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    Pierre's Hex

    My newly found Hex, beginning with a Hex Beast and Marie Laveau.
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    Pierre's Enlightened

    My current lot of painted Enlightened miniatures.
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    WWX posters

    Some posters i made to create a more vivid scenery.
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    UVS work in progress

    At Salute 2018 I bought the Gunfight at Red Oak starter set. Slowly they are getting painted. Doc Holliday (and the two K9 attack dog automata). Frank James. Wyart Earp Jesse James Wyatt and Doc. The James Gang. A new building. Interior.
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    TR_Mike's Lawmen

    My current collection of fully-painted Lawmen
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    A New Orleans themed board built mostly by our fellow Terrainiac Dirk with a little help from his terrain- and painting-elves. For the most part i did the digital work, like posters, commercials, wallpapers, paintings etc., with some additional painting work here and there. Also i had to do the quay wall and the water board. The ship, "La Belle", consists of three parts so that that the first level (Casino), the second level (Saloon and private suite) and the roof are playable simultaniously. The complete board took about 500 hours of work, starting back in may, shortly after the Roleplay Convention and finishing about two weeks ago. Now, since the Spiel'18 show is over, the board travels back home to Cologne and will be just the newest addition to our WWX terrain at Top Tables
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    The first batch of ships which resemble my skirmish battlegroup in preparation for DW 3.0. More (and better) pictures coming soon
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    Some pictures of my latest WWX-board for demogames. Spent about 4 days of work on this one, but i only did the initial stages of the train and gave it to someone else at a later point (because i knew he'd do a great job with plastic card and would finish it in time).
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    A small skirmish sized DW board which i've done in April for introductory games in preparation of DW 3.0. Nothing too special, but for two days of work i'm actually quite pleased with the outcome.
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    TR_Mike's Outlaws

    A collection of my painted Outlaws miniatures
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    Terrain Pieces

    My terrain album!
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