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    Warcradle Richard

    Model availability

    Following the Q and A at the end of this week, we will share some information next week on all the construction and expansion of manufacturing that has been taking place.
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    Warcradle Richard

    Model availability

    We definitely will get some casts out this year. We are midway through quite a lot of construction work to expand our manufacturing capacity. It should be complete by mid May, so we should be in a better position to announce any availability then.
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    G-Two's Dindrenzi Fleet

    I'm not really much of a painter, but I finally got my Dindrenzi's painted.
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    Warcradle Richard

    Future FA rules

    There have been alot of well thought and constructive suggestions on the forums over the last few months. We do read them. Scale won't be changing and whatever we do with the universe we will make a place for your current minis to fit in.
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    Cas's Soryl

    Restarted this topic because my old one no longer has linkable images due to dropbox. As with my veydreth, finished the painting on my Sorylian armada to commemorate spartans fall to the persians. Posting here to celebrate firestorms return.
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    Wolfgang Jannesen

    Firestorm Painting Group

    @Skyhawk Thanks mate! Its the best I could come up with short of jeweling. Here is the completed fleet
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    Wolfgang Jannesen

    Firestorm Painting Group

    Adventures in test schemes: A sneak preview @Hive Its not a matter of if you're going to eventually redo them now, its a matter of what WC dangles in front of us after the QnA that might delay the repainting
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    Warcradle Sam

    Posse Previews!

    In case you missed our post yesterday evening on Facebook, I thought I should add these upcoming beauties here... We have images of both the Infernal Investigations posse and the Ranger Showboat posse below - which one would like to get on your tabletop?
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    Loads of reasons Look we understand it is easy to post a remark to say these should all be in production right away. But there are lots of reasons for not just pouring resin into some of the molds and selling it. Amongst others: We want products we sell to be of a high quality. Some of the molds and masters are simply not present. There is a significant outlay involved in remastering and remolding items, and that doesn't include packaging. If an item is only going to sell a handful it isn't worth the time and effort. We have a significant amount of construction taking place between March and April which will quadruple the size of our manufacturing facility. While it is going on it will have an impact We do not want to follow a direct only model. It alienates retailers and partners.
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    Firestorm Painting Group

    I'm gonna do a pair of Battlecruisers and like eight Frigates next so I can have the least subtle Directorate fleet in existence.
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    Wolfgang Jannesen

    Firestorm Painting Group

    Finally settled on the scheme and logic for the rest of the Hawker fleet. Having fun working on colour gradients and little details like the navigation lights but man I hate putting on the base layers
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    Warcradle Richard

    Firestorm fluff

    That's how we see things. I would even go so far as to say. I can see lots of the passion for the various factions here. But experience tells us that many of the changes we are almost certain to make are going to upset some players. Almost certainly the narrative core of the Firestorm universe will be both similar and very different.
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    Wolfgang Jannesen

    Firestorm Painting Group

    Late into april but I have my RSN fleet complete (minus one frigate squad but its on the way) Here's what a month and a half of binged documentaries and coffee has produced EDIT: Wow these are really blurry. Sorry folks I'll retake and reupload them when I can
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    The new Armoured Clash

    I am very happy to have DW coming back -- and based on the WWX rules, I am excited to see what Warcradle comes up with. That being said Storminwolf, the issue I have is having bought into the game rather heavily and being left with obsolete models. I will not spread negativity and I will of course wait and see how the new scale affects the old scale. If worse comes to worse, I'll just play the new rules with the old minis. Cheers!
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    Subfaction: Kingdom of Greatbavaria

    Hey everyone, allow me to briefly introduce myself: I am from Bavaria, Munich to be precise, and followed Dystopian Wars for years now, without buying anything, until a few weeks ago. With Warcradle reworking the game, i thought it is the best time to finally begin collecting. About the models, i absolutely fell in love with the Prussian and Eclipse Company airships. Only Problem: Bavaria and Prussia never really liked each other, but no german kingdom really liked any other, so thats quite usual. Anyway, i came to the conclusion to paint my airships in a Bavarian style, and even wrote a story about how it came to be. I also modelled their unique legendary flagairship. So i present to you: The Kingdom of Greatbavaria How they play: Due to their isolated location in south Germany, surrounded by allies and the Alps, their forces mainly consists of airships, with the few ground divisions being under Prussian control. Their airships are the standard Prussian ones, with a few additions (see below). I have no idea how to set the stats of the new airships, for i could not manage to find any players here, so i am absolutely unexperienced how effective or ineffective some things are. The new airships: 1. The Neuschwanstein: The massive flagship of the Bavarians, even larger than the Imperium-Class Skyfortress. Equipped with four heavy battleship turrets, a hangar, and an unique fore weapon, that ignores armour and shields. Ideas: 2. The Donner-Class Bombard-Airship: Idea for a long ranged airship. Using the bombard pushes the ship 1'' back because of recoil. 3. The ?-Class Medium Airship: A medium sized Airship with two turrets and focus on broadside attacks. All these Airships have no Tesla-Weaponry, as the reactor energy is needed for the stabilizers, preventing the Airships to tilt resulting from the recoil (or massive castles upon them ^^). The .pdf file explains the history of Greatbavaria as well as its unique weapon system. Hope you like it^^ Kingdom of Greatbavaria.pdf Edit: I added a few picture of the Neuschwanstein
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    Future FA rules

    Yeah, good point. That scene was one of my favorites in the movie. Forcing a ship to change its heading would lead to some interesting activation's. This is true, assuming that you were the victor. Otherwise you'll be lucky to spend the rest of the war in a POW camp. A campaign system really would be helpful here. We've been using the following house rule for seriously damaged ships: Adds a bit of tension when your lead cruiser has to make a hasty exit.
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    It is 187X, a generation since the end of the American Civil War. The greatest scientific minds of the age have unlocked secrets that the human race was unprepared for. Now mighty empires clash as super science and alien technologies bring the world perilously close to annihilation. THE DIE IS CAST An ancient entity known as the Hex has been subtly influencing humanity for thousands of years for its own purposes. This interference has attracted other alien forces to take an interest in humanity and their technology has fallen into the hands of an alliance of scientists known as the Covenant of the Enlightened. Combining the newly discovered Element 270 with a limitless power source known as RJ-1027, the Enlightened have ushered in an age of phenomenal scientific advancement in areas that were the stuff of dreams only decades before. This unearned and disjointed scientific progression has, however, come with neither morals nor safeguards and the world has been plunged into a Dystopian Age. Through manipulation, fear or conquest, many nations of the world have formed alliances with mutual economic and defensive benefits, often around common cultural or geographic ties. The remaining great industrialized nations of the world, while powerful in their own right, found that they were over-matched and driven to join larger alliances until, as the end of the century draws near, seven distinct power blocs have emerged. These seven great powers appear evenly matched in their war-making potential and this brings a grim prospect: If a total global war were to erupt there would likely be no clear victor. As the world teeters on the edge of such a globally catastrophic world war, the great powers battle tirelessly to gain a decisive advantage and emerge triumphant with a mix of military, subterfuge, diplomacy and economics. THE CARIBBEAN HURRICANE Despite the best of intentions and most meticulous of strategies, events can quickly spiral out of control. Barely two years after its brutal Civil War, the Union entered the world stage and ended up in a three-way running battle with their old adversaries the British Crown and an unfortunate first contact with the Celestial Empire. In an attempt to seize the valuable Element 270 deposits found in the waters nearby, the Japanese fleet, commanded by Admiral Hariken, had overwhelmed the Crown garrison at the Falkland Islands. Such was the swiftness and totality of Admiral Hariken's victory that she ordered her forces to push northwards along the South American coast for an audacious assault on the Crown's Caribbean holdings. The Caribbean was regarded as neutral territory by both the Crown and Union, so the buildup of a retaliatory Crown fleet near Bermuda was interpreted as a breach of the region's neutrality by the Americans. In what became known as the Caribbean Hurricane, after the ambitious Japanese Admiral, President Johnson dispatched a taskforce of armoured paddle-steamers from New York to contest the Crown forces massing in the Caribbean. It was a proud moment for the Union as its forces, once riven by internal conflict, came together for the greater glory of their new nation. What the Union found there was a meat-grinder. Entire island chains were engulfed by the running battle between the Crown fleet and the invading Celestial Empire who did not expect them to be present in quite such force. The Union ploughed in between them and engaged both sides with the full fury of the Federated States. The islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico became shattered battlegrounds, torn by massive war engines, columns of tanks and fierce aerial bombardments. When the Celestial ships withdrew the Dragon had learned a valuable lesson that day not to underestimate either the old Lion or the young Eagle. The Crown permitted the Union to establish facilities throughout the Carribean to help regenerate the shattered communities. Of course, when the Union then annexed the territory in 1873, it was the cause of another pitched battle which this time saw the Union forces withdraw and the Crown exert control over the islands. That, however, is another incident. Within each of the great power blocs, there are a number of proud and distinctive nations in possession of their own traditions, culture and politics. Tensions and infighting cause paralysis at times for each of the seven powers and these are seized upon by their rivals as opportunities for advancing their own agendas. Such conflict between allies is regrettable but, unfortunately in the Dystopian Age, unavoidable. THE SINGAPORE INCIDENT The world came perilously close to world war once more after an internal trade dispute in South East Asia with Britain and the Raj. The disagreement drew in the Celestial Empire and finally, in the summer of 1869, the whole region exploded into violence. Known as the Singapore Incident, the city burned beneath the fury of the Empire's cannons and rockets. Even as the proud trading hub collapsed in flames, a fleet of mighty Crown warships raised steam across Queen Victoria’s domains to inflict righteous retribution. The conflict was brief but bloody, with thousands killed as the two great naval powers clashed. While there are times of detente between them, more often than not any one of the seven powers will be involved in clashes and conflicts over resources, territory and the actions of individual commanders in the field making the right (or wrong decision). To stave off a global Armageddon, a network of ambassadors, diplomats, bannermen, marshals and emissaries can be found crisscrossing the globe attempting to smooth over the countless brutal and bloody proxy wars, sabre rattling, land grabs, insurgencies and state-sponsored terrorism that are a daily occurrence in the Dystopian Age. STORM OF STEEL Another example of these flashpoints came in 1873 when the Russian Commonwealth, its military forces mightier than ever before thanks to Markov’s betrayal of the Enlightened, clashed with the Prussian Empire over the expansion of the Polish-Lithuanian border. The Commonwealth had been invited to enter the disputed city of Krakow by the city's burgomeister in an attempt to quell the unrest fermenting on the streets. Instead, the Commonwealth came crashing into the hardened frontier fortresses of their Imperium rival. Huge Russian tunnelling engines burrowed beneath the city and burst forth beyond, allowing hordes of Russian tanks and infantry to storm key areas behind the Imperium's front-lines. A counter-offensive masterminded by General Matthias Sturm held the line for the Imperium. The iron-clad legions of Kaiser Frederick Grunder stood firm against the hammer-blow, meeting Russian and Polish-Lithuanian steel and shot with the voltaic arc of Tesla-coil born lighting storms and furious bomb barrages from the Imperium zeppelin fleets. Only the intervention of the Teutonic Knights and the eventual withdrawal of Commonwealth forces back to their agreed borders brought an end to the fighting. Now, however, talk of Krakow seceding from the Imperium threatens to reignite the conflict once more. BATTLE FOR NEW CARTHAGE Elsewhere in that same year, the Latin Alliance led by French forces mounted a full assault on western New Carthage, the North African lands until then claimed by the Ottoman Sultanate. By this means, Napoleon and his Alliance sought to expand their control of the Mediterranean. The initial Italian expeditionary force was smashed before they could cross the desert to New Carthage but the French Legions stood poised to launch themselves across the sea. Fierce armoured clashes shook the northern deserts as invading Spanish and French Land Ships battered the Sultanate forces across a veritable ocean of dust, grit and stones. At sea, the battle was no less intense as French and Portuguese raiders fought to prevent Sultanate and Enlightened reinforcements getting through. Crown assets on the island of Malta came under attack by the Sultanate and barely survived the fierce bombardment. The French assault hit the New Carthage shoreline with terrific force, driving deep inroads into Sultanate-held regions. A maelstrom of conflict raged on land, sea and air, with the French Legions eventually managing to secure a firm foothold on the North African shore. In retaliation for what happened at Malta - and sensing an opportunity while the Sultanate and Alliance forces were at each other's throats - an Indian Raj expedition advanced north into the Red Sea. Despite several assaults by Ottoman forces, the land expedition managed to strike deep into Ottoman Sudan. There, however, they were caught between two wholly unexpected foes; an aerial assault by the infamous League of Crimson and huge, spider-like Enlightened war machines, rising from the desert. Amid storms of energy beams the plucky Indian Raj forces were utterly destroyed, their passing only confirmed months later when parts of their armour appeared on the black market. FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BOLD The Dystopian Age is an era where individuals can make their mark with opportunities for personal gain as well as the national interest to defend. Whole regions have been devastated by conflict, and yet others are relatively untouched, transformed instead into hives of activity, with the massive expansion of industry and technological development to feed this terrible struggle. Worse yet, it appears that the world itself is changing as if the roiling conflict is enveloping the natural order as well as that of humankind. Bizarre weather events erupt with increasing regularity, mighty storms blow up and then suddenly vanish. At sea and in the air, ships and flying craft mysteriously vanish; only to reappear miles off course, their crews having no recollection of the missing time. There are key regions around the globe that offer the potential to grant a decisive advantage to those that dare claim it for the Dystopian Age. Many of these involve the alien or otherworldly artefacts that are being discovered. These artefacts defy explanation, which makes them only more sought after. Most notably the Enlightened has uncovered a strange structure in the Sudanese desert. Undoubtedly this is the cause of their presence in the region and the reason for their fierce resistance to the Crown's eastern expedition. Yet further east in Africa, the streets of Lagos bear witness to extraordinary masquerade scenes where fantastical performances hide the battle between the agents of the Dark Council and the Outlaw guilds for control of the city. In the American Frontier, the Lawmen and the Union army try to maintain some sense of control of the vast untamed landscape filled with the proud Warrior Nation and all manner of Outlaws, wild creatures and Enlightened experiments to contend with. There are factions at work in the wild west beyond the ken of the seven great power blocs and there is much more to be found beneath the soil than just the riches of gold. A similarly wild and dangerous place can be found half a world away in the outback of Australia. There, the Enlightened and Australian Outlaws race in sturginium and RJ fuelled battles across the lethal landscape. The aboriginal peoples there are part of the Warrior Nation and take no prisoners should these high-speed interlopers violate the sanctity of their sacred places. These are truly places where a man or woman can make their fortune and become a legend. Perhaps most important of all, however, is in far-flung Antarctica, where the Enlightened have established a fortress-city known as Well's Chasm at the entrance to the interior of that great unexplored continent - and the alien Vault that lies beneath it. The flow of time and distance itself seemed to become strangely distorted in some areas of the Antarctic. especially in the vicinity of large quantities of sturginium around the Vault which seemed to act as a catalyst for such events. Though the Enlightened have an impressive array of defences, how long will it be before the major factions turn their gaze southwards to take for themselves the secrets of the Vault? AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE After the turbulence of the 1860s the world has entered a period which has come to be known as ‘the Interbellum’ – a time of retrenchment, of consolidation, of detente. But only the naïve and the foolish take this to mean the end of the conflict on the Earth. The Interbellum does not mean peace, but only preparation for yet greater clashes to come!
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    Skyhawk's UFOs(unfinished objects)

    Meet the Dauntless! I got a wild hair last week. It probably will be a shelf queen since I don't see me using it real often.
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    Hi Folks, Here's my start to this project, a squadron of Aquan frigates. Pretty simple paint scheme, with a base of blue and teal, with purple engine parts and red/orange for the weapons. Probably going to do some destroyers next month.
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    Warcradle Tarnya

    Posse Previews!

    Have you seen the latest Wild West Exodus posse previews? We've two more posse's to show you! Feast your eyes on Countess Byron's Galvanic Mysteries and Wicasasni's Dark Nation Posse. And for those wondering about the immense Vor Khet, don't worry, he's so massive he needs to be released separately! Both The Dark Nation Posse and Vor Khet will be available later this year.
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    Wolfgang Jannesen

    Firestorm Painting Group

    I'd like to present the recolor of my fleet, all laid out on my table in their space police splendor Carrier, the RNV Augur Battleship, the RNV IronBreaker Dreadnought, the RNV Unyielding Justice Cruiser Group Destroyer Group Frigate Groups (working with what I could get model-wise) And finally how it looks to play these beautiful ships
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    Ok, where are we. We literally had all the molds and masters etc chucked into pallet containers. When they arrived with us. When a company enters administration usually it isn't an orderly and organized process. So we had this huge amount of stuff that we have had to work our way through. Including an additional 25 pallets found in another location, that though it had no value, was really an important thing for us to be able to control the disposal of. Then we have had to back up and protect the huge amount of data for the assets. Well over 16TB, that wasn't well protected. So we had to build the local storage solution, then ensure it was backed up and safe whatever happened in transit. Lots of issues with the files... We had to audit them to remove any items related to Halo. Then we have to start looking at SKUs. I know it seems simple to say here is a mold, that must be a single product. But it isn't like that at all. Most of the molds are not labeled in any way. We have mold labels at Warcradle which are actually molded into the mold making process. So we have to identify what constitutes a product then start finding the molds for them. We already have an ERP system at Warcradle to put the data in, but though there was an equivalent on the Spartan kit we acquired, It had been deactivated months before administration due to non-payment so we didn't have access. So building assembly lists for products takes a while. Add to that there being almost no Studio minis present... Despite them being photographed everywhere in packaging and books, and then lots of missing equipment that had managed to vanish between going into administration and us visiting... amazingly it was a selection of equipment that would allow manufacturing of a wide range of products. One of the 3d printers vanishing. The list of frustrations goes on. So since then, we have been building data, assessing molds, getting data into our ERP and expanding production facilities. Had all our creative guys work on design libraries for the games and various factions too. Making our facilities safe etc. For example, we have proper ventilation and air quality infrastructure for casting environments and resin residues are dealt with responsibly. We have proper health and safety plans. As opposed to just chucking out empty resin buckets at the back of the factory like Spartan did. Loads of meetings and investment in how things are going to be arranged moving forwards. It is important that we do things properly.
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    Warcradle Sam

    May 4th 2018 Q&A: Blog & Video

    For those who didn't catch our latest Live Q&A, we wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to watch (and read) all about it directly from us here at Warcradle Studios. Enjoy our latest update about Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus, Armoured Clash, Firestorm Armada et al. As well as our announcement about Warcradle Classics! Watch the video here: Alternatively, head over to our blog to get a quick overview or to read the full blog, including all images from the Live Q&A!
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    Squadron Activation

    A ship is at full strength until it gets to half HP. At lower than half, it gets half AD and half PD. A 5 HP ship rounds to 2 when it gets to this "compromised" status.
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    Richard - many thanks for the reply - sounds like a lot is happening indeed at the Warcradle end of things. Out of interest any chance of a once a month or bi-monthly "behind the scenes update" on the forums side of things (and other avenues as suitable via social media) update on the behind the scenes side of things? Not model sculpts but how things are gearing up and what's happening and how plans are going. A little behind the scenes would be great as it lets us know what's going on; plus if there are any delays or stalls in things then the loyal (rabid?) fanbase are more aware in advance of the pace of things and that stuff is indeed going on. (which is not to say that Warcradle isn't competent, but that many creative and major projects often hit one or two snags that slow things down somewhat; esp when setting up something new. Heck I suspect many active members online have been involved with or followed more than one model Kickstarter to be aware of delays and unforeseen issues). It's also a nice bit of news for those who might only be Firestorm/Planetfall/Uncharted fans and thus are expecting a much longer wait until Warcradle is in a position to do justice to those games (after Dystopian Wars and WW ) I think its more the case that they are, it seems, fully rebuilding and building up their own factory. So its not just a case of Spartan sculpts, but of Warcradle gearing up, teching up and training up (where needed) so that what comes out of the production line is quality in a repeat manner to which they can put into commercial production (not just one offs or using a method which results in too high a failure counter quality control wise).

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