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    Dystopian Legions in WWX

    Warcradle people: Whilst I am eager to learn WWX, budgetary constraints mean that I don’t really have the funds to buy new models. That said, what I do have is a collection of Dystopian Legion models. It has been stated in the past that eventually, the other factions of the Dystopian World will be integrated into WWX, but that’s a fair ways off. However, thought - would it be possible for Warcradle to provide “get you by” lists that would enable the old Legions players to get started in WWX with their existing models? The lists don’t have to be extensive or include all the characters, or include any more than once posse list, but somthing like that would be a great gesture to the community. It could also encourage them to buy some of the WWX range to expand further. And, yes, I am aware of the fluff arguments against using the Legions models in the Wild West, but who says all the battles are in the old west, and not on the Canadian Frontier? Or the Australian Outback (ooooh - steampunk Ned Kelly - yes please!) And why can’t Antarctican Comandoes be pursing some obscure objective on the Frontier?
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    Dystopian Legions in WWX

    One of the great things about WWX is that all the materials to play are free on line; you can play with proxies without buying any WWX figures (you would have to spend quite a lot on printer ink). Some of the Dystopian Legions figures can slot straight in and some could be used with a bit of imagination. I would love to see a North West Mounted Police posse using Britannia riflemen. Having said all that it would be well worth your while to get one of the starter sets and there are some very good deals on line.
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    Dystopian Legions in WWX

    Most of the range can be used as "counts as" models. FSA infantry/bikes/jetpacks work just fine as Union, Lawmen or Confederate units. The EoBS ambassador can easily use legions models as her outlaw retinue. Antarctic bots can fill in for enlightened reanimated.
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    Model Identification

    Apollo class support carriers. You'll find them in the assets list I think.

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