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    Warcradle Studios Diary #22

    When we think about wargaming our first thought is usually about the miniatures we play with rather than the tables we play on. But the terrain is just as important for helping set the scene, bringing another facet to the hobby to get excited about. With Wild West Exodus we wanted to create a range of scenery that works perfectly for the setting and scale. The town of Red Oak was our answer to that and has been a very popular product range. Chris from our studio has thoughts on the world beyond Red Oak… It can be a real challenge to get enough terrain out on the table to make a good game, particularly if you want it to be specific to the game you play. Way back in the mists of time when I started wargaming I would use a Subbuteo pitch with books layered underneath to make hills. I recall having a resin church and I had made some gravestones on some spare bases I had. Finally, I had a handful of trees from the local scale model shop and that was the extent of my terrain collection. Today hobbyists have so many great options for terrain in a variety of different materials and I am a million miles away from that poor terrain starved Chris from the early ’90s. MDF has proven to be popular because you can create some very cost-effective and visually impressive products from it. The town of Red Oak, Wild West Exodus’ default location for the past two years, has been expanded with almost every building you could find in a frontier town in the Dystopian Age . Continuing an expansionist policy after the end of the Ore War, the Union now occupies states as far south as the demilitarised zone beyond the state of West Columbia and New Peru. But the Union of Federated States is a vast territory incorporating over sixty states many of which were once proud independent nations with their own rich history, culture and architecture. So it was time we moved beyond the Arizona territory and explored another iconic location in the Union, this time travelling further south beyond Texas to look at the more recently admitted states. The adobe-style buildings predominantly found in the states of Senora, Durango and North and South Mexico were distinctive enough from their Red Oak contemporaries, while at the same time gave players a space to tell the important stories of Mexican independence and occupation - key themes for many characters hailing from those southern states. Welcome to Rio Sonora! Having concept art and references from our Art Director Roberto Cirillo gave the Studio a great direction, the challenge lay in bringing these gorgeous illustrations to life. The team were up for a challenge and I hope you agree that they’ve done an outstanding job. These buildings are not only the start of a continuing range for Wild West Exodus, but also feature fully detailed interiors and, for the first time, are in multi-coloured pre-painted kits. Once assembled there is no additional painting necessary! Rio Sonora - The finished Product This new range gives players a diverse selection of pre-painted buildings to collect and use in their games. New stories can be woven around the town and Rio Sonora might start featuring in the narrative that weaves throughout Wild West Exodus in the product descriptions for each Posse we release. Here is a closer look at each building. We are very excited to start exploring Rio Sonora with you, so make sure you pick up your set and join us there. Until next time! Chris View the full article
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    Warcradle Classics?

    A whole bundle of classical models switch to status: in stock
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    Warcradle Stuart

    Warcradle Classics?

    Dystopian Wars can be played using classic models to represent the units in the game. Of course we cannot create hundreds of units for the game to support models that are no longer in production, but what we hope to be able to give players is a list of 'counts as' for tournament play as well as a single generic class for each ship type in each faction (cruiser, battleship etc) that will act as a catch all for those old miniatures people may have in their collections.
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    Warcradle Stuart

    Warcradle Classics?

    This seems to be a common comment. Existing fans are irked that the miniatures they have purchased in significant quantities are not selling now. Could I suggest that a good reason is that the models are classics and designed for a game that is now largely only played by people that own significant fleets etc already? We only ever intended the classics range to be a customer service offering to the existing community. A way to give continuity to your collections and allow you to complete or fill or certain selections. The same is true for WWX. It is regrettable that the Classics offerings have not sold especially well compared to main range releases or to community expectation, but considering the time elapsed since the classic game was in production it is less surprising. The important part was that miniatures have made it into to the hands of fans that would otherwise have to rely on third partirs such as eBay or Facebook selling pages. On the subject of things we find especially irksome, for me it is that Warcradle is being accused of blaming the community for anything. While it's true that there have been a handful of toxic individuals who have had to be taken in hand, they are certainly not reflective of the amazing community that supports the games we make. Regarding those individuals, I do not think aeshva you are one of them, I realise it is comforting for those feeling isolated and embittered to cling to the general community and delude themselves that they are in the same mental space and that their personal views represent a groundswell of opinion. It is perfectly natural to do so. But we have a responsibility to keep the community spaces we look after safe from such self-destructive people.
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