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    new rules set

    Update Basically there's a Beta (like there is for dystopian) coming next year
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    new rules set

    Ok, i will mark this date in the calender and check the news section here. Such a roadmap is what i am waiting for.
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    new rules set

    This should be a big year for WC in terms of Spartan game licences and products. We know that Dystopian Wars is coming soon and should dominate the QA; whilst Firestorm we should hopefully hear about plans for a Beta I just hope that they can start to give us a roadmap of what is to come. Maybe not with fixed dates but at least to say what we can expect and in what order.
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    Warrior Nation

    Aye, though the sea-scale is still very much of a good size - however if we were to get sea-monsters; whilst I'm totally up for them in Dystopian Wars; they'd just make me want to see Uncharted return to the seas even more (and I'm convinced that IF we see Uncharted return it won't be for years and years yet sadly. Heck its been a year* or more and we are only just getting near Dystopian Wars hitting the high seas once more - and Firestorm after that at some unknown point in time. So I'd wager it will take several years to get those titles running smooth before they'll have attention and time to fit in Uncharted (if they decide too, they can always step away and say - no we're ok where we are we don't need another title). Of course if popularity of the series launches strong and we, as a community, can grow it then improved sales and ships on sea and space flying off shelves could give the investment opportunity for faster turn around! *Feels like a year, might be longer or shorter I honestly don't recall when Spartan died.
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    Here's the official answer: "The model is ejected from the building and placed into base contact with it by the new controlling player." This will be added to the FAQ
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    We’re kicking off 2019 with a Q&A! On January 31st you’ll be able to tune in and listen to Stuart and co. talk about upcoming releases and our plans for the games within the Dystopian Age. This Q&A event will be focusing on all things from Warcradle Studios; Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars, and Firestorm Armada, and will be shared on the Warcradle Studios Facebook page (as well as our YouTube channel). Submit your burning questions NOW! We’ll be answering as many as we can during the video - all you have to do is leave it on our Facebook event wall. We will try and answer as many questions as we can during the video. All questions need to be submitted BEFORE Tuesday 22nd January at 12 pm (midday) GMT. The video will go live on Thursday 31st January and a summary will follow. A follow-up article will be published to the Warcradle Studios blog and the Community forum for you to read at your leisure. See you then! Make sure to check the Facebook event for regular updates.
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    There we go, something I missed, Latin and Commonwealth both have Crit-on-hit weapons. Thank you RuleBritannia. And after a few drinks in me, looks like Celestials can be a pretty decent rocket thrower, with the Mark of Yama gen. I'm still scratching my head where this is going, as some of the earlier feeds and designs don't line up to the beta we have. Example: Union battleship has listed as 3 turrets, 2 fore, 1 aft, but the latest image has 3 fore, 0 aft with a A-fore 270, B-180 fore/port offset, C-180 fore/starboard offset scheme, which matches the battlecruiser. I'm aware of the nitpicky attitude, but I'm quite confused as to what's set in stone for the nations and models. I mean in the sense that are we getting just fillers to test the rules, or should the nations and models be played like this? If this is just filler, okay, I'm quite content to just hash it out and make these rules as precise as can be with not loopholes. I'd rather have a game with minimum min/max players, and more guidelines for as many possible outcomes and contingencies that may come up while playing with some of our more hardcore players. Yes, there is a difference between hardcore and min/maxers.
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    Heat lances on latin ships, rail guns on Ruskies as per my original post. Not sure what difference that makes to medium and small vessels as of yet. I get this is the beta, and this stresses player choice of fleet, but the factional bleed reduces at this point the character of every fleet. Its possibly more historical but less gamey.
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    I know it to be fairly early into the beta, and with the rules and background still being rewritten, but I am curious if Warcradle would release an idea/goal as to the factional differences they plan to implement. It is one thing for us as players to go at each other, but I cannot really get into this version if I have no idea which faction suites me. I understand that this version may wish to set a level playing field across the nations, and that is their decision/right. My views are as follows: Enlightened as trickster, we-have-cool-tech, mad-scientists. Commonwealth as a faction causes critical hits and have small Enlightened tech. Crown as the ultimate defensive turtle, with boosted torpedo usage. Sultanate as a low tier Enlightened. Celestials are looking as a swarm faction with many, many units. Imperium are a faction that counters Crown, or any defensive faction. I believe that leaves Latin and Union, which have standard equipment and standard units with nothing special. In the few games, there has been almost no diversity or drive to play other than above with anything other than Enlightened, Crown, and Imperium. Weapon placement means almost nothing as I just need to measure from center of model and try to broadside most targets. If I need to Indirect, I stack mortar units behind a large/colossal shielded 2* heavy Crown within range of few units with their own shields. If I need to assault, I used Imperium with storm generators and bum rushed over with atomics and zapped em all. I will admit to unimaginative tactics. I asked this in my feedback, but maybe the community can see something I missed, what is the difference for each faction?
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    Warcradle Stuart

    Cor Caroli trait and piercing

    That was not the intention of the rule. The revised wording for 1.09 will be: "The Stunned and Disordered Conditions do not cause Attribute penalties to be suffered by this unit, though they still count as having the Condition. The Hazard Condition has no effect on this unit and if applied is immediately removed. Furthermore, the unit ignores negative Piercing modifiers when taking Grit Checks unless against attacks from weapons using the Blast template or if the attack has a piercing modifier of -3 or greater."
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    @RuleBritannia by weapon differentiation, do you mean like of olde, or in one nation has an experimental munitions while others having something new? Of old, was more like one nation was better with one weapon like torpedoes, while others had similar weapons with additional traits: like main guns that were fire starters. If by something new, do you mean that Crown has middle ground covered with guns and able to outlast in a fuster-cluck, while Commonwealth has heavier short range guns that do exactly as intended by demolishing any contenders that get close? This is more for my understanding.
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    new rules set

    Honestly I wouldn't expect big steps in the Firestorm department until we see Dystopian pushed further forward. We've also no real idea of WC's plans for how fast and how much they will roll out for Dystopian Wars - remembering that they are redesigning many of the factions and models to new sculpts as well as some adjustments to alliances. I don't think we've really got an idea how big a team and production setup WC have either - plus they already produce WWE products. So predictions are hard and its honestly the worst of times at present as whilst things are surely chugging along, there just isn't much to tantalize us. Esp since its likely they are still in phases where many things get changed or adjusted, dropped and added and where progress just takes time. It would be foolish of WC to build up hype too much now and leave us with a long period of nothing or have to change plans . That siad they are now making classic sculpts up for sale so there is that to look forward too! : )
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    As of right now there doesn't seem to be much variation in the stats between nations. The difference in MARs and crew aren't significant, in my opinion. The different generator and other outfitting cards being specific to certain nations does add flavor. The Americans being the only faction having nothing specific to them is very odd. These are beta test rules so hopefully that will change with the full release of the game. Honestly, I haven't played the beta in a while. I played for the first few updates and then started losing interest. I have been keeping up to date on the rules updates. Seems to be coming along with some good changes and some that make me ask what were they thinking.
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    Video for any who haven't already seen the video It's all sounding great! No firm dates set, but there's the launch of Dystopian Wars confirmed, box art and confirmation of the open beta for Firestorm Armada! They've also said that there will be a Question and Answer (QA) in January and further ones following that. So its sounding like WC are upping their marketing and communication which means each day is now taking meaningful steps toward those great Spartan Games returning to the vast seas of Earth and Space once again!
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    my clockwork themed COA fleet

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