available Core and Allied cards. Dont hesitate if you find any error.
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    Dystopian Wars Playtester Thread

    Australian Battle Group + Turrets - No I don't think to, but I do know they will be available from the Web-Store as a Parts option. I don't think the box comes with the TFTs, so a blister of KoB TFTs wouldn't hurt [assuming you are planning to use them as a stand alone faction!] Playtesting - The interesting thing about the Ozzy playtest was how quickly the vessels fell into place. We had a pretty clear vision of where the fleet should fit in terms of gameplay styles and operational focus, so when it came to building stats, creating notes for renders etc - the process was a breeze!......This made us all instantly suspicious of course , so we spent more time than usual in the 'Power Gamer' phase of the test checking for obvious and not so obvious tactics, measuring these against the fleet vision and then ....testing them again - This seemed prudent considering the huge scope for players to include the Ozzy vessels in their own fleets as Mercs or part of a Grand Alliance. Don't worry about asking questions, its the reason this thread exists! Taking time to engage with gamers is something that Games Companies are traditionally poor at. But Spartan strives to be different. Its becoming a big company, but has a very grounded mindset. Its one of the reasons I like them. The creation of this Community and its steering towards being an Ideas Space, rather than 'Land Where Ego is King' has come about in part from the Playtesters becoming more active and involved, but the main reason for the shift are the members themselves. This place is a constructive and productive community that largely polices itself, And that's what makes it feel different. The Playtesting Diary The testing over the last few months has been pretty intense - In six months we have..... *Designed, playtested and revised 4 Fleets - Italians, Chinese, Australians and revised the Russians [...and we have one fleet still in development!..].... *Converted 28 models from the Armoured Clash release to be used in D-wars [.....its a good job I love the Land Game!...]... *Designed and tested a secret D-Wars 4-box release for later in the year [shhhh....] *Designed and playtested 2 models for each of the main factions.... *Tested the Storm of Steel Supplement... *Tested Armoured Clash in the later stages of development.... And there is more to come! The pace of Spartan's advance is often akin to Roadrunner on steroids......a blur..... followed by a freeze-frame and a neep-neep....followed by a blur.... Of course all this wouldn't be possible without the playtesters who all give of their time for free, so that Spartan can continue to grow. The Senior Team are great fun to work with, being insightful and enthusiastic to the Nth-degree [...unless they beat me of course...in which case they are all gits....], but with such an overwhelming work load before us it was clear if we were to be able to complete on time and keep our high standards we would need to increase the size of our testing group to create a Beta Team of playtesters. Around Christmas time, I decided to approach a number of luminaries from this forum with proven track records in content, forum positivity, and such, to help us drive the game forwards. Initially their job was to act as our sounding board, pointing out where our barmy ideas would fall upon stony-rules-ground, but with such creative people working towards the same goal, it wasn't long before we were bouncing ideas back and forth! The Chinese are a good example of team-focused endeavour - And they are all the better for it IMO. So, on behalf of all the playtesters I'd like to thank the members who have taken the time to thank us either through 'Likes' or by positive comment. As volunteers, its nice to be appreciated, especially by our gaming fellows. But I'd be remiss not to mention that any credit that is put at my door should be spread out amongst the other playtesters too!
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    Sorylian Resurgence

    "maximum squads" is something that applies to all factions. It's just more noticeable on Sorylians because their "stock" tier 2 and 3 units are good enough to be expensive. TwoToneWyvern said it well. Sorylian "options" or "tricks" are built right into their ships and come about because they have such solid capable ships in all areas. They are the only faction with multiple access to two specialized weapon systems (Kinetic and Scatter, and actually, they even have some nukes too), giving them more flexibility about choosing a long range or short range engagement than any other faction. They can go tanky (with weapon shielding and extra shields), or pump up the boarding options. Underlying it all is a "trick" no one else has: the ability to minimize other faction advantages (between scatter negating a lot of key defenses, and experienced engineers making it easier to overcome any damage based "tricks" your opponents use). They aren't flashy, I'll grant you that, but Sorylians aren't a flashy faction. Here's a few builds to try out that are a bit "different": "Psycho-Aggressive" list 4 x Halberd w/ Weapon Shielding (400 points) 3 x Bombard w/ Nuclear torpedoes (300 points) 5 x Plumbata (100 points) Yes, it's an 800 point patrol fleet with no large and no Skyhammers. Use Drives to Max on turn 1, buy it back and use again on Turn 2 so the Halberds and Plumbata's scream across the board aiming at the opposing Admiral while the Bombard's nuke opposing tier 3's (and hopefully hit the opposing large for a point or two at range with kinetics; you just want to strip some PD off). Use terrain for cover for the Plumbata's and Halberd's (and hopefully planetoids for slingshot as well). Your goal is on turn 3 to play Thermal Controls and slam 20AP hitting on a 3+ into the Admiral's ship and take it out (you might have to shoot at it once or twice with the Bombards and Plumbata's first to reduce PD; you'll average 20 successes on your assault and want to double surviving crew). It's a high risk/high reward strategy. Take out his large and nothing he has left can stand against Sorylian Tier 2's. You'll certainly be outnumbered so use Scout to redeploy and again, maneuver with terrain and defense in mind, not offense, for the Plumbata's and Halberd's the first couple turns. The Warwolves can hang back a little keeping the range open, where distance and CR should keep the damage to a minimum on them even though they'll be "out" shooting kinetics. "Delusions of Dindrenzi" list 2 x Hasta w/ +1 shield, weapon shielding, and 6 bombers (300 pts) 3 x Warwolf (270 pts) 3 x Kestros (195 pts) 5 x Reaper w/ Pack Hunters (125 pts) 5 x Plumbata (100 pts) 990 points, and again no Skyhammers Typical Dindrenzi corner strategies apply, with the added bonus that you can put the Warwolves in one corner and the Hasta's in the other. Then you have the choice of using Scout to shift them to the same corner (if you want, after seeing opponent deployment) or putting an Ambush token with each of them so he has no idea which side is stronger. Up to you (I generally find it better to load up one corner, which limits the Ambush utility after the game starts, but still helps with deployment, and you get to choose that corner after you see his setup and terrain). Reserve the Reapers--ideally they'll arrive turn 3 and shunt into his rear. They become a "sacrifice"--charge them into the middle of as many targets as possible and let Pack Hunters go to town. They'll probably die then, but oh the blaze of glory as they do! I even activate them first that turn if I can get a triple attack off. For TAC's think about Power to Shields (you shouldn't be moving more than half speed with the Hasta's and Warwolves anyway--make him come to you to open up space for the Reaper's and maximize your kinetic time) and Intel Gathered. "The Falx Sucks" list 2 x Falx w/ +2 Move, +1 Shield, and Weapon Shielding (215 pts each, 430 total) 2 x Hasta w/ Weapon Shielding, 6 wings, and +3 AP (290pts) 3 x Kestros (195) 2 x Plumbata (40) 2 x Plumbata (40) 995 points. 4 large ships with Weapon shielding, and speed 8 or 9 BEFORE Drives to Max. No Skyhammers again. Does use the somewhat cheesy "min squadron size for Tier 3" trick to free points but meet requirements. Some groups don't mind, some do (I don't, unless they use Regroup on turn 1 to combine them--legal but that is cheesy to me since it's clearly built to get around the rules whereas minimal squadrons are not, your group may feel differently). And pretty much completely different than the other 1000 point list above. This one advances quickly line abreast (not too far about--maybe 8" between each squadron). There is no way some of your weapon shielded larges aren't getting into the middle of the enemy fleet and blasting away. Don't forget Drives to Max and Power to the Shields. OR the same list with Perfect Timing can reserve *both* Falx, and play the hide and reserve game like the next build, just with larges. "Hide and Seek and Destroy" list 1 Broadsword w/ +1 Shield, Weapon Shielding, +2 Wings, +2 AP, and 3 Interceptors (335) 4 x Skyhammer (240 pts) 4 x Skyhammer (240 pts) 5 x Reaper w/ Pack Hunters (125 pts) 5 x Reaper w/ Pack Hunters (125 pts) 5 x Reaper w/ Pack Hunters (125 pts) 1190 points total. Reserve all the Reapers. Lots of Skyhammers Again use terrain and try to hide with the Dread and Skyhammers (all 3 squadrons near each other), and encourage your opponent to come to you the first couple turns. Hopefully no Reapers show up turn 2 (I would pay 1 battle log to prevent the first squadron showing up, if possible), and on turn 3 play Perfect Timing and hope to get at least 2 squadrons in together (again, it's worth a battle log spend). As above, shunt and cut loose at as many targets as possible. By then you should be able to charge the Skyhammers and dread into the fight as well--that's the goal, protect your ships and draw out the enemy until you show up to their front and rear (terrain placement is key--think about it during setup if you can). Then as you take damage: Regroup. A sadly under-used TAC for most, but perfect for Sorylian tier 2 and 3's since the squadrons are big, capable enough to take multiples of them and without hurting overall build strength, and opponents like to strip ships off squadrons to weaken them. There you go: 4 fleets with some tricks and tactics built in. Sorylians are a good faction for "pre-planners." They don't have as much ability to adjust on the fly or use "tricks" (as you term them) mid-game as other factions. But they are great for sneaky b------ with a ton of possible fleet builds and options your opponent might not expect. I feel like I have more fleet-building options with Sorylians than any other faction. I know my Directorate will have a defensive carrier (either an Overseer or Works Raptor Attrition). Aquans will pretty much always have DT cruisers and a BB with extra wings (or a battle carrier filling the same role). You'll almost never see a Terran fleet without a central BB/Dread tank the rest of the fleet builds around. But Sorylians? I didn't even include any "standard" builds really, and my opponent can never know what I'm going to do. And once you come up with some good build ideas--start tying them to scenarios and opponents. Remember that technically you know both before you build. You could actually build a "fleet book" (if you're the obsessive and anal type, like, um, me) that gives you multiple 800 points Patrol fleets, 1000 and/or 1200 point Battle fleets, and 1500 and/or 2000 point Grand Fleets, pre-built and listed as "ready for" different opponents and scenarios. Other factions might be flashy. Other factions might (usually do) adjust on the fly better. Sorylians are just deadly. But you HAVE to come in with a plan--it's the Sorylian way!
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    Dystopian Wars Playtester Thread

    Hello All. Just a quick update. I will be posting the Covenant of Antarctica Review on Friday of this week.. I'd also like to thank those folks who offered their best wishes during the last week, which has been a trying one. Your kind words have been greatly appreciated. Cheers, Derek/Delboy
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    Just a quick update for the Spartan Games Community to let you guys know what’s coming up for Dystopian Wars. Our designers have been working to flesh out the model offerings for each of our Core Nations. There’s a lot to look forward to, and we will be sure to blog these models with renders and more information as soon as they are completed. Here’s what you can expect next for Dystopian Wars: The Kingdom of Britannia Lysander Class Medium Armoured model Lord Hood Class Large Naval model The Prussian Empire Königsberg Class Large Naval model Speerwurf Class Small Flying model Federated States of America Tennessee Class Large Armoured model Reno Class Medium Armoured model The Empire of the Blazing Sun Onryō Class Medium Flying model Bansan Class Small Tank Covenant of Antarctica Fresnel Class Medium Naval model Aronnax Class Large Naval Diving Robot Republique of France L’Arman ‘Char 1C’ Class Medium Armoured model Alma Class Small Naval model Russian Coalition Rudnitsky Class Medium Naval model Pesets Class Medium Naval Diving model These models will arrive after our first set of Alliance Nation models.
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    Dystopian Wars Playtester Thread

    As promised, here are my thoughts on the Kingdom of Britannia Support Box. Kingdom of Britannia Support Box http://shop.spartangames.co.uk/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=DWKB48 So, lets start with the theme of this box. If one were to ask, “Whats the Kingdom of Britannia’s signature Weapons System?”......the answer would be obvious – Torpedoes! The KoB fleet has loads of 'em! From the lowliest Frigate to the awesome Dreadnought and Fleet Carrier – Torpedoes make an appearance. Torpedoes have a number of benefits in the game. 1- They do not regress with damage, making them a solid dependable level of firepower. 2- They are not affected by the ½AD Critical Effect, having their own effect at the far reaches of the Crit-Table-Distribution. 3- They tend to have less defences to worry about. Given the comparable levels of AA<->CC in the fleets. 4- They are only saved by Shields on a 5 or 6. But this weapon system is not without its drawbacks. 1- It cannot fire at Flyers!.....unless they are flying at Low Level [….more on that later!] 2- While Submerged, a vessel firing torpedoes need 6s to hit! 3- Kingdom of Britannia Torps cannot fire at RB1, a very serious drawback that requires a skilful player to overcome. The reasons for building this box theme was simple.....We wanted to compliment the KoB Playstyle, while at the same time giving players gameplay alternatives for the obvious drawbacks that come from fielding a KoB Torp-Fleet. The Contents The box contains a Vengeance Class Submarine […..we dubbed The Terror....for obvious reasons!], 3 Support Cruisers, and 5 Small Class Attack Submarines. Also, by way of a bonus, and to bring it more into line with our thinking of KoB-Sub Tactics, we looked again at the rules for the Vanguard Submarine – one of the KoB Iconic Vessels, which never really managed to inspire/encourage use from the Playtesters [and indeed the Forum at large]. This new variant [the MkII] is designed to compliment the planned engagement strategies of the new KoB assets. The box also includes a KoB Heroic Fleet Commodore Sir Rodney Carlton. Sir Rodney is the traditional Privateer..... merciless and greedy, with his atrocities executed under the thin veneer of legality due to his Letter of Marque given to him personally by Queen Victoria. In addition his inclusion on the fleet as the Fleet Commodore allows the player to give bonuses to their submarines, taking advantage of his villainous cunning! […....of course I, as a Prussian player, might be a bit biased here....] Sir Rodney comes with come special rules that replace the Fleet Commodore or National Fleet Commodore options. [….Note however his abilities are not 'optional'....so if you're opponent want to use them and you don't......tough!] The Vengeance Large Class Attack Sub The Look It appears to be a much bigger Vanguard....which I'm fine with! A really great looking model! Why is it Needed? The interesting thing about submarines, is that in truth they tend to spend large portions of the game doing very little. Most are close engagement vessels that push forwards at speed to deliver their powerful weapon systems. Be it Ika, or Arronax, or even the Black Wolf, the closer you are the better! And so it is with the Vengeance Class Submarine, but unlike its contemporaries the vessel is not really built to pelt forwards unsupported. The vessel stands up well when supported by the other members of the KoB box. This synergy allows the group of vessels to interact well painting targets for each other, while the majority of the ships hide beneath the waves. Gunnery, MARs and Generators The large submarine has only one real weapon system – Torpedoes. The AD-Spread is of course immune to damage, and has a reasonable distribution -/14/12/10! The MARs are especially geared towards the vessel's intended use. Hull Breaker, Hull Ripper and Iron Ram, and of course a Ram Rating of 9, means the vessel is more than capable of tearing through ANY naval vessel in the game. The combination of the 3 MARs gives the Vengeance a ram threat that cannot be ignored, averaging 7.2 hits!....making a crit causing 2+D3 HP and of course a critical effect! Of course the vessel is also fitted with excellent protection from Torpedo attack itself, with a solid CC of 6!......add a few escorts into the mix and the Vengeance Sub builds into a near unstoppable ramming threat. Next the vessel gains a few flavour MARs and some important boosts. Sturginium Boost as it happens!..... along with the tried and tested KoB MAR – Experienced Engineers […..in a world of Flamethrowers, Lightning Rods and Corrosion, this MAR is worth its weight in gold!] In addition the vessel gains Strategic Objective [100, Prussian Empire only]......mainly because its written into Franco's background and we all thought it was a cool idea! All the fleet boxes have the Limited Availability [1250] MAR, to indicate how rare these vessels are, either because of their prototype nature or how expensive they are to produce!....besides it stops thoughtless spamming! Next up the vessel gained Water Hunter. This is essentially a universal rule across all the vessels in the Support Set. Why? Because the British are at the vanguard [...if you'll excuse the pun] of sub-maritime research and have developed tactics in dealing with enemy submersibles that is second to none.....presumably by drilling against their own capable sub-commanders. Finally we come to the last MAR – Ferocious. An odd one for the 'we-dont-board-no-way-no-how' fleet you might think?......The thing about the KoB Torp-Spread is that it doesnt work at RB1, meaning that the 'definitive RB' in the game sees the KoB iconic weapon system taking no active role. SO..... we decided to give ALL KoB subs the Ferocious MAR, expanding their use. A solid added advantage of the MAR is the ability to board other submerged models! Making the KoB Sub Fleet brutal in close quarter battles against vessels that might seek to challenges their tactical advantage. Finally we come to the Generator....a Sonar Target Painter [24”] Players will notice that this is essentially a Target Painter with some targeting restrictions – and they'd be right! But it points to the way we will be wording such generators in the future. The range in the bracket allows for a greater degree of adaptability, ensuring that a powerful generator can be reined in in its effectiveness depending on the model and desired effect.....look out for more on this in the future. Looking back to the Vengeance for a moment, sharp eyed folks will notice that should the Sonar TP manage to Mark a target, the sub might hit with its Torps on a 3+.......AND should the target be submerged, the sub would hit on a 4+......AND should the sub be submerged the target would be hit on a 5+!.......this vastly increases the AD effect of KoB Torps from the submerged elements in the fleet and makes them sub-hunters par-excellence. Movement and Manoeuvre The critical thing about the Vengeance is that it doesn’t HAVE to ram to be of use. BUT......when it does it will likely cripple a Battleship/Carrier, or even a Dreadnought! So its important that the vessel be able to get into the mix. Moving at 8” per turn, the ability to close a range band per activation means that the vessel is fast enough provided the owning player has deployed well. Indeed the placement of such an obviously deadly vessel either early or late in the deployment step may force the enemy into making difficult choices. The vessel started out with Sharp Turn, but in the end a 2” minimum move and no Turn Limit was all that was needed. With Sturginium Boost added, the vessel would be expected to travel 26” in the first 3 turns.....right into the heart of the enemy fleet. The vessel uses the 45-Degree Turning Template. Squadron Size Unsurprisingly the Vengeance comes in squads of 1. As a Large vessel of course it might have escorts added however, depending on the KoB player's preferred playstyle. The Vengeance Submarine is a solid 150pts, with the Addition of Sir Rodney Carlton costing an additional +15pts! A real bargain given the various effects he can execute across the gaming space. Conclusion A great looking model, with some solid imagery. A dastardly pirate who inspires terror in his foes.....and happens to have some amazing rules too...... Yup – He'll do nicely. The Dominion Class Support Cruiser The Look Essentially a Tribal Chassis with a golf ball on the end! I have to say I wasn’t sold on it initially, but its kinda cool...... Why is it Needed? Looking to the synergy of the KoB fleet, this support vessel is designed to be used both as a squadron and as an Attachment, so bolster the power and accuracy of the KoB Torpedoes. Gunnery, MARs and Generators Fitted with a reasonable Primary turret of 8/6/4/-, the Dominion fronts up well. Also firing forwards are some Fixed-Torps of -/7/6/5, along with some Fixed-Port+Starboard Torps with the same AD-Spread. The MARs build the theme well, with Experienced Engineers, and Limited Availability [750].....propagating the idea that these ships are precious to the fleet. In addition, the Dominion also has Attachment [1, KoB Naval] and Combat Coordinator [KoB Naval, Water Hunter]. With these MARs, the Dominion cements its place within the KoB fleet, especially when engaging enemy subs – It can attach to ANY KoB Naval squadron and provides an 8” 'umbrella' with the ability to give its fellows [and of course itself!] +1 to hit submerged models! However its in the Generator that is truly makes its presence felt – with a Sonar Target Painter [16”], vessels can mark-up multiple targets in an activation if taken as a unit, or cherry-pick across a fleet if taken as Attachments.......or BOTH [my preferred tactic] by taking a squadron of 2, and attaching the remaining vessel to another squadron! Movement and Manoeuvre Not the fastest vessel in the world, but still consistent with the other KoB Mediums, the Dominion moves at 8” per turn. The vessel uses the Medium Turning Template. Squadron Size Taken in squadrons of 2-3, and as Attachments, the Dominion works. Costing 75pts, its not cheap, but still manages to build value for all that. Conclusion A little gem of a Medium, I fully expect it to become a firm favourite amongst KoB players because of its synergistic effect and ability to tailor fleet builds with the vessel at its core. The Valiant Class Small Attack Sub The Look This model is one of a new breed, built into the base that is 25/50mm in size. Why is it Needed? The inclusion of a Large Submarine, and the existence of a Medium Vanguard, meant that when we were deciding upon the small vessel the KoB playtesters bullied me into making a Small Class sub!...... and you know who you are! Given the building of the theme, I was more than happy to do this of course, because the vessel allows use to 'close the circle' and solidify the theme. Gunnery, MARs and Generators Just one weapon system on the Valiant, and as you'd expect its Torps! With a – 5/4/3 AD-Spread, the vessel puts out a nasty surprise when surfaced........its later.....when the Sonar TP's are marking targets that this becomes very scary! In terms of MARs, the Valiant has Limited Availability [500] to denote its prototype nature, Panic Dive, Small Target, Ferocious and Water Hunter – This all fits the design-focus I mentioned above..... but with AP2, the KoB fleet now finds itself with its own 'Boarding Threat'..... <gulp>..... suddenly my [ever so slightly] overconfident Prussian Frigate Squadrons feel exposed! Unsurprisingly, the Valiant doesn’t get any generators. Movement and Manoeuvre The vessel moves pretty slowly for a Small Class model – only 10” per turn, but with its submarine-role, this doesn’t really pose much of a problem. The vessel uses the 45-Degree Turning Template. Squadron Size Taken in squadrons of 2-5, the Valiant can pose a threat to many vessels, especially those with low AA. Costing only 30pts each, they are well worth the points! Conclusion The 'lurking' nature of these vessels and their implied threat cannot be easily forgotten. Closing with a KoB fleet in to as automatic as it would be normally, given these guys can counter strike effectively 14” [...10” move +4” boarding range...]. This makes getting close with High AP vessels with the intent to board and prize very challenging. Added to that, the firepower if the squadron can be quite scary, especially with a Sonic TP having Marked the target and the unit upgraded via Carlton's ability to make them Pack Hunters. Cant say a bad thing about this vessel....other than the fact its a KoB one......and not usable by my glorious Prussians! The Vanguard MkII Medium Attack Sub The Look Nothing has changed. If you own the Vanguard, to can use these rules! Why is it Needed? I don’t think there is a model in the range that has been more thoroughly 'reviewed'. Whilst its true that the rules never really lived up to the fantastic imagery of the 'Chainsaw-Warrior of the Sea', some of the suggestions from the forum have been, well......lets just say......over-cooked. Personally I've always thought the Vanguard should do exactly 'what it says on the tin' – Ram, Shoot Torps....and if pushed, Board. Folks should note that this vessel is a MkII.....so if desired, players could still use the older variant if desired. Gunnery, MARs and Generators We decided to strip out the broadsides on the vessel, preferring instead to imaging those guns on ots flanks were in fact larger Concussion Charge-Launchers......so we upped the CC to 4. The Fore-Fixed Torps have a reasonable -/7/6/5 which is backed up by the ubiquitous Water Hunter MAR. The Ferocious MAR is also added to give the vessel a possible secondary role as a boarder/AP-Stripper too. The other MARs are all about the Ramming! With Panic Dive, Hull Ripper, Hull Breaker, Iron Ram and a Ram Rating of 6..... the Vanguard can now finally engage the targets its initial design intended [enemy Mediums and 'light' Large Class vessels] with a degree of protection. The Vanguard does not have any generators. One final thing regarding the Vanguard, Vengeance and Valiant...... ALL the subs in the KoB fleet are built to be durable and so we gave them all a +1DR push.....the effectiveness of this will become clear as soon as you put them on the table, and watch as your opponent struggles to get rid of them! Movement and Manoeuvre Moving at a solid 8” per turn, the Vanguard can now close a Range Band per activation. The vessel uses the 45-Degree Turning Template. Squadron Size Quite a change here, with the squadron changing to 1-3. This allows players to run solos or a fuller squadron with the intent to focus torps, then ram squadrons! Changing to this formation strength allowed us to remove the Independent MAR too! Costing 65pts, the Vanguard IS more expensive, but with the other models in the fleet adding to its effectiveness and given its submerged capability its now fulfilling a role! Conclusion Not a massive, seismic change to the vessel, but enough to bring it into competitiveness and encourage its use. With RR6 the average damage from the Ram = 4.8, more than enough to worry most Mediums, perhaps even a few Carriers too. But by increasing the speed and adding Iron Ram, the vessel simply does what it did......just a little bit better. With the DR+1 push and the up-gunning of the Torps, along with the addition of Ferocious, the Vanguard can now finally live up to its name, taking its place in the Flank or Advance Force to engage the enemy aggressively. OVERALL KoB Box Conclusion I'm very happy with the way the KoB box has turned out. The design brief has been fulfilled, the fleet as a whole has been broadened, and even re-energised a little too! The addition of a boarding threat for the KoB is long overdue, and the fact that the Silent Hunters, stalking their prey from beneath the waves has become the one to deliver this is equally poignant. The Sonar Target Painter and the increase in the scope of Water Hunter will allow the KoB to target a problematic Large/Massive vessel with their Torps......and give them a competitive advantage against submarines with the number of submerged models increasing all the time, changing the Kingdom of Britannia into the Sub-Hunters of the Dystopian Universe! I'll make alterations if our final stage testing changes anything critical. Feel free to ask questions and comment. Next up.....its the Prussians! […..Huzzzah!...] If you want to read any other write-ups, look the first post in the thread to find them! http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-1#entry55211 Cheers, and thanks for reading! Delboy.
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    Adepticon 2017

    @Spartan Linde no matter what you think, you are now representing SG and should behave accordingly. If you present an event under your SG name don't be surprised we take it as SG event and want some info from it. Just because you don't give a sh*t doesn't mean we don't. Actually we do give a sh*t as after a terrible year it might bring something bright. So far your involvement only managed to bring us hate chat here/on FB, banned forum members, models without stats, another failed campaign, lost Vanguards...but nothing really positive. Okay SG managed to release most missing models, but noone around here cares as noone is going to buy from SG anymore unless they start to fulfill their promises. So instead of banning members asking the right questions (well wrong ones for you) and avoiding doing anything official as a SG representattive I suggest you finally get yourself together and start doing your work turning us all around and actually promoting SG....not bringing it down because you fail to get over your personal issues with some community members. Your actions pushed them into the customer category so you should stand up and like a good firm repre get over it all.
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    High fives for Spartan Alex

    So, maybe I'm just naive about this but firestorm was the first game for which I got into the online community. Having just gotten in to another game by another company (and on their forums as well), I'm surprised how little that games moderators are involved with their community. So high fives for Alex for setting the bar high.
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    Dystopian Wars Playtester Thread

    Hi mcneils5, I'll answer in-post Hope that helps? D
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    Kurgan's Directorate

    Buggies are completely done - tinkered with their bases a bit. And now first Retaliator
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    Dystopian Wars Playtester Thread

    Index! If I ever have to see it again I'll scream..... AAAAARGH! I just looked at the back of the book to check I didn't dream it being written...... and saw it.......! :wacko: ......Yes. There is an Index. It is pretty exhaustive.....and was very exhausting building it..... d
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    Ottoman Empire Colour Scheme Database

    Well here is my Battleship. Going with a brown faux wooden hull and an off white superstructure. The domes are a turquoise with the copper and steel metal workings. Thanks
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    Taking the Fight to Mars!

    After the original attack by the Invaders, the Alliance of Humanity is taking the fight to the Invaders homeworld using a portal uncovered by the Covenant of Antarctica. As the nation who bore the brunt of the original invasion, the Prussian Empire was given the honor of the first strike. Here's a link to the original Invaders battle: http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/4718-war-of-the-worlds-genghiscon-xxxiv-in-denver-co/?hl=invaders The scenario begins with an initial deployment of half the Invaders force around their central pyramid and the last oasis on Mars. The Prussian land forces then deploy through the gate and establish a beachhead, followed by the remainder of the Invaders moving in their reinforcements. If you recognize the Relthoza drone spires, that's because we used them as Drone Hives for the Invaders. End of Turn 1, one Sentinel large tripod down to concentrated Tesla fire, one Metzger down to flaming Death Rays of doom. Turn 2, as the ground forces engage, aerial support from both sides arrive. The Gewitterwolke dies horribly. Oh! The Humanity! Turn 3 was hard on the humans, with the loss of another Metzger and a squadron of Geier due to a vicious onslaught from the Invader bombers, but the Prussians' allies have arrived. The Hochmeister steps forward and takes revenge for the Gewitterwolke, felling a Sentinel in one swift assault. Sadly, 46 AD from the combined Death Rays of two Sentinels ended the Hochmeister's reign of terror. The loss of the Hochmeister convinced the Alliance that perhaps discretion was the better part of valor since not enough firepower remained to deal with the next drone wave and bombers.
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    Here are some new additions. More to come soon. Hopefully you will enjoy them.
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    RSN fleet bumblebee

    Or frigate of it, to test out the colours.
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    A Request to Spartan

    Could I suggest that, at the same time the 2.0 new starter boxes become available, we see in the parts service the following: First, a "Components Update Bundle" that would include 1) 3 x SAW movement Trays and associated dice. 2) 1 Tactical deck 3) the 2.0 updated counter/template sheets. This is all the components necessary to play with any existing fleets under the new rules - so selling them together would be a favor to players. Every current DW player would be interested in this package. Second, it would be nice to see a "National Update Bundle" for each of the 7 core nations, which would include 1 squadron of each new unit included in the new starter. For example, the KoB bundle would include 1 Regent Carrier, 1 Monarch Heavy Battleship, 1 Royal Oak Pattern Landship (or perhaps just the conversion kit from standard Sovereign to Royal Oak). This last set of bundles is a convenience - any player could just order the pieces individually, but by making them available as a single 'shopping cart' pic, it would be more convenient.
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    Big Mac

    The Honourable Eclipse Company

    You might have seen them in a recent Battle Report, but I've managed to sort some better pictures (finally!) Check it out on the blog! http://fullsd.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/the-honourable-eclipse-company.html Cheers!
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    The Battle of Angra Pequena

    The chatter of the bridge officers aboard the HMS Resolute began to die down as the Prussian fleet sailed proudly into view. They... They can't have repaired so quickly... not even our engineers.... Commodore Warrington-Fennel turned from the forward observation window and locked eyes with his officers. A tightening of his jaw the only sign of dismay that got past his commanding facade. "Well, looks like our prey isn't as badly damaged as we thought. It seems we may actually have a proper battle deserving of Her Majesty's Navy! Latest intelligence from Britain has the Prussians suffering a major defeat up in iceland at the hands of the ruddy penguins! We can hardly do less than a bunch of jumped up scientists and their soulless automata. Look to your duty and trust to the valour and rightousness of our cause. A British Tar is a soaring soul and will never bow down to the tyranny of a Prussian boot." As his mean let out a dutiful cheer, Warrington-Fennel gathered his first lieutenant with a pointed glance and strode towards his command deck. The bustle of a bridge preparing the vessel for immediate combat covered their conversation from the ears of any wavering officer. "Well, Mr Rowland?" "Our leading Swift squadron is reporting signs of weapon damage on one of the enemy battlecruisers, but there is no other visible damage we can see. The 13th Attacker Squadron is en route at maximum speed, but they will not be with us until we are already engaged." "Damn. Even with them the Damned Prussians will outnumber us. Did you contact your brother in the flying corps?" "Yes sir, last I heard he had secured permission from the RFC and was setting off with a wing of escort fighters to our estimated engagement area." "Good, we will need his support. Send him the exact coordinates and ask him to make all speed and to come in firing." Commodore Warrington-Fennel moved to his maps and stared at the recently marked location of the Prussian vessels and his own fleet positions. "We need to break their back. Those larger vessels are powerful but slow, and very vulnerable without support. They won't dare move on towards our new holdings without it. Pass word to prioritise the destruction of the medium tonnage vessels. If we destroy those ships we will have achieved the objective of this strike and be able to withdraw before their numbers start to tell against us." "Yes sir, but is it wise to engage so aggressively without our full force? We could slow slow our speed and maneuver to delay the battle..." "No, Prussian vessels are too fast, they would close with us inside our torpedo range and pick us apart..." Commodore Warrington-Fennel glared at the disposition of the enemy fleet again. "They are shielding their fastest vessels, those frigates are dangerous. We need to ensure they are dealt with before they get within our lines. Order the Swifts to peel off to port, their mission is to interdict any enemy frigates trying to flank us and themselves to flank the prussian forces, they are to wait until the majority of their fleet is past the islands then strike at their rear" Lieutenant Rowland saluted and walked briskly down to the communications officer. Warrington-Fennel paced his deck as the junior officers came to update his maps every few minutes. "Sir! First casualties! Two of our swifts have been sunk!" The Commodore stifled a curse and broke from his reverie. How had he become so self absorbed as to miss the opening shots of the battle?! How the Hell did those battlecruisers get so close? He thought, before remembering they were usually equipped with tesla generators... still, they must have been pushing them to maximum to get so close so quickly. "Order Orion squadron to fall back to Starboard, Tribal squadron to match the flagship up the centre." He watched as his map was updated again, the Prussian frigates had begun to move to either flank just as he had expected. The rest of the fleet charged recklessly towards him, eager to smash his fleet apart. Warrington-Fennel turned away and gripped the iron rail of his command deck, his knuckles turning white with pressure. They would have to take the charge and hope to break it as they closed. "Sir! Message from 13th Attackers, they send their complements and enquire as to their orders!" At last! "Excellent news, thank them for joining us and tell them to move up and use the island as cover ready to ambush the Prussian forces. Update orders to the Swifts and tell them to cover the Attackers from the enemy frigates..." His words were cut off as the ship lurched beneath them. "Damage report?" he asked calmly as his officers regained their positions. "Nothing critical, some structural damage and the fore turret is reporting erratic traverse speed." "Very well. Turn us to starboard and signal the Orions to keep in our shadow, safe from enemy fire. What fired on us?" "Rievers, sir." "Return fire, Mr Jones." "Aye, sir!" Actinic light sparked across the sea, flashing as incoming fire met stalwart shields. "Tribal squadron reporting damage sir, those Prussian heavies are getting into range and looks like the battlecruiser has repaired its weap - BRACE!" The Commodore held tight to the iron rail as his ship rocked under enemy fire and the air crackled with blue shield-light "Damage to port armour, looks like the shields absorbed most of i..." A tremendous crash erupted to port, fragments of twisted metal and flames reaching high into the sky before smashing into the turbulent waves. As the Resolute rode out the waves caused by the explosion. Where before had been two Prussian battlecruisers, now there was one. "Message from Tribal squadron. Its a bit garbled but I gather they are pleased with themselves sir." Warrington-Fennel smiled to himself. That would be a heavy blow to the enemy. Unfortunately those heavy vessels were closing far too quickly, and he still had a Konnigsberg and three Reivers to deal with. And of course there was... "Hard Starboard! Keep those guns trained on the Rievers and launch torpedoes when they are in our arcs. Jones, keep an eye on the water past the island and sound Brace as soon as you see ships." It was nearly time, they just had to shield the Orions a little longer. Just as he predicted, as the immense vessel turned to shield the destroyers a squadron of Prussian frigates nosed around the island, coils flaring in the smoke of battle. "Brace!" yelled Jones, but no lighting lanced out at the damaged battleship. They had been too slow to maneuver and the deadly bolts struck past them at the sheltering Orions. Blue crackling light erupted around the Orion as the guardian shield of the battleship fought to repel the deadly bolts of prussian lightning. Wild forks of electricity tore into the waves but, through luck or superior British construction, the Orions remained whole. Though suddenly free from the shadow of the Ruler, the Orions kept ranks and purpose. With discipline and careful maneuvering they brought their fearsome torpedo banks to aim through the crush of battle and straight at the Prussian carrier at the rear. The ships rocked as their tin fish tore away, passing through the scattered debris that once was a Prussian battlecruiser and striking home with the force of avenging angels. Chaos and disarray erupted on the Prussian carrier as smoke covered the massive landing strip and water began to pour into the ragged holes in its side. The Commodore smiled, but his pleasure was soon ended as another report was shouted from the communications array. Despite the best actions of the Swifts launching a preemptive strike at the Prussian frigates, two had slipped through and engaged the 13th Attacker squadron from the flank, whilst the Rievers had cut across the centre of the battle and engaged the Tribals and Attackers both. The Squadron was in tatters, but was holding together. Looking to port the Commodore tried to judge what to do next, despite successful tactics his force was beginning to be overwhelmed. But then... Yes, there in the clouds! Warrington-Fennel let out a bark of laughter, the vague shadow of a Halifax above the clouds was almost directly over where the Attackers had been hit. Swarms of enemy fighters were curving to meet it, but the valiant efforts of its combat air patrol was attempting to keep them at bay. "Rowland, signal our support fighters to engage the enemy aircraft to port, it seems your brother is having a Prussian pest problem." But it was too late, even as the British fighters arrowed away from the main battle the brave fighters protecting the Halifax were finally shot out of the air by the tenacious Prussian pilots. The Halifax dove into a cloud bank after cloud bank, but the waspish little fighters kept gnawing at it. Warrington-Fennel turned away, the Halifax new its duty and he had done all he could to secure its passage. To his horror he saw a Tribal cruiser, battered and broken, disappear under the waves. The Prussian battleship was closer now, its guns roaring. The HMS Resolute shook again under the terrible fusillade. "Sir!" coughed one of his officer, the bridge was beginning to fill with smoke as controls fizzed and sparked. Everything was a mess as people shouted and signalled frantically to various parts of the ship or fleet. "Sir!" coughed the man again, Hawkins was it? The Commodore couldn't tell. "All departments reporting severe damage, the superstructure is beginning to buckle and weapons report nearly a 50% loss in effectiveness." The Commodore kept his face still, despite the fact it would be hard for any of his officers to see his expression. The weapons on his battleship were marvels of British engineering, able to withstand massive damage with little loss in firepower. The ship must be in real danger... he looked at the latest damage report on his table. Structural damage was severe, but casualties had been fairly light. British Engineering, you really couldn't beat it. "Take us around the island, we must use it as cover from the enemy battleship. Signal the Orions, that last battlecruiser has taken quite a pounding, it should be easy prey for their marines. Those damned Rievers are blocking their torpedo shots anyway." The marine captain leading the boarding parties from the Orion squadron wiped blood from his face. Not his own, thankfully. This hadn't been a fight, it had been a massacre. Once the marines had got on board the ship, past its damaged ack-ack batteries, they had found only a handful of Prussians with any will left to fight. Despite appearances, it seemed the storms had taken a toll on the vessel's crew and marines squadron. Many were found in the med bay, wounded or dead. The captain was relieved, Prussians were very fine fighters, but this time his men had suffered only one casualty. "Derelict this hunk of metal then back to the Orions!" He shouted, holstering his pistol and glaring at the every closing mountain of metal that was the Prussian battleship. Today's fight was far from over. All he heard before the seas to the south erupted in fire was a descending whistle... "Bombardier, their all yours!" Shouted Captain Rowland of the Royal Flying Corps. His Halifax bomber was smoking from one wing and around him Prussian fighters dueled with British. He ignored it, piloting the great bomber down from the clouds and letting the expert bombardiers take the best shots they could. His gunners caused flame and death to roar out of the forward cannons, their shells ripping into the Riever cruisers and the huge plane plummeted towards them, its bomb bay doors swinging open like the gates of hell. As he pulled on the stick, raiding the nose of the aircraft and pointing skywards once more, he heard the whining whistle of hundreds of deadly bombs pouring down and felt the weight of his aircraft lessen. The explosions were like welcome music to his ears. He glanced down, just to check, but really it was a mere formality. Nothing survived a Halifax's bombardment unscathed... The Commodore aboard the listing, lurching Ruler looked on with a grin that slowly turned to a look of dismay. Two Rievers were now just scattered chunks of jagged, ruined metal... but one survived. Hideously damaged, but still floating. As he watched, four prussian frigates tore past his beleaguered battleship. The giant guns of the HMS Resolute spat and cracked, but they could not even hit the fast little frigates. He closed his eyes and looked away. Lightning flared from both ends of the frigates, lancing into the crippled battleship and towards the flanked Tribal. The flicker-fire of shield light shone nearly as bright as the lightning it sort to deflect, casting the world into blue and white tinged chaos. Amazingly, the shields held. The Prussians soldiers were not so easily denied though. They soared from the Prussian frigates and swarmed over an Orion. The British marines fought valiantly, fought bravely, and fell. The ship sank below the waves, scuttled by Prussian charges, and panic caught hold of the remaining Orions. Communication broke down as captains tried to save their own vessels even at the cost of others. Commodore Warrington-Fennel fairly leapt down to the communications station. He could see what was happening as the Orions took on erratic courses. Discipline had broken down to the point of anarchy. He picked up the radio receiver and roared into it with a voice that could have carried across the waves without the help of the radio. "YOU ARE OFFICERS OF THE KINGDOM OF BRITANNIA! REPRESENTATIVES OF HER BRITANNIC MAJESTY! DO YOU SO POORLY TREAT YOUR OATH OF SERVICE? DO YOU SO EASILY ABANDON YOUR DUTY?! BY GOD AND HER DIVINE RIGHT, YOU FIGHT FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY!" His vitriol poured out like a wave, scourging the rebellion from all who heard it. Across the sea, the Orion bridge crews sheepishly looked at each other, shame clear on their faces. Slowly, order reestablished itself. The broken spirit, reforged in the crucible of questioned loyalty, held forth once more. With renewed vigour, the Orions charged forward, they had to redeem themselves! Ahead of them the Swifts finally circled around the island, they weapons firing at the final Riever cruiser. To no avail. The Tribals, bunching together dangerously close, steamed forward. They saw what the Orions intended, and shared their aim. Orders forgotten, they charged the enemy Kaiser Karl. Boarding parties flew from the Tribal squadron, through the fierce clouds of ack-ack fire and landed on the decks of the Kaiser. None returned, but the Prussian marines had suffered huge losses too. Aware of its peril, the mighty vessel charged past the spent Tribals and fired point blank into the Orions. Two were nearly vaporised under the bombardment as the survivors closed hull to hull with the Karl. Boarding parties leapt, shame fueling them and... were cut down. That was it, there was nothing left to throw. The Tribal squadron was mere moments from falling before the boarding parties and weapons batteries of the Rhine closing in upon them, or the remaining Arminius closing on their rear. The HMS Resolute was barely holding together as it made a bid for freedom. But then... But then, the last survivor of the 13th Attacker squadron swung around, its smoke stacks billowing black clouds as its battle-marked hull split the waves. Sweeping in a sharp turn to present its turrets and torpedo racks, the little vessel fired. The enemy Riever, tattered and beaten, finally sank down into the crashing waves. Victory thought Commodore Warrington-Fennel. He could scarcely believe it. His fleet was broken, all that remained was a Halifax flying off and away at maximum speed to escape the clouds of enemy fighters, 3 Swifts veering vainly to avoid the Prussian carrier and heavy battleship that were almost on top of them, and a single heroic attacker racing to escape the fray. And the Resolute. The Resolute still lived beneath them. Its hull a ruin, shedding hull plates and goodnesss knows what else as it limped away. He had achieved his objective, the enemy would not risk pushing further north, but it had cost him the majority of his fleet. He looked for his first lietenant and saw his body sprawled on the deck below, blood pumping faintly from a gash on his head. Turning away, the Commodore returned to his map table, his officers knew how to handle battle damage. He would chart the best course he could away from this... this graveyard. And then, if the Prussians did not catch up with him, he would write the official dispatches. But first... He sifted through the paper for a blank sheet and took his pen from his pocket. If the Prussians decided to follow him, the Resolute would not be able to fight. He began to write. My Darling Jane...
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    Terran Shields

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    Dystopian Wars Playtester Thread

    Prussian Empire Support Box http://shop.spartangames.co.uk/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=DWPE48 So, lets start with the theme of this box..... If one were to ask, “What’s the Prussian's signature Weapons System?”......the answer would be obvious – Teslas! Be it Coils, Speerschleuders, Generators, Broadsides, or ….... Bombards and Speerschleuder Bombs!!!......the PE fleet has loads of 'em! From the lowliest Frigate to the awesome Dreadnought and Fleet Carrier – Teslas of one type or another make an appearance. Teslas have a number of benefits in the game. 1- They have the Redoubtable MAR as standard so they do not regress with damage as quickly as other weapon types, making them a solid dependable level of firepower. 2- They are able to fire at RB1 vs. targets that would normally be immune. 3- They tended to have the Lethal Strike MAR, which goes hand in glove with the Prussian penchant for boarding [....less AP on-board target vessel=less work prizing target vessel...]. 4- The imagery is cool! 5- The imagery is very cool! But this weapon system is not without its drawbacks. 1- It tends towards low AD-Spreads, ensuring that unless linked in large squadron numbers, they tend to be underwhelming. 2- The Fire Arcs are very restrictive – The Prussians are a rapid-closing fleet, where P/S Fixed Channel Fire Arcs are almost prohibitive, rarely seeing the light of day. The Fore and Aft Fire Arcs also tend towards a form of linear gameplay, basically if your pointing at something you can shoot it...... So taking these changes from the top..... Lethal Strike – I've always struggled to understand the reason why this MAR wasn’t just a permanent thing right from the start. If a Tesla Attack gets enough hits to do a point of damage, what difference should it make WHO did it? The potency of the electrical attack wouldn’t be any different if it were a Frigate or a Dreadnought that rolled that amount of hits...... Redoubtable – Well, we made sure this was included too, mostly to avoid the clutter on the Stat Card/Fleet Entry. Lightning Rod – Same reason this is included too, the weapon system always gets the MAR so including it here means we don’t have to continually re-state it in each card. Fire Arcs – On the surface of it these changes don’t look that earth shattering and they aren’t intended to be. They WILL increase the availability of Tesla Attacks in the game, simply by making them more likely to be able to fire! [some vessels do VERY well out of this change, but I'll leave it to folks to figure out which ones!] Lightening Rod – There are only a few things of note here, a clarification that the Lightning Rod token can be repaired [the previous wording was woolly]. And a considerable improvement for Tesla Generators when targeting a vessel with a Lightning Rod marker. In our testing this proved to be a VERY powerful addition, as it essentially allowed a Prussian player with good fire strategy to rip through targets at RB1 with either Gunnery, Boarding or a combination of the two. The Contents The box contains a Sturmbringer Class Submarine […..we dubbed The Blitz....for obvious reasons!], 3 Support Cruisers, and 5 Small Class Bombers. Also, by way of a bonus, and to bring it more into line with our thinking of Prussian Speerschleuder Tactics, we looked again at the rules for the Metzger Assault Robot– one of the PE Iconic Vessels, which never really managed to inspire/encourage use from the Playtesters [and indeed the Forum at large] in its Sea incarnation. This new variant [the AUSF-B] is designed to compliment the planned engagement strategies of the new PE assets on both land and sea. It provides another means by which the Prussian Land commander can deploy Speerschleuders.......and besides...... I have 4 sea Metzgers and wanna use 'em! The box centres around the nefarious Dietrich Von Kratz, the commander responsible for the sneak attack on the Britannian Houses of Parliament and the draping of the Prussian Flag from the clock face of Big Ben […... the man has class!.....nothing says 'sod off' like obscuring a national landmark....] Von Kratz comes with come special rules that replace the Fleet Commodore or National Fleet Commodore options. [….Note however his abilities are not 'optional'....so if you're opponent want to use them and you don't......tough!] Von Kratz has a more conventional' Commodore feel to the 'bonkers' Sir Rodney.......except for the horrifying Gewittersturm ability...... The ability of Von Kratz to deliver a choice of Crits is a real game winner,and can be done every single turn if desired! This of the possibilities.......Magazine Explosion chance x2......Fusion Leak chance x2.......Generator Offline chance x2........ The ability even extends to the Tesla Generators in the fleet!....... Shredded Defences chance x2?...... Hard Pounding chance x2...... <steeples fingers in a brooding genius manner> “....Excellent....” But to get to use this ability I need to get a Crit, and Prussian Vessels dont get enough AD.....!? Well, taking into account the number of Fire Arc Changes [allowing for more Teslas in the fleet/squadron to fire....] and of course the contents of this box having Speerschleuders literally bristling from every weapon system [allowing the fleet more access to Devastating Ordinance – the AD-multiplier MAR.......] I think you'd be surprised how often crits come up! Suddenly the Prussians actually have access to a gunnery option that whilst still relying on good synergy of gameplay and smart firing strategy, can really make a dent in most vessels.....and those the Prussians DONT shoot to bits.....they board! Its important that the Prussian NEVER become a 'point+click' fleet - they are a high risk/high reward fleet that relies on vessels doing their job to achieve a goal. The Sturmbringer Bombard Submarine The Look How long have I waited for a U-boat?!?...... too long! And Chris really delivered with a sleek vessel capable of providing the fire support the Prussians have always wanted. There is even a little Arablete-style catapult to allow the Prussian player access to a Recon Plane without breaking into their Local Air Support or Carrier Compliments. Why is it Needed? The interesting thing about submarines, is that in truth they tend to spend large portions of the game doing very little. Most are close engagement vessels that push forwards at speed to deliver their powerful weapon systems. Be it Ika, or Arronax, or even the Black Wolf, the closer you are the better! But thats not the case with the Sturmbringer Class Submarine. Unlike its contemporaries the vessel is best sitting outside the main attack, pelting targets with Lightning Rods and pounding vessels with its Tesla Bombard. The vessel stands up well when supported by the other members of the PE box. This synergy allows the group of vessels to interact well harpooning targets for each other, while the majority of the Prussian Fleet prepares to engage. Gunnery, MARs and Generators The large submarine has 3 Weapon Systems – Fore and Aft Speerschleuders and a Tesla Bombard. The AD-Spread for the Speerschleuders from their 270-degree arc turrets is 9/8/7/-. This allows the vessel to link its Speerschleuders for a reasonable 13/12/10/-. This ensures that all bar the most robust targets get that elusive Lightning Rod......ready for the next attack..... The 270-degree Tesla Bombard...... With an AD-Spread of -/11/9/7...hopefully with Devastating Ordinance. But once a target has already been given a Lightning Rod, the firepower gets VERY interesting. Linking with ALL its weapons [they are all Tesla Weaponry afterall!]...... you get 13/19/15/7!!!! Putting its Hit range across the range bands into something horrifying!.....and with Devastating Ordinance, Dreadnoughts should beware! The MARs are especially geared towards the vessel's intended use. Bombard [Tesla Bombard] – To allow the vessel to use its main Ordinance in an Indirect Firing capacity. Electrical Defences – Because its a massive battery with turrets! This also allowed us to give it a low AP score. The vessel is a support element NOT a line breaker – the Prussians have more than enough of them! Limited Availability [1250] – This is consistent with all the Large/Massive vessels in the upcoming boxes. These prototypes are supposed to be rare! Panic Dive – A late addition to the MAR count, but not as powerful as it seems.....sure the Sturmbringer can pop up, Tesla the living daylights out of a target and potentially sink beneath the waves to lurk with impunity..... but don’t bet on it! I wouldn’t bet on a 1 in 3 to pull of this kinda sneaky manoeuvre...... but Prussian player are gamblers at heart, so I would forgive you for running your attacks with the total certainty that you WILL roll that 5 or 6 with no worries! Rugged Construction – I'm looking at many vessels in the Prussian Fleet to gain this MAR. Not all of them of course, the Chinese have that MAR all sown up, but a few of the vessels would beifit from the added protection, so expect to see it rolled out across a number of squadrons – Not to labour the stereotype of German Engineering too much, but I envision the Prussians make their ships and tanks with the same perfection to detail that they make their cars! Tiny Flyer Allocation [1] – This MAR allows for the addition of a Recon Plane that not only adds a little activation push to the fleet with the Sturmbringers, but also allows the Carrier Compliments and Local Air Support in the fleet to engage elsewhere. [Prussian Fighters work well in groups of 3 due to Well Trained for CAPs and Acrobatic Pilots when attacking other TFTs] In terms of generators, Yup...... you guessed it!...... the vessel has an internal Tesla Generator! I'd have given it a Tesla Toilet Flush if I could have thought of a MAR for it!......although I imagine the Prussian High Command would have pooh-poohed its installation on Health and Safety grounds...... The addition of the Tesla will mostly find itself being used to add movement, but you never know, should the vessel be closed upon by a Cruiser Group, having the option to use the Gen in an Offensive way might come in handy! Movement and Manoeuvre The critical thing about the Sturmbringer is that it gets the best out of its weapon systems by firing in Broadsides........something that Prussian players don’t get to do often! Which is nice. Moving at 6” per turn with access to the Tesla Generator too, the ability to close a range band per activation means that the vessel can get into position to begin the Tesla Bombardment quickly. Of course the vessel will be target no#1 for the enemy, so its probably best to stay under the waves until you're ready to strike. The vessel uses the 45-Degree Turning Template. Squadron Size Unsurprisingly the Sturmbringer comes in squads of 1. As a Large vessel of course it might have escorts added however, depending on the PE player's preferred playstyle. The added firepower from Wachters does come in handy, and their presence might deter opportunistic boarding rushes too. The Submarine is a solid 150pts, with the addition of Von Kratz costing an additional +15pts! Would you pay 150+15pts for the pleasure of firing Teslas that are Crit-Worthy at RB3? Yes.....I would too! Conclusion A great looking model, with some solid firepower. I must confess I felt a little dirty when I originally wrote up the concept worried that giving the Prussians a fire-base vessel would over-balance them. In truth the Sturmbringer is powerful, but as with any wargame that includes points, the substitution effect [as well as the Limited Availability MAR preventing spamming] makes this powerful unit stand out, without stepping out of line. The Donnerfaust Class Support Cruiser The Look Essentially a blocky version of the Reiver, with a hint of the Hussar thrown in. I'm biased of course, being a Prussian Fan Boy, but its exactly what I was hoping for when I wrote the rules for the vessel. Why is it Needed? Looking to the synergy of the PE fleet, this support vessel is designed to be used both as a squadron and as an Attachment, so bolster the power and accuracy of the Tesla Weaponry, especially the Speerschleuders. Gunnery, MARs and Generators Fitted with a pair of Speerschleuder turrets of 7/6/5/-, the Donnerfaust works best turned side-on. The Tesla Coil Broadsides of 6/5/-/- give a solid added AD addition to the vessel's firepower. Linked without damage across a 3-strong Squadron the Donnerfausts hand out 13+6+6=25AD at RB1!!! With the Redoubtable MAR and the +1HP push that comes with all Support Cruisers, the Donnerfaust hands out a great linked AD-spread – On its last point of HP, the vessel has 5+2+2=9AD, linking across a squadron of 3 [all of which might only have 1HP left = 9+4+4=17AD. Basically, the enemy HAS to eliminate these vessels fully or they will just keep selling out damage! The MARs continue to build the theme well, with Electrical Defences, Rugged Construction, and Limited Availability [750].....propagating the idea that these ships are precious to the fleet. In addition, the Donnerfaust also has Attachment [1, PE Naval] allowing a single vessel to attach any there across the fleet, bolstering the Tesla Strength of other vessels. The Generator.....<drum roll please>..... is a Tesla Generator! …...no really!?! Increasing the volume of Tesla Generators across the fleet moves the saturation effect into a scar realm where the Prussians will have numerous chances to affect the vessels in the enemy fleet chosen to be the target of boarding attacks that turn, or.... just to set them up for blasting with gunnery and tesla fire! Movement and Manoeuvre Not the fastest vessel in the Prussian fleet, moving 2” less than the other Mediums, the Donnerfaust moves at 8” per turn. This is offset a little by the inclusion of the Tesla Generator of course [which averages +2” when used to boost movement] The vessel uses the Medium Turning Template. Squadron Size Taken in squadrons of 2-3, and as Attachments, the Donnerfaust stacks up well. Costing 85pts, its not cheap, but still manages to build value for all that. Conclusion As a support cruiser it gets the usual HP+1 push, and the ability to link all its Redoubtable Weaponry means the vessel is firing effectivley right up to the last point of HP. The Zerstorer Strike Bomber [apologies to my German speaking chums, I cant find the umlaut function on my Office-Prog] The Look This model is one of my favourites. Its interesting to look at the evolution in Spartan's design skill and production capabilities looking at the metal flyers that have come out over the years.....although my old and tired eyes might struggle to paint the Prussian Cross on the wings! Why is it Needed? Put simply, I wanted a Stirke bomber. A Stuka in effect, but with a Dystopian Prussian slant. So there! Seriously though, there was no room for another Blimp/Airship in the Small Class, and the Prussian Fleet needed an alternative to the Speerwurf when it came to Speerschleuder delivery. Gunnery, MARs and Generators Just one weapon system on the Zerstorer – Speerschleuder Cluster Bombs! Not the any infantry weapons that you'd expect of course, the Dystopian universe doesn’t do anything by half! These bombs are massive, designed to embed themselves into the hulls of their targets to mark them for the Tesla Weaponry that is inevitably incoming! With a VERY nasty 4AD in bombs, the full squadron links to a handsome 4+3+3+3+3=16AD!....and Shields are not proof against such an attack! [….or the gambler amongst us might try the 4+3+3=10AD first....then 4+3=7AD after.....assuming the first Attack managed to cause a point of damage – with the AP-loss and Lightning Rod for the Devastating Ordinance...] In terms of MARs, the Zerstorer has Limited Availability [500] - to denote its prototype nature, Limited Resources – because its NOT a boarding weapon of any note [….almost felt weak saying that....a Prussian vessel the ISNT a boarding torpedo!?...], Momentum – most air planes in the game get this MAR to stop them hovering......, Pack Hunter – I like the idea of these going in on coordinated bombing runs, to Pack Hunter fitted that idea nicely. Small Target – well....it is a little thing! Unsurprisingly, the Strike Bomber doesn’t get any generators. Movement and Manoeuvre The vessel moves at a good speed of 12”, which should see it operate in the vanguard of most Prussian attacks. The vessel uses the 45-Degree Turning Template. Squadron Size Taken in squadrons of 2-5, the Zerstoter can pose a threat to many vessels, especially those with low AA. Costing only 20pts each, they are the perfect first strike weapon, especially when pitted against the heavily shielded fleets. Conclusion Small and very annoying, the Strike Bomber puts out reasonable firepower when on its bombing runs, and with the large squadron size, dropping on multiple targets is viable, if a little risky! The Zerstorer is a real threat against the unescorted/partly damaged/AA-impaired fleets, capable of dropping the precursory Lightning Rod marker before the rest of the Prussian fleet fires with consummate ease. The Metzger AUSF-B Class Robot The Look Nothing has changed. If you own the Metzger, you can use these rules! Although folks might want to re-paint the new Speerschleuder Weapon that replaces the older Arm Cannon. Why is it Needed? I'm sure there are many folks who would ask “Why do the Metzger when so many other vessels in the Prussian fleet need help?” The answer to this question came up when we were discussing the single vessel to fix in the Prussian Fleet. Someone asked me “Which model to you never use?” It was a good question, because I tend to build my fleets in as eclectic a fashion as possible, trying out vessel in odd combinations to try and get the best out of them. But one model did stand out....or in this particular case 'sit down'....the Sea Metzger. Of course the Metzger isn’t a Sea vessl per-se. Its a flexible vessel able to work on Land and Sea. But sadly the intention didnt it the practice, and the Amphibious Rule as-written meant that I simply couldnt justify the inclusion of the Sea Variant in any of my lists. On the Land however, the Metzger is fantastic, leading the way into the teeth of the enemy forces, drawing fire and crushing enemy Landships with ease! So the idea formed to bring the 2 theatre-effectiveness together better, making the Sea version more appealing while at the same time not nerfing the Land one. Also, we looked to take this opportunity to change a weapon fit on the vessel to give the Land Game better access to the new Speerschleuder weapon, and as a by-product improve the Tesla Weaponry on the Land too! Gunnery, MARs and Generators We decided to strip out the standard Arm Cannon on the vessel, preferring instead to imagine the arm was a more rugged version of the Speerschleuder – besides the imagery of the robot smashing its fist into a target vessel/building when discharging its electrical payload to the hapless inhabitants......was crazy cool!!!! So the Metzger-B got a Left Arm Speerschleuder with 9/8/7/- with a Port 270-degree Fire Arc. The Right Arm kept its Tesla Coil with an imporved 8/7/-/- with a Starboard 270-degree Fire Arc. This means that the robot can link when firing Forwards....or Backwards?! ….for a reasonable 9+4=13AD at RB1, 8+3=11AD at RB2 and 7AD at RB3. Not exactly world ending, but still reasonable given the MARs. The Ferocious and Fearless MARs were added to bring the vessel into line with the other Prussian/Scandinavian robots. Hulking [Land only] was added to endure that the vessel only gained the benefit when on the Land, and not when wading/paddling through the sea. Rugged Construction was added too...why?....cos its a big bloomin' mega robot, build to deal death to the Emperor's foes!.....that’s why! Seriously though, the MAR seemed fitting and when given to a larger model like the Metzger, it sets a good survivability ability from light sniping. Next came the most important MAR – Multi Purpose. Obviously, this means the vessel moves THE SAME ON LAND AS ON SEA!!! [….Huzzah!....] In terms of generators, you'll never guess...... The Metzger-B gets a Tesla Generator!....seems only fair given the fact it has every weapon system given over to Tesla Tech! Movement and Manoeuvre Moving at a solid 6” per turn, the Metzger can use its Tesla Generator to close the gap that it loses on land using the average 2” to bring its speed up to 8” per turn., [which is what it had before!] However its on the sea that the Metzger gets a real boost. The Multi Purpose MAR allows the vessel to move at the same speed! [before this the vessel moved at just 4” and might have got a +2” movement boost if it was lucky each turn. This means that the Swimming Metzger is actually viable once more! The vessel uses the 45-Degree Turning Template. Squadron Size The squadron kept the 1-2 and removed the Independent MAR! This meant that the Metzger-Bs if taken in pairs were forced to work in pairs – like a massive metal behemoth Tag-Team! This loss of Independent wasn’t an issue in testing, and really we didn’t miss it. Costing 125pts, the Metzger-B IS more expensive, but with the weapons systems changing, the MARs building up its combat capability and the flexible nature of the theatres it can operate in, its a steal! Conclusion As many of you who read this thread know......Delboy likes Robots! And so getting to tinker with the Metzger-B was great fun! In the end we have a robot that whilst more expensive, does more on the tabletop, will see more gameplay in multiple theatres, and gives the Prussians an iconic model they can be proud of! OVERALL PE Box Conclusion I'm very happy with the way the PE box has turned out. The design brief has been fulfilled, the fleet as a whole has been broadened, and even re-energised a little too! The addition of a gunnery threat for the PE and the fact that the other Tesla Weaponry in the fleet are improved as a result makes for a degree of synergy that will 'tweak the beak' of both experienced and new Prussian players alike. Next up.....its the FSA!...and their Heroic Commodore Charles Redstone – the Old Schoolmaster Feel free to ask questions and comment. If you want to read any other write-ups, look the first post in the thread to find them! http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/3730-dystopian-wars-playtester-thread/page-1#entry55211 Cheers, and thanks for reading! Delboy.
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    Here is my old girl
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    Anyone from Spartan wants the logo removed, just let me know. Updated 9th March 2013 19.28 GMT: v4 Many adjustments and changes. QR Sheet v4.pdf Screenshots (do not use these, download form the link above)
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    SRS Tokens Now Available

    You can now purchase a set of SRS Tokens for each Firestorm Armada race from the Spartan Games Online Store. Each set contains 5 large SRS tokens and 5 small SRS tokens, including all the dice you need for each token: Dindrenzi Federation SRS Tokens Terran Alliance SRS Tokens Aquan Prime SRS Tokens Sorylian Collective SRS Tokens The Directorate SRS Tokens The Relthoza SRS Tokens
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    Hi, I've opened up a 2 player started and produced an unboxing video, feedback appreciated.
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    Yes, I am still here but Spartan's support for this game walked out the door along with many of their players. The disaster of Empires proves Spartan does not really have a clue what to do here. I have played a total of two DW games this year. I have given Spartan zero money for over a year. You can't house rule interest in a game when the company leaves it to rot on the vine. Players will, and have, gone elsewhere. While I would really like this game to live on it needs some help. V3.0 is not needed. It does not need Halo mechanics ported over. It needs a few tweaks, new releases, and some faith rebuilt in Spartan.
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    Release Calendar

    Hi Guys, Agree that a calendar needs setting in stone for people, especially our Vanguards. I have asked for an update from the design guys (model makers, writers and rules) and am creating some blogs myself that I feel will fill in the blanks you have been frustrated by. These will be translated into a release schedule that will roll into 2017. If anyone wants to discuss this directly come find me on email. All the best, Spartan Neil PS: DW gets new models by November, October is we stretch our release schedule open a bit more, but no later than November. More details in my blogs.
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    Hawker Fleet WIP

    Here's a quick picture of the fleet. I'll have to get a better picture this was the best I took last weekend and it's still bad. LOL
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    Quickdraw's Ottoman Armada

    I've gotten around to completing my Ottoman fleet, it's just the support box, but I'm happy with how they've turned out. Just in time for the new ORBAT too. Here are the dreadnaught and gunships. The Mizrak frigates The Avci destroyers The Zuhaf minelayers And here is the fleet in it's entirety
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    I do tend to subscribe to the hyperbole school of writing rufus @ Erloas Whilst I did moan about it a bit in the report, I never really expected anything to come from the Euclids attacks (except when it uses its PA). The point I was hoping to make with it was not that the Euclid was bad because it lacked firepower, but that it was bad because it both lacked firepower and cost a ludicrous amount of points. On average I would expect (if shooting at cruiser-type targets) the rockets to maybe manage a point of damage (depending on AA levels) and the e-turret to maybe scrape a crit. Nothing special but these are long ranged weapons on a flying platform, and there is a lot to be said for being able to snipe at targets hidden behind islands. In this particular game, since I never expected or counted upon those attacks to do anything, my opinions and tactics would most likely not have changed. On fielding the drones, the exact configurations I choose at deployment were: 2x3 fighters 1x4 fighters bombers 1x5 torp bombers 2x3 torp bombers I intended the fighters to run interference and stop any nasty dive bomber threats, whilst the bigger fighter wing stayed close to the Aristotle to provide a CAP (since by far the easiest way to kill an aristotle is to board it. It is seriously no harder to board than a battlecruiser.) Since I was facing 3 submarines, I made the choice to go for three waves of attackers and take a gamble on them performing well. The wing of 5 torp bombers struck first, and even the linked 8 CC of defence and a guardian shield couldn't stop them getting a crit. It would have beena double crit had not the CC been so high and rolled well. The wings of 3 went after a different vanguard, the first rolled 11 torps against 6 CC, and scored a point of damage due to a poor roll and good CC. The second wing repeated this. I think my strategy with them was sound if a bit less reliable than with full wings. The small fighter wings made a nuisance of themselves quite effectively and kill of a couple of enemy SAW squadrons. The big fighter wing provided some much needed reassurance for the Aristotle. On average, the torp bomber wings should have managed to score crits against the vanguards and bring them to the surface for further punishment. It does mean the results are a bit more up to chance though. The Euclid, as a carrier, brought 2 of the 3 wings of torp bombers to the table. Over the course of the game it launched a wing of 5 dive bombers (which were all intercepted and shot down before they could be used) and a wing of 5 torp bombers (which suffered the same fate). I do not think using the drones in a bigger squadron would change my opinion on the Euclid at all. The wings of 3 were a definite threat and were dangerous to their intended targets. If both wings of three had scored crits against the vanguard (as I would have generally expected) it would not have made me think higher of the Euclid. @ rufus Looking at the Euclid (and its context in the CoA fleet) I really do like its support-dread nature. The CoA fleet is marked out as being exceptionally well supplied with brilliant support units, it is part of what makes playing them so fun. Hyperbius, Hippasus, Time and Battle orbs, they are types of vessel unique to the CoA. That we also have a support dread is both appealing in role and flavour. So, when I moan about the Euclid, please don't think I want it to do any other sort of role. I don't want a ferocious firebase of furious fury... we have the Prometheus for that (and it is marvelous at it!). I don't want some tough-for-its-points carrier brick like the Diophantus either. I want it to have its own unique place in the Orbat, which it is very close to having. To my mind, it brings three things to the table. A strong PA, a decent carrier ability and a toolbox of upgrades that can tailor it to support your fleet. Thus, to me it competes with the Coeus (mobile PA machine) and the Epicurus (flying carrier). So it has to play up its main unique selling point; the toolbox of upgrades. Adding a few more of these would be a nice addition by the way! For the base model, without changing any rules or stats or weapons, I would think a cost of approximately 230 points is fair. Why? Because that is similar to the Diophantus, and the Euclid without upgrades is very similar to the Diophantus. It has superior maneuverability and the flexibility of flying, but also has a markedly lower CR (lowest of any dread I think) of 11. Plus the Euclid has 125 points of strategic value tacked on, compared to the 100 of the Diophantus. 230 points also gives you room to actually upgrade it without making it a horrific points sink. Just to further justify my thoughts, a naked Euclid has no real supporting abilities except for its carrier ability. It therefore has to be a viable choice against the Epicurus (180 points, strategic value 75). The Euclid is the Epicurus' bigger brother, slightly tougher and with a massive PA strapped on. 50 points difference seems like a fair enough price difference for those added advantages. So, 230 points for the base model. Now we get to the juicy bits, the upgrades. They are what make the Euclid unique and should be (though sadly at the moment are not) what makes this unit shine as a support dreadnought. Where other dreads cause massive destruction, the Euclid should offer blisteringly good synergy. The first upgrade it has is Squadron support, colossus 4 for 50 points. Note; Colossus usually come in squads of 5. Is this reduced number a typo or a design choice? Either way, this is a good deal in that you get a fair discount on the Colossus squadron and you get a way to deliver them closer to the enemy. This upgrade seems fairly priced to me, as does the combat coordinator to give robots sustained fire. 8 inches of range covers a wide area from a model as big as the Euclid. Second upgrade is combat coordinator Acrobatic pilots for the drones. Considering the state of drones at the moment, this is a useful upgrade to have access to. Is it worth 25 points though? No, not in my opinion. It is too short ranged to be worth that much. The similar affect from the Hyperbius is a 12 inch range, which is better. Even then, I would think this is a 20 point upgrade. Without an increase to its range, I think 15 points. Third we come to the big trap. The carrier (9) upgrade. Prior to the drone nerf, 35 points would have been fair. Now I firmly believe that both this and the similar upgrade for the Diophantus is a trap. 3 drones that have only a 50% chance to come back is just not worth 35 points. The ability to launch more drones is only valuable if you have drones in the recycling pile. In the game above, I had 22 drones on the table and was able to relaunch a full wing 2 out of 4 turns, but each time that emptied the recycle pile. Carrier 9 would not have helped me much at all. This has also been my experience with the Diophantus upgrade and the Pericles (which is carrier 9 by default). Scrap this upgrade, give the Euclid carrier 9 by default and remove it from the Diophantus. If it must continue as an upgrade, 15 points would be the most I would pay for it. Next we have the exciting Target Painter (energy weapons). I like this upgrade, but can't we also have the option for a target painter (primary weapons) too? Aristotle and Prometheus have the option! We have the technology! I discussed target painters in my original post, and this is one of the best models to have a target painter on. If the range was boosted to 24" then this would be worth 25 points. At 16 inches of range I would say 15 or 20 points is fair. Finally we have the mine control generator. 12 inches is a better range than most mine control generators get, and CoA mines can be very very powerful. We have a fair few mine layers in the air too. I don't think this upgrade is useful enough to be worth 25 points. Even in a mine heavy list, it requires some very exact circumstances, terrain, opponent moves etc to be much use at all. 10 or 15 points might work for it, that is the same as the Diophantus. (Note; since generators measure from the centre of the model, and the Euclid is a very wide model all around, the range of the generators is never quite as good as you think. I think this is why the Euclid seems to have quite generous generator ranges Other options I would quite like to see: Carrier (12) option, for if we want a supercarrier a'la the chinese floating fortress. This upgrade would cost a fair chunk of points though I think, like 50 ish. options for disruption, dilation, time flow and shield (3) generators, for more flexibility and support capacity. More combat coordinator options, like terror tactics, vertical dive, big fuel tanks. With the limit of 1 or 2 it would give you more options for tailoring the Euclid without it getting out of hand.
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    Balor's Relthoza

    So this is my WIP on my non-armored spiders. They are not finished but I wanted to just start a thread so I have place to add to. NOTE: I'm only painting the spiders out of the armor in the vibrate schemes.
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    How is this rolled?

    Interesting, my dice have always seemed to roll average over time once all situational bias is removed. Means that to Crit CR 8 you need 10AD. CR9 Requires 11.25AD. CR10 requires 12.5. CR11 requires 13.75. CR12 Requires 15AD. Most Battleships are CR10-11 with Shields which means on average 9-12 Dice is not enough to regularly Crit. One exception is the Rethloza battleship. Typically Critting a BB on 9 dice means you are using loaded dice as 9AD only meets DR/CR7 on average and you'd need an average of 14AD to average a Crit against most BBs. There is a large and evident pattern in your posts, you let exceptional situations cloud your judgement of what should routinely happen. Just because you've seen double Dreadnought Crits on 12-16AD does not make it common. Just because you've seen Pd do nothing against Bombers and the Bombers do well does not mean that is always the result. You have to factor in the bad results as well and ultimately make balance decisions based upon what is expected to happen using math which is supported by unbiased experience. Your personal experiences however entertaining as they may be are worthless to us in terms of discussing overall game balance as you only report exceptional and relatively rare circumstances as the norm which degrades any useful discussion about balance. You cannot make balance decisions based upon the exceptional, but the average expected, and most common outcomes. Just because you've double Crit a dreadnought with 12AD does not make it common, and mathematically is balanced out when someone like me for instance throws 18AD as a cruiser and fails to even equal it's DR. I would urge you to use restraint when making decisions based upon exceptional situations as they are not the norm. You have demonstrated a clear pattern of unwarranted knee jerk reactions to many patterns. And I've noticed and observed this in my short time in these forums, it was painfully obvious. Don't disregard the plethora of situations where things happen just as they are supposed to and focus on the rare outliers.
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    Dystopian Wars Playtester Thread

    The Alliance Nations (including Operational Assets such as the Landing Barges and Merchant Fleet) are set for release in 2 weeks or so. The Core-7 were released to allow these models time to embed themselves and not flood players with too many stats ....and .....if I'm honest..... the Betas need more time to test the Alliance Fleets! These nations (despite being largely Naval focused) provide a wide spectrum of gameplay styles and testing games require more time/repeat gaming to get right, Rest assured they will be ready for the wider public soon. cheers, d
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    V2 Stats Now Up

    Except we are not £20-30 pounds out of pocket! SG has always done stats for free, either in booklet form with box sets or online. If you want to compare to other companies than everyone just got over £100 worth of army books for FREE, instantaneously! Yes we will have to wait for alliance nations. We always had to! I feel for you guys. I for one cannot wait to see what my Chinese will get. I will wait, bide my time and see what the other nations get. The alliance nations were all increasingly powerful. The Black wolf group is still an absolute powerhouse! Patience is a virtue
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    Ottoman Empire Colour Scheme Database

    Here's mine (amongst other ships from the fleet): (Sorry - the picture is a bit washed out - not my usual camera)
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    Dystopian Wars Playtester Thread

    Blimey!..... Just noticed, this thread is 100 pages long...... Thanks to everyone who has helped keep me going!
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    Thanks @Bessemer it was a real spur of the moment idea that gave me the Blue-Purple Destroyers. Then I went out of the box to challenge myself with a different blend on each ship type. Thanks @Skyhawk , sorry the Terrans went on hold again because I got struck with the motivation to start and finish Project "Super Special Mod". I will do a colour test on my Terran's next. So Project "Super Special Mod" was conceived over a year ago. With the Lack of a Corsair Racketeer Battlecarrier model I conceived my own. The whole idea was put on hold. When the pictures came out for the Spartan model, I was disappointed. I know some people love it, that's great, but I don't. So the idea surfaced again. The Basic idea, take these 2 ships And make 1 ship.... Lots of chopping significant parts from the Corsair Cruiser to make the Works Raptor Battlecruiser look more Corsair Front Forks First Top Fin Cutout for Engine Engine Puttied in Thruster Gun Time for undercoat and a wash The Painted Racketeer Some shots comparing the new ship to the donor models It is the only Mod/conversion that I have done for FSA. I don't know exactly why I got the inspiration to rush it through, but it was a fun and rewarding project. Also, yes I will be doing the other one as a second T1. Admiral De Veenboer has his ship, Admiral Danseker will need his. More on them later. As always, thanks for looking. Likes are Appreciated and Comments are treasured WA
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    Hi Kurgan I have been active on other parts of the forum and of course busy doing rules writing! Never fear I am looking in on the discussions being had on this thread. I wish to give the forum members a chance to debate the things I have put forwards without me souring their conclusions with comment based upon a fuller picture of the rules in development. I will be adding updates when I have more, or wish to clarify questions being posted. At present we are finishing off a very large test in the design space regarding the Power Rating, and Command Point applicative uses, so if I were to come in with any definitive points here, they might be erroneous if the test goes in a different direction. I will be taking a few days to redirect onto Armada to look over the Design Team's feedback and then will be able to pitch into this thread with more information. Cheers d
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    The Names of the Covenant

    As a follow-on from this thread, I thought I would start a similar thread for the Covenant's units. Prometheus-Class Dreadnought - In Greek mythology, Prometheus was the Titan who sculpted man out of clay, and defied Zeus to give humans the ability to heal themselves, and the gift of fire. As punishment for this theft, Prometheus is chained to a rock, where each day an eagle eats his liver, which would grow back and be eaten again the next day. Diophantus-Class Assault Carrier - A Greek mathematician who worked in Alexandria, best known for developing algebra. His best works were the books known as Arithmetica. Aristotle-Class Battleship - a famous Greek philosopher, who laid some of the foundations of Western Philosphy. Also one of the fathers of the study of logic, zoology, the scientific method, as well as physics that were only superseded by Newtonian physics. Descartes-Class Battleship - Rene Descartes was a French Philosopher and Mathematician from the 16th-17th centuries, known as one of the fathers of Western Philosophy, as well as pioneer in the areas of algebra and geometry- he was responsible for the development o the Cartesian Coordinate system, the modern method of 3-dimensional point plotting. Pericles-Class Carrier - Greek statesman and general during the Peloponnesian Wars. Also rebuilt much of the Acropolis, including the Pathenon, in Athens in 468 BC. Menedaius-Class Support Ship - the only reference I can find to this Spartan General was in the Battle of Olpae, in 426 BC between the forces of Athens and Sparta. Menedaius was the deputy commander of the Spartan force, and took over when the original commander, Eurylochus, was killed. Hippasus-Class Battlecruiser - A Greek mathematician and philosopher, sometimes credited with the discovery of irrational numbers (any number that cannot be expressed as a ratio eg. pi) Fresnel-Class Cruier - Augustin-Jean Fresnel was a French engineer whose main contribution was to Wave Optics. He developed the Fresnel lens, a lighthouse lens that intensifies the light beam, and many of his equations are still used in modern computer graphics rendering programs. Zeno-Class Armoured Cruiser - there are several Greek philosophers named Zeno, but I think the most likely candidate is Zeno of Elea, who is known for his paradoxes (including the paradox of Achilles and the Tortoise), and one of the minds behind the concept of a mathematical infinity. Kepler-Class Light Carrier - Johannes Kepler was a German astronomer and mathematician, known for his laws of planetary motion Cleomedes-Class Cruiser - a Greek astronomer known for work on planetary motion and optics (specifically refraction) Plato-Class Light Cruiser - a Greek philosopher, and teacher of Aristotle, who founded the Athenian Academy - the first higher education institute in the western world. Praxilla-Class Hunter-Killer Submarine - a female Greek poet from the 5th century BC Plutarch-Class Destroyer - a Greek writer, who was one of the priests at the Oracle of Delphi, and who wrote numerous biographies. Influential on modern western literature. Diogenes-Class Frigate - lots of Diogenes in the greek philosophers, but i'm going for Diogenes of Sinope, who lived simply (in a barrel), spoke out against corruption, embarrassed Plato, and mocked Alexander the Great. Considered a father of Cynicism. Also, Diogenes Syndrome is a modern mental disorder characterised by self-neglect. Thales-Class Corvette - one of the earliest, if not the first, Greek Philosophers, he is considered one of the possible fathers of Science, rejecting mythological explanations of natural events. Also one of the first mathematicians, and discoverer of Thales's theorem Galen-Class Escort - a Greek/Roman physician, who first wrote the theory that the brain controlled the entire body. Newton-Class Repair Ship - Sir Issac Newton, the physicist who famously required a bit of botanical blunt force trauma to come up with the laws of gravity, was actually a brilliant scientist in his time - his works on the laws of motion and universal gravity laid the foundations for modern Astrophysics. He is probably best known for his three laws of motion that form one of the bedrocks of modern physics, but he was also the second Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge - a post that was previously held by Stephen Hawking (the 17th holder of the position). Euclid-Class Dreadnought - a Greek philosopher, Euclid is described as the "Father of Geometry". He wrote may early theories on perspective, the geometry of cones and spheres, as well as number theory. Epicurus-Class Sky Fortress - a Greek philosopher, who helped develop the atomic theory, but also wrote on the origins of pleasure and pain. One of his teachings is that in many cases, a phenomenon may have multiple explanations, and that we must take care not to dismiss any theory too hastily. He was one of the earliest to postulate the causes of an eclipse, and the cause of thunder. He also spoke against the idea of a geocentric universe (earth at the center of it), but mainly because the theory was one of Aristotle's. Daedelus-Class Large Flyer - a mythical Greek inventor and craftsman, who built the Labyrinth that Cretean King Minos imprisoned the Minotaur in. Father of Icarus Hyperbius-Class Control Flyer - several figures in ancient Greece share this name, everything from legendary figures to who interacted with the Gods, to a couple of inventors - one of whom was credited with building the wall around the Acropolis with his brother. Icarus-Class Medium Flyer - son of Daedelus. After the Labyrinth was built, Minos imprisoned Daedalus and Icarus in a tower so that the secret of the Labyrinth would not be found out. Daedalus fashioned a set of wings for himself and Icaus out of bird's feathers and wax, and the two flew away from Crete. However, Icarus flew higher and higher to see the whole world beneath him, and flew too close to the sun, melting the wax holding the wings together. He then fell into the sea. Capek-Class Medium Flyer - The only version I can find is Karel Čapek, a Czech science-fiction writer. Best known for using the word "robota" in his work to describe artifical beings. The word actually means "serf labour" or "hard work" in Czech. But its an intersting choice, since Capek was born in 1890, well after the World War ended. Ptolemy-Class Medium Bomber - A Greek/Roman writer and mathematician, who wrote on astronomy and geography. Also, the Ptolomeys were a line of Pharaohs in classical Egypt. Theon-Class Light Interceptor - there are two Theons of antiquity that this could refer to: Theon of Smyrna was a Greek philosopher in the first century CE whose work included the foundations of Number Theory. Theon of Alexandria was a Greek scholar in the 4th Century CE who worked closely with Euclid, and whose daughter, Hypatia, was a brilliant scholar in her own right. Pytheus-Class Light Bomber - also spelled Pythius, one of the architects of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Alea-Class Escort Flyer - most likely candidate is that of a greek soldier who was reported to have invented Tabula, an ancestor of the game Backgammon. The name derives from the Latin word for "random/fate/luck". (cheers Nucreum) Herodotus-Class Mobile Airfield - a Greek Philosopher, regarded as the Father of History, writing about systematic research. Archimedes-Class Command Robot - also known as the "Eureka streaker", a Greek mathematican who wrote about density, hydrostatics, statics, and the lever. Inventor of the Archimedes screw (which the Covenant seem to use as their main naval propulsion method) Aronnax-Class Robot - Professor Pierre Aronnax was the biologist hired by the US Navy and subsequently a "guest" aboard Captain Nemo's Nautilus in the book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne (published in 1870). (The Aronnax was originally a submarine, but changed to a multi-purpose robot in the 2.0 ruleset, which is why the name choice might be a bit confusing). Callimachus-Class Time Orb - a Greek poet and scholar who worked at the Library of Alexandria. Skorpios-Class Bombard - an Island in the Ionian Sea, owned by the Onassis family. However, I have a feeling its more a derivative of the animal name Scorpion. Socrates-Class Bombard - a Greek philosopher, and teacher of Plato Atticus-Class Medium Walker - a Greek philosopher, and contemporary of Plato. (cheers, Catalyst2), Also, Atticus is Latin for "Man of Attica", the ancient region where Athens is located. Orpheus-Class Drone Controller - a mythical Greek figure, and master musican who could charm any living thing with his music. He descended into Hades to retrieve his wife, Eurydice, which is the subject of several musical pieces (in the film Titanic, the string quartet play Orpheus and the Underworld by Offenbach to try to cheer up the crowd). Colossus-Class Small Robot - another word for giant, most likely refers to the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the world. Xenophon-Class Ironclad - greek soldier and historian, who wrote histories based on his own time (4th century BCE) Janus-Class Portal - the two-faced Roman God of beginnings and transitions or, more simply, change, as well as presiding war and peace. He was uniquely Roman - there is no definitive classical Greek equivalent.
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    Cheer Paintedgobbo. That look was very much what I was going for, just haven't quite got the photos fully right yet! And now, update time! NTSC Acanthus, NTSC Pharae, NTSC Mago, Perseus Class Light Cruisers: These things have probably now become my favourite Terran ships, and they were a lot of fun to paint as well. NTSC Menelaos, NTSC Sestos, NTSC Thureos, Harpoon Class Torpedo Cruisers: Definitely a bit of a departure from the normal Terran ship design, and they undeniably have some awkward angles, but overall very nice ships. And a quick preview of what is to come next: After the little guys, I may make a start on the Aegis shield cruisers I have, and then maybe even start tackling the Tyrant at some point when I'm feeling brave. Comments and criticism welcome as always. Thanks for looking!
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    Krwekrw´s Sorylians!

    Hello! I could not resisted the planetfall and becouse all "nice model armies" were taken i decided to take all mighty penisguns! I was quite surprised how nice these models are. If they are not pink. So I started painting them and here they are... I appologize for crappy pics and horrible english! Huk´Ka: Bor´Ka More, hopefully better pics with bases done will be soon!
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    This is the battle I played against Aquan's on the 4th March 2015. Had to remove some photos from the original battle report but you get the idea. Vedalslayer = RSN Alex (can't remember his name on the boards) = Aquan Enjoy! * * * * * * RSN Narrative: Introduction Incoming message… Recipient: Fleet Marshal Beta Greystone Tasking: RSN Taskforce Alfa 505 Security level: Priority 1 Sender: Combined Fleet Intelligence – Subsection Gamma 2-4 Message begins… Request for assistance received by Directorate CEO Franco. Request pertains to Proteus incident (See attached intelligence dossier 111256/87) Assistance to be rendered by single RSN taskforce Taskforce Alfa 505 selected Tasking follows: Rendezvous with Directorate battleship ‘Arex 7’ and attendant battle cruiser escorts. Location: Waypoint 633. See attached intelligence report on capability. Ships will be under 505 command. Proceed to Waypoint 7-45 for fold space jump. Make jump to Proteus system (coordinates attached for optimum jump location) and initiate standard reconnaissance in force. Upon detection of any hostile elements, engage and eliminate immediately. Record composition for transfer to Centrel Fleet intelligence. Maintain patrol procedures and await arrival of additional battlegroup assets. Please indicate acceptance of tasking. Remember Dramos Attachments: IntelDos 111256/87 IntelRep –DR – ‘Anarchist Class battleship and Deterrent Class Cruiser: known capabilities.’ FDJ – OP Coordinates Aqua Narrative: introduction Retribution Shoal Epsilon, commanded by Admiral Tal Riel Tal Riel is a middle aged tritoni commander often hailed as a strategic savant by her peers within the Sebrutan Military Command. However her military acumen was not the deciding factor in her promotion to Shoal Commander, rather it was her single minded ruthlessness when dealing with enemy forces. She was initially destined for ship command within her home colonies deep space Typhoon Shoal however while out on maneuvers, her home colony was raided by suspected Directorate forces resulting in the death of her family and loved ones. Unlike other aquans that have suffered the same psychological and emotional trauma from these raids she refused all forms of treatment and instead immediately petitioned for transfer to the Retribution Shoals, where she has since risen rapidly to command her own Medusa Dreadnaught "Nemesis". Her Retribution Shoal was on active duty pursuing a join Works Raptor/ Direcotrate acquisition fleet when they were called back to their ship yards for immediate redeployment. Something had occurred in the Proteus Sector, Aquan High Command had sent a typhoon shoal to investigate but it was wiped out. Details from the few survivors indicated that the Aquans had engaged Directorate and Works Raptor forces when an unknown 3rd party intervened and wiped out the fleet. While nervous about the loss of the initial scouting fleet the high command have uncharacteristically decided to immediately send in their most deadly shoal to discover the truth of what happened and destroy any future threats to the Aquan people ( there are rumours that this unprecedented response is secretly being called for by the Aquan Emperor himself ). * * * * * As the Shoal approached the final jump way point to the Proteus Sector their sensors detected a lone Tarakian battlship standing vigil over the way point. The comm signal lite up aboard the Nemesis bridge, "This is High Warden Vokian of the Ganarl battleship The Eternal Watch, stand down your forces and deceast your advance into towards the jump point" a cold voice echoed. Tal Riel's scales subtly shifted from light blue to a deep purple before the red hue of anger at this decree. "Attention Ganarl battleship, this is Admiral Tal Riel, commander of Retribution Shoal Epsilon, please explain your prescense in this sector and why you wish to bar our path" "Admiral Tal Riel, we are the vanguard for the Tarakian 31st Shield fleet, they are currently enroute to this sector for immediate threat assesment and containment, please stand down your forces and await their arrival". Impatient to get to grips with the enemy Tal Riel replied. "High Warden Vokian I have heard your request and am advising you to stand aside, our forces will proceed into Proteus sector and continue our investigation, and woe betide anything that stands in our path" Vokian's cold voice returns over the comm signal "A foolish choice Admiral Tal Riel but one that is made, in this case we will accompany you into the sector" Tal Riel's eyes flickered revealing her surprise at Vokian's rapid change of view "Your ship is welcome to accompany us but why the sudden change of view" With a chilling voice Vokain replied "Only by providing a unified defence will any of us stand a chance against what lies ahead". The Forces: Aquan Prime Retribution Shoal Epsilon Admiral - Tal Riel Tier 1 Medusa Dreadnought " Nemesis " - 385 +1 Shield, +2 PD, +3 wing capacity, Precision Strike on Beams, Corrosive Torpedoes, 9 wings, Kappa escort Dagon Battle Carrier " Tiamat "- 310 +1 shield, +2 PD, -1 turn limit, quick launch, Precison Strike on Beams, Corrosive Torpedoes, 9 wings, Kappa escort Oannes Heavy Carrier " Scylla's Wrath " - 225 +2 shields, Corrosive torpedoes, 8 wings, Kappa escort Tier 2 4 Tsunami Cruisers " The Furies " - 340 Energy transfer 2 2 Shiva Gunships, 1 Sullis Heavy Cruiser " The Graeae " - 240 + 1 Shield on gunships. Tier 3 6 Snapper Corvettes "Celto's Maidens"- 120 Pack Hunter 2 Barracudas " The Lampreys " - 40 2 Barracudas " The Lampreys "- 40 1700 POints Kurak Special Guest Appearance High Warden Koviak aboard the Tarakian Battleship "The Eternal Watch" - 250 Ganak Battleship, self repair, + 2 wing capacity, 6 wings The Forces: Rense System Navy RSN Taskforce ‘the 505’, Lead by the Spectre class battleship ‘Dragon’ Captianed by Fleet Marshal Beta James Greystone. Escorted by the heavy cruiser ‘Golem’ (+2 movement, +2 assault point, + Spec Ops, + Precision strike +interceptors, + Heavy cruiser escort + Precision strike +Spec Ops +4 interceptors) = 340 The RSN Carrier ‘Stormfall’ escorted by the spook cruisers ‘Warblade’ and ‘Fireaxe’ (+4 wings, +1 Shield, +2 cruisers, +12 bombers) = 340 Spook cruisers ‘Scimitar’, ‘Glaive’ and ‘Falchion’ (3 x cruisers) = 210 Destroyers ‘Dark Eye’ and ‘Strike Raven’ (2 x destroyers, + precision strike +spook torpedoes) = 180 Frigate Group Alfa 247-4 (blue) (4 x Frigates) = 100 Frigate Squadron Beta 358-4 (green) (4 x Frigates) = 100 Frigate Squadron Capa 469-4 (red) (4 x Frigates) = 100 Frigate Squadron Delta 570-2 (bronze) (2 x Frigates) = 50 2 x Directorate battle cruisers ‘Projex 1’ and ‘Projex 2’ (2 x battle cruisers, +bio hazard torpedoes, +bio hazard beam weapons) = 260 The Directorate Battleship Anarchist Class Battleship “Arex 7” Captianed by Chief Executive Franco Escorted by the Siren escorts from Squadron Gamma 115-2 (Directorate battleship, +biohazard torpedoes, +biohazard beams, +2 sirens, +3 wings, +1 move) = 280 Points = 1700 * * * * * Mission: Border Clash Points: 1700 Deployment: The RSN keep 2 x frigate squadrons in reserve, along with hidden set up destroyers. With both fleets, frigates are deployed on the flanks, with a strong central battleline for each fleet deployed using the heavier fleet elements. Turn 1: “Let our hosts go first. Wouldn’t want to acquire too many dents on the new ship now would we?” Chief Executive Franco, aboard the Anarchist class battleship ‘Arex 7’ TAC Phase: The RSN play the Tac card ‘drives to maximum’ on the Spectre battleship. The Aquan’s play regroup on the 2 Barracuda groups, creating a single unified squadron. Activation phase: Having won the initiative, the RSN activate. The Spectre battleship leaps forward, ignoring deployed mines and taking no damage. It targets the Aquan Dreadnought “Nemesis”, hoping for early damage. But alas, despite Kinetics, beams and torpedoes, no damage is inflicted! The Aquan fleet replies. The Nemesis Dreadnought activates, launching it’s interceptors and bombers, as well as dropping mines. With it’s formidable firepower, it targets the Spook cruiser ‘Fireaxe’. With heavy fire it inflicts decompression damage from the forward beam weapons.. In turn, the Heavy cruiser ‘Golem’ takes heavy damage, losing 2 crew and 2 hull points. The massive ship’s torpedos however are deflected and the heavy cruiser survives it’s battering. Looking to redress the battle, the Directorate Battle cruisers surge forward, targeting the Aquan dreadnought once more. They manage to position themselves in such a way as to look like two giant missiles attached to the Spectre! However, despite 12 solid hits, epic saves from the dreadnought deflect the damage! The follow on torpedos likewise fail to damage. What is wrong with the Zenian league weapons? The Aquan Shiva gunships open fire with there beam weapons, combining fire on the already damaged ‘Golem’. Unable to sustain such massive firepower, the RSN heavy cruiser is destroyed! The Aquan’s mark their first Battlelog point. Follow on torpedos do no damage to the RSN Spook cruiser ‘Fireaxe’ The RSN now activate their Spook cruiser squadron. Swiftly the elusive cruisers move to assist their beleagued fleet. Despite maximum speed they find themselves out of range for their beam weapons. Not so with their torpedoes however, which are launched against the Shiva gunships. Despite good shields and PD fire, a gunship takes a hull breach! At least the RSN weapons are doing something! Aquan Dagon Battle carrier ‘Tiamat’ activates, launching bombers and mines. Positioning itself well, it’s powerful beam weapons do terrible damage to the directorate battle cruiser ‘Projex 1’. It also uses the Sullis cruisers special ability to redirect its port beam weapons against ‘Projex 1’ again, causing another decompression! Choosing his time well, Chief Executive Franco orders his directorate battleship to join the battle. Quickly it’s beam weapons overload the shields of a Tsunami class cruiser, though it’s cyberwarfare does not effect the Aquan Shiva gunships. Oannes Heavy Carrier " Scylla's Wrath” moves forward but unlike it’s Dagon counterpart, it’s attacks fail to do any damage. In turn, the RSN Frigate Squadron Delta 570-2 manoeurves but finds no enemy ships in range. Aquan Tsunami Cruisers "The Furies" activate, moving up to target the Directorate battleship. There beam weapons cause a hull breach on the mightly ship! The RSN Argus carrier and her escorts activating, the carrier launching bombers, and it’s torpedoes causing damage on the Sullis cruiser. The squadron of barracuda frigates swoop in, targeting the already heavily damaged Directorate ship ‘Projex 1’. With impressive firepower and double crits, they destroy the directorate battle cruiser! More trouble comes the RSN way, when a Frigate triggers a mine, and is immediately destroyed! Finally the Tarakian Battleship "The Eternal Watch" activates it’s engines and aims it’s weapons at ‘Projex 2’, the remaining directorate battle cruiser. Once again, heavy damage is inflicted. Turn 1 battlelog: Aquan = 3 RSN = 0 Turn 2 “Chief executive Franco, when I want your tactical advice rest assured, I’ll ask for it. In the meantime, whilst we wait for hell to freeze over, please do as you are ordered.” Message fragment from Fleet Marshal Beta Greystone to Chief Executive Franco, Directorate. Tac phase The RSN play ‘intel gathered’, but it fails to give them the advantage in the subsequent initiative phase. Aquan’s grab the initiative! In turn, the RSN reserves fail to arrive. At least the 2 Phoenix destroyers ‘Dark Eye’ and ‘Strike Raven’ reveal themselves, ready for battle. Activation phase The Tsunami cruisers move up, once again targetting the directorate battleship! They cause yet more damage and put the ship’s security into disarray. Revenge is swift however, as the Phoenix destroyers open fire on the Sullis cruiser, destroying it utterly! The Snapper class corvettes "Celto's Maidens" skim by a planetoid, launching torpedoes at some RSN Frigates. Alas, they do no damage. With it’s cruiser escort gone, the RSN battleship soldiers on. This it’s target are the Shiva Gunships. It’s beams and kinetics manage to destroy one gunship and heavily damage another, which immediately disorders the Aquan ships! The response comes from the Barracudas, who target the Spook cruiser ‘Fireaxe’ and the Phoenix destroyers. They manage to damage both. The RSN Spook squadron of ‘Scimitar’, ‘Glaive’ and ‘Falchion’ find the range with all their weapons. They destroy a Barracuda, damage a Tsunami cruiser , and destroy the final Shiva gunship with a triple crit! The Aquan reply is to once more activate the dreadnought ‘Nemesis’. It immediately send it’s interceptors and bombers in to attack the Spectre battleship ‘Dragon’. The interceptors are driven off by RSN interceptors, but the bombers in turn destroy the RSN interceptors! The bombers continue, attacking the RSN ship but it’s PD fire drives them off. The dreadnoughts followup beam weapons knock out the RSN battleships PD network, and corrodes the ship with it’s torpedoes. The Argus carrier and its Spooks escorts engage the Tsunami’s, destroying another. They also destroy the Aqua dreadnoughts small escort ship! The "Celto's Maidens" Snappers sling shoot round the planet, coming in behind the RSN frigates! They destroy one and disorder the remaining frigate! The directorate battleship engages the troublesome Tsunami’s, heavily damaging one. It’s cyber weapons also finally find the range, disabling the PD network on the ‘Nemesis’ Dreadnought. The Aquan Dagon activates and it send’s it’s bombers to attack the RSN battleship! Despite some excellent shield saves, they critically damage the RSN battleship with a reactor leak and leaving it with only 3 hull points. Beam weapons cause further massive damage. The RSN are taking a beating! Frigate Squadron Delta 570-2 swoops round, doing damage to the already damaged Tsunami’s and damaging a snapper corvette as well. High Warden Koviak brings his Battleship "The Eternal Watch" round. Activating it’s forward grav weapons, it fires on the RSN ‘Dragon’, but fails to do damage. However, it’s salvo of torpedos impact on the battleship and with a ripple of explosions appear to destroy the ship! In response the already damaged directorate battle cruiser ‘Projex 2’ destroys a Barracuda frigate. The Aquan carrier “" Scylla's Wrath” engages the hated directorate battleship, causing more fresh scars to the enemy craft. Turn 2 score: Aquan = 14 (9) RSN = 0 Final turns 3 and 4! “Mission accomplished. All ships jump out. Mourn the dead later. Remember Dramos” Fleet Marshal Beta Greystone, aboard the RSN Argus Carrier ‘Stormfall’ after successful evacuation. TAC Phase The Aquan’s play their ‘sniper’ TAC card whilst the RSN play no cards. The RSN gain the initiative at last! And finally, the RSN Frigate reinforcements arrive. But are they too late? Activation phase The RSN carrier ‘Stormfall’ activates, it’s bombers attacking the remaining Tsunami cruisers! But Aquan interceptor attempt to stop the 2 bomber units. Sadly only one bomber wing is destroyed and the cruiser PD fire does not stop them. The 2 cruisers are heavily damaged, one even suffering a fold space rupture! The follow up attacks are deadly, as the undamaged RSN escort cruiser ‘Warblade’ destroys one of the Tsunami’s. Additional fire destroys a Snapper Corvette and another Aquan escort ship. The damaged Tsunami’s fight back, dropping mines amongst the furball of battle, as well as destroying a RSN frigate and critically damaging the spook cruiser ‘Glaive’. The newly arrived RSN Frigates of Squadron Capa 469-4 (red) quickly go to work, destroying an Aqua Barracuda Frigate Dagon Battle Carrier " Tiamat " seeks to do damage, sending its bombers rush the Spook cruiser ‘Gliave’ and the ‘Projex 2’ battle cruiser. However, one bomber unit is quickly intercepted and driven off! The directorate battle cruiser is not so luckly, attacked by 6 bomber wings. His hull takes immense damage and his shields are overloaded! The Spook cruisers activate, targeting and destroying an Aquan Barracuda of the ‘Lamprey’s’ and heavily damaging a Tsunami’s. The tarakian battleship replies, sending in it’s bombers. Despite destroying 2 wings with PD fire, the bombers attack. Together with the battleships own weaponry, the bombers and fire damage then destroy the Directorate battle cruiser ‘Projex 2’, and the nearby spook class cruiser ‘Glaive’. Frigate Squadron Beta 358-4 destroy another escort and a single snapper. The dreadnoughts bombers destroy the Spook cruiser ‘Scimitar’, which had already been heavily damaged. Engaging with beams and torpedoes at the remaining spook cruiser ‘Falchion’, they destroy the ship in a single go! The squadron is eliminated! With that final shoot, the game was called due to time. But the victor was obvious. JG = -1 Alex = 21 Landslide victory for the Aquans! Aquan Epilogue: It had been 1 hour since the RSN and directorate ships had emergency folded out leaving their dead and dying behind, however no celebrations were conducted on the bridge of the Nemesis, instead each member was either intently studying their sensor readings for survivors and any signs of a counter strike or planning for the jump into the new sector. The comms officer aboard the Nemesis turned to Tal Riel and advised "Admiral, Captain Ye Luho of the Barracuda Lamprey Gama reports they have detected life pods from the RSN battleship and Directorate Battlecruisers". With a shark toothed grin he continued "He reports they are caught in the nearest planets gravity well and will reach terminal state within 15 cycles, he wishs to know if he should begin rescue operations". With a scowl Tal Riel barked "Obtain their sensor data and feed it back into our systems, prepare a fleet wide signal and link in the sensor data in real time". "Sensor data achieved and correlated, confirmed life pods detected at locations and acquired by Nemesis resolution systems, fleet comm signal ready at your order" the comms office replied. Taking a moment to calm her manner Tal Riel flicked the fleet signal open "To all ships within Retribution Shoal Epsilon , this is admiral Tal Riel, I know for some of you this is the first time you have served with our shoal so let this be a lesson as to how we do things here". "Within this communication you will see the real time sensor relay of what remains of the enemy fleet", deflty she keyed in the order for the Nemesis's beam weapons to lock onto the RSN lifepods, "and this is how we deal with our enemies here", at the press of a button incandesant beams of pink light stabbed out across the void engulfing the life pods and rendering them to ash. Satisfied, she closed the signal and turned to her logistics staff to begin planning the fleet jump into the Proteus system, "Ma'am?" queried one of the newer bridge officers," What about the Directorate lifepods?" The officer immediately regretted his query as the admirals stare burned through him as she replied " Why, we let them burn of course". RSN Epilogue: Fleet Marshal Beta Greystone took another sip from his wine glass. A fine Terran vintage; reserved for special occasions; good or bad. This ranked as bad, if one looked at the casualty ratings and ship losses alone. It was only if you looked beyond the immediate situation and considered his original orders, that supposedly his latest operation had been a success. Greystone didn’t believe that; his fleet had been beaten. Obviously, he was missing something. At that moment, the door to his ready room chimed. “Come” The door slide open, revealing Chief Executive Franco, Directorate CEO. Greystone eyed the other man wearily; prehapes his ally could shed light on things. “Come to justify yourself?” he asked with a certain venom. Franco bowed his balding head slightly. “The Directorate sincerely regrets the human and material losses suffered due to this operation.” He held up a black data pad, emblazed with a Directorate corporate icon. “I have assurances from the conglomerate who funded this enterprise, that all losses will be replaced, like for like. Human and machine.” Greystones cold stare did not leave the other man. “And what about you, Franco?” spat Greystone. “How do you view this ‘successful’ operation?” Franco paused. “We lost more than we expected. The Aquan response was more…aggressive than expected.” Franco cleared his throat. “I am sorry.” Greystone suspected that was as close as Franco was going to get to actually speaking like a normal human being. Reluctantly he accepted the apology with a simple nod, and indicated the chair in front of him. “Drink with me.” Greystone said, in a tone that suggested it was more an order than a request. “I’m assuming you didn’t just come here to pay your respects.” “No Fleet Marshal.” Franco conceded, allowing the Marshal to pour him a drink. “You want the full picture I assume?” Greystone finished pouring the other mans drink before leaning back in his chair, nodding again. Franco began his sales pitch “Simply put, this mission had several objectives, all of which were furfilled in full. A reconnaissance of the outer Proteus system, engaging the enemy and assessing their strength, as well as inflicting what losses we could.” Greystone remained silent. “The objective you were not aware of, I am now free to enlighten you to. During the engagement my ship attacked the Aquan Dreadnought with one of our latest cyber warfare weapons. I will not bore you with the details of the weapon, except to confirm it disabled their point defense systems for a time. That is how the Aquan command will see it as well; a simple electronic warfare attack, easily corrected by a swift reboot of their systems.” Franco could not help but smile. “It was a ruse. The cyber attack was more than a simple disabling of the enemies weapons. It was the implanting of a virus; an intelligent Bio-tech virus, designed with assistance of our friends in Omnidyne.” Greystone frowned, leaning forward. He set his half-full wine glass on his desk. “A virus?” he asked. “Yes.” Franco set his wine glass down in turn, leaning forward to meet the Marshal’s gaze. “A self-replicating virus, able to secret itself into the Aquan command systems. Even as we speak, that virus will have integrated itself inside the communication systems of every ship connected with the original host. Every transport that docks with the ship, every fighter, bomber, shuttle; even individual communication devices and computing systems; all will be infected.” “What does it do?” asked Greystone Franco picked up his glass, holding it up in front of him. He eyed the fine white wine within, before looking to Greystone again. “Patience Fleet Marshal Beta.” Franco said, his smile of satisfaction never leaving his face. “All good things, to those who wait.”
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    Dont give up its almost done ! Bunker "fuel" The generator vanes To finish an overview http://i59.servimg.com/u/f59/18/13/96/43/vue_gy11.jpg A link for a first sketch of an animation Well that was a huge post ! I hop you enjoy it, give me your feedback, advice , idea to improve it!Feel free to comment And once again, sorry for my english . Edit sorry for the triple post but i have to!
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    Terran Shields

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    Dystopian Wars Playtester Thread

    The effort to remove/simplify/streamline MARs has not just been about reducing the total number, although that was a significant effort which, I think, has really paid off in the game. Of equal importance is what, for lack of a better term, I'll call "generalizing" MARs. A lot of the MARs that units have access to are common to certain weapon systems, or are faction-wide, which makes them easier to remember. It doesn't take long to remember what MARs all Volley Guns have (especially since you'll know in advance if you're playing one of the fleets who cares about this) or what fleet wide MAR your own fleet has. This has been coupled with a removal of special exceptions for weapon systems, so their abilities are much more often represented by well known and easy to remember MARs instead of one-off rules. The number of unique MARs on each ship is the same or has gone down in the majority of cases (note: I haven't counted, this is my impression as I work through making 2.0 stat cards), and the ones that are present are more common, without any MARs that exist for one unit only. The ones that have been kept have been streamlined, with unnecessary complexity removed in favour of focusing on meaningful effects. Areas of the rules that were historically complex and unwieldy and which left players with a feeling of "this is a lot of work and I probably shouldn't bother", like bombing and (sort of) carrier actions, have been streamlined and abstracted a touch to turn them into things that are effective and really easy to use. Things that were huge rule exceptions, like tiny fliers and tiny tokens and infantry tokens, have all been rationalized and normalized into the rest of the rule set. There are a lot fewer exceptions and a lot more things that work the way a lot of other things work. I can tell you from personal experience that it is much, much easier to teach a new player 2.0 than it was to teach them 1.1. I don't believe that it is any more complex than 1.1, and indeed is much more straightforward in a number of areas; great effort was expended to reduce complexity, and where complexity was not reduced, to transfer that complexity from things that were less useful to things that are more useful. I think your concerns are coming from a very valid place and I am the sort of person who tends to be worried about the same things, so bear that in mind when I say that 2.0 is a huge improvement on an already very solid rule set. All the changes are very smart changes, made with a keen insight into the heart of the ruleset and an eye for playability, scalability, future proofing and ease of entry. Give it a shot, I think you'll be impressed. All that said, we're drifting off the Playtester Thread topic, which is about asking Delboy & co. about upcoming goodies. I think that this sort of thing would be better asked in a separate thread in the general forum, so if you have further questions or concerns along those lines, now that 2.0 is out in the wild, please open a separate thread and follow up there.
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    Kaptyn Krys

    Fleet Compitition ?

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    Big Mac

    Prussian Empire Colour Scheme Database

    I forgot I haven't spammed this thread yet! More on the blog in my sig.
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    OK, it's been more than "a few weeks" but here is my Russian "Black Fleet" (actually it is black heavily shaded with green)...
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    Hello Admirals of the one and only kingdom. When I started to paint my fleet, I decided to give it a scottland-theme. (had much blue left ) Here ist the Flower of scottland my Ruler Class Battleship:
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    The Errata and Clarifications document can be found by clicking here or going to the Downloads section of our website. It clarifies certain elements of the FIRESTORM ARMADA: Hardback Edition rulebook and also responds to feedback received. The contents of this document take precedence over any previously published material, and any previous ruling. Queries should be directed to rules@spartangames.co.uk
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    Carrier! For this guy I mounted the upper deck on pylons so that I could open up the launch racks. This method of deployment makes a lot more sense to me than the stock way of putting the model together, and looks very visually appealing on the tabletop. Really happy with how this guy turned out.
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