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    2nd game of 2.5. Once again, apologies for the photo size. 1k Prussians Vs Blazing Sun in Maelstrom of Battle. Again, the scenery is randomly rolled. We had 3 DW games running hence some of the islands are somewhat unusual. Prussian List remained the same as last week: Kaiser Karl with Commodore, Elite Crew and a Watcher Gustav (Represented by a Rhine) 2x Havel with a single Fighter Ace Blitz Squadron (1x Pflicht, 3x Jäger) Adler (Flanking turn 2- would have been Advanced but scenario required flank) 4x Stolz (Advanced Deploy) The Blazing Sun list was (From memory again): Kaiju with the commodore (it's worth noting that the commodore rolls stuffed the Blazing Sun. the 1 on the Command table was switched for national but the 1's on aggressive and defensive had to remain!) Tenkei 2x Chita (represented by 2 Ikas) Mizuchi 4x Fujin (Flanking turn 2) 4x Interceptors 5x Zarigani The rolls for pre-game scenario damage/disorder were brutal with the Gustav getting the worst of it, losing 3HP. First turn was bloodless with the Prussians being out of range (including the Gustav) and the Blazing Sun struggling to hit due to a problematic commodore at RB4. The game ended due to time after turn 3, with a minor Prussian victory (by less than 100 VPs). The Gustav got one good shot at the start of turn 2, double critting the Mizuchi at RB3. This drew the ire of the Kaiju which sank it with a double crit at RB3. The Stolz had another good game, although struggled for range in the first few turns due to the very defensive Blazing Sun deployment and cautious advance. When they finally got in range, they sank the Mizuchi with a triple crit and finished off a Chita using CC. One did die to fire from the Fujin squadron while the remainder fluked surviving a boarding action by the Zarigani (my opponent fluffed the dice rolls badly) at a point where I was expecting to lose them. The Chita and Zarigani didn't really get much of a look in as they were played too cautiously. My opponent intends to be far more aggressive with them next time. SAS fighters were responsible for removing the Blazing Sun Interceptors, the Blitz Squadron Jaegers and causing some minor damage to the Tenkei. Beyond this there was no real involvement. There were nil carrier actions during the entirety of the game. All-in-all a very fun game as I haven't played against Blazing Suns in ages. The scenario starts brutally but makes for an interesting change. The scenario initial damage rolls were brutal, especially for the Gustav. The Kaiser Karl spread the damage to the watcher, while the Havel were each damaged. Every squadron took damage except the Stolz and Adler who were both disordered. The Blazing Sun faired better with the scenario rolls, with the Kaiju disordered and the Mizuchi, Chitas and Zarigani picking up minor damage. Photos have moved here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dystopian.wars.and.legions/permalink/1375578715862310/
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    Terran vs Dindrenzi - 1200 pts

    Me and a friend finally played our first big game. A border skirmish between Terran/Hawker forces and Dindrenzi/RSN forces. We didn't have alot of terrian, so there was a plantoid, two asteroid fields and we used the diminesional gate at a debris field. Turn 1 - Terran initiative. I decided to keep my Apollo and Regent with its cruiser accompaniment in reserve. I was hoping the dreadnaught + Aegis would soak up fire until the reserves came in. Turn one pretty uneventful, a few long range torpedo hits on one of the Dindrenzi Cruisers, and gunships, my armsmans did minor damage to one of the enemy frigates, at the loss of 1 armsman, Near the end of turn one I noticed my opponent had no tier 3's, since we're still learning we decided he would replace the battleships accompaniments with frigates and break it into two small squadrons. Turn 2 - Begins with the Dindrenzi getting initiative. The enemy makes the Terran dreadnaught a priority, with a withering assault from the RSN dreadnaught and battleship. I don't recall how many 6's my opponent rolled but he easily crit'd my titan, then lucky me he rolled 2 on the crit table and did 5 hp to the dreadnaught. Further attacks from the RSN dreadnaught and Zin battleship did 2 more points to the dreadnought and sweep it's escorts. I failed to take a turn 2 before and after picture. Turn 3 - Terran initiative. The Apollo arrive's, with a truncation error, however it ends up moving randomly closer to the rear of the enemy carrier. The Titan is extremely ineffecitve even with weapons shielding, however the apollo caused heavy damage to the Zindrenzi carrier 4 HP and 2 CP. Turn 4 - Terran's get initiative again. Using perfect timing the Regent shunts in without issue. The titan avoids death again. Two of the enemies escorts are picked off allowing a full wing of bombers and the Apollo to kill the enemy carrier. The carriers/cruisers direct fire and the titan broadsides and turrets kill the remaining gunships. Torpedo attacks kill off one of the Dindrenzi cruisers. I rolled very well that turn. I lost the last armsman in one squadron, and my shield cruisers finally starts to take damage. Turn 5 - Terran's once again get initiative. The Dindrenzi finally kill off my Dreadnought which is was going to die anyway as I had turned it to close to the planetoid to get one last shot and it was doomed to hit it turn 6 anyway. The last enemy gunship and cruiser dies, the enemy battleship and dreadnaught avoid damage. But he finally has them turned around to face me. Turn 6 - Terran's get initiative once again. They focus fire on the enemy battleship doing 5 HP, while the Apollo takes a crit and raging fire. At that point we're done, The store was closing so I didn't tally the battle logs, but it seemed like a very close game.
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    Field Dispatch #217 Status: URGENT Department: Logistics and Transportation Location: GLOBAL My HQ and I have been in communication with Battlefoam LLC (battlefoam.com). For those Captains and Commodores (or Gen. in my case) who are not aware, Battlefoam is the world's best and most reliable minniature foam tray and bag manufacturer. They have for years dominated in this space due to thier support for games and gamers. The company makes custom bags and foam trays that made for a particular game. Many lines are made for popular games such as, Warmachine/Hordes, Warhammer, Flames of War, Attack Wing and many others. One unique trait they have is a custom tray maker with silliouttes of models that allow you to create unique loadouts. They currently have only trays and shapes for models released early in 1st edtion, so not many options. This is where you guys come in. We need to show them that there is enough interest to do a full line of shapes for DW and bring it current. Please, by the way, check out their website and see for yourself their supported lines and products, as well as check out the custom tray maker, so you can understand how good this stuff is. Now, the custom trays aren't cheap, but they aren't cheaply made either. In fact, every custom tray is made to order. I've used this service extensivly for my Warmachine/Hordes models, and I can personally attest to it's quality. I need all available Captains, Commodores, Admirals, Generals, and Commanders to go to their Facebook page and send a message to their social media account expressing your desire to see ALL models be added to thier shape cattologue. This will do two things: 1. It will allow for the creation of custom foam trays with the exact shape of models you wish to put in said tray, perfectly cut out and arranged just the way you wanted it. 2. It will allow THEM to make standard trays with pre-determined shapes, ready to buy. For example all the models for a starter box in one tray, or your bombers all in one tray. It is imperative that we act quickly with our response and you MUST contact them via Facebook, Email or any means you can. Why? I can say from experience that Warmachine/Hordes increased in popularity when Battlefoam bags made for that system were made. Have you ever had difficulties transporting your force in this game, espicially things on flightstands? They have a solution for that. Every worried about your stuff getting crushed, squished, bent or broken? No more with these bags! I must say also, I have no affiliation with BattleFoam LLC, and am not being paid or asked to hearald their name. I am merely a General who loves their products, and swears by them completely. I've never had any problems with their bags or trays, and they have top notch customer service, The also sell around the world, with fast (i'm told) shipping to Europe. -Gen. Eric @Spartan Derek @Spartan Josh @Spartan Mike @Spartan Linde @Spartan Games
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    New ORBATS

    Regarding that, the front commanders wants the Tengu... And what about the light cruiser? I have a crazy idea. How about allowing it to use the small turning template Or the 45^o degree one
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    Yes, I had a similar bit of advice on a different thread about the MOP. Max dive PE Dive Bombers wreck it. 2.5 just made it easier to throw them into the thresher. That is an impressive number to bombing runs, @Zahariel, hat's off to you.
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    Ooops, just realized i havent replied to this thread. Yes the Prussian won! Windsor took on a ridiculous amount sas bombing(7 dive bombing) runs, 3 imperium bombing runs, multiple volleys from the blucher and kaiser karl before it went down. The KK had like only 1 HP left, while the blucher was knocked down to 4 hp. It was nasty, the windsor really deserve its nickname, the MOP. A couple of things we agreed with my opponent, he had a wrong deployment of tribal cruisers, as he used it to intercept my flanking arminius squad. if nt the was a good chance that the windsor might have even survived the game and i wouks be losing the blucher and KK instead. Overall, quite a good battle. I learned to fear the volleyguns from the MOP and those large cannons on it. XD
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    There you go @Gen. Eric!!
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    I also commented on a recent Facebook post, I'll try and find the response!
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    Nearly Done! Just needs some touch up a coat of clear then a picture with a space background. And a Name! I have started working on my second vindicator. Here is a picture with one next to a Armsmen and Tueton. Thanks for looking !
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    Terran's and Allies

    It never ends, some aegis's
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    Looking forward to more reports from you guys! Looks like you got bitten by the same Photobucket tick that got me. POSTIMAGE.IO will be picking up a flood of new accounts. I've already pulled down all my photobucket pics and move them to postimage. I've got a LOT of broken links to fix...
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    I'm digging this campaign because it's actually getting me to paint my stuff. Here's the latest reinforcements for tomorrow's games
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    Official Thread: Ottoman Empire

    Actually I think that it says more of benefit if people picking up the Ottomans for the first time feel that they are balanced against factions that they are more comfortable with. That means that they haven't mastered all of the Ottoman tactics yet were still able to make sure they work well. It seems to be the people who played Ottomans and relied on some of the overpowered crutches that they were known for that struggle on how to change up their tactics or fleet build to function well in 2.0. Ottoman mines and they minelayers were much to powerful, likely more than was actually intended. That may have swung to far the other way, but they should be more of an area denial and not a primary damage dealing weapon system they had inadvertently become. Ottomans shouldn't have had all of broadsides virtually equal to linked FSA turrets, in addition to corrosive primary weapons on par with other nations turrets, plus devastating mines and minelayers, plus generators that completely controlled your opponents use of his fleet. You call that the Ottomans "flavor" but it seems that your idea of their flavor is just that they were better at everything than everyone else. The mines should probably be enhanced, and the broadsides should probably be boosted, but with corrosive the turrets and bombards are still good, and the generator is still good with the templates and cloud effect stacking.
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