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  1. Pok

    Future FA rules

    How about we start with a working engine that's quick, fun and allows for decent tactical choices first, so we know what has to be written to make it work background wise?
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  2. @Wolfgang Jannesen, it's not so much that it is too complicated to figure out, its the time that it takes during the game. Although small per attack, it does add up. Plus, there are some more involved calculations when you start ships in different range bands, with different damage. It doesn't need to be a coin flip, but it does need to be simpler to explain and play.
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  3. How do you arrive at a tactical end but by the means you accomplish it? One faction uses a Beams as the primary armament of their battlecruiser, while another uses Primary Weapons. In addition, Battlecruisers are generally the step between a Battleship and a heavy cruiser. And when we look at what the Directorate's Cruiser range offers us, besides the Tier 1 Battlecruiser, we see a lot of options. Why? Well, because they are always trying new things from the tech they stole. The Abraxas/Executioner/Vangquiser lines are simple but tough, easy to run and can fill the core of the any fleet. The Turmoil R&D Cruiser utilizes the formerly-Tarakian-exclusive Gravity weapons in a brutal straight-forward manner, oddly enough, this one fits the style of a Gunship more than a Cruiser. The Tormentor R&D Cruiser focuses on a Directorate specialty of Cyberwarfare, which is not an effective core war ship, hence "R&D". The Gunships are set up with a heavy forward gun to work with, while the Destroyers tend to be more exotic (and fragile) option across all factions, not a flexible core ship that a Cruiser should be and is. To be fair, I find it odd to see Destroyers in the Tier 2 line, but that's just because I'm used to the old destroyers of WWII more than a ship that is a glass cannon the size of a light cruiser. Side note: A lot of the differences in these lines is not necessarily what they are armed with, but how much and where. That is part of how the armament of a ship is defined.
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  4. The computer is fixed I can post pictures now! Hope you get to feeling better soon @WestAustralian. Everyone is doing a great job so far! Keep it up.
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  5. Use image tags like this [ img ] paste the url of the photo itself (right click the photo and open it in a new tab and copy the address, or use copy image address if that pops up for you [ /img ] Do that without the spaces and it should work like this (Altcaps ships)
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