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    Lex Orion

    More info on 3.0 imminent?

    No news are bad for any company. This state takes to my friend and me to DW 2.5 and the classics (Spartan´s) ships and scenery. We are looking for ships and scenery for 2.5. 3.0 is far to us now. We are spending a lot of money now. Hard to know if we will get 3.0 ships...
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    Lord Nat

    More info on 3.0 imminent?

    Well guess my DW stuff is going back in to the cupboard until next year.... along with this account! If the blog announcement says they'll be doing DW BETA games at Spiel '19 in Oct. there is either 0 chance of a release before christmass OR they arent sure of what their time scales are......
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    Lex Orion

    Warcradle Classics?

    Hi all, I have seen more "New" items for DW and FA last friday in Wayland. This seems that they (Warcradle) will make all the items. I speculate..., because they don´t tell us nothing... sad. Anyway, I continue shopping in the second hand market, for the still missing items. No news, money for the second hand and no money for warcradle... sad again.
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