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    Official Thread: Ottoman Empire

    As being the mentioned Ottoman player in Czech Rep. I feel obliged now to throw in my report, so here it goes I haven´t played the OE since the last update as they have been nerfed horrendously and just did not make me go for a certain loss. So this battle was my first battle after a year of not playing the DW, therefore it was more about learnig the rules again than trying to score high. My list comprised of every kind of unit I had, as I wanted to try as many of the new rules as possible. Hence my 1000pts list: Ottoman Empire: Separatists Large/Massive: Sadrazam Battleship + Mine control, 3x Mizrak Frigate (Escort) Medium: 2x Sinop Monitor + 2x3 Fighter SAS 3x Fettah cruiser + Weather Manipulation G. Small: 4x Avci destroyer 4x Mizrak Frigate 3x Zuhaf Minelayer SAS Support 2x5 Dive bomber Pre-battle thoughts: I painted my Ottomans to represent Bulgarian separatists, which is why I went for the Seps. My idea was the following: Sadrazam will provide cover for its escort. Once they close in on the enemy, the healthy escort is going to unleash the broadside/volley gun hell. Zuhafs shall spott big ships and cover the bombers´ adavnce with their AA and Airburst mines. The previously spotted large ship is going to be shot at by Sinops budou ostřelovat Sinopy and their caustic bombards, while using their fighters to fend off enemy bombers. The Mizraks are there to take care of anything that would close up too fast on my larger ships, I will put them in the middle to be able to cover both sides of the table. My sides are left with Fettahs, which should support the middle and repell anything comming at me from their side of the table. I will place them on the right. Left side is reserved for my Avci , their goal was to look diffident and then, later on, hurl themselves into the battle and beat someone up. At that moment I did not know against whom I would be playing, so this changed quite a bit as I met my opponent: Player: Gobbos Nation: FSA Liberty Battleship - shield a comodore Liberty Battleship - shield San Francisco Assault carrier - rockets, Fighter SAS a Harry Spotter Medium: Anapolis Battlecruiser Rockets and kinetic Lexington Light cruiser 3x Kinetic Small: 3x Little frigate with the wheel in the middle and 2 reckless marines SAS: Spotter, 4 Fighters, 5 Bombers Deploy: I deployed roughly as I wrote above, but I had to shift the whole formation to the left because the yankees had a Liberty, a carrier, Annapolis BC and Lexingtons there. Comodore´s Liberty went to the right pravo with the frigates. I put my Fetahs and Mizraks thee to take care of it. The rest was on the left, to take care of the main force. Avci were looking at the Anapolis, it looked so yummy to the little gangsters. Round 1: Yankees have more activations, I hav to move my smalls, so I don´t give the enemy an appealing. They spott mi Sadrazam, but I don´t mind, he is behind a rock and hitting him on 5 in the 4th RB isn´t going to do much. I let my Zuhafs go ahead, pooping mines to cover my bombers while spotting the Anapolis, which is closer to me since not even Sinop bombards can touch a shielded liberty at RB4. The plan is broken the moment when the Lexingtons rocket themselves into RB 2. And I freak out because their guns look like those on the Liberty and there´s Three of them!!! . The fact, that they are by far not as powerful somehow slipped from my attention . They only mannage to kill a Zuhaf, as all aother ships are in cover behind rocks. Nonetheless I panic because of the Lex-rush and activate my Sadrazam using it in a completely different way than i meant to before. I Activate Meltemi´s Fury, smoke my BB and churn out 2 storms covering my Fetahs and the Sad. Then I take on the Lexingtons, my escorts going in front of the big guy looking to supress this Lex-threat. Sadrazam squad sinks one Lexington and the second one getts a critical hit. Anapolis tries to retaliate but only mannages to kill a Mizrak from the Sad-squad. Anapolis is then hit with anti-Geneva-treaty corosive bomard which is a crit. Fetahs ( anf it was a bad mistake) vigorously rocket themselves to shoot at the comodore´s Liberty dealing only 1 DMG . Meanwhile I underestimated the little frigates which, despite spec. deffs and stoic crew and AA managed to prize one fettah and kill the other one... Round two: Sadrazam is punished severely, but sneaks off some good shooting regardless of the 2 crits. - It beats the therd lexington, and dammages the Liberty. Sadrazam´s escort is dead. I take my revenge on the Liberty without the comodore, the Sinops deal 2 crits with their monster-killer-corosive-ponyslayer-mega-death-bombard (I love sinops). My right wing is chopped to pieces, I have a last Fettah, which kill a frigate, following up is his destruction by Liberty. My Mizraka kill off the remaining frigates. 4 corosives melt the non-comodore Liberty to 1 remaining HP. Round 3: Sadrazam is slain but mannages to kill a Lex in the process. Annapolis kills my remaining Zúhafs but gets in range for my Avci . One Salvo is all i need, Anapolis is sunk. One Avci is then obliterated by San Francisco. Mizraks deal another DMG to the comodore Liberty At this moment de Sadrazam is dead and my units are disordered. My bombers fail to do anything at all. Sinops then mannage to kill the non- comodore Liberty. Round 3: Avci damage the Frisco, but it kills them for doing that, it also rearms Fighters to bombers which hit on the Sinops. Sinops shrug them off and fire their Satan´s-tears-filled Bombards at the San Francisco. which is then teleported into a rock and thence scraped. Game end - a draw.
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    When did the Suvorov become obsolete?

    I think instead of nerfing Tiksi and Khatabga it would be better to upgrade the other ships/vehicles of RC.
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    Captain Frederic

    Support srs

    I tend to think of CP as "Crew Performance" rating rather than representing a specific quantity of people. Low CP ships don't require much from crew so as CP drops they start to struggle immediately. High CP ships have more redundancies either with more physical crew or better systems to help fewer crew do more individually.
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    If I were able to make a space combat wargame I would one with tiny ships, so you can bring loads of them to table. Basically like epic in space. I liked Macross II and similar series ^^. more on topic I hope they change the way of cyberdefence is implemented. It seems odd to me seeing the Directorate being the masters of cyberwarfare and only having a cyberdef of 1 :/ I think it would be much better if each faction has a stated value like FT for cyberdef or a variable number depending on certain ships you have in play due to a MAR or just being capital ship, the admiral ship or ships with cyber weapons.
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    Firestorm Armada 3.0 headed our way?

    Given the immense distances involved in space combat accidental collision is unlikely. Keep in mind your ships really only occupy the space of their stem, the models are just there to look good. I hope that 3.0 refines this concept and removes all mentions of models touching etc since it really shouldn't matter
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    Ship stats questions

    I don't think spiders appreciate deet ... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/DEET :-)
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    Taskforce unboxings

    I seem to remember something about objectives in the scenarios in the book, so I'd consider that to be their first mission, after getting some paint. Some really nice models there, that definitely deserves some paint. I've added some pictures of the Terran ships as well: http://quiethobby.blogspot.se/2016/02/unboxing-terran-reinforcement-group.html
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    Magnetizing the Relthoza

    Hello everybody. Considering the weight of the wings of the Relthoza Cruisers, I suggest using a hobby drill to carefully widen the holes to fit magnet with 3x2 mm (the same magnets fitting for the flighpegs). This makes the ships a lot steadier. But by careful not to drill to deep or not deep enough because the connection points need to be smooth. Happy hunting fellow spiders!
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    Deterrent battlecruiser unboxing

    I just finished my collection of Directorate ships and wanted to practice my spoken English so I made an unboxing of the last model purchased: The Deterrents (probably a Must Have if I am not including WR) Hope you enjoy an sorry about my poor English https://youtu.be/1ArDfDZi4Ks
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    Malagamer's Aquan fleet WIP

    Hi i'm starting to paint my fleet ill upload here my progress. And here are 2 pics of my first work
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    Completed Sorylian Fleet

    I have finally completed my Sorylian fleet! Took about 9 months to get it done with my crawling pace...
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    the decision of which ship to choose from, unfortunately, isn't a difficult one to make with the Russians. regardless of fleet, if i had the choice between "reliable rb3 firepower" or "average firepower once it gets into rb2" the choice isn't really a choice. Now, if i had to choose between "reliable rb3 firepower" or "a devastating attack up close" then i would have a tough decision to make. Background-wise, the russians are supposed to use high-calibre, straight-bore cannons, so an option could be to give russian turrets the option to purchase High-payload munitions (or include them as standard for certain ships)
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    Flight stand questions

    lol as for V1 models, there is (randomly enough) an entire club of 8 or 10 ppl in Nova Scotia who tought spartan had gone out of business......they all have huge V1 fleets and were still playing V1 until i showed them the updated/rules stats about 6 months ago. Was like a time warp when I rand into them.
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    Flight stand questions

    I, for one, don't have any ships permanently based and all ships are (or are being) modified to use only 1 peg, but with the number of ships I have slowly approaching 200 I do not have any clue as to which ship came with which base anyway. So I always use the large (60x60) bases for the T1 ships except the battlecruisers, and the smaller (40x40) bases for the rest. Also, as my group doesn't own any of the v1 ships (yet), this has never been an issue However, since rules exist that specifically interact with base sizes instead of flight pegs, like fixed weapons (looking at you Dindrenzi), I would like to see an official statement from Spartan Games regarding what base size to use for a given ship size, at least pertaining to tournaments. Like, for instance, large bases for Large ships, medium bases for Medium ships, and small bases for the Small ships and Small escorts. Quick, easy, and clear to all. This makes all potential issues go away in one fell swoop, and I don't think many tournament players would have issues with this as long as Spartan Games could/would offer replacement bases quite cheap. As bases are basically just needed to keep the models standing upright, their cost in materials and labour are quite low as it is, and production time needed for these items is at a minimum anyway, so how about they could be offered at a little over manufacturing price (plus VAT ofc.)? The differing bases for v1 ships could maybe be solved through despatch mailing out replacements. I mean, how many MK1 ships could there be anyway. And for most tournament players, provided the bases are cheap enough in the store, exchanging 10 to 20 flight stands is not that big of a deal. Small bases for the small ships and small escorts do look a lot better in my book! And, talking of bases, I would love some with etched radar markings in the frontal arc or something similar!
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    Firestorm Armada 3.0 headed our way?

    Compared to 40K (which is a skirmish game now trying to become a 6mm mass battle game using 28mm models, and failing at it most of the time), Firestorm can actually scale up very well. Did a demo game at the Plymouth Association of Wargamers convention a few weeks back (as Xen, gr1mdan and Spartan Beth can attest to) with 5000 or so points (I don't know how much each fleet ended up with. All I know is it was a lot!) a side, 4000pts of which was simply my entire Terran fleet. Now, we did manage 4 turns in two days, mainly because we kept on getting distracted by people asking about the game and the factions, coffee/smoke breaks and all the shinies on the Spartan booth next door! Movement didn't pose a problem, the template didn't prove problematic, I managed to kill two Zenian admirals, fun was had and it proved the point that 10,000 points worth of ships can fit on a 4' by 6' table (we would have gotten a bigger table if one was available, but someone had nicked an extra table for a rendition of the Battle of the Bismarck Strait... GRRRRRRRRRR!).
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    Small fix there, but otherwise correct. Also, in response to the original post: multiple squadrons don't activate simultaneously, it's one squadron after another. Let's do a simple shooting example: a squadron of 3 Dindrenzi cruisers firing from 30 inches away at a Terran cruiser (in a squadron of 3) with no damage at any ships so far (and no upgrades or hardpoints for simplicity's sake). The Dindrenzi cruisers link all their kinetics together for 5 + (5 + 5)/2 = 10 attack dice. They hit on 4+ (exploding) which results in 8 hits on average. The Terran cruiser now throws its shield die for, say, 1 success (i.e. a 4 or 5) and thus negates one hit of the incoming attack for a resulting 7 hits. Since the Terran cruiser has a CR of 6, this means a critical hit. Lets say, the Dindrenzi player rolls a 7 on the critical hit table which costs the Terran cruiser 2 HP and 1d3 CP (e.g. 2 CP). The Dindrenzi then link their torpedoes for an attack on the same target for 4 + (4 + 4)/2 = 8 AD. They roll a little below average and get 6 hits. Against this, the Terran cruiser has his shield die. Additionally, he gets his 3 PD, which, because of the 2 HP (or the 2 CP) damage taken, is reduced to 1 PD. Moreover, it can link its PD with the rest of its squadron for 1 + (3 + 3)/2 = 4 PD. In total, it gets 5 dice against the attack (1 shield and 4 PD), which results in an average 4 successes, leaving the torpedo attack with only 2 hits remaining. Since this is lower than the Terran cruiser's DR of 4, it takes no further damage.
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    Aquan Battlestation

    That's a good looking ship Stephan
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    Official Thread: Ottoman Empire

    If I ever need someone to name my ships weapons, I choose you! Who wouldn't want monster-killer-corrosive-ponyslayer-mega-death-bombards? It has such a subtly graceful sound! Also: "Harry spotter' Love it
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    Flight stand questions

    I dont disagree that a standard needs to be set....but end of the day you either loose out on tournament players who dont think the basing system is "tight enough" or you simply drive existing customers to not get invovled in the growing tournament scene. And as ive said before (and as neil and derek have struck at in this thread) Spartan seems to have no interest in making anyone re-base anything. I would also add as a note that even the great evil empire of GW just went with "use the base the model came with or the newest size" so that ppl didnt need to re-base all their terminators etc despite the base sizes having an in game effect. and if ppl really want to go out of their way to buy V1 models to gain some "advantage" in a tournament, let them fill their boots, they better be able to play just as well as they can shop on ebay or better
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    Firestorm Armada 3.0 headed our way?

    The problem with Apocalypse is that it's Epic 40k, only on an unplayably large scale. A bit like FSA..half the problems stem from the movement template...and the fact the models are so goshdarn big they get in the way.
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    Official Thread: Ottoman Empire

    You, sir, just made my day.
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    Official Thread: Ottoman Empire

    "Satan's tears bombards"! Love it!
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    Many of the comments here say the Tiski and Khatanga overshadow just about every other choice. To me that suggests those two are too good, not that the basic cruiser needs improvements. James
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    Why do we pay for extra WC?

    By making it a hardpoint it is also a unit balance question. Only so many hardpoint buys available, so you have to balance extra wings against +Sh, +PD, +Mv, MARs, ect. With fully open options you end up with a carrier whose only difference to a battlecarrier is how many upgrades you throw at it.
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    CHAT LOG 3726

    Started about 12 finished about 11, between 4 players its only 1500, we have played much bigger games than that (thou they take more than a day)
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    Ship stats questions

    No other special rules for the torps other than nuclear?
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    So when you target a squadron of tier 3s do you have to specify which attacks are targetting which model in the squad? Sounda dumb but I am used to the pf version where you target a squad and then work out the chain and move along as you destroy model after model.
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    Malagamer's Aquans

    I just finish one Khitari base: Hope you like it and one less to start the fight:
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    Ship stats questions

    I'm surprised photos of stat cards aren't all over the forums at this point.
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    And if you don't want to give official names, stick to official designations for the small ships, like FF-2267, and leave the nicknames to the "crew". If it does something amazing then the nickname becomes official. An alternative is codenames like Porpoise Squadron with each ship getting a 1-8 designation, such as Porpoise 1, Porpoise 2, etc. This allows for not having to redo the bases when the name changes. Some sci-fi PC games that involve small ship Squadrons like Free space and X-Wing/Tie Fighter did this. And the best part is you can combine the concepts.
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    Terran Shields can be quite tough, they can also be utterly rubbish, depending on dice rolls. In general, Terran Tier 1 ships (anything from the battle cruiser to the Titan dreadnought) are very tough, due to having some of the highest Shield Values possible in the game (they are currently only beaten by the Kedorian BB and the Overseers). However, to answer your questions: -: Shields can be used against any and all incoming damage in a given activation, aside from collisions, Cyberwarfare (note: Assault Robot Torpedoes are a Cyberwarfare attack that CAN be defended against with shields and PD as normal, due to being torpedo based) and Gravitational Weapons (which ignore any defense anyway). -: Only one squadron can fire at their given target/s in their activation. That said, the ships in a squadron can either link fire or fire separately, possibly on different targets if desired. Shields will count for each separate attack, unlike PD which can only be used to defend against one SRS attack, one torpedo attack and one Boarding attack in an activation. -: Shields do not degrade in the same manner as weapons and PD, they retain their Shield Value regardless of hull or crew damage. Shields can be knocked offline, however, by Targeted Strikes, Critical Hit Effects, Boarding Assaults and Cyberwarfare Attacks. If shields are taken offline, then they are completely ineffective, and provide no dice for defense against any attack unless repaired. Hope this helps.
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    Often it is the larger games that have the much higher level of abstraction and simplicity and the smaller games having the higher degree of granularity and detail. Taskforce vs Armada seem to be flip flopped in this aspect. I do not agree that simplistic rules automatically make for a less strategic game. That is purely up to the rules, in my opinion, regardless of their complexity. We shall see what the future brings.
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    Been that way.... I think forever on the T1's -4BL. And yes, Battle Stations can perform a Flank but not a Shunt (unless they have an FSD).
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    First thoughts

    Pok: I've got some Terran pics, I'll see about putting them up tonight.
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    Firestorm Armada 3.0 headed our way?

    If there exists a market for a simplified beer & pretzels space combat game, and it is highly likely that that market exists, then FA players are better served with Spartan catering for that market than with company “X” catering for it. And the main reason for this is that should such a game manage to kill FA it is much better when that game happens to use the same miniatures as FA does (even come with FA stats included.) That way at least continued miniatures support, and hopefully rules support, would be provided for in the future.
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    Planetfall Warlog - 3726

    Players: Slimeball vs FragEmAll Points Value: 6000 Factions & Allies: Directorate vs Sorylian Starting Zero Hour: 60 Zero Hour Score: -10/15 (Directorate Major Victory) Turn Count: 3 ---------------------------------------------------------- Sorylian Forces: Core Helix, 2 x Heavy Helixes, 2 x Recon Helixes, Command Helix Directorate Forces: Core Helix, Recon Helix, Heavy Helix, Command Helix, Ground Attack Helix ---------------------------------------------------------- Oh my god, I got spanked!!! My lovely Transports turned into Death traps! My Command Barge managed to get itself one-shotted by a plasma storm from Slimeballs heavy tanks, though i managed a small measure of vengeance when a unit of my Brave Heavy Infantry assaulted and killed his own command unit I think we both learned a lot about our Helix activations, and the order in which we do things. Great game once again Slimeball!
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    Well so far I've had a good showing with a straight Hawker fleet at 800 with BB: Cyberwarfare, ops center, nuke 210 CV: Cyberwarfare, nukes, Weapon Shielding, 6 Fighters/Bombers (your preference) and 2 Support Shuttles 225 Cruisers x3: Nukes, Weapon Shielding 225 Frigates x4: 140 Double Cyberwarfare can rip up a small fleet at 800 point levels. A stand alone the Regent can link for 11 AD combined with an SRS strike can hurt a single target, or use the turrets alone as frigate nukers.
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    Taskforce unboxings

    Same. Got any ideas about how to use 'em? I'll have two sets to my name. I know the platforms will make rockin' Ghost Stations, and the satellites will join whatever odds and ends I scrounge up for Debris Fields. It's funny, I'm almost as excited for these as I am for the actual Taskforce boxes.
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    Thanks for the insight Giles. I personally don't think that the Kepler is in need of any real boosts and I would likely lose my mind if I ever had to face squads of three! I just think it might make a ton of Antarctican players happy to see their attachment options opened up a bit more, as I know players in my group have always questioned the Havels impunity of choice, when compared to the Kepler. Desubot is in line with my thoughts as to my real question. Why the minimum squad size is 2 for some? As I, and my entire group interpreted the rules to be, if you want to attach a medium you buy a squad and divy them up; Donnerfaust / Havel / Kepler have a min squad size of 1. So its much easier for a player to slide one into a list as well as keep point investment to the medium category to a minimum. I could purchase one, slap it on a heavy and move on to other sizes category, giving me better control of my points. Not always a smart choice tactically, but an available one! Any of the other mentioned options, as we interpret it, would have to have a squad of min 2 purchased, then divided out to different parent units. Sometimes I just don't want two Arashi! One will do fine thanks. Have we been playing this incorrectly? Was this the intention to incur these limitations? Or did Prussia and Antarctica get a hookup? Thanks again for taking the time to share the info and thoughts on process Giles.
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    Official Thread: Ottoman Empire

    I cannot support this enough. Lerriano has consistently helped promote the Ottomans, provided useful battle reports that fed into the changes, and did so without forgetting that insulting the people you want do do things for you is not a good idea. Once people have had a chance to have a few reported games with the new Orbats, and get used to it, then their feedback becomes rather more useful than simply writing it off the whole force on inspection. James
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    I'd potentially look at moving squadrons differently. When moving you pick a 'guide' model who moves normally, turn limits and the like. Once that model is placed you may place other models in the squadron around that 'guide' model following some rules about legal facing and arrangement. Or you may measure each ship individually. Basically codify what some people do already, especially for highly mobile smaller ships.
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    Which will be your starting choice?

    Starting with a poll to measure excitement
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    Agreed - 3.0 can be made to stand out massively with some excellent scenarios - and possibly more than 6 too!
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    guys here is the first mini space ship from the Hawker industries i ended... or no... plz sayme something for do it better first time i paint a ship in my live ^^
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    Made a little painting guide to help newer people. Hope it helps! http://afterimagedan.blogspot.com/2015/12/tutorial-painting-made-easy.html?m=1
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    No need for a camo for Mother Russia !

    Thanks ! Here is the Dudinka !
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