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    I know it to be fairly early into the beta, and with the rules and background still being rewritten, but I am curious if Warcradle would release an idea/goal as to the factional differences they plan to implement. It is one thing for us as players to go at each other, but I cannot really get into this version if I have no idea which faction suites me. I understand that this version may wish to set a level playing field across the nations, and that is their decision/right. My views are as follows: Enlightened as trickster, we-have-cool-tech, mad-scientists. Commonwealth as a faction causes critical hits and have small Enlightened tech. Crown as the ultimate defensive turtle, with boosted torpedo usage. Sultanate as a low tier Enlightened. Celestials are looking as a swarm faction with many, many units. Imperium are a faction that counters Crown, or any defensive faction. I believe that leaves Latin and Union, which have standard equipment and standard units with nothing special. In the few games, there has been almost no diversity or drive to play other than above with anything other than Enlightened, Crown, and Imperium. Weapon placement means almost nothing as I just need to measure from center of model and try to broadside most targets. If I need to Indirect, I stack mortar units behind a large/colossal shielded 2* heavy Crown within range of few units with their own shields. If I need to assault, I used Imperium with storm generators and bum rushed over with atomics and zapped em all. I will admit to unimaginative tactics. I asked this in my feedback, but maybe the community can see something I missed, what is the difference for each faction?
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