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    Firestorm Painting Group

    Hulaka! [/url] [/url] [/url] Been meaning to post this foe a while, just forgot. May as well post it here seeing as my gallery decided to loose all the damn photots:(
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    Model availability

    Hello There. New in Here. I am a Spanish Admiral of the glorious Terran Alliance. This message has two purposes: Introduce myself and warning you that Wayland has recently added a bunch of ships of several core races. For instance, the Terran Alliance ships are almost all of them for purchasing. Hope this game won't die. I really love it.
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    I’m excited by the announcement of Lost World Exodus. As formal player of Dystopian legion waited this for some time. And I’m pleased to see that some of the concepts are inspired by troops available in DL (but with Warcradle’s style!) I hope every old miniature would have a new LWX profiles. Do you think there will be a beta test for this game?
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    Project Insanity

    Greetings! I have been a silent member of the group for a while now, and have been a fan of all things Dystopian and Spartan games since the beginning. Now that 3.0 is upon us, I decided to make a big old table with some mass armies on them to show my dedication and also my love of the models of Dystopian wars. I call this "Project Insanity". The target is to finish a table and paint all the minis needed for it by the start of november 2019, so we can take the table to the Crisis show in Antwerp. In the pictures you will see only the land forces for the moment, but the table will have an equal amount of land/air/sea forces. All land forces have been cleaned, glued to bases and sanded, in preparation for undercoating. Size of the table has been set at 5m. on 1m80. I post this, because this makes the process easier for me and because I want to bore you with my "illness" ;) Also included is one picture of 2 test tanks to show to what quality I want to have them painted. I wish thee all a good week and lots of painting/gaming!
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    custom kedorian fleet

    as a proud owner of a relthoza fleet i wanted to try something else, but with a current lack of fleets to find, i decided to 3d print a fleet. this is very much a work in progress, but here is a snapshot of my custom kedorian fleet, it fits the background rather well id say edit: dunno why photo is on its side, it displays fine on my pc
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    Miniatures from DL or WWX, seem to be more or less the same size (but I don't have WWX miniature to be sure) I really expect that every units available for DL will have a new profiles for LWX As Rulebritannia, I understand that LWX will be mode focus on troops and commandment, than WWX. But I don't expect big changes in term of numbers of mini on the table. We’ll see… Edit: About miniature size I find this picture: Seems ok for me
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    The Lament of Planetfall

    Oh Planetfall, how we miss thee...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Greetings all! My name is Kostas, and I came to this fine institution as a refugee from Firestorm Armada! I was a Vanguard for the old game, and am excited to see what Warcradle do with the IP. Whilst here, I happened to notice WWX, and after reading a bit off fluff, I was hooked on the Warrior Nations. I figured I would use the handy template Warcradle provided to share a bit about myself. Which games produced by Warcradle Studios do you play? I currently play Wild West Exodus and am eagerly waiting for Firestorm Armada. I also have some Australians for Dystopian Wars that are awaiting entry into the new system. How long have you been playing these games? I played Firestorm Armada for about 2 years, and have been dabbling in WWX for about a year now. Where do you play? I generally play at Garrison Wargaming Club in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. Which fleets and armies do you own? Which fleets and armies do you plan to add to your collection? I am the proud owner of the 721st Stellar Charter Armada, comprising some 70 odd Terran Alliance vessels of all classes. When complete, the Armada will stretch to over 140 vessels and span multiple battle fleets. I also own a small fleet of Dindrenzi rebels, bent on avenging Dramos. I own a small flotilla of Royal Australian Dystopian Wars vessels that have never been used. Finally, my latest acquisition is the proud, noble Warrior Nations of the Wild West. I own the Tribal Retribution posse and some added reinforcements from the 1st ed starter box. I plan on expanding all my current forces as the games update to allow for it, but for WWX, I plan to expand into the Lawmen as a second faction, which will allow me to run demos for the game, hopefully. What is your favourite Warcradle Studios model? So many stunning sculpts in Warrior Nations alone, let alone the rest of the model range! If pressed, I would have to say that Walks Looking holds a special place in my heart. Anything else you would like to tell the Warcradle Studios Community? I am excited about getting into these games and hopefully having some great conversations on these forums! Good hunting!
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    My group took a ground up approach to ship designs, and we fully embraced the 3 colour dice mechanics, adn it's made thigns play very differently, and been a blast.
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    I just realized that it has been a while since I have seen a discussion on what music people think fits the factions in DW. So my question, is what do you hear when you think of the different forces in DW? Do you hear something epic, or do you hear Wierd Al's Dare to be Stupid, or even The Cog is Dead's Ballad of Stuart the Sailor? Here are some of my choices. KoB: Primo Victoria (Sabaton) PLC: Winged Hussars (Sabaton) Free Australians: Rebellion (Van Canto) RoF: Rebatir (Aviators) EotBS Wani: Under the Radar (Abney Park) CoA: Flight of the Ikarus (Nathaniel Johnstone Band)
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    To be brutally honest I hate the videos. as a way of taking in information. It takes ages to understand anything, things are rather vague and changeable and as a style they don't appeal to me. I am therefore running off blogs and second hand accounts and stuff mentioned earlier. If you have the enthusiasm to clarify how it works that would be great.
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    @RuleBritannia Have you seen the introduction video for LWX by Warcradle and Beasts of War? During the video Stuart describes some of the mechanics which will included in the new game, such as specialists (the LWX pendant to WWX' faces) joining a unit of some sort of troops choice etc.
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    Quick and the Dead...

    Note it says "enemy model's Combat Action." So you're incorrect, Burson_Carpathian. Note also that when making a Combat Action with a unit, you are supposed to fully resolve one model's attacks at a time. So, yes, if the first model's attack is a rifle, you could opt to QatD or not, and then if the second model's attack is a gatling you could QatD attempt on that. Edit: and yes, I know a lot of people roll all the dice for a unit at the same time, but this is technically incorrect; you should be rolling only a single model's attacks at a time.
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    Sorylian re-stat

    So in my continued adventure to better balance 2.0 with home rules, I have turned my attention to the sorylian, which are...close, but a tad on the bland and bad side if the game, pair this with aquans being superior, and I ask what you think of the following house rules Aquan ship movement values are all decreased by 1 inch Sorylian movement values all increase by 1 inch This makes sorylian the fastest faction, and aquans the second fastest faction in Firestorm (before the aquans buy movement upgrades) Next, all sorylian tier 1's gain retractable plating on the port/starboard guns (This will help durability on approach, and while some may complain it steps on ba-kash toes, that is a side faction, this is a core faction, they should get a toy or too, and the veydretu don't really add any toys besides mines, also adds to the "over-engineered" thing This one is more complicated, but changing the split fire marshal, so that it could split into LINKED values, rather them cut in half or thirds, example, rather the a 12AD weapon, being able to shoot 2 shots of 6, or 3 of 4 (who would?) A 12 AD weapon could split it's shot into 2 shots of 8, or 3 shots of 6 Or an 18AD weapon shooting 2 shots of 12 or 3 of 9 Rather then the old 2 shots of 9 or 3 of 6 While.complicated, my group doesn't shy from math, and this makes split fire an interesting choice/Mar, rather then the trap option it currently is, since this is utilized on sorylian tier 1s these shops will be better able to brawl with not just multiple frigates well (cause that has little impact) but actually increases their threat vs tier 2 (which is quite relevant) without making them really any better at killing tier 1 What do you all think?
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    The Lament of Planetfall

    Agreed. I have rebooted and bought up 4 factions for a playgroup here.
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    Commodore Jones

    Re-stat/houserule candidates

    Decimator is easy, though I've never playtested it my first idea would be like this: If all Weapons contributing to an Attack have the Decimator Warheads MAR and the Attack equals or exceeds the target’s DR, the target Squadron must take an immediate Disorder Check. If the Attack equals or exceeds the target’s CR, the target Squadron is immediately Disordered. If an instant Disorder is too much, as an alternative I would have it work on a Critical Hit and each multiple crit after that add +1 to the number of successes needed on the Disorder Check. For example: a Decimator weapon scores a Hit on a cruiser so it makes a standard Disorder Check requiring two successes on the roll to avoid being Disordered, on a Critical hit it would require three successes to avoid Disorder, on a double crit it would require 4 successes, etc.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hello Everyone I'm Francesco from Parma, Italy! I am starting Wild west exodus and I am trying to create a local community and then to export the game in the rest of our country where WwX is not well known Already hooked a couple of friends into this awesome game My first pick is warrior nation I paint minis since many years so I will bother you with some pictures of my warrior nation in the future! SEE you in the forum pages!
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    Model availability

    I have ordered 3 torpedo Cruisers of the Terran Alliance, so I'll report if the resin still in that kind of quality.
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    Sorylian re-stat

    I looked at boarding, but I ran into a couple balance issues, since they have access to a fax that gives them +1 to hit, I can't give them speacial forces, other wise they would hit on 2,3,4,5, and 6 and when you look at those heavy cruisers, a squad of 4 could drop a 20 AP boarding assualt, it's a bit excessive Giving them cyber would be difficult to balance, which leaves biohazard as perhaps the best option, but directorate and relthoza can already get biohazard, if sorylians get it too, terrans are going to rage but im open to suggestions
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    That poor soldier might be actually terrified about what happened to his comrade.
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    Alright, like it or not, I may take it upon myself to record all of the lists used at Adepticon. I suspect you no good liver lickin' varmits ain't postin' yer battles to keep your lists RJ1027 level secret. Well. Well screw you, Anti-Carpathians!! That ends in March! Gonna give y'all a list whippin' or two after the convention.
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    Vignette #16 - Best Foot Forward

    The sound of RJ-powered weapons never failed to put a cold shiver down her spine, despite the fact that her own sidearm had been juiced. Be that as it may, crouched here in a muddy bunker in the driving rain was the last place she wanted to be. Hearing that whine rising rapidly through the scale meant only one thing. Trouble. Big trouble. She and her unit were close to their Iron Horses now. They’d retreated, agonisingly slowly, across this battlefield until all that remained for them to do was commit to that last, desperate dash for the vehicles. Easy, in principle. Less easy when the enemy were shooting at them and that last race meant covering open ground. “Major Shaw?” She glanced sideways at Sergeant Sweeney. They’d fought together many times before and she trusted him and his skills implicitly. She also trusted his throwing arm, the one that currently held one of his mysteriously-crafted, home-made and outstandingly effective bombs. She thought quickly. No matter what way the scenario panned out in her head, she could see no alternative. It was time for things to explode. “Sergeant Sweeney? When I give the word, you lob that thing.” “And then?” The sergeant’s eyes lit up at the promise of explosive satisfaction. “Then, Sergeant Sweeney, you, me and the rest of the unit will have put our best foot forward. We make a run for it.” Memory surfaced. * * * A year earlier… Best foot forward, girl. From as far back as memory served, she’d always done anything to please her father. So when she heard his voice, clear as day at the back of her head, she marched dutifully. But her heart was not really in it. She was cavalry, not infantry. But she marched, because it’s what Papa would have wanted. A military funeral, with all the associated pomp and ceremony made her deeply uncomfortable. She was, after all, a plain-spoken and honest woman who expected no frills. But she couldn’t help but feel that her father would have adored it. He was a man who cherished… he had been, get your tenses right… he had been a man who had cherished the customs and propriety of his beloved Union Army. He had been a decorated, honourable man who deserved the accolades his death was bringing. I’d rather he was here, though. Willa considered this as she walked behind the coffin. Two of her six brothers walked either side of her. To her left was Frank: resplendent in a uniform that was identical to that she wore, except that his had the added splendour that marked him as a member of the medical corps. Lieutenant Frank Adams, the highly respected military doctor. Her favourite brother. On the other side, marching with no less determination but with a lot less style, was Edward. Resplendent in a finely tailored suit of mourning black, he stared ahead grimly. Edward was eldest of the Adams children and one of those who had opted not to pursue a military career. Willa admired him. She hated, right here and now, that he was the absolute image of his father. But she was prepared to concede that wasn’t his fault. He lived and worked in Boston, senior partner in a flourishing law firm. He was probably also highly respected. It seemed to be a common theme. There’s two kinds of pond-scum in this world. Outlaws an’ lawyers. An’ in a pinch, I’d trust the outlaw to be the more honest. She set aside thoughts of him. Now was not the time. Her nose wrinkled slightly as though an unpleasant smell had drifted past. Focus, Willa. * * * “Fire in the…” Sweeney paused, his tendency to accuracy biting down hard on his tongue. He amended and then shouted. “Fire outside the hole!” The bomb flew in a perfect trajectory toward the enemy. It rolled on the uneven ground and came to a stop at the feet of one of the masked outlaws who stared down at it stupidly for a second. He didn’t even have time to react before the missile detonated, sending up clods of earth, grass and bits of the unfortunate outlaw who’d not possessed the wherewithal to get out of the way. No great loss to the gene pool. “Take the opportunity,” Willa shouted. “Run for your ‘Horses, fellas, this is our last chance!” Best foot forward! * * * So there they were. The three most presentable and reliable Adams children, seeing their father to his final rest. Funerals, they said, were a time for family to come together. Not for this family and Willa was extremely glad that the remaining four siblings were absent. Nobody needed their collective brand of trouble at a time like this. Nobody wanted them there. Except… No. Best foot forward, girl. Every step was a step closer to the family grave in the cemetery. A step closer to severing the final link to her childhood. To letting go of the father she had respected, admired and above all else, loved for her entire life. She wasn’t sure that she wanted to let go. Not yet. She’d only just had to let go of her husband after his untimely early death. To lose her father as well had been a terrible blow to her whilst still bound up in marital grief. But she had lifted her head high and dealt with it admirably. She may have been a Shaw in name, but she was an Adams at her core. A pang of loss rippled through her once again and her eyes lingered on the coffin in front of them. Colonel Theodore Adams – ‘Teddy’ to his friends, most of whom had died during one altercation or other across the decades – had been dead less than a week and already she felt his loss keenly. She’d always been his favourite; not just due to being the only daughter, but because she was more like him than any of the boys. She’d been six years old when Clement, the youngest had been born; only nine when their mother had died. A succession of aunts and vaguely-recalled relatives had raised the children in their father’s military absence. They’d been kept clean and dry and fed, and had played their days away with the multitude of cousins. Their father always joined them when he could. None of them had been starved of love and affection. They’d all been happy children. Well, except for Clem. He’d brooded his youth away into resentful, angry manhood and looked likely to go every bit as wrong as Tommy or… * * * Everything was chaos. The yelling and shouting of the outlaws resounded around the gully, but they were muted by the sound of her heartbeat, thundering in her ears. It was only a couple of hundred yards from their hunkered position to the ‘Horses, but it felt like she was on a long-distance sprint. I’m cavalry, not infantry. How could this be? How could this life-or-death situation be bringing up memories of Papa’s funeral like this? Why was she even thinking about her family? Why was she even thinking about… * * * …the twins. She’d not given thought to Jimmy and Jeremiah in a long time. Not since they’d cut ties with their siblings. But right now, as she stared at the uncaring wood that held her father’s body, she missed them with a razor-sharp keenness. Where had they ended up? Were they even still alive? She may have had no love for Tommy or his criminal record, but at least she knew his fate. Clem had become a gambler, a drunkard, a wanderer. A good for nothing who occasionally contacted his family to wheedle more money from them. Their father had always given in to his sob stories, riddled with the guilt of having been so absent during his youngest’s upbringing. That would change now, she realised. As heir to the considerable Adams family fortune, Henry would take over the estate. And one of his first tasks would be to cut Clem off from his financial lifeline. The thought both pleased her and saddened her. Clem wasn’t a bad man, not really. Not like Tommy, who was rotten to the core. The funeral procession turned from the main street and began the slow trundle up the hill to the cemetery. The coffin would be laid to rest in the same plot as the one which contained her mother and two siblings who never made it out of infancy. It was a beautiful spot on the hillside, overlooking the bend in the river. A peaceful final resting place for a man whose life had been spent engaged in war. The world is changing, Willa, he had said, the last time they’d spoken. And I am not convinced it’s for the better. People are too quick to abandon tradition. Always remember where you came from. Always make sure you know that you are the product of many generations who survived overwhelming odds and still came out on top. Always put your best foot forward. Distracted by her own thoughts, she stumbled slightly on the uneven ground. Ironic that she’d been thinking about her father’s most-used phrase when she’d done so. She cursed softly beneath her breath and immediately felt ashamed at her uncouth language. That turned to gratitude when first Frank and then Henry glanced at her with small, encouraging smiles. They’d never have offered a hand to help her. Not independent Willa, the girl who’d fought and climbed and swum in the creek with all her boisterous brothers. Not Willa, the young woman who’d fought the lingering misogyny that existed in the army and who had risen to the rank of Major through her own actions and her own merit, not because of whose daughter she was. Had he been proud of her? Yes. No hesitation. He had told her so many times just how proud he was of all she had accomplished. He’d doted on her when she’d been a girl, just how he had doted on Edward’s two children in his final years. Teddy Adams had been a good man. A kind soul. Too good for the bizarreness and complexity that was becoming the world today. But she would go on. She would act as a credit to his memory and to his name. She would set aside thoughts of her brothers and she would become a hero. Just like him. She would always remember his advice and she would always put her best foot forward. * * * She slid the last few feet that separated her from her vehicle. Her uniform was mud-spattered, her long hair loosened from its rigid braid and hanging in ragged strands around her face. But she had access to her Iron Horse now. Once she swung her leg over the saddle and leaned forward into the familiar position, she was no longer helpless, pinned down in a muddy bunker with no ammunition, no power and no hope. Now she was in charge. She flicked the power switch of the bike and heard the guns powering up. Now she could fight back. She would always fight back. That was what she did. She glanced behind her. The others had all made it. They were all still alive and they were looking to their commander for guidance. Now it was they who very much had the upper hand. Her hand close around the throttle and she gave a grim, tight smile. The rain drummed off the body of her Iron Horse, steaming slightly as it met the heat. She could feel the throb of the engine thrumming all the way through her body, bringing courage and certainty to her core. I’m cavalry, not infantry. “Let’s end this,” she said. It was not shouted, or demanded. It was a simple statement and around her, the unit nodded their agreement. Engines roared and the Union, previously pushed into retreat, advanced on their enemy. Best foot forward. View the full article
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    'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the west Lawmen and Outlaws were taking a rest; Watchers were all hibernating in their pods, Even the Hex was in land of nod The Natives were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of the great spirit danced in their heads; And Wyatt in His Long Johns, and Doc in his cap, Had just settled down for a long winter's nap, When out on the Veranda there arose such a clatter, Doc sprang from the bed to see what was the matter. Away to the window He flew like a flash, Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash. The moon on the breast of the new-blown sand Gave the lustre of mid-day to the arizona land When, what to Docs wondering eyes should appear, But Doctor Carpathain with reanimated reindeer. These terrible animals, so Mechanical and Strong, Doc knew in a moment something was wrong More Ugly as Vultures his coursers they came, And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name; "Now, Slasher! now, Smasher! now, Stamper and Viper! On, Portent on Heartbreak on, Bomber and Biter! To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall! Now Smash away! Smash away! Smash away all!" As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly, When they meet with an obstacle, they threw it to the sky, So up to the house-top the coursers they flew, With the sleigh full of Weapons, and Carpathian too. And then, in a Crescendo, Doc heard on the roof The Stamping and pawing of each Mighty hoof. As Doc drew his gun, and was turning around, Down the chimney Carpathian came with a bound. He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot, And his clothes were all tarnished with RJ and soot; A bundle of guns he had flung on his back, And he looked like a devil just opening his pack. His eyes -- how they Glittered! his Grimace was scary! His cheeks were pale, this is no festive fairy His mouth was drawn up in a rictus like grin And the Mutton chops on his cheeks was as black as sin. The stump of a cigar he held tight in his teeth, And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath; He had a devilish face and a Bionic Eye That would glow bright red when someone was about to die Fresh ammo for Wyatt, Bourbon for Doc Even Jesse James got something in his sock All these presents to give a cowpoke some hope Although it may be a reach when he gave Ike Clanton Soap He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work, And filled all the stockings; then turned with a jerk, Then kicking the door down into the night he goes He didn’t give a fig if Wyatt and Doc Froze He sprang to his sleigh, all shiny and bright And they all took of as if their bum was alight! But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight, WILD WEST-MAS TO ALL, AND TO ALL A GOOD-FIGHT!
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    smack talk

    drive by rainbow burrito taco, gives the phrase 'explodes out the rear arc' a whole new meaning
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    There is only one song when you play Prussia, and especially more so when you play a land game with aerial support

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