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    Too Easy to Sink Ships.....

    The problem with ' too easy to sink ships' boils down to scale, and the number of turns it is practical to play. In real life, a salvo from a battleship against another battleship had little chance of causing damage, simply as even if the range was right when fired, maneuvering by the target in the up to 90 seconds the shells could be in flight, and the dispersion pattern of 12/14/16" guns meant the chance of a shell actually hitting the target ship was not great. Of course, with improvements in range finding technology- radar, and radar spotting of shell splashes- it became easier. On top of that, if a ship became crippled- particularly the propulsion and steering systems, it would be come much easier to hit. As such, it would often take many salvos before one big ship would cripple another. In game terms, this would be moving 1", exchanging fire with a perhaps 5-10% chance of causing damage, and repeat. Or playing on a tennis court- a RN 15" gun had an effective range of about 30km. At a strict 1:2000 scale, that is 15 meters.... It could manage about 2 rounds a minute, but a typical WW2 battleship could do about 50 kilometers an hour- i.e would take over half an hour to travel the range it could fire. And in that time could fire perhaps 60 salvos... even halving the rate of fire to allow for maneuvering, range correction etc, that would be 30 salvos. It would give you a chance to disengage, but wouldn't make for a very practical game. To make it practical, you have to compress movement rates vs fire rates vs actual distances. At the same time, you have to dial up the chance per game turn to cause damage to keep the number of turns practical. Together, they make disengagement impossible. The only solution is to shrink the scale further- say 1:25,000, and simplify the rules to allow lots of turns to happen fast, to fit many turns on a table.
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    You played it correctly, otherwise the rule would say "doubles the piercing value of a single attack".
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    Hey James, 1. Rulebook p.4 Within: If a rule refers to a model being 'Within' a certain distance to a point in the Play Area, then a part of that model's base must be within the distance given. 2. In order to be able to enter a building you'd need to do a Get In Action which does not happen, since Reanimated units have limit of 1 and count as being activated for the turn (see -> Carpathogen) so they wouldn't be able to make a Get In Action, except for an additional Free Action outside of the Reanimated units activation due to Dark Council or Compel. 3. Since special rules like Dark Council and/or Carpathogen resemble special abilities and not actions, they do not count against a units limit and may be used as long as the necessary ressource (Action Points/Fortune) is sufficiently available.
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    Future FA rules

    Odd to me that Warcradle is talking about the Directorate and how the ships should have a theme. I think they are one of the more consistent factions in terms of how models look, and (personally) I would break them up a bit. Compared to say, Aquans, for example, they are a model of consistency in aesthetics. Not sure how you really come up with a "corporate" theme, either. I would be nervous about making ships look like lizards or spiders. An Abrams tank doesn't look particularly humanoid, because it's built for function. Sorylian cylinders and Terran triangles and Dindrenzi guns with engines and Relthoza's more "vertical" orientation are enough distinction for me-they all look like spaceships, not the race that built them, and their extant fluff (however limited) justifying much of it. Part of Spartan's problem was in creating so many factions that it became difficult to keep them distinct, but the core 6 aren't in bad shape in terms of a distinctive look. As for the Directorate, I've long thought they should have 2 distinct "lines" of models. Cheap corporate **** (lousy ships, but low points and large squadrons), and luxury goods (expensive ships in terms of points and small squadrons, but really good). Heck, you can call "Directorate" the cheap stuff (the Walmart of FSA), while Works Raptor, Omnidyne, etc become the "luxury brands". In my mind that sort of thing would extend and deepen the fluff without altering it to something unrecognizable. Of course, full disclosure, I'm one of those who kind of liked the Grand Alliance/WW2 feel of FSA, but it sounds like that will be at least loosened. Ah well. Now what would be REALLY cool is for some genius to come up with rules that work across "eras", so you can have Aquans and Terrans fighting in the battles when they first encountered each other, or fighting as allies in the current war, etc...The real trick would be giving the ships balanced stats for each era, but also work for scenarios where rebels or separatists (or desperate orgs trying to stem a surprise attack like Terrans at the start of the main war) pull out big numbers of old or mothballed ships to to throw at smaller groups of "modern" era ships. Note-I have no real idea how to actually accomplish this Sorry, just sort of rambling since I'm not here much these days.
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    Wolfgang Jannesen

    Firestorm Painting Group

    I have seen it printed with a label device on bases and it looks alright. Speaking of which, the RNV 'Fields of a Thousand Dead' is pretty well through being repainted. Any tips or criticisms on glows? (My ships earn their names. Such as this thing wiping out a relthozan battlecruiser one turn and crippling a carrier beyond reasonable use the next)
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