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    Three new Missions for you guys!

    Hey all, I've created a pack for next weeks tournament and it contains three brand new missions. http://www.files.co.uk/set/5735014b251eb Please give them a go and have some fun using them. We've had loads of fun play testing them and they really add something fresh and new to Planetfall. Cheers guys Dan
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    Pharlain IV - Some Live Posting

    So the aim of this is going to be to try and do some live posting from the day of the tournament, maybe a breakdown of results game by game, hopefully something to keep everyone interested! First up three quick snaps of tables we will be using today.... missing two of them, but i will get them on here when i get to the tournament today! 3500 points, 3 games, hopefully 8 participants! More pictures as best I can around the rest of the day!
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    Pharlain IV - Some Live Posting

    The Thin Blue line! Two thin blue lines! The Terrans & Relthozans get up close and personal. While the Aquans try to turn the Dindrenzi flank The Directorate casualties mount (closest models to the bottom of the picture While the Hyperion is on its last legs! (well DR) Round 1 saw: Aquans vs Terrans (Aquan Victory) Aquans vs Dindrenzi (Aquan Victory) Directorate vs Sorylians (Directorate Victory) Terrans vs Relthozans (Relthozan Victory) Pharlain IV standings: Zenian League 2 Kurak Alliance 2 More Pictures from Round 2 later tonight / tomorrow....
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    Today In Firestorm...

    I received a package from spartan, unboxings will follow and ordered the next fleet (syndicate).
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    LBPBs Unit Stat Cards

    Hello fellow Admirals I've recently be switching to FA after playing a while on Dystopian, and I really missed the custom stats cards made by You Look Like A Nail So I decided to make my own. Since that they are now finished, I thought I'd better share them with the community. Core Fleets : Aquan Prime (update 01/05/2016) Dindrenzi Federation (update 01/05/2016) Directorate (update 01/05/2016) Reltholzas (update 01/05/2016) Sorylian Collective (update 01/05/2016) Terran Alliance (update 01/05/2016) Alliances Fleets : Kurak Alliance (update 27/06/2016) Zenian League (update 27/04/2015) New Marauders (update 29/05/2017) Game Helpers : Help Pack (update 12/09/2014) Some little exemples : Updates : 12/09/2014 - Card Back added in all Decks 21/11/2014 - Added SRS rules over all SRS cards 24/12/2014 - Added Defence Platform cards in all Core decks 13/01/2015 - Cloaking Field typo correction 12/03/2015 - Added new Oroshans & RSN ships 20/04/2015 - Added Return of the Overseers ships 27/04/2015 - New pictures of Hawkers & Work Raptors ships 03/07/2015 - Added all Invasion Ships for Core races 13/07/2015 - Minor fix on the Dindrenzi Castra Ship card 24/08/2015 - Terran Artemis Destroyer stat correction 08/10/2015 - Weapons fix on Terran Solar & Marauder Shadow 22/10/2015 - Dindrenzi Castra MAR and Directorate cards typo 04/11/2015 - New Terquai ships added 01/05/2016 - Added Task Force ships & redone Destroyers 27/06/2016 - Xelocians and Syndicate ships updated 29/05/2017 - Added new Omnidyne OSO ships Dont hesitate if you find any error or improvement ideas.
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    Hello all! Any news on the background documents and any previews of the upcoming allied core helix? Thanks
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    Corinthian Club Chat!

    Hi - Just wanted to say - Aren't Spartan Games Brilliant! :-) Beth, Lizzie etc - totally nice people who really helped me with this and my other levels of idiocy. Thanks guys. JKAM
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    Unused Squadrons

    Really I think the Uhlan are good cruisers, decent firepower, excellent boarding, cheap. On the Saxony front, all corvettes are too cheap, they are just spammed at tournaments, 5pt increase all round is needed. Saxony would just have to loose its tesla to stay at 25. The scout airship has to be one of the best, if not thee best medium airship? The blucher like some other dreadnoughts, but especially the blucher, needs a points decrease
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    Today In Firestorm...

    Ordered my custom bases from Litko and got my tracking number from Spartan on my first fleet - due next week.
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    this is getting ridiculous

    Realistically speaking, the first objective should be releasing Taskforce stats for the Patrol Fleet boxes, especially the Cruisers and Frigates. First the big 6, then the Support and Mercenary Fleets. Then start doing the box sets in groups, all the Destroyers in one go, then do Battlecruisers, etc. This spreads out the enjoyment and keeps the interest in the game even while doing very little in the modeling group. Task Force games would really lend themselves to Convoy Raiding and Protection games, for example. So having civilian transports available as well as the Planetfall ship stats would be a good go as well. But this is all book work, and properly working things like that in a balanced manner can be a real headache.
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    Well, it's really a matter of how much money you want to spend. RotO + Patrol box gives you a ton of options; the three other boxes gives you even more, and match well with what you're getting.
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    ...either that, or they do have a submarine, but no one who has witnessed it has survived to tell anyone...
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    I want a submarine (a fixed arronax would work) we have battleships and dreads that can go under water, but no fully submersible craft? We have a realm which the surface is often inaccessible due to ice, but no submersible? A highly advanced prototype submarine was stolen from.us, did we just give up and decide not to build any more?
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    this is getting ridiculous

    From what I have seen, the average Spartan games fan is a very understanding Supporter. I know we are all excited for new Rules, Miniatures etc We will have to enjoy what we have and look forward to an ever brighter future full of new options and opportunities
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    I always try to find room for Cyber tanks, for many of the same reasons that Kraggi mentioned. I'd disagree somewhat about all results being useful (I hate rolling Corrosive, it almost never makes any difference whatsoever in the results of follow-up attacks). However, most of the results are solid, assuming that you are shooting at an un-activated target. The ability to ignore target defenses means that you don't really need huge AD pools to get a roll. Against most targets, you should get at least one attempt on the table, and multiples for mediums and lights. If nothing else, they are a *very* cheap way to shield a squad or two from return fire, and tough enough to require a significant amount of firepower to remove. Obviously, they're better with an Arbiter, but they are still a worthwhile purchase without one.
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    Madmac's Veydreth

    So finally getting time to paint again. I really like how my new Veydreth paint scheme turned out. (even if it is a bit time intensive) All I have left to do is highlight the camo areas and add some glow. Still deciding which colors to use to highlight. So what do you all think?
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    Madmac's Veydreth

    So the humidity came down this morning to about 48% so I decided to get some more paint on my Veydreth fleet. Got all the base stripes done on all ships except the second frigate squadron. Sorry about the lighting on these pictures. Once they are done I am going to borrow my wife's light box. The reason the claw like things were left white is because I plan on painting them in a deep orange/red glow. Engines/weapons will be a brighter orange glow. Humidity back up to 78% so no painting out in my garage for a few days.
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