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    As far as I know the 2nd gen UCS stuff are computer designs, so depending on the fabrication method either the masters or the moulds are 3D printed. Also the Dragon Lords pictured in the last rulebook look more detailed than the earlier models, so I think they actually got reworked, just not to the level of Spartan’s later work. Anyway, it has been over two years now, I have six fleets gathering dust while waiting to be completed, and I’m not happy about that. Like I said before, if they don’t have the intention of actually doing something productive with the stuff, then why not sell it on to someone who will do something productive with it. At the moment the vast majority of the UCS models are still competitive quality wise, and there’s no competition whatsoever, but those circumstances aren’t going to last forever. They are just burning daylight.
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    As far as I know, except for the Halo stuff, they bought the whole caboodle, including UCS. I suspect issue two has more to do with it, or they simply aren’t interested, in which case, in the interest of the UCS players community, they should pass the stuff on to someone who is.
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    A report to keep the Seas alive

    A brief report from a club game The Orcs brought out their core fleet with extra destroyers, an assault cruiser and some spare bodged cruisers. The Shroud Mages brought assault destroyers, frigates, cruisers, heavy cruisers and there shiny new Beast of a flagship. The sides engaged with the orcs denying one flank and piling it on - taking first blood by sinking Shroud Mage Frigates Sadly the new flagship was shattered. However the Orcish fleet pretty much has gone for ad hoc submersible training Image shows just before the Orcish Health and Safety failures on the concept of magazines with closed doors.
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    Still playing

    I have recently dragged this back out, after a moderate dig of the internet for traders around the world carrying old stock that went rather well, and an ongoing painting session (thanks to German and Swedish shops here!). I went from starter fleets for Orcs, Elves and Dwarves with two heavy cruiser for the dwarves to Starters for all factions , a extra duff human starter box that had two orc cruiser hulls in plus an assortment of blisters for Orc, Dragonlord, Dwarf, Bone Griff and Elf. Sky Pirates elude me however. Still hunting more, especially since there was an auction here last year where huge amounts of Uncharted Seas got sold but never resurfaced in traders that I or friends are aware. However, I can get decent fleets down for most now and with a set of 7-8 players familiar with the rule can get 2-4 fleet games going at the games club whenever we want....
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    Question on Shroud Mages models

    I always thought they were bucket chains supplying coal to the steam boilers.....
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    I really hope Warcradle puts some great energy and effort in resurrecting this game. Sails, Steam, Airships, Dragons, and lots more. Uncharted Seas has a ton of potential and I would love to see it as a major part of the Warcradle family
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    Uncharted Seas is the original, Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars are based on it, not the other way around. The rules system suits fantasy naval combat better than it does space combat as a result. Wind direction is already incorporated in the game, as are various magical creatures & sea monsters, as are coastal fortifications & sea forts, so I wonder what you're about here (?)
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    Re-release the game as is i’d Be fine with some sort of rules for coastal fort assault ( hence only needing infantry tokens without need for cavalry , hoplites , etc) release a new faction for the north: ice floe that rams as frigates, longships as mediums, and large ships that can cast ice storms
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