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    New Q&A Announced: June 22nd!

    The Q and A was cancelled. It would have been nice if you posted an update here and also post a link to it if it becomes available.
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    New Q&A Announced: June 22nd!

    Exactly where is this stream... certainly not on Facebook, Youtube or Twitch... at least I have no idea where to find it?!? Perhaps should have been a link to the actual stream in the first post and on Facebook.
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    New Q&A Announced: June 22nd!

    Based on my gaming experience I'm going for Space Cat Attack!
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    You make a good point that the two appear to be simultaneous, but they have to occur in an order. If the fortune chips were replenished before the hazard check, you would have two lots of fortune to use in a turn. As this does not sound right, my assumption is that the fortune chips are replenished as the last act of the activation. I am sure that Our Gracious Hosts can give a definite answer, but in the meantime I would suggest that you suffer the consequences of spending your fortune ^__^

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