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    Quand la V3 va t'elle sortir ?

    J'etait "un peu "optimiste en fait On pale que Q3 2019 "La patience et une vertue"
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    Tournament in the South of France

    Hi, I am happy to report here the results of the Dystopian Wars's tournament I organised this week end in the south of France. We were 10 players from differents parts of France (Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Marseille...) . You can find some photos HERE taken by one player. Le classement : 1er Kugne - RC 2eme Velor - LoIS 3eme Skilledou - BW 4eme Merry - KoD 5eme ex Child9 - EotBS 5eme ex Amiral X - OE 7eme Youenn - EotBS 8eme Pergame - EotBS 9eme Pinus - FSA 10eme Kelzarad - KoB Prix de peinture : Velor . We were playing all the week end home made scenarios HERE . And we used the Beta Rules of our v2.51FR : a balance and more finished edition for playing Dystopian Wars ; while we are waiting for the Warcradle version. We are now on the final stage of our version and I will share it soon. Sink them All !!
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