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    Background Question

    I must admit that Dramos is a masterstroke of Dindrenzi propaganda. Sure it was a tragedy, but only a smaller one, used to hide the true tragedy of the secession wars. The fall of the grand dream of a united and prosperous mankind among the stars. Cruelly torn down by the resurrection of large scale war between man, brother against brother, and for what reason? Because some uneducated frontiersmen lacked both patience and vision? They could not wait for this simple administrative issue to be settled peacefully. Instead they had lash out like spoiled children. Twice did we try to correct their lack of vision but it became too ugly, too costly and too meaningless for us to continue. So we cut the loose and let them have their own dream while we tried to resurrect the old one. Naive as we were we did not foresee that the Dindrenzi lack of vision would haunt us again. They could not create their own dream and so grew jealous of ours. They aligned themselves with the worst kind of marauders, war profiteers and even plain monsters and planned a new war. Now that war is upon us and Dindrenzi are crying for the blood of terra itself as if trying to bury history itself so that no man can discover their shame. Even now they hide behind the ghost of Dramos. Deflecting any accusations of the wile deeds performed by the directorate and RSN by reciting this tragedy. Yet again hiding the greater of two evils behind a smaller one. The Dindrenzi selfishness truly is the greatest atrocity of this millennium - A terran politician when asked about Dramos In response to the OP. I find that the background is important to most players but to different degrees. One guy in my group just likes to know the sorylian are the "cool commie space lizards" while others like myself are a bit more engrossed in the background.
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    First try at 800 with TF Ships!

    Unfortunately it is not "just tokens", the problems extends to the Apollo. The Apollo is a mono-dimensional ship with only one means of influencing a battle: guns. That is all it has going for it. Think of every single battleship in the game, every single one. Out of all of them only 3 of them rely entirely on guns, they are: 1, Apollo 2, Falx 3, Kedorian BB (I forgot the name) Every single other BB in the game can build itself to accomplish another task/role if it's guns get shut down. The Excelsior still has Cyber, the Nausicaa can still lay 10AD mines, the Judgement has 3 SRS and mines, etc. Simply put the Apollo has only one option with which to influence the board, and that one option is given no tools to keep it reliably in play, it is too easy to invalidate an Apollo's presence on the board because you have only 1 threat vector to worry about, shut that down and it's got nothing. It's telling that the Falx was also a problem ship and some still consider it to be lacking, the Kedorian BB is also on this list, but I haven't seen problems for it, probably because it has a unique mobility tool to aid its influence, oh and the arcs and ET, so it actually has tools to keep those guns relevant for longer and offset loss. Now consider some of the really strong BBs, the Hydra, the Anarchist and the Tyrant. Every single one of these ships does something to merit that popularity, and that is they do more than just shoot with guns, they bring tools and options to the board, they bring versatility and the means to adapt. This game as it grows leans more and more to needing tools and options, one trick ponies aren't welcome because they stagnate in this meta, the only way to make a one trick pony work is to buy external support to facilitate them. At that point you have to look at the cost of this facilitation and go why spend the points? How do you facilitate an Apollo? The obvious answer is with Shuttles, ok now how do I get shuttles into a list? Ares, Solar or Tyrant, that answer alone completely makes my point. If I have to spend that many points and only have those options why take the Apollo in the first place? Why take a Tyrant to facilitate an Apollo and spend 430pts when I could just spend 230pts and then buy whatever I wanted. Why waste a slot in an Ares on shuttles? Nearly 200pts on a Carrier and I take a questionable SRS option on one of the best Carriers in the game, or change the SRS load out and swap the Apollo for a Tyrant, now my list is tactically stronger for it. This game as it expands doesn't reward ships like the Apollo, it punishes them, skew ships need to be damn good at their skew to be viable in this game environment. The Apollo is not good at its skew. The Apollo's skew is supposed to be a point blank brawler that wins a fight against an enemy BB by being dominating in RB1 where the enemy is weak. This doesn't pan out at all because it is not given the tools to actually accomplish this. The Apollo is dominated by an Anarchist in a RB1 duel and the Anarchist isn't even a duelling ship. Consider all the hurdles the Apollo has to overcome to accomplish its desired engagement. 1, get into RB1 to accomplish the same output everyone else accomplished before you in RB2. Does it have this tool? No, it doesn't have speed at all, the ship has no exceptional movement options to facilitate RB1 engagement in a timely manner, certain enemy BBs can actually conditionally kite the Apollo for a limited time. Shunting is not a valid answer if you are arguing the merit of an independent Apollo, taking an Apollo by itself should be a valid option, so if it is off the board the lack of an Admiral in the opening turns is not an acceptable strategy to employ every time you want to take an Apollo. 2, due to number one above, take the first hit and still be able to pull it back. Does it have the tools? Yes, it has shields and potentially Sector Shielding, this takes the edge off attacks, it also has Weapon Shielding. 3, upon reaching RB1 out-trade your opponent in damage because you need to make up for the deficit you accrued in closing. Does it have the tools to do this? Yes, it has the gunnery setup to do this. 4, maintain the unequal exchange of damage. Does it have the tools to do this? No. This is a complex area and this is where the Apollo fails. The Apollo was given the guns and shields to make the RB1 engagement, but that was all it was given, so it was given the tools to defeat a RB2 focused copy of itself (or you know a Tyrant), but that's it. It was only given the means to fight a ship that only had the same tools as itself. It has not been giving the means to defeat the multi role and versatile BBs, now yes it can fight and defeat some, but the number that it can't is increasingly growing as the game expands, further pushing the ship into a niche corner. So lets break it down why doesn't it have the tools to win in RB1, against flexible BBs? Vulnerable to RB1 unique threats, unlike RB2 focused ships the Apollo cannot optionally avoid RB1 threats, it has to take them in the face. These are: mines, a non issues it has shields so one thing. Boarding, ships at RB2 can avoid this, the Apollo cannot, and it has no special defences against it, nor is it uniquely weak. But it has to expose itself, the Tyrant does not, one is forced to expose itself to a danger that the other can avoid. So a threat you are forced to face and you have no advantage to make it any more palatable. SRS, OK both ships at RB1 and 2 are vulnerable to this. The key here is support, a ship at RB2 can be provided anti-SRS support much safer and easier, it is far less costly to provide a PD bubble to a ship 16" to 20" away with other ships than one 10" to 4" away from the enemy, why? Mines and boarding, to provide insurance against SRS for an Apollo you expose the supporting vessels to the same threats, so it is more costly to support an Apollo than nearly any other vessel. Finally, vulnerable arc, the Apollo will be more exposed than ships clashing at RB2 because it is surrounded and turning to keep its opposition in RB1, vulnerable occurs much more frequently for the Apollo by design of the ship. Again the ship isn't any more vulnerable than others, but it is forced to expose itself than other vessels and has no additional insurance. So it all boils down to the fact that the Apollo has to clear more hurdles and is forcibly exposed to more risks while lacking sufficient tools to deal with the extra risks it is exposed to, this means the Apollo hits more points of failure than other ships. It has all this to deal with while also bringing only direct fire threat to the board no other tools. Why would you take a ship more prone to failure with a smaller capacity to affect the state of the game? Fixing it: The Apollo needs tweaking, it's a skew ship that has insufficient support to reliably employ its skew effectively. There are 3 things I would really like to see for the Apollo to bring it back into contention. 1, base PD7, remember that point about boarding and SRS? The Apollo is now more self sufficient, more capable of handling itself. Which is exactly what this ship needs. Remove the PD hardpoint from the hardpoint list. This also increases defences on the close against torpedoes. 2, replace the CP hardpoint with Superior Design with appropriate cost. Funnily enough this provides no extra defence against Cyber, it merely provides an additional insurance against critical effects as its primary function. It also makes the hardpoint list more competitive/compelling. 3, reinforced arc (Aft), in keeping with the changes above these are all aimed at increasing the self-sufficiency of the Apollo and cementing RB1 dominance without utterly removing all weakness. The changes are all deliberately designed to not increase the direct offensive power, they are aimed to make the offense harder to invalidate and reduce the risks the ship is forced to expose itself to. Additional changes I would like to see but aren't important to make the ship work: 1, newly thought of but simple, same Wayfarer accompaniment options as the Tyrant. 2, change the torpedo hardpoint, this just not compelling at all. My ideal change would be to add an additional system in mimicry of the Marshall along the lines of: X/Y/Y/-, this would come with a obvious and necessary cost increase the hardpoint should increase to along the lines of 20pts. Taking all this together you are left with this in the hardpoint list: +1Mv +1SH Sector SH Superior Design (5-10pts) Beams Additional torpedo system (20pts roughly) That's a compelling list, there are now options to think about rather than the ship nearly automatically building itself. Finally like the Apollo the Falx and Kedorian BB should be examined to determine the extent/validity of similar problems. The Falx already got adjustments based on its lack of battlefield flexibility. The Kedorian BB I attribute to lack of volume of games to form a consistent level of performance to determine the necessity of whether it needs tweaking. Wall of text/rant over.
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    Directorate unit run down

    I quite like reading others opinions of the lists here, but I think it is worth reviewing the list from the single battlegroup point of view as well as the dual one... dont think it would change too much of what you have written here but worth checking out. The Core Helix is amazing for most factions, but I do love them for the directorate. Retaliators are amazing, the Desolator is not too shabby (although it should never really reach 16" undamaged... ever...) Informers are weak when compared to other factions core lights potentially but are some of the best models. I tend to run units of three myself. The Trojans are flat out amazing... if used correctly. Mobile LoS blocking models (for armoured tanks) with a 24" range, plus a 7" move. They are pretty darn good without an Arbiter and with they become an auto include. Intruder, the 9 AD feels like a bit much for a Transport, would be happy with it dropping back to 7 to be honest, but it does its job of transporting stuff pretty well and can throw out some surprising damage. Patriots do not want to be left on defence, but held for the offence given their Kill Team MAR, and they provide a welcome boost to your Interceptor fire as well. Are they the faction to beat? Not sure they are that much better or worse than any of the others, they have some stand out units, but are a short enough range that if you can shoot, then the enemy can shoot you back (with their Mv+LR) so are rarely safe from return fire. They have durability to take those shots, but you should never think that this is a Long Range faction. Activation order is almost key for the Directorate, you need to draw their models close enough to you for you to get those first shots in, if you screw up which units to activate when, you will end up sitting in no-mans land having DR plinked off you in the opening turn.
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    Preorder bonus objective set

    Hmmm I'll be up for a trade got 4 Terrans after any others or the old ones but not the ammo dump or crashed pod.
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    Spiders their units and tactics

    I wanted to add a little bit to the discussion of the effectiveness of Cloak as a Defense. Here is the chance of receiving a certain number of hits per die. Exploding Die: 0.6 Hits (75%), 0.8 Hits (50%), 1.0 Hits (30%), 1.5 Hits (4%) Heavy Die: 0.5 Hits (75%), 0.7 Hits (50%), 0.9 Hits (20%), 1.1 Hits (6%) What this means is that it is very hard to get lucky and get significantly more than average hits with Heavy Dice. Less than optimal dice against a Cloaked target are much more likely to fail to do anything. That is the power of Cloak.
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    Spiders their units and tactics

    As a brand spanking new Relthoza player I'm very frustrated. Not because of the army itself, but because of the players. I don't mean to come off like a jerk but I can barley get answers to questions. Those who have answered my questions you know who you are and I'm grateful I wasn't here before the changes and never played against the Relthoza against my Aquans but wow. This is depressing. Everyone needs to take a step back and behave like gentlemen and stop all the bikering back and forth. Everyone is entitled to there opinion but there comes a time when we all need to get over our own selfish egos and present your likes and dislikes like adults. Spartan will be more willing to accept your feedback if it's well thought out and not "well I played one game and they suck". This isn't aimed at any one person because there have been some pleasant feedback/ conversation.
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    Directorate unit run down

    CORE HELIX Heavy tank: a good tough tank with heinous linkable firepower within 16 even as an individual, the firepower from a pair at 32” isn't to be sniffed at either teamed with corrosion. 4/5 Medium tank: the retaliator is the directorate work horse 7+7 shields and a big nasty gun with corrosion for the princely sum of 110 points, if you are not taking as many of these as you can, you need serious psychological help, my standard list runs 12 and you cannot kill them all! 5/5 Recon buggy: if the Retliator is my favourite unit the Informer is the opposite, the firepower of a wet paper bag, the resiliance of a wet paper bag, and the TV of a superior recon tank like the leto and no movement mar to cross anything other than toad terrain, the best use I find for them is a unit to follow the retaliator spam and claim objectives. 1 / 5 Infantry: there is a special place in my heart for a patriot grand company which i will doubtless cover in the section entitled “Wraith”. The basic unit however is pretty standard fare with a good level of damage output but a low resilience 4 / 5 APC: the intruder used to be anemic in terms of fire power but with a reasonably respectable 9 interceptor AD it has quite a nasty suprise. Trojan: better in or with the command helix but these cloaked nerds are excellent for gamblers who wan to mess with other peoples units, get close in and they are pretty good CQB sweepers to boot. HEAVY HELIX Heavy support tank: 12 AD at 48” and 18 at 24” with corrosion and terror makes an excellent softener to start any attack 5 / 5 Tank hunters: while its Dr is one point less than the mighty retaliator the avenger has hard target, longer range and more AD for just 25 points extra, they often end up as the focus of enemy attacks because they are simply too dangerous to be allowed to roam unchecked. 5 / 5 Support tank: target lock with 6 dice, yes please! It allows your heavy to push up and more often than not get placed shots, or you can use it to dial in some artillery. 4 / 5 RECON HELIX Light tank: Dr 6 fast and useful upto 20” the anarchist is a solid tank, better than the informer in almost every single way for only 15 points more and the same TV for a five strong unit, they can actually move to seize an objective to hold it until a patriot garrison can reach the position. 4 / 5 Heavy infantry: Deadlock are a bit good, the cyber weapons are a nice addition with a basic 20 AD allowing them to threaten quite high up the food chain with a disruption attack, what people really come here for is the 5 CQB dice on initiation (probably 6 if you're using cards) and with twice the durability of patriot they are a tougher option for holding objectives and only liable to take half the casualties a unit of patriot would in an all important storm action. 4 / 5 LEVIATHAN HELIX The Wraith: I don't think I can say much for the wraith that hasn’t already been covered in depth, it is the epitome of a ground attack flyer and is probably the main reason the Directorate are quite so good in the air, having a flying option outside of their air and recon slots allowing more flexibility in list construction with a leviathan capable of troop insertion and fire support, and free range of movement unobstructed by the crawlers. All around it’s an excellent unit in terms of firepower, defense and versatility it is however reasonably vulnerable to interceptors and cannot hide as a trade off. 5 / 5 Haunter: comes for free and has take and hold, not bad at all 4 / 5 Patriot Grand company: the CQB damage output you love in a bulk buy setup you can’t refuse deployed by air insertion and a little flamethrower tank, the cherry on top of the excellent Wraith, giving it the ability to hold onto a unit of devastating infantry with the speed to capture the enemy primary, in previous games the 1-2 of wraith followed by patriot has killed an Odin by themselves in a single round (terror weapon CQB putting it on forlorn hope). 5 / 5 WORKS RAPTOR Heavy interceptor: Fast, cloaked and DR7 with corrosive interceptor missiles and an elite command element (it’s like being dindrenzi!) and they are a recon element! Crone recon tank: 20 AD, DR 5 hard target and cloaked with the potential for 10 CQB, elite, a skimmer and recon once again for the same TV as a unit of informers, they are like a Leto had a night of passion with a Relthozan Medium tank. 70 points each makes them the priciest in their weight class but also arguably the best, possibly worth the 15 points on an anarchist. 4 / 5 INTERCEPTOR HELIX Interceptor gunship: the firepower of two witches with a bonus cyber weapon (dynamite vs fliers) the price of two witches and near the survivability of three, kicking out more AD for longer with damage just without the corrosion, good choice on a budget 4 / 5 Interceptor: the ghost has many similarities with the crone just as the revenant has a similarity with the witch, cheaper faster and flying, slightly better in CQB due to Drone and the same firepower just with interceptor rather than anti infantry. 4 / 5 GROUND ATTACK Heavy gunship: I don’t hold 10 AD and 3 DRs in that high esteem but on a unit with the speed to flank whatever it’s shooting i can make an exception, paired with a second gunship for 20AD and all the corrosive flying around in the directorate ORBAT it becomes rather appealing, the arti marker is also quite useful with the potential to herd targets away from flanks into your inevitable plasma phalanx and keep these free to move unharried. 4 / 5 Ground attack gunship: couple of i keep coming back and using the really quite excellent witch interceptor as an example, each phantom is a witch with twice the survivability with a corrosive terror weapon and ground attack 4 / 5 ASSAULT HELIX Punchy Mc Doombot: I havent had chance to use mr McDoombot or his lovely wife “ED-209 with rage issues” but Im looking forward to it, they have some serious dice within 10” and requiring a minimium of 48 successes to kill and cloaking I think it may actually get to use its mace, especially with enough air support to draw away attention. For a unit that will be running forward 10 TV may be quite steep but i won’t know until I use them. Flame tank: the tank hunter chassis but with +2 on both DR, tell me more… i doubt this unit will be as frankly excellent as the avenger but it isnt too bad, an anti infantry retaliator with slightly shorter range, update this when I use it. COMMAND HELIX Command tank: even spiders dont have a DR 12 cloak unit, and if it dies just flat out the drones off the board (if you dont like having friends) and only give up 4 TV. It may not even reach that stage however and it adds some excellent functionality to the directorate list with that phenomenal cyber weapon with its ability to dial up or down on the cyber effect table for ot and any other cyber assets in 12” more offensively it has its 20AD plasma scourge the weapon for every occasion. 5 / 5 Tactics. Double core (T-34 death spam) few things give me more satisfaction than putting down 16 tanks and watching a little piece of my opponent die inside; retaliators can pump out 21 AD up close or 15 at range, more than enough to bruise most opponents, especially when each successful chip puts a corrosion marker on for the next relentless wave of plasma death to capitalise on. Then of course there is the desolator the tank squadron most leviathans wished they were, as awesome as they are mandatory rolling more AD in 16” than, well anything. Simply add wraith and interceptors to suit. It worked for the red army and now it can work for you! Air power: now with a leviathan that also comes with infantry you can really make something quite special, a fast hard hitting flanking gunline which can claim objectives too. And still bring along some additional buddies like a ground attack or works raptor. And of course there is double wraith, a list I own but can never bring myself to try. Exchange students: as a directorate core is pretty damn cheap you can always consider bringing some non natural allies, especially to cover aspects you simply dont have access too such as kinetic weapons, hover or drop troops. General tactics for each faction: Terrans: dont seem to enjoy being corrosioned, but terror CQB is probably the best method of applying direct damage and break markers. Dindrenzi: I quite like an armoured phalanx against Dizzos generally to keep command units safe from certain drop troops, one of the regions where you can find an informer squad on overwatch to be quite useful. I find they often stay at range to gain the benefit of hard target, as with most things they dont like plasma. Fish: close to CQB watch out for aircraft and try to funnel them to where you want them. If you can keep your desolators from getting pummeled they will do horrendous things. Lizards: air power to deal with their close range units, heavies to deal with their big boys. Spiders: Corrosion works a treat, with superior range shooting at cloak however you’re probably better off staying at range for placed shots rather than fishing for 6’s and make them close on you to gain the benefits of kinetic. Thoughts and opinions, already seen a fair quantity of people dis the core helix which I find to be absolutely superb, and has anybody tried the robots yet?
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    Printed Bases

    In the past I had some people request the art for the bases I used on my Terran fleet. Here you go. Also the PDF includes Dindrenzi styled bases that I never used. Enjoy. Vector art is preserved so you can edit them in Illustrator. https://www.dropbox.com/s/600lx8r8ptz9y4j/FSA-bases.pdf?dl=0
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    Where to start with french

    but it does its job well......you cant claim its sub par. As a boarding corvette for 20 points it cant be claimed to be sub par!!
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    I'd want it to use the old Scatter Cannon, hitting everything in its arc of fire.
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    Relthoza vs Dindrenzi 500pts

    Had my first proper battle a few nights ago at 500pts, there are a couple of rules errors we are aware of but please feel free to point out anything we did wrong. Battle was Relthoza vs. Dindrenzi simple kill mission. I've added a little narrative that I scribbled down after the game, because apparently I have nothing better to do than write a thirteen page short story no one will ever read, which I've posted some bits of between the turns. For those who aren't interested the fiction is in italics so go ahead and skip it. Battlefield was 4 x 4 with a mixture of gas clouds, debris fields and asteroid fields spread about. Relthoza force was a Nexus with extra wings of fighters and corrosive, three Assassins with corrosive primaries and four widows Dindrenzi force was Nausicaa with extra move and turn limit, two directorate escorts, three secutors and three threax I deployed my Relthoza pretty much in a huddle in the centre to take advantage of Systems network. My opponent deployed his battleship and cruisers to the right, his frigates to the left. Commander Ross stared vacantly at the display in front of him, cursing his bad luck for perhaps the sixth or seventh time today. His mount, a mighty Nausicaa class battleship the Intolerance, should have been the pride of a vanguard fleet threatening Kurak space. Instead he found himself patrolling the secure borders with Zenian allies because a few insignificant ships had disappeared. “Anomalous reading detected two hundred kilometres prow by port Sir, we’re too far out but the signature suggests a cruiser sized vessel that’s cloaked. Could be alone, could be a dozen of them.” Began the sensors officer, Mills, in a clipped tone that showed his years of service. “Weapon systems at full readiness Sir! I have a firing solution on those coordinates” Called Senior officer Carter a little too loudly, eager to be respected as the only woman on a bridge full of men. “Point defence grid is online, security teams deploying now.” Next came Peters, a tall man with proud features that oozed ambition. “Engines ready, all systems nominal margins Sir.” The operations officer finished the report and turned to Ross, awaiting an order as they all did. The man at the fifth station, senior communications officer Riley, remained silent but turned from his station to shake his head at the Commander, signalling that no response had been given to his attempts at contacting this anomalous ship. Ross knew he had three choices here. He could hold position and observe the situation. He could send in his frigate squadron to investigate, or he could shoot first and ask questions later. Ross smiled as he considered that to any worthy Dindrenzi Commander there was truly only one choice. “Fire main guns.” He yelled with a smile on his lips. Perhaps this would not be such an uneventful voyage after all. The interior of Relthoza ships was always dark, their insect - like eyes far beyond the need for visible light. The architecture was all slight curves and harsh angles creating an unnerving feeling when looked upon, though to the trained eye they revealed highly advanced geometrical workings creating a superstructure far more resilient than it appeared. "See, the Dindrenzi take our bait like hatchlings to a fresh cadaver. We should strike now and end their pathetic existence!", the speaker was cloaked in shadows at one end of the room, barely visible as a pair of eyes that reflected what little light penetrated the gloom. It's voice was akin to metal scraping against metal. A reply pierced the darkness at the opposite end of the room. "But what of the battleship?" came a second voice, this one deeper than the first, "Their strength remains gathered. To strike now would be to..." "To hesitate is to invite disaster!" Interjected the first voice, becoming more frantic as the exchange continued, "We must close the net whilst our foe is vulnerable and secure a most honourable kill! The rest will fall before the combined might of our fleet." From all around the room at once came a sound like a heavy corpse being dragged across gravel. Both occupants recognised it immediately as laughter and lowered themselves to a suitable distance from the floor. "Vulnerable, little one? Do they truly look vulnerable to you?" This voice spoke with an unyielding air of arrogance, as though the very walls themselves should hang on every word it had to say. Long, slender legs set down next to the holo table and an insectile body was pulled into view, towering over the dancing icons of ships. The statement was not lost on either of the two initial conversants and both remained utterly silent. Overlord Phyyr'rak had a presence capable of instilling fear into even those of her own kind. Her monstrous face, all eyes and mandibles, leant in close over the Dindrenzi battleship as though ready to lash out and sink her fangs into it. "You would strike now then, give away our positions?. The statement hung in the air as the two smaller arachnids considered the implications. After what seemed like an eternity of silence a response cut the tension. "The humans will not take the bait, they are too dull witted to react with haste even when challenged. The initiative is ours to take while their forces are divided and weak." Phyyr'rak remained motionless for a moment, as though trying to intimidate an answer from the glowing holograms before her. When she replied the threat was clear in her voice. "Spring the ambush then, that is your decision? Upon your head be the consequence of such an action." She withdrew slightly into the darkness before adding, almost as an afterthought, "bring the Nexus into range." The statement was to nobody in particular but such was Phyyr'rak's confidence in her command, she knew the order would be carried out. Turn 1: Dindrenzi won initiative and activate their battleship which crits one of my cruisers, disabling the cloak, I move up with pretty much everything staying huddled together and launch my fighters. He manages to get a point of damage on the Nexus with his cruisers. The deep thrum of the Intolerance's main cannon powering up could be felt more than heard throughout the vessel. Warning lights flashed from white to red all along the exterior of the ship as the low frequency pop of the trigger mechanisms could be heard. The massive rail gun discharged a super solid munition the size of a shuttle at incredible speeds. From the bridge the familiar boom-crack of a projectile accelerating beyond the sound barrier could be heard briefly before the atmosphere vented by the cannon dispersed. The shot crossed the void in a few tense moments whilst Ross and his bridge crew waited with breath held to see if they'd hit anything. Firing on cloaked ships was a difficult task at any range but from this distance it was made all the harder. The fact that he had been unable to identify what ship was even out there betrayed the use of sophisticated stealth technology which gave rise to a sickening feeling in Ross’ stomach. The main view screen automatically pulled up a new window showing the view from one of the many observation drones in the surrounding space which showed a faint trial where the rail gun round had travelled. After seconds which seemed to drag on for hours an explosion could be seen in the distance, chunks of debris spinning away into the blackness. As the fires suffocated from lack of oxygen a ship resolved into view, the cloaking technology disguising it having been damaged beyond function. Turn 2: Dindrenzi win the roll again, activates the battleship first again and causes a crit again, this time to my battleship which has it's point defence disabled. Luckily the fighters manage to keep it covered against torps this turn. His cruisers damaged my uncloaked cruiser which failed it's repair roll and his frigates get a point of damage on one of mine. My frigates make it into a gas cloud at the end of this turn and my cruisers manage one point of damage on his lead frigate. “I can't pin her down Commander, her cloak is scrambling my sensors….no….wait, I have her!” Carter’s voice was punctuated by the sound of the main rail guns firing. The projectile screamed through space towards it's target, closing the gap before the Relthoza battleship had chance to manoeuvre. The shot hit amidships and tore through the nanite infused plating that protected the battleship. Great chunks of semi organic metal spun away into the blackness, illuminated by the burning of nitrogen heavy atmosphere venting from the hull breach. Secondary explosions blossomed across the slab like armour of the monolithic Nexus class battleship as a testament to the sheer power of Dindrenzi weaponry. Torpedoes from the entirety of Ross’ small fleet surged forth from their launch bays, dozens of warheads primed with high explosives seeking a target. It took them longer to make the distance, a few minutes perhaps, though even this was but a moment in the grand scale of interstellar naval combat. The on board guidance systems constantly recalculated their course and made minute adjustments to trajectories with such accuracy that the Relthoza cloaking fields would be rendered useless. Their stealth countermeasures still took some of the torpedoes astray but a great many made it through. Mere seconds from impact the space around the Relthoza fleet exploded with light. Point defence turrets fired in overlapping arcs to swat the incoming ordnance away. Turn 3: My cruiser finally repairs it's cloak and my battleship fixes his point defence. He wins initiative again, this time activates his cruisers first and gets a crit on one of my undamaged cruisers (The damaged one was 21” away so he opted to fire without stealth) which causes a hull breach. My cruisers return fire and crit the forward weapons of one to disable them and drop mines behind themselves for the enemy frigates, which promptly fly right into the minefield and only take a single point of damage between them. The manage to finish my damaged cruiser and put a single point of damage on each of the other two. My Nexus finishes the damaged frigate with torpedoes and sends fighters against the frigates but lose 3 wings and cause no damage. His Nausicaa puts another point of damage on my admirals ship. All three Relthoza cruisers powered forward with their engines now at full speed. While the Secutors were now clear of their forward torpedo tubes they had lined themselves up into the port arc for all three Assassins to broadside them with their own weapons turrets. Although while cloaked each ship could only give a fraction of its full potential the resulting storm of munitions was still enough to give the humans pause. The Relthoza did not use conventional weaponry as mankind understood it, instead their weapons turrets fired flash frozen spears of hydroxide into the void. The crystals travelled through space at speeds far slower than Dindrenzi rail gun ammunition and the impact was considerably less impressive. Armour plating on the lead Secutor was pierced in multiple places though with no great depth or size. Impact damage however was not the main function of the hydroxide slivers, they were but a delivery system for the deadly nanites encased within. These tiny spider like machines had only a limited intelligence suite which directed them to break down the plating of any ship they were attached to. At a signal from their host ship the nanites began to degrade anything and everything in sight from the molecular level ablative armour was disintegrated in an instant as they went about their work. Plumes of fire escaped from one such breach as nanites made their way into an external power feed for the main rail guns. Luckily for the enemies of the Relthoza the tiny machines were short lived, their stores of energy burned out in a brief frenzy of violence. Where the nanites found plentiful materials to consume they could replenish their power reserves to a certain extent but for the most part along the prow of the Secutor they were spent. The damage was impressive for understrength volleys but not enough to sway the battle. The Dindrenzi reply was considerably more forceful. Turn 4: He wins again and begins with his cruisers, critting one of my cruisers leaving them both now on 1 hull point and gets his gun racks to kill off two of my frigates in the gas cloud. I elect to start with my cruisers before they die, moving in a wide arc around his cruisers with drives to maximum and decloak to fire into his rear. They manage to kill the damaged one and initiate a boarding assault on another one. The resulting dice give me 9(!) successes after anti boarding dice and I capture it. Unfortunately there is now an 8AD mine token 5 inches in front of them for next turn. I move my last frigate forward and take down one of his escorts with a crit. His frigates go next and hit another minefield which takes them down to three ships, two of which are on 1 hull point. His battleship activates but it manages no damage on my battleship or the lone frigate. My battleship activates last and goes to town. It finally drops cloak in such a position that it has one frigate in it's starboard arc, the last of his cruisers in it's fore fixed and the enemy battleship in it's port. The frigate is double critted and die, one from primaries the other later from torps. The cruiser gets set on fire and takes a corrosive marker. His battleship takes a critical hull breach (3) and a corrosive marker. Finally it initiates a boarding assault against the last frigate and kills it. To add insult to injury it self repairs too. He fixes corrosive on the cruiser but fails on the battleship. “We should flee now whilst we still can.” The voice was becoming frantic now as the remaining red icons closed in around the holo image of their own ship. “You wish to flee? Dishonour the hive and the glorious dead upon this battlefield because you believe us defeated?” Questioned Phyyr'rak. “Better to live in dishonour than die here. We should return with our most powerful weapons and avenge those that were lost here today.” Replied the voice. The room stayed silent for a moment as though allowing the statement to sink in. “Our most powerful weapon,” Began Phyyr'rak calmly, her voice coming from everywhere at once, “Is the one that our prey does not see coming.” A blade lashed out before the smaller arachnid had even grasped the meaning of her statement, it's head rolling to a stop against the foot of the holo table whilst it's body slumped to the floor. T’yr remained motionless. He had not seen or heard the Overlord move around to behind his fellow student. “A patient hunter,” She explained, “awaits the precise moment when her strike is most unexpected, for that is when it will inflict the most pain.” She stepped forward into the sickly red glow from the holo table, giving her already alien features an eerie shadow. “The humans believe they have won, they believe we cannot hurt them. They believe themselves superior. Captain,” She spoke once more to the very walls themselves, knowing her command would be heeded, “Wipe these insects from my holo table.”. Released of its cloaking field the Nexus could now employ the full extent of it's capabilities. gun turrets also came to life and began to track ominously towards targets, the power previously drained by the cloaking field now free to be used elsewhere. In a single almighty volley the Nexus vented her fury into the void, storms of crystallised death hurled in every direction. To the starboard side the closest Dindrenzi frigate was utterly enveloped by it, twisted metal splintering off in great sprays before the nanites could even go about their work. The frigate was completely annihilated before the shots were fully spent. To the front the last cruiser had strayed into the path of it's fixed forward weapons which, while not as powerful as the broadsides and less versatile, were still more than capable of turning the Secutor into wreckage and flames. To the port side the Nexus gave voice to its wrath against the Intolerance which had had the insolence to fire upon her. Huge sheets of ablative alloy were torn away by the impacts and explosions rippled along the flank of the human battleship. Defensive turrets and huge gun batteries were blown away with equal disregard. The ship was still reeling as the nanites went about their work corroding vital systems wherever a breach could be found. Fires broke out across the outer decks killing hundreds of crew who were too slow to flee. Unsatisfied with the untold carnage it had already wrought, the Nexus unleashed a wave of torpedoes forward into the side of the last remaining Secutor under Dindrenzi control. The cruiser offered what resistance it could with it's own point defence grid but without the squad to protect it no more than a handful of incoming ordnance was nullified. Multiple detonations across her port side buckled the support structure of it's chassis and the ship was ripped apart by it's own inertia. Turn 5: I finally win initiative and start with the captured cruiser, flying it into a debris field. He activates the Nausicaa and tries to get my Nexus in his fore fixed but can't so he gunracks it but fails to cause damage. I activate my last Widow and kill off his remaining escort. He uses his last Cruiser to fire on the one I have captured and succeeds in destroying it. My battleship puts another shot into his, manages a critical and gets a fire along with another corrosive marker. His lone cruiser is in my opposite arc still so I kill it off with a lucky shot at range. I also pass another self repair roll leaving me with only 1 damage. End of the turn he fails both corrosive markers and rolls a 1 for his hazard marker. Turns 6 & 7: He spends these turns trying and failing to bring his fore fixed to bear and his gunracks don't have the power to hurt me, though they do finally kill the lone Widow that was behind him. I finish him off with some corrosive goodness end of turn 7. “Many thousands have died today to teach you these lessons. Many thousands more will die if you do not truly learn them.” Whispered Phyyr'rak without taking her many eyes from the holo table display as the enemy battleship icon began to pulse with the charging of it's drives. “Should we not give chase to that battleship? If it escapes more of their kind will come.” Replied T’yr, finally taking his eyes from the decapitated head of his former spawn mate and directing his attention to the Overlord, “If they come in numbers we will be hard pressed to defeat them here, will we not?” T’yr questioned. He knew it was not his place to ask such things of the Overlord but could not help but need some insight into why such a thing would be done, as to how it could benefit the hive. “We would indeed, to meet the humans on a level footing would provide such a battle as we cannot be certain to win, which is why we will not be here when they arrive.” Explained the Overlord as she turned from the holo table and strode out into the nearest hallway “Set a course for the Randen system.” She commanded once more of the walls. T’yr fell into step behind her as he knew was expected of him. This lesson was not over. “Our ships cannot outfight our enemies, but they are not intended to do so. To show yourself upon the field of battle, to place yourself on equal footing with one so far inferior of you is to invite dishonour.” Phyyr'rak stopped suddenly and turned to face him. T’yr froze on the spot, knowing that to walk on would be tantamount to a challenge. “You did well today little one, you have shown great promise. Do not make me regret wetting my blade only once.” She hissed aggressively. As quickly as her anger had come it was gone, “Fear can be as powerful a weapon as surprise. When you successfully combine the two a most honourable kill is within your grasp. Fear will spread amongst the humans like a plague now and more ships will be sent here to stop us preying upon their merchants. They will empty the shipyards of Randen and rise to the gauntlet we have thrown down. When we arrive in a system woefully undefended they will be most surprised to see us. And oh, Little one! How they will fear us!” Battlelog is +10 to me and -1 for him. After the battle we realised his Nausicaa had been firing using the gunrack profile of their other battleship which is actually a little stronger and also I had been making self repair rolls on my Nexus while cloaked which I shouldn't have done. Only one of those passed though so hopefully didn't affect the game too much. Comments and questions welcome, especially comments on what to get next for my Relthoza!
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    Redesigned Unit Stat Cards

    Brilliant! Thanks for doing this.
  13. 1 point

    Spiders their units and tactics

    Hi guys, can I please remind you all to play nicely? ​ We like to encourage all healthy discussion, but let's keep it respectful and impersonal please. Remember, you can always agree to disagree.
  14. 1 point

    Declaring target with crystals

    I have been known to park a Crystal in front of a Larata that wasnt going to move, so that: 1. The Larata cannot be seen (the crystal is armoured and therefore blocks LoS to it. 2. The Larata went onto placed shots at a short range (8" or so) to hit something that was 30+" away. 3. The Crystal Ignored the Hover MAR (it only has EF range) Lots of tactics for the Crystals, and they only cost 30 points so worst comes to worst you drop it simply to force another activation out of your opponent.... Aquans have pretty much a tool for every scenario, except CQB... although the Assault Helix covers that somewhat.
  15. 1 point

    CQB from buildings

    From the digitial rulebook, page 76: ❯❯ A Model Occupying a Building gains a Cover Save of 2 [RED] Dice per Model under threat. ❯❯ A Squadron Occupying a Building uses ANY point on the Building’s base for the purposes of determining Range or Line of Sight. ❯❯ Likewise, any attacks against a Squadron occupying a Building use ANY point on the Building’s base to determine Range and Line of Sight to the target. ❯❯ Infantry occupying a building that has an Objective attached to it supersede any Light Reconnaissance Tanks that might be attempting to claim the Objective for the purposes of Scoring. Nothing in the rulebook (or digital that I can see) about how casualties are removed from infantry in a building, so I think at the moment its player choice, although some may want to play that its highest or lowest DR first. I would advise declaring the target priority so that your opponenent knows what DR he/she needs to beat.
  16. 1 point

    Declaring target with crystals

    Whenever I have played, I declare my target from the shooting unit. So for example. "My Sedna's are going to shoot your Anarchists that are behind that building, by shooting through the crystal that is in LoS of both of them." That makes the most sense given that from a story point of view you would have to configure the lasers to refract in the correct direction from the Crystal. Anything else might be a Rules as Written, but just doesn't feel right. Additionally this is how Spartan Derek is happy with me playing it (despite him disliking me killing his Anarchists....)
  17. 1 point

    Painting the lines on blimps.

    I use a large(ish) brush with vallejo paint that is not thinned down, then either apply very, very little pressure to the brush, increasing pressure only very slightly as the paint on the brush is transferred to the model. The rest is just, well, patience and a steady hand.
  18. 1 point

    Redesigned Unit Stat Cards

    Hey Varnos - I'm not knocking it, you have done a great job mate. Will redownload the EOTBS cards and see if I didn't use an old link or download them in 2015 etc Will point out any little conflicts, but still these cards are literally the best gaming aid to have on your tabletop for DW Great stuff
  19. 1 point

    IKA squid arm bending

    Warm it up first. It will make the metal more malleable. Hot water (be careful) and a whole bucketful of patience.
  20. 1 point

    Mobius Fleet yards

    still a few more dinz left pf invasion box. still need some taskforce funds. (can't bring myself to paint my victory hvy cruiser or my bucklers.) but the main force is ready. still need to put some details on. but otherwise table ready. that retribution dread is fully magnetized as are the cruisers and some engines on some. minus the cruiser engines upside down they were second hand but the look isn't too bad. i liked the blue magnetic kinetics more than the red, orange yellow on a few that was a 2nd hand valhalla box already assembled. i just was testing out a scheme. Legion of Ash. From Dramos with Hate.
  21. 1 point

    TAC Cards

    Locally we normally place the card facedown beside the effected unit then flip the cards simultaneously.
  22. 1 point

    Spiders their units and tactics

    Let's get back on topic guys and not descend in to madness
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    The parrot like behaviour I find here is “Yeah but I rolled loads of 6’s once, and it keeps happening.” It does. An occurrence like the one you mentioned is at an educated estimate about one in four hundred, it is an anomaly, a blip, and it’s in the statistics because as mentioned previously for every roll like that there is an opposite chance of rolling an equally flukey fluff. Say we’re playing a 4k game we each have say ten units each (about 400 points each) twenty dice rolls a turn if they have one weapon system, and we play three turns, 60 dice rolls, how many on average of the silly roll ups do you see? From experience it is that it conforms to averages, something truly spectacularly dumb and awesome occurs about once every four or five games. When these flukes pop up is what you call luck, it does however balance out. It’s why spam and hordes work, increasing the opportunities for X to happen makes X more likely to happen. Cloak does cut off the possibility for infinite successes, my argument remains as stated somewhere back on page 1 is how often does that matter? It is a stunning advantage in Dwars when playing against french (retardant armour) because dice pools are lower and armour is higher, we had a test of a charlemagne dred with retardant 3 and a cloud generator (hard target -1 above 8”), it automatically negated the equivalent of 8 shield dice. In PF cloak is undeniably good, a dizzo player with cloak would be more horrifying than words can truly describe being the equivalent of that dreadnought. When you look at it we have the same kind of example the archangel -1 to hit at range and cloak with DR 10 (please correct me if I’m wrong), it remains killable in PF however because of the higher average dice pools due to combining fire rather than linking like Dwars and FS:A. In PF you are almost always trying to crack a nut with a sledgehammer, once again as stated previously roll 12 dice without roll ups you’ll more often than not hit 8 successes, wash over and float mean very little unless they are the aforementioned mega fluke (or your common or garden 1/50 lesser speckled fluke) still a rare enough occurrence that you shouldn’t be planning for it. So yes I see your point on conformance and I absolutely agree with it, what I’m saying is that you should expect it anyway, and that is what i’m backing up with numbers and table time experience. Expect what you should expect and you are rarely disappointed, anything past it is a bonus. Anyway, I apologise that you’ve taken particular offence at my condescension however your previous statement offered nothing which had not already been covered at great length, offered no other evidence beside my opponent got lucky this one time, which had also been covered at great length, and then finished with a statement claiming to be a fact which was simply conjecture and opinion with nothing stated to back it up, which as a scientist I find particularly insulting, if I was to present that as evidence for why one of my projects works they’d be asking why they are paying me. Condescension was still not the best response, and the intended glibness doesn’t transfer well over well via the medium of text. Moving on, hopefully more constructively. Directorate cloak doesn’t serve the same role as spider cloak (As I at some stage intend to get too in another thread topic i started writing the day after this one along the same theme and will one day complete after this frankly magnificent side track). Directorate main battle units I.E. Desolators and retaliators use shields (and cost effectiveness) as their main method of defense, their cloakers use different methodologies: Trojans hide at 24” and while killing them scores you points, wiping out the retaliators is worth more and they are a more present threat and therefore trojans usually last longer. The cloaked WR and flying elements are cloaked but their primary defense is hard target. The pair are pretty vile. The barge is DR 12 + cloak, which in most cases this equates to don’t bother it takes a pretty special AD pool to offer a real threat, about 18 AD. As with pretty much any tactic a range of options gives you better results, I feel this applies with directorate and is why fish players hate Nyx infantry more than anything else, as it comlpetely ignores their speed and range advantage, hard target and shields and comes with the bonus of fish being terrible at CQB.
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    Eagle Class War Rotor, how useful now?

    It's on page 20 of the admiral edition under minimum force requirements for future reference
  25. 1 point

    Tiny Torpedo Bomber MAR

    The MARs for hunter only ever apply to a stated height band, aerial for flying, obscured and stratospheric; diving for submerged and deep-diving and surface for... erm... I forget, but something in between. So a vanguard sub on the surface would still be hit on 4s, assuming no models interpose and no other conditions apply.
  26. 1 point

    Picking a 'core' force

    http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/15013-1250-koda-vs-raj-l-the-hunt-for-hjalmar-stark/ Mixed core can actually be quite fun! (Nb this was before the danes lost their ability to deploy aerial core... *shakes fist at ORBAT* I usually double check both my and my opponent's list building maths with a spreadsheet just to ensure neither of us have strayed from the rules, but literally saying "fancy a naval 1500?" is that part of the rules covered.
  27. 1 point
    Yes, part of the wavelurker rule states that sub killer weapons ignore the -1 to hit penalty. Coupled with coa low cc, a torp heavy eimc mighr do quite well against them, but I would not recommend a full torp loadout in an all comers list. *edit - ninjad in seconds!*
  28. 1 point
    This this actually covered by the rules for Torpedoes on pages 66-67. To summarize the important points: All Torpedo Attacks of a Squadron are considered to be simultaneous All Defensive Fire (PD allotment) is allocated before any Torpedo attacks for the squadron are rolled So basically, once you have decided which PD dice are used for which attacks, the results of the attacks you roll are ignored until you have completed all the squadron's torpedo attacks.
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    Hi ! Sorry for the late reply. The "sand" color is mostly the old Desert Yellow from GW. - I first drybrushed Gretchin green, then adding Rotting flesh. This gives a rather green base. - Then I paint a glaze of desert yellow, letting the green in the holes - A wash of Sepia - and then some highlights with a mix of Desert yellow an Rotting flesh, and then rotting flesh. - I put some last touches of Elysian green in the end on some surfaces Here are some better pics ! Enjoy !
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