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    new rules set

    Honestly I wouldn't expect big steps in the Firestorm department until we see Dystopian pushed further forward. We've also no real idea of WC's plans for how fast and how much they will roll out for Dystopian Wars - remembering that they are redesigning many of the factions and models to new sculpts as well as some adjustments to alliances. I don't think we've really got an idea how big a team and production setup WC have either - plus they already produce WWE products. So predictions are hard and its honestly the worst of times at present as whilst things are surely chugging along, there just isn't much to tantalize us. Esp since its likely they are still in phases where many things get changed or adjusted, dropped and added and where progress just takes time. It would be foolish of WC to build up hype too much now and leave us with a long period of nothing or have to change plans . That siad they are now making classic sculpts up for sale so there is that to look forward too! : )
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    new rules set

    Update Basically there's a Beta (like there is for dystopian) coming next year

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