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    Bonjour, Ici juste de passage pour vous signaler que plusieurs personnes ont décidés de relancer la communauté en France. Pour commencer, nous avons créé un Discord pour nous rassembler et proposer des choses pour la traduction TOTALE des règles (cartes comprises) et pour organiser des conventions et autres. Le lien Discord : Wild West Exodus France Vous y trouverez aussi une section répertoriant les joueurs et leur départements pour faciliter les rencotnres. Venez nombreux...c'est notre meilleure chance de relancer ce jeux plein de qualité en France!!
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    Firestorm Beta announced

    There is no indication of hex maps. Nor are you actually required to swap out the bases; if you don't want to, there is a movement/firing template that functions with the old bases. The fact of which readily implies no hex tile maps.
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    Zephyr Station

    Firestorm Beta announced

    Actually, we're on the good side of that cycle. v1 Good v1.5 Bad v2 Good Spartan v3 Bad WC v3 Good...? Seriously though, they have never said that they were going to do a hex map. That's conjecture from someone with a pretty big axe to grind, so I wouldn't take those statements as nearing reality. For the hex bases, yeah, I can see that is an expense. Let's see how it's implemented before freaking out too much.
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    Firestorm Painting Group

    With a canceld vacation due to corona and time at my hands, i could tackle my FSA part on my Pile of Shame:
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