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    HftP Covenant Fleet (in progress)

    And more progress with my Covenant fleet. The generators, like the turrets, are magnetized and swappable.
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    Hey guys, I love that DW has been revived, but I see some huge mistakes made during development that will mean resistance to taking up the game by new players, and a lack of model sales for new content because of serious holes in the rules. Given the models are where the money comes in for the company, that one in particular is a huge problem. TL;DR Wording needs to be tighter and more consistent. Wording is important. Rules have inconsistencies and outright conflicts which make interpretation difficult (I’m looking at you generator wording now directly conflicting with itself. Intent is obvious, but in a game, you NEED to have as clear wording as possible for rules, otherwise players simply state “well it says this so that’s how we play it”). Lack of good standards within the game leave players with few tools to expand/contract games and have a level playing ground with pick-up games. If you’re using fleet composition to sell models, players just won’t play; Fix the game design. OK, for those actually interested in the game getting better, I’ve identified a few things that needs looking into (From my own experiences, obviously), and I’ll go through them below. Wall of text incoming! I’ve organised these three points in order of sequence (to make subsequent points make sense) not order of importance. Importance would be point 2, point 1, then point 3. 1) OK, wording needs shoring up (pun intended) big time. Currently, units hiding behind an underwater obstacle cannot be shot at if you cannot draw LoS, but for some if you can draw LoS, that iceberg doesn't stop your torp (yup, if you're target is small, that obstacle blocks you but if you aren’t, torpedoes are magic!). The wording for Generators continues to be contradictory (a unit may only replace one gun in total, but all models must replace… wtf is going on there? Don’t insinuate meaning, be clear). These kinds of things sound small, but again, if you have all the other table-top games to pick from, and you read this and go “well, I don’t really know how this works or that works, I’m not bothering to try it because they clearly can’t do a good job”. This is not an attack on the devs, this stuff is hard, but I expect better and I think working on this will go strides to improving the game, limiting confusion, and integrating new players more easily. As an example, I mean, Crown got a sub that has a hull saw that literally cannot ram anything that isn’t a submerged unit… Why? Why is this in the game? Its main weapon is a ram it basically can’t use, and a speed so slow it will never get into position before being blown away. What nations is so brain dead it would waste resources building something like that? And there are others like this, this is just an obvious one that jumps out at me as having no thought behind it at all. 2) OK, this one will be long because it is involved. Couple of things here need to be addressed but it circles around balance, style of game and intent. Firstly, I want to say, in general, awesome work with simplification of core rules. I think that was thrown out the window recently, but the early work was solid and well thought out. However, I think serious issues, especially as release goes on, were introduced through the over-simplification of some elements, and I think the devs are starting to (either consciously or unconsciously) see it as well. Starting with weapons, this is a huge problem. With no deviation between ships weapons, there are VERY clear winners in each category (mass1, mass2, mass3, etc) for what is a great ship in the ORBAT, and what isn’t. I think this primarily stems from a lack of options available to rules writers to give flavour and to balance. This was a huge mistake and I think it needs addressing now. It also means all ships must be offensive ships in some way, so support ships that aren’t offensive, are bad choices, end of story. I think the one exception is the Hypatia, (because sustained just means re-roll card all game) given its high offensive output and ability to spread obscured to nearby ships. Leading on from this, generators. Because the game is now highly aggressive, range band 3 is extremely deadly, and with weapons being overwhelming, virtually all generators are poor and not worth sacrificing offensive power. Shield generators (for example) were intended (in the old game, and I don’t necessarily want this replicated necessarily, just for context) to give protection as you close. Because MOST weapons were poor at long ranges, the shield generator was meaningful to stop that chipping damage as you closed. Now it is the biggest waste of points ever. If you want defence, always go shroud. It stops explosions, means devastating only does 2 damage, and generally makes your free 2 vp Battleship might not cede those points to the enemy. Some custom generators are decent, and they are meaningful, but the core ones are awful. I think this stems from extreme offence, and removes meaningful choice from players (look at my point above and hopefully dots are starting to join). Who wants +2 speed, or whatever nonsense the magnetic generator is doing with SRS (seriously, SRS are bad…)? All of these are trumped by shroud, because obscured is the single best defensive measure (outside of possibly the Empire Generator) so they aren’t options worth considering. I think that is poor, and stems primarily from a highly offensive game that leaves no room for defensive or utility choices. Aggressive game is fine, but it needs balance if you want other utility. If the players and devs can barely see the difference in factions that’s a huge problem, and I’ve seen the questions pop up in the forums. You can simplify rules and make factions have depth and difference between each other. This finally leads to ship design. One reason the old game of naval warfare was so successful is ship classes actually meant something, and had a head nod (not much, but enough) to historical designs, meaning designing ships within class intention was possible in the game, and players had some idea about why this smaller thing called a destroyer wasn’t as powerful as this big thing called a battleship. Because of simplification, this is not a concept in the current edition, and that hurts dev flexibility, player choice and game fun. Battleships, with one or two exceptions, are nothing short of pathetic for example. Because of the need for protection, they have two guns, despite having twice the deck space of a cruiser. So, why take it? A cruiser squadron is a better investment in every way. Oh right, no flexibility to adjust guns, can’t play with ranges (same reason) and you HAVE to take one. I can see the devs kinda realised what was going on, and the ORBATS are getting super restrictive with how many different kinds of units a player will take in a battlefleet. That is a SERIOUS indicator your game design is not working, and it needs addressing. You won’t sell different ships if people don’t want to take them, it’s as simple as that. If you want to compete, and make cash, you need to make model variety important, or stop pretending the chaff ships are worth it and don’t spend dev time making them. Potentially devs can get around this with ship packs, and I won’t say that won’t work, but your players will quickly realise what you’re doing and likely won’t enjoy that feeling. This was a long section, but it highlights some really entrenched problems. I think it is a good time to fix them, both in approach and actual numbers, but it needs attention now, not later. 3) Finally, comp stuff. Now, this might seem like a section for people who go to tournaments, but it isn’t. This is important for all players. You can make them optional if you wish, but if you want new blood (i.e. more sales because old players will hang onto old models if possible), these need to exist. Standards help players unfamiliar with each other have agreed systems and baselines to work with when setting up a game, and give players an insight into how the game is balanced and what changes to those standards might result in. That’s not to say players can’t do what they want, but it means doing whatever you want isn’t the standard set. First off, terrain. How much terrain is expected to interact with the game and make all ORBAT choices as meaningful as possible (yup, referring to point 2 again). Is the game balanced to no terrain? If so, why is terrain included? I assume the intention is to have some (it makes tactics more involved which is good for player creativity and engagement), and if so, how much? It doesn’t need to be specific, but something like “20%-30% of terrain is encouraged for standard games” is a good line to set the expectation, but not enforce it (just an arbitrary number range I made up). What is the standard game size for 4x4? Is it 4000 points? If so, do you think it’s fun half of a players list won’t see the game? If not, how do players get around that? You could say” “duh, play on a 6x6”, but does that have some impact on ranges for example (I see Antarctica suffering heavily on a longer-range map like that)? Will close range units become useless and therefore never taken? Again, players can ignore this, but these core ideas are extremely important not just for players navigating unfamiliar groups, but also as a core game design baseline for how things work and are expected to work. There is no game that solves 100% of problems, and that’s why good games have these rules, because players know what the expectation is, and where stuff stops working, or might start getting a bit wonky. This section could be done last, but it needs to be done. OK, wall of text over. I’m super happy this game got resurrected. The original dev team (Spartan) understood real life naval warfare enough that it permeated the game in aesthetics and design, and I think that really brought players in (it certainly did for me who never even thought naval gameplay could be fun). They had serious issues with complex rules but the new guys correctly identified that and tackled it! Please don’t throw away non-rules concepts that gave the game life and depth, such as class roles, design roles, etc. These don’t have to be Historical either, they just have to make sense, and be intuitive enough to navigate! I want to see the current devs grow fat off a great game, and players loving the many things they can do with a fleet. Anyone reading this far, discuss and actually think on it! I think if this game is to succeed as a game, these points need to be addressed and have meaningful, not token, action given to them. Core problems proliferate through games with poor design and players realise it unconsciously or not. If discussion remains civil and not “oh, you just do this and magic happens!”) maybe the community can rally around and work this out. With Covid still looming the better the game is, the more likely it succeeds financially. I’d love to hear ideas, ponderings and objections, but make sure we are attacking ideas, not each other. The purpose of this post is not to hate, or generate friction, but instead to generate thought and discussion.
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    Hello, We are pleased to announce what we will organise our first V3 Dystopian Wars tournament in the south of France, in september the 11th and 12th. It will be a 4 games (2 saturday and 2 sunday), and 1000 pts. The T3 Tournament is up : https://www.tabletoptournaments.net/t3_tournament.php?tid=28061 The rules will be up in a few days. Good game to everyone. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Salut, Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que nous allons organiser notre 1er tournoi Dystopian Wars V3, les 11 et 12 septembre prochain dans le sud de la France. Ce sera 4 parties de 1000 pts, (2 samedi et 2 dimanche) . Le lien T3 est ici : https://www.tabletoptournaments.net/t3_tournament.php?tid=28061 Le règlement sera en ligne dans quelques jours. Bon jeu à tous.
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    Sorry, but I certainly cannot agree assaults favour attackers. They get an average of about 7-10 dice (of course there are dedicated vesels getting more) and face an average of about 14 dice back. Sure, they get Exploding Hits, but given you need to win by 5 points to do anything of substance in victory? With 5 of the 60 V/V cards counting Explosions on defence and 10 more of them being rerolls, I would say that the odds almost always favour the defender.
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    I would like to say that I think some great points have been made. I also am a huge fan of DW but have started running into one rules issue after another. That being said some of this is just opinion but some of it is just confusing, especially for new players. 1) Movement Step PAGE 18 gives to many ways to cheese extra turning radius out of the template. Its easy to pick points on the ship that are not flat and you can fudge extra turn radius, this is not even always a purposeful action. 2) Critical damage, getting a Catastrophic explosion actually seems to be not really as strong as some of the critical. why is this? 3)Defenses PAGE 23, In the explanation of defenses it states "Before the Action Dice have been rolled for an Attack, the Initial Target may declare it will be using its Defenses." it later says "each Model in the Unit within 4" of the Initial Target (and with the relevant Defense), adds +1 die to the Defensive action Dice Pool. This does not prevent those same models from being able to use Defenses themselves during the same Activation." Question: what is the point of having to declare you are using your defenses as there is no limit to you using them at lest that is stated in the rules anywhere that I can find. Secondly why would you even mention that the aiding another model in the unit does not stop you from using your defenses if there is no stated limit? 4) OPERATIONS STEP PAGE16, ":During Operations each Unit is able to perform a variety of actions Typically, units will launch fighters and bombers, submarines may set their dive-plans to go into deep running, or Aerial units may go into ta steep climb to rise up into the clouds." There are no rules for dive-plans, or flying into a steep climb, also there is NOT a variety of actions models can do. 5)ORBATS are a bit confusing the way they are doing all the Traits and Special rules. They need to clean this up. Simple things like removing the concept of special SRS tokens and just having it say that you get (4)Blitzen bombers and then give rules for the BB in the top , getting rid of the extream range special rule and just making a 4th range band all in all clean it up. 6)Dice, the whole Heavy Hit doing (2)hits is a little silly. You have a 1/2 chance to hit at all, a 1/6th chance to do (1)hit, a 1/3 chance to do (2)hits of which 50% of the time you get to roll an extra die. I do not understand the point of having the Heavy Hit do (2) hits. 7) Generators are super cool but I agree are kind of pointless. What good is removing (2) dice from a attack pool when they are going to throw 30+ at you. Seems kind of pointless maybe if it was 2 from the main weapon and 2 from each support but anyways, I'm just agreeing they are a little underwhelming but they are so cool conceptually OVERALL I think the game is fun but if we are going to pull new players in and their hard earned money it needs an overhaul. Massive balancing, reworking of a lot of the rules, cleaning up wording and adding all the content. My hopes are that once they drop the last (2) factions they will put out a 3.5 rule set. Or an ADVANCED play rules set. Fix SRS tokens from being just a lame weapon that doesn't need LOF and make them something more the models are great lets get them on the table flying around. The team has done a lot of great things I just hope they continue to move forward and clean up and fix the issues. It feels like I'm playing a Beta game that had a beta for 4 years.
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    Warcradle Sam

    missing parts

    Hi Frednoe44! If you head here: http://bit.ly/WS-Help-Desk the Warcradle Customer Service Desk will be able to help.
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    Modification of the color scheme for the new CoA minis!
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    [DW V3] covenant of the enlightened

    First model a Merian class frigate
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    At last, after years of pause, I'm going back to Dystopian Wars!
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    Good point, in the ORBATS there are lists (last page), which models to use as Corvettes/Escorts IF you own old models. This is not an option to new players, just use a frigate to represent the Escort until Warcradle releases something. I hope they will release something faction appropriate.
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    [DW V3] covenant of the enlightened

    Last but not least The Prometheus : All of the Covenants in the starter box :
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    [DW V3] covenant of the enlightened

    Thanks! To go with my tiny fliers a huge whale launcher... A Descartes Control Ship.
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    [DW V3] covenant of the enlightened

    Ulysses vanguard cruisers finished!
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    First of all, I did not play a game of DW3.0 yet, so I can't tell what it feels like. But reading the rules and ORBATS, I do not see great differences between the factions and their available weaponry and shooting seems to be much more deadly than in older editions of the game. But this is just a concern I have from reading the rules... What I don't understand in your remarks is the ramming and the torpedo shooting thing. Why can't the subs ram a normal ship (s. "Ramming" on p.29)? And how can you shoot your torpedoes over land (s. p.34 "Land:")?
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    [DW V3] Veloran's Fleets

    All my prussian ships are done :
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    Weapon Qualities: Sustained

    Got my answer from reddit
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    Empire of the Rising Sun models

    Check here! The topic is in French but in the attached doc you can find the previous version pics of the models! https://forum.laforgeludique.fr/discussion/1693/dystopian-wars-correspondance-des-figurines-en-v2-v3
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    A request for the Lost World

    I would li,e to make a request. Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
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    Dystopian Wars por fin en español

    Hola compañeros de fatigas. Imagino que ya os habréis enterado, pero si no es así os dejo este enlace ¡Dystopian Wars en español! . La verdad es que han tardado tanto en sacar la nueva edición que no me sentía nada atraído por probarla. Pero esta noticia cambia bastante mi pensamiento inicial. Ya iba siendo hora de que alguien se diera cuenta de que existe un nicho en la comunidad de habla hispana (porque el español no sólo se habla en España), que siempre hemos sido ninguneados. Merece un aplauso para Warcradle y espero que no sea sólo flor de un día, porque esto puede suponer crear (y revitalizar) comunidades de juego que de otra forma ni se acercarían al juego. Un saludo
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    Hi guys ! I make a vidéo a little different. This video as effect a old movie begin 20 century. Good video !
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    Thanks Bumblefox!
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    HftP Commonwealth Fleet

    Some pics of the Commonwealth fleet I've recently finished from the HftP set and an extra box of light forces: Paints are mostly Mission Models acrylics, with some Vallejo Acrylics, MiG enamel washes, and Tamiya weathering powders. All the cruiser turrets are magnetized and swappable. Oh No! this is going to be an embarrassing mess..
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    DW Open Stats Sheet Online

    Here is an open Stats Sheets for units and weapons, so that everyone can update it when new data is released: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DiJSPqI-a9glBjq2-2_IXb_3R1ndv6-s8cr4dLBTR28/edit?usp=sharing It is more useful than using PDFs, so I encourage everyone to contribute to this!
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    Phant Mastik

    Primer for new skippers?

    Spartan Games ceased trading in August 2017 and Warcradle bought the IP shortly after. They took their time, not only to develop a new ruleset, but also changed the fluff (merged it with Wild West Exodus). To me it's DW3.0 - to Warcradle it's v1.0x.
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    Huh, seems they did buy not only the IP from Spartan Games... It would have been nice to put the English version into the box rather than nothing. And that's why I stopped buying translations (regardless of the company). Sooner (in this case from the beginning) or later, they're stopping support and you end up with supplements in different languages, mixing game terms and special rule's names will get confusing...
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    Hello again, These ships are easier to magnetize and require fewer magnets all told. The frigates need none, and the battleship is pretty obvious, though I also magnetized the tower and funnels just because. It's the Cruisers that take some additional care but if done right they are so well made that you will be able to get the bows and sterns to hold together without glue. First things first, make sure you set the deck pieces fully into their respective slots in the bow and stern, as well as setting the mid-hull pieces flush against the forward deck pieces, these will be critical in getting these ships to fit together later. Do not glue the sterns nor the bridge towers to the rest of the ships, trust me it works great. Follow the pictures attached to see the placement of the magnets: One in each turret mount One in the rear of the bridge tower mounting ring. You will need to drill the hole a little forward of where it sends to being due to the shape of the Tower insides. One on the upper inside of the tower mounting ring, but rear of the recessed rectangle the front of the tower sits in. Once you have the tower magnets set this will all click into place (pun fully intended). The last few go into the towers themselves: Because the towers are hollow you will have to mount the magnets in unusual places. Take your time that the glue sets fully on each one before you let them go and all will be well. (tower pic forthcoming). With all of these in place either of the two forward sections of these cruisers can be attached to either stern section with no glue needed, if you made sure there were no gaps betweem the decks and the hulls, you will have no problems. With the Fore and Aft joined the tower can be slotted into the central ring and the magnets will hold it in place. If you want to swap out one cruiser into another, simply pull off the tower, and gently lift the aft section with a thumb on tower ring, the piece will come right out. Now reverse the process with the other aft section. You are now ready to go sail out and sink enemies of the Tsar. Good Hunting
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    Havoc Warheads

    Hello I Still play Firestorm armada 2.0 and just suggesting to change the name of of Decimator Warheads to Havoc warheads if they are going to show up in the new game edition because the name "decimator" use to mislead me when playing the game with the biohazard thing. I suggest havoc warheads because that's what they do. Regards Dan
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    Dystopian Wars por fin en español

    Pues ya tengo en mis garras la edición en español. Primeras impresiones muy buenas, parece que merece la pena el precio por el contenido de la caja de inicio ... y sus calidades
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    Phant Mastik

    First impressions

    As far as I can remember, the faction differences were addressed by the players during the BETA. This should have been enough time to manage it. Getting the models out first, is just a cheap excuse.
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    Dystopian Wars por fin en español

    Hola,¡ Me he interesado por Dystopian wars en español! Tenia americanos pero solo pude jugar a dystopian cuando fui a Reino Unido porque poca gente que conozco domina el ingles como para leer las cartas que se supone debes mantener en secreto y que no podia traducir durante la parida! Ahora con las cartas en español todo cambia y estoy expectante de poder comprar el nuevo dystopian wars en español
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    Pierre's Hex

    My newly found Hex, beginning with a Hex Beast and Marie Laveau.
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    What you have stated is so true ... Use it as a guide IF you think it helps , OR just make your own . To me it's the game first the lore is just a bonus ... then you can make the lore what you want
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    Wrath of the Nautilus - 735 (755 with Rani as boss) Rani Nimue - 150 Sarder Hardit Singh - 125 Charlotte Annig - 105 Neko Mei - 110 Violet Snee - 100 Erasmus Darwin - 145
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    Thanks !

    Thanks for bringing this back. I had won a box of the priori and wyldborn on BeastsofWar and was just about to start when the game got cancelled shortly after. So it’s great to see this coming back.
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    As far as I know, except for the Halo stuff, they bought the whole caboodle, including UCS. I suspect issue two has more to do with it, or they simply aren’t interested, in which case, in the interest of the UCS players community, they should pass the stuff on to someone who is.
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    I understand that Outlaw and Warcradle aren't trying to build a Historical or Alt-Historical game but to my mind its tended to draw upon more recent cultural references and 'steampunkify' them, or some more Americanised references that don't make that much sense for the setting. I'm not suggesting these references need to be removed, but the setting would be enriched by delving more into both contemporary Victoriana and Victorian Science Fiction. For example the British Infantry of LWX draw a lot from the 18th century of the American Revolutionary war but with a Pith Helmet, rather than say Zulu or the Crimean. It would fit the setting better and also evoke popular culture of the Film Zulu or similar. In terms of characters I'm surprised that Warcradle have steered away from a consulting detective or explorer detachment. Quartermain is out of IP as a big game hunter. HG Wells Food of the Gods would be great as an excuse to have giants which would be different. With the Vault being Alien a Barsoom or the Cosmic trilogy of CS Lewis themed lists would be fun with some very different looking aliens. Also a Selenite war force. Jules Verne provides examples beyond the Nautilus of adventurers from Phileas Fogg, and the hollow earth that does seem to inspire Warcradle's vision for the Antarctic.
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    A report to keep the Seas alive

    A brief report from a club game The Orcs brought out their core fleet with extra destroyers, an assault cruiser and some spare bodged cruisers. The Shroud Mages brought assault destroyers, frigates, cruisers, heavy cruisers and there shiny new Beast of a flagship. The sides engaged with the orcs denying one flank and piling it on - taking first blood by sinking Shroud Mage Frigates Sadly the new flagship was shattered. However the Orcish fleet pretty much has gone for ad hoc submersible training Image shows just before the Orcish Health and Safety failures on the concept of magazines with closed doors.
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    Still playing

    I have recently dragged this back out, after a moderate dig of the internet for traders around the world carrying old stock that went rather well, and an ongoing painting session (thanks to German and Swedish shops here!). I went from starter fleets for Orcs, Elves and Dwarves with two heavy cruiser for the dwarves to Starters for all factions , a extra duff human starter box that had two orc cruiser hulls in plus an assortment of blisters for Orc, Dragonlord, Dwarf, Bone Griff and Elf. Sky Pirates elude me however. Still hunting more, especially since there was an auction here last year where huge amounts of Uncharted Seas got sold but never resurfaced in traders that I or friends are aware. However, I can get decent fleets down for most now and with a set of 7-8 players familiar with the rule can get 2-4 fleet games going at the games club whenever we want....
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    WWX Tunnel Fight Rules Draft v0.2

    Last night I was idly browsing Reddit when I came across a very well done D&D dungeon set in a sewer system. I thought that would make an excellent setting for a narrative WWX game, but it would need some extra rules to crank up the thematic feel to 11. So I sat down today and threw together a quick draft of rules for playing games in a sewer complex. You could also use them for something like an underground tunnel system, a hidden Watcher outpost, or whatever you can think of. I'll be using this thread to keep track of changes and adjustments throughout. I'll be cooking up a few potential Adventures for this rule set over the next few days. which I'll happily share here and the Facebook group. So without further ado, let's get started! NOTE: The current rules listed here are version 0.2, as I've incorporated some of the feedback received in this thread along with adding some new terrain effects. Wild West Exodus Tunnel Fighting Rules Models can only move through the tunnels and doors on a Tunnel Fighting map. The portions of the table outside the walls are considered Impassable Terrain. A model with the SPIRIT keyword can pass through walls and doors as long as they end their Move action within a tunnel. Cramped Conditions: Only Small, Medium, and Large based units (round and oval) can fir through the twisting confines of a tunnel complex. Units with the FLIGHT keyword may not make a Flight special move action. Treacherous Ground: Mounted units must make a Quick check after either a Focused Move action or a Dash action. If the units fails, it is considered Wounded. Unit special rules ignoring Uneven Ground (Timman, Sure Foot, etc.) do not apply. Narrow Corridors: All Torrent and Blast weapons have the Brutal special rule. If the weapon already has Brutal, it gains Lethal. If an Indirect weapon scatters and comes in contact with a wall or other terrain feature, mark that spot as the point of impact. Doors: Doors in a Tunnel Fighting map will have three different states: Open, Closed, and Locked. · Open Doors can be passed through with no movement penalty. · Closed Doors can be passed through with a -1 Quick penalty (the door needs to be opened first). · Locked Doors can be unlocked by spending one Action Point. Itchy Trigger Finger: Models carrying a Ranged Weapon with the Close Work may make a free Give ‘Em Hell reaction when an enemy model declares a Charge action with a -1 Aim penalty with no effects applied for a critical success. The Oppressive Blackness: Hands units must make a Yeller Check after the unit size has been decreased to two models. If the Hands unit is within 3” of a Boss, the Yeller Check can be re-rolled without using Fortune. OPTIONAL: Stab In The Dark All Ranged weapons have a range of 12”. At the start of the game, each player places a numbered token representing their units. The tokens will move with the same Quick value as the units they represent. When two units come within 15” of each other, both players can make a Mind check to determine if the units have been revealed. If the check is passed, the opposing player removes the token and replaces it with the models from that unit. If one player fails their Mind check, the opposing player’s token remains in place. Units are not able to declare Charge actions against tokens more than 12” away. If two tokens are able to draw line of sight to each other within 12”, they are automatically revealed. EXAMPLE: Sam is controlling a unit of Raider Cutthroats is making its way through the sewers of a Promethean complex in an attempt to steal a particular galvanic contraption from Lady Augusta Byron. The Cutthroats turn a corner and are able to draw line of sight to a token 14” away. The Raider Cutthroats pass their Mind check and discover a Brute shambling through the tunnels. Bill, the Enlightened player, fails his Mind check and does not see the Cutthroats. If the Cutthroats move 2” closer to the Brute, they will be automatically revealed. Watch Yer Aim!: Any Shoot actions with a non-template weapon that roll a critical failure have the potential to ricochet back into the unit. Roll another d10. On a roll of 6+, the shot bounces off the wall and hits the shooting unit. Resolve as normal. Ricocheted shots will have no effect on a critical success. Terrain Effects Perilous Sewers: The following terrain and effects can be added to a Tunnel Fighting game using the Sewers terrain. Both players must agree on which terrain pieces are considered Perilous Sewers beforehand if the Adventure does not specify. · Rusted Grate: If a model crosses over a Rusty Grate, it must make an unmodified Quick check. If the check fails, the grate collapses and swallows the model into the maze below. The model is considered Wounded and removed from the table. · Toxic Sludge: Any models passing through Toxic Sludge must make a Quick check or gain the HAZARD and TAINTED conditions. · Flammable Miasma: Models passing through a cloud of Flammable Miasma must pass a Grit check or receive the Hazard condition. Models with the MASKED special rule are unaffected. If a shot passes through a Flammable Miasma cloud, it has a chance of detonating. On a roll of a 6+, the cloud explodes. Place a torrent template down every tunnel accessible from the center of the cloud. Models under the template must take a Grit check against Piercing -1. Models that pass their Grit check are pushed back 1" and gain the Disordered condition until their next activation. Natural Perils: The following terrain and effects can be added to a Tunnel Fighting game using the Cave Network terrain. Both players must agree on which terrain pieces are considered Perilous Machinery beforehand if the Adventure does not specify. · Razor-sharp Stalagmites: The terrain feature counts as both Difficult and Hazardous terrain. · Razor-sharp Stalagtites: If an indirect weapon misses, it has the chance of hitting the ceiling of the cave and raining stalagtites onto the enemy. Roll another d10. On a roll of a 7+, the indirect shot strikes the ceiling. Use the second d10 roll to determine distance and direction for the blast template. All models caught under the template must make a Grit check against Piercing -2. · Unstable Ground: If a model crosses over Unstable Ground, it must make an unmodified Quick check. If the check fails, the ground crumbles beneath their feet and swallows the models. All models that failed are considered Wounded and removed from the table. Infernal Contraptions: The following terrain and effects can be added to a Tunnel Fighting game using the Infernal Contraptions terrain. Both players must agree on which terrain pieces are considered Perilous Sewers beforehand if the Adventure does not specify. · Steam Pipe: If a template weapon catches a portion of a wall designated as a Steam Pipe, roll to see if the shot bursts a Steam Pipe. On a 6+, the pipe bursts. Place a template at the point of impact. All models under the template must make a Grit check against scalding steam (or whatever otherworldly substance was being carried through the pipeworks) with a -1 Piercing value. · Frayed Wiring: If a model passes within 2” of Frayed Wiring, it can trigger a Galvanic Eruption. The model must make a Grit check against Piercing -2. If the check fails, all model within 2” of the initial model must make a Grit check against Piercing -1. Every Grit check that fails will result in every model within 2” (not including models already struck) must make a Grit check against Piercing 0. If any Grit checks are passed, the Galvanic Eruption will not arc out to nearby models. Models with the AUTOMATA, MACHINE, or VEHICLE keywords are more susceptible to Galvanic Eruption. The distances for these models are 3" rather than 2", and the Piercing value is increased by 1 if they are the first model to trigger a Galvanic Eruption. If they are not the first, the Piercing value is unmodified if the Galvanic Eruption jumps to another model. EXAMPLE: Wyatt Earp is standing 3" behind a pair of UR-30 Lawbots when they wander too close to a patch of Frayed Wiring. The first Lawbot makes a Grit check against Piercing -3 and fails. Wyatt Earp must then make a Grit check against Piercing -2. · Toxic Sludge: Any models passing through Toxic Sludge must make a Quick check or gain the HAZARD and TAINTED conditions. Otherworldly Machines: The following terrain and effects can be added to a Tunnel Fighting game using the Otherworldly Machines terrain. Both players must agree on which terrain pieces are considered Perilous Sewers beforehand if the Adventure does not specify. Unless stated in the Adventure, the Stab in the Dark rule cannot be used with Otherworldly Machines. · Malfunctioning Teleporter: A unit moving within 2" of a Malfunctioning Teleporter must make a Mind check. If the check fails, the unit is transported 2d10 inches in a random direction determined by a third die. If the transport places the unit outside of the map, move the unit the minimum distance needed to bring them onto the playable board area. If the 2d10 roll is a double critical failure, the unit is destroyed. If the 2d10 roll is a double critical success, the controlling player can choose where to place them anywhere within 12" of the Malfunctioning Teleporter. · Sentry Turret: A Sentry Turret is a stationary unit that will fire on any model coming within range. It has the following stats: Q-, M6, A4, G5, F-, L1 Rules: Tasked, Xenoshield Weapon: Dual Disruptor Blasters Range 12", Piercing -2, ROA 4 · Power Nodes: A unit passing a Power Node can attempt to use it to juice their weapons up for a turn. Any unit wishing to do so will need to make a Mind check with a -1 modifier. If the check fails, nothing happpens. If the check succeeds, the unit's weapons gain either +1 ROA or -1 Piercing until their next activation. If the checks is a critical success, the unit's weapons gain both effects. If the check is a critical failure, the Power Node explodes. Place the blast template over the Power Node. All models under the template must make a Grit check against Piercing -1. Haunted Catacombs: The following terrain and effects can be added to a Tunnel Fighting game using the Haunted Catacombs terrain. Both players must agree on which terrain pieces are considered Perilous Sewers beforehand if the Adventure does not specify. · Restless Tomb: A unit passing within 2" of a Restless Tomb must make an unmodified Mind check. If the check succeeds, nothing happens. If the check fails, the unit gains the Disordered condition until their next activation and -1 Mind for the rest of the battle. · Possessed: A unit passing within 2" of a Restless Tomb must make an unmodified Mind check. If the check succeeds, nothing happens. If the check fails, the unit becomes Possessed and must make an immediate Charge action against the nearest unit. · Bat Colony: A unit moving within 2" of a Malfunctioning Teleporter must make a Quick check. If the check fails, a colony of bats is startled and immediately attempt to flee the Catacombs. Place the blast template over the unit and roll a d10. The Bat Colony immediately scatters in that direction. All units that fall under the blast template must make a Quick check. All models that fail their Quick check gain the Disordered condition until their next activation. A model with a Torrent weapon can attempt to shoot down the Bat Colony. The Bat Colony has a Grit of 4.
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    Game Sizes?

    Hi guys! Very excited to be jumping into Wild West Exodus. My gaming buddies and I all picked up starter sets and a huge amount of Wild West terrain at Salute this weekend and we're going to have a blast with those I'm sure. Looking ahead to the future, though, I'm curious if there's a community standard for 'normal' game sizes. The starter sets will keep us busy for a while I'm sure, but it never hurts to plan! Obviously in the core book there's the 3 categories for 0-999, 1000-1499 and 1500+ - I'm mostly curious as to how the game changes at higher points values, beyond the probably-obvious 'game will be longer'. Looking at my Tribal Retribution posse, for instance, it looks like I could easily fill out 1500+ points in there if I wanted to because of the large number of Hands and Support slots available; but again, I'm wondering if that's actually a sensible move or if you want to be trying to get multiple Bosses in big games so you've got more Fortune points. I guess that probably comes down to whether you want board control or rerolls for your guys?
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    I really hope Warcradle puts some great energy and effort in resurrecting this game. Sails, Steam, Airships, Dragons, and lots more. Uncharted Seas has a ton of potential and I would love to see it as a major part of the Warcradle family
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    New company...

    @Grand-Stone the Chinese and Japanese fleets do play fairly similar. They both have fixed-channel "broadsides" their rockets are incendiary, and their flamethrowers are also corrosive. The only "real" differences are Chinese crews are mostly conscripted, Japanese ships have Sharp Turn, and the Primary weapons use different Ordnance (concussive for China, incendiary for Japan)
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    New company...

    Well, as for the Latin alliance, I assume Prussia is a threat to France and Italy, as proximity and power goes (maybe I am wrong, I confess again being a newer initiate to the history of the era and area). As for Latin America's inclusion, I suppose that is weaker, but figured it might be more like them as colonies of France and Spain and the like, you know, as a source of further resources for the perpetration of their war with Prussia. As for the Celestial Empire, it is true currently that weakened China benefits Japan, but bear in mind that Japan is an island, and they have to import a lot of things in order to feed their populace/keep up with the world's industry. In our modern world, post-WWII led to a strong alliance between America and Japan, but in the Dystopian Era, perhaps China is Japan's greatest source of importing necessary materials/technology/foodstuffs. Just a possibility, and even in that case Japan might want China weaker so they can seize those goods before the import process, but who knows. I do agree with sentiments you and others have expressed in that I am interested in seeing differentiated national sub-lists (DW turtle ship sounds like it might be awesome) and I definitely think the Blazing Sun logo shouldn't be plastered on the more clearly non-Japanese vessels. Then, as you have said, players can build their national lists and fight it out or ally as they see fit. Since no one can tell me how to play at my actual table with my friend group, then I don't have a big problem with Warcradle's narrative choice being a Singular Asian Empire in their minute to midnight scenario, as I can always say that two minutes later the alliance evaporates for whatever realistically motivated reasons I want. I think you ask good and thought provoking questions, Mr. Fracas
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    New company...

    If I can just add in, for right now I dislike this idea of what they are doing with the faction. A 1000 year alliance? The oldest alliance in the world is the Portugese-British Alliance, and there are a few times the Portugese have not really stood up with their allies. It is poor and lazy writing. Grouping in every other Asian nation so all the nations are all friends together is a borderline racist treatment, not that I am accusing anyone of actually being racist. Considering that from 1000 to 1900 China was remade several times it also unnecessarily complicates the history, for Russian as well which largely absorbs and colonizes the former Mongolian Empire, thus the size of Russia. Also that is why Mongolia tends to have more to do with Russian politics than. I like the Blazing Sun thing, it is reminiscent of the actual Imperial Japanese thing, where all military weapons would have an Imperial Chrysanthemum stamp and navy vessels would have it on the prow of the vessel. However I can see why if you were not playing the Japanese you would really not like it that much, I would not like it if I was playing a Chinese or Korean fleet, who had their own navies and pride.
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    my clockwork themed COA fleet
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    13-The End.

    From the album: The Noble Orcs vs the dirty Ralgard

    My plan has been successful. I have allowed them to sink my entire fleet (except my troll ship which sailed triumphantly off the board). I have him just where I want him. Next time .. oh yes next time ... you, and your sky pirate friend, will regret ever meddling with the mighty Orc Raiders of the Broad Blue. Muah ha ha ha!
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