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    There we go, something I missed, Latin and Commonwealth both have Crit-on-hit weapons. Thank you RuleBritannia. And after a few drinks in me, looks like Celestials can be a pretty decent rocket thrower, with the Mark of Yama gen. I'm still scratching my head where this is going, as some of the earlier feeds and designs don't line up to the beta we have. Example: Union battleship has listed as 3 turrets, 2 fore, 1 aft, but the latest image has 3 fore, 0 aft with a A-fore 270, B-180 fore/port offset, C-180 fore/starboard offset scheme, which matches the battlecruiser. I'm aware of the nitpicky attitude, but I'm quite confused as to what's set in stone for the nations and models. I mean in the sense that are we getting just fillers to test the rules, or should the nations and models be played like this? If this is just filler, okay, I'm quite content to just hash it out and make these rules as precise as can be with not loopholes. I'd rather have a game with minimum min/max players, and more guidelines for as many possible outcomes and contingencies that may come up while playing with some of our more hardcore players. Yes, there is a difference between hardcore and min/maxers.
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    Heat lances on latin ships, rail guns on Ruskies as per my original post. Not sure what difference that makes to medium and small vessels as of yet. I get this is the beta, and this stresses player choice of fleet, but the factional bleed reduces at this point the character of every fleet. Its possibly more historical but less gamey.

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