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  1. Long range Sortie seems interesting choice. And with lots of carriers you can keep the distance and rely on that action. Howevev you can only launch them every 2nd turn? Or can you wait one turn, then from then on launch every turn onto a long-range-sortie? The alternative, activate them within 20''. You don't need LoS I geuss then? 20'' is within 2nd range-band in the new system. Would you play them as long range weapon system or move forward with them? How much do you use SAS offensive versus defensive? If I could apply them defensively AFTER I know where the attacker has placed their tokens, then defensively purposes of SAS will be far more potent. I would never (almost never) place defensive SAS on a ship if the attacker can attack an other ship instead. I guess these things will be determind by initiative?
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