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    Much as I generally love everything Sorylian, the Assault Cruisers looked a little bit plan to my eyes. After being inspired by a thread in the Sorylian forum I had a little play around with some spare cruiser engines I had in my bits box and here is the result. It went together quite well I think Certainly changes the profile of the ship! I have only roughly basecoated them for the moment, I promise the finished result will look a little more polished! What do you think so far?
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    Firestorm Armada 3.0 headed our way?

    i really don't mean this to sound rude or aggressive, but how does the movement take so long? you pick your ships, you already will have an idea of where they go, you should already know how far they can move and what the turn limit is, you stick the template down and you move them. a little adjustment at the end to make sure the arcs are ok and on to the next ship. 30 seconds at most surely?
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    Firestorm Armada 3.0 headed our way?

    I think the most important thing for 3.0 is that every member of the beta team argues things with the health of the game in mind, not because the faction they play would be negatively affected. I'm not accusing anyone of anything, but just asking the team to keep it objective. First to second edition was a huge leap forward, and I hope second to third will be just as positive for the game.
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    Question on UK Events

    If you are looking to run events you really need to focus on your local players. They will be the backbone of your event without them then you are relying on the players willing to travel. That can be very hit or miss and that is the only time you really need to worry about clashes. The good news is that almost all of the events pop up in the general discussions forum and with luck you should be able to work around them. Hard Pounding/Grounding which are run at Sheffield, there are usually three or four events run a year, and are the biggest in the UK because there is a strong local base of players - best contact there would be Drachenfutter. Waugh Games at Middlesborough run a similar number of events but have a smaller base of players, best contacts would be DeadSteve and Peanut Breath. The Grid at Doncaster is a bit hit or miss if the Sheffield players come across then it works if not, as last time, it doesn't. Not sure who the best contact is, you can look up the Grid on Facebook which might help, Mark Wallace is the contact point on facebook. Deeside Wargamers used to run a tournament once a year but that has stopped now and there was an event at Leicester. Then there is the once a year event at UK Games Expo in Birmingham. Don't know if that will be held this year or not. Last year it was run by Chancer. This year don't know. There is the traveling community of players, the biggest group and one of the strongest is made up of Thyps, Presedente, Bob and Omi. DeadSteve and Peanut Breath is another group, occasionally the Sheffield Yacht Club is seen sailing in foreign waters with four of it's members jammed into a small car, LikeASir since he moved away from Sheffield to East Anglia turns up as well. Then there is me given enough notice I'm usually available as well.
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    The Dramos box came up in conversation in the office ages ago. We were chatting about how we could put more flesh on the bone on the history of the Firestorm Galaxy and I don't remember who came up with the idea for a historical boxed se, but it got us chatting about how we could do it, how we could go back to the design basics of fleets. I remember someone talking about looking at how ships like the old Razorthorne came about and stuff like that. We've kicked ideas about for a while and whilst we haven't finalised the box contents, we know what we want it to be and we've made some test designs. I am hoping folk will find it a fun add on when we can get round to releasing it. Cheers, Spartan Neil
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    Hi All, Firstly, apologies for not getting the Taskforce video done. I've been a bit of a wuss and off with a nasty bout of cold. or man flu as my wife calls it. Even worse Beth, she who is in charge of the video and is looking after social media for Spartan, has sided with my wife, so I'm getting hit from all sides on this! I just wanted to give a quick breakdown of what Taskforce is before the video: 1) The rules are fast and simple. This is an introductory set of rules to get folk to the tabletop quickly and cost effectively. Derek Sinclair describes them as a gateway product, with the ultimate goal to get folk into playing Firestorm Armada 2.0 and then into version 3.0. I don't see current FA players transitioning to Taskforce, that's not the intent. But they can easily append Taskforce to their gaming sessions to deliver short, snappy games, or lunchtime games or to help demo to folk. 2) I created the rules after I came back from Gencon 2015. While I was there I was asked a lot about simplifying entry to the Firestorm Galaxy, about how players could have a simple way of showing potential new players how cool Firestorm is. Get the models on the table, show folk how to roll dice and kill stuff and give a flavour of what comes from the full rule set, aka Firestorm Armada 2.0. 3) As my guys were looking at a new generation of models it became clear that this gave us a perfect opportunity to hand the rules out in a set of 2-player boxes that pitted the cool new modular models against each other and provided the bits and pieces needed for a quick game. Hence Taskforce. So we put dice, tokens and templates in the box. The 32-page rulebook delivers the basics for a game: fleet selection, move, shoot, roll dice, kill, explode, laugh, mock the enemy etc. 4) For current FA gamers we then made six reinforcement boxes that deliver the models to them. They already have a set of rules they play with, so they can elect to ignore Taskforce and keep rolling dice using FA 2.0. They can then just enjoy our new and exciting models. 5) The models are cool and I am sure players will enjoy adding them to their fleets. My guys went away and put a lot of thought into how we can improve the FA models that we create for you. Magnets and modularity were the top of the list. We don't provide the magnets, but we have factored their use into the designs and 'holes' are located in the models for folk to use or ignore. Not everyone likes magnets, so it's not like we are forcing you to use them. We're currently working on larger models using the same approach. Today I was signing off a new Terran Alliance Battleship that starts life as just that, a Battleship, but by swapping parts and adding a new piece of superstructure it turns into a bitching Battle Carrier. Gamers can magnetise the parts and have a dual function model in their armoury if they feel so inclined, or just glue together the model they want to field. Lots of choice for the customer. 6) Don't worry about the scale of the models. The whole idea is to keep choice at play here. FA and Taskforce use the same models; they'll always use the same model scale. So a single investment in models can be played anyway a gamer wants to. Your fleets, your choice. Not for Spartan to tell you what to do with your toys. 7) So why make a new set of rules? Simple answer is why not. We're fully committed to FA 2.0 and we'll be enhancing this product in version 3.0. I've commissioned a large amount of background and scene-setting writing for the 3.0 rulebook which will properly pull together all aspects of our sci-fi galaxy – taking 6+ years of info and compositing it into a core set of documents. I am informed by Spartan Alex that rule enhancements and amends are in the works courtesy of the Firestorm Focus Group, so I look forward to being briefed on those soon. Instead of trying to twist FA 2.0 into a trimmed down 32-page book that would simply confuse folk I instead took the decision to make a very simple engine that could look upwards to FA 2.0 and offer, to use Derek's word here, a gateway to the hugely exciting gaming world that is FA 2.0 and beyond. That's it for now guys. I am going to go and take another Lemsip and wuss about my home office. I'll delve into the game more next week and show more models off in the flesh. I'll try to push the new Terran Battleship through quickly to show you all as I am loving the direction of this bad boy. Keep well, Spartan Neil ​
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    Med walkers testing a color scheme.
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    The problem with that is that my Sorylian Battleship would lose it's main function of minesweeping.........
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    Firestorm Armada 3.0 headed our way?

    Just a note on my comments regarding linking. I don't find them difficult at all, but as Alex said, some people have issues with it. It may not be that it's hard for those people, just that it's not elegant enough for their tastes. As I said, if all squadron fire combines there would need to be adjustments. And that's IF its used. I'm good either way ;-) On mines, I would like to see some sweeping method other than ramming. Something like SRS or PD to reduce the mines. As every change it would need playtesting.
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    Firestorm Armada 3.0 headed our way?

    I designed some new movement templates for Firestorm a while back. If you guys at Spartan Games want to use them - go ahead. They keep the movement rules the same but are easier to get in between tight formations and terrain. Or it might inspire other ideas. Check them out here :https://thedicehateme.wordpress.com/2015/02/04/new-firestorm-armada-turning-template/
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    kind of have to echo the above. Unless there's a lot of terrain you want to avoid, moving can be sped up just by measuring 1 or 2 models and moving the rest in similar fashion, especially for TL 0 stuff.
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    Firestorm Armada 3.0 headed our way?

    I think a "What's new" or changelog would be useful in any rules related document Spartan puts together. Rules, Scenarios, ORBATs... a changelog would be helpful for all of them.
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    I think the new book should have a section in the back (maybe the front) labeled "What's Different in This Edition" or something similar. People who know 2.0 well are unlikely to read the new rules with as much attention to detail, and I still see people in the forums making rules mistakes because they didn't know a rule had changed with 2.0.
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    I'm looking to spice up a boring old Storm Cruiser. I found these bubbly things (think they are 'drop tanks' from a plane model) and they fit nicely on top. I haven't glued em yet. But what you guys think? About the cruisers, not the cat. I know the cat looks great.
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    Firestorm Armada 3.0 headed our way?

    The concerns about losing linking is one reason I suggested having a 'linked fire mode' for weapons. It would require more room to detail ship weapons, but might break some of the stigma people have against it. So for example you might have weapon that is 10 AD in band 1 or 5 AD when linking as detailed in the profile. Then you just need a rule stating that Link fire weapons only lose 1 AD per 2 HP lost. It's no system change with that - but it may make linking dice halved be easier to swallow for those that have issue with it. It could be written out as either a separate profile like : Fore Beam 10 | 8 | 4 | - Linked Fore Beam 5 | 4 | 2 | - Or you could write it with a slash in one profile like this : Fore Beam 10/5 | 8/4 | 4/2 | -/- The nice thing with this is that new subtle ship changes could be added by slightly adjusting the linked amount to something other than half. So you might have a 10/3 weapon for a main gun that doesn't track well in coordinated fire or 10/7 for ones that are designed for it. All options of course. :-)
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    Are Interceptors worth the cost

    You would need a special mar as cqb ignores hard target hence making all attacks without the interceptor mar count as rushed would accomplish this.
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    Firestorm Armada 3.0 headed our way?

    what's so confusing ?Unless you're playing with kids, peoples should be able to calculate such simple dices pool. Hakfin links is one of the most important part of the game, it allow for deep tactical options. And this is something Planetfall is really missing.
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    Landlubber's RoF

    OK. Got distracted with some other painting projects last year, and while I was painting my RoF ships, I neglected to update this thread. Plus, I found some really cool decals for them at a gaming convention last February, so I was waiting to post pics until I had those decals on. So, here is the fleet so far: I'll post some more pics of individual squadrons later in the week. As always, thanks for looking!
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    Are the Relth too OP at the moment ?

    In my opinion, I´m not sure the Salamas be the problem of Relthoza. I think Talamis (insanely AD and range), Caramis (insanely AD and cost) and Vaxiss (almost inmortal) are more unbalanced than Salamas. I would like Salamas don´t be heavily revised, they are the "spine" of Relthoza. I fear Spartan "destroy" Salamas as BaKash Novian or Relthoza HI. Talamis and Caramis don´t matter but Salamas.... I agree, the Spires should have 1 TV. I´m not crying, I think Relthoza must be revised, but there are another squadrons unbalanced in Planetfall and anyone says anything (Nyx, Shades, Haumea, Sori HI, Odin, Sheriff, dual designators...).
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    Terran edge?

    i played against them on Friday (Admittedly as Sorylians...) and I would say that the Dindrenzi "Death from Above" strategy is a double edged sword for them. they have to come close to you and you are brawling better then they ever will. the hit and run aspect of their game only really works once anyway and relies on them getting their activations in right. mess with them by going double recon or double ground attack to really get in there quick. Or go for the Command Helix and just mow them down up close. kill the light stuff that is dropping on you as it drops on you to maintain your activation advantage into the next turn. you can't stop them hitting you first in the turn they land but you can damn well make sure that they arent still their to fire again the next turn. your stuff is tough enough to take the beating. Oh and dont bother with nuke ammo unless you really dont have anywhere else to spend the points.
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    I have very few land game battles under my belt, but considering that land units average out as weaker than naval units (not so many big dice pools, generally lower dr/cr on the larges etc) I think actually killing the dreadbots/forts would be more difficult. However, land units are also cheaper and therefore more numerous on the table. The impact a dreadbot/fort could have would be lessened purely because even if it kills units easier, it can still only shoot at X number of them per turn. New area bombardment versions aside of course, which look like they would actually be even meaner on land. As for the CoA facing off against one, Skorpios tank hunters could possibly pierce one to cripple it, but would undoubtedly die soon after/before. Aside from that, I think it may well be a case of drone spam or bust... and drone spam is not exactly a good or fun tactic.
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    CHAT LOG 3726

    Slimeballs cat is now officially considered the first Leviathan. 50AD beams kinetics and torpedoes, 62 hull points and 9 lives...... For all those people who wanted Leviathans......WHAT HAVE YOU DONE????!?
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    WAR LOG 3726

    Players: RedDwarf vs Colin (not on forum) Points Value: 800 Scenario: Escalating Engagement Factions & Allies: Directorate vs Sorylian Battle Log Scores: 5/3
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    which is why you keep it down low on the way to the target, and only pull up to Flying height when you're close enough to launch the torpedoes. you can then use your Swift Manouvre to either drop back down to ground level or go up to Obscured, depending on what enemies are nearby
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    WAR LOG 3726

    Players: alextroy vs Troxeltron Points Value: 800 Scenario: Escalating Engagement Factions & Allies: Terran/Hawker vs Relthoza Battle Log Scores: 9/-2
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    The Aquan Bubble, is this Cray cray?

    Thanks for the responses!!! I do have a fourth bit. Once painted and blended hopefully will look less like a canopy. I tried underneath but doesn't fit unless I place two per ship. And then it looks like boobs. Aquans don't have boobs they are not mammals!
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    having Low Level Flyer means the Fortuna can not just hide among ships/terrain, it also means they can make themselves effectively immune to fighterplanes (which are normally the main threat to light/medium aircraft)
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    Yes. Eagerly awaiting the new orbats. We have one player on the verge of disposing of his planetfall stuff due to a lack of balance and what he sees as spartan not really following through with planetfall. He thinks planetfall has been slipped down the priority list in favour of halo fleet battles...and don't mention the firestorm taskforce game....
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    Directorate WIP

    Sorry about the harsh flash (phone) but at least you can see the colour depths on the purple armour plating
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    Am I the only person who doesnt find movement taking up a tonne of time? It is certainly more time consuming than shooting or assault, but ive never found it all that laborious. Also glad to here the "engine" will remain the same...as the minute vector movement comes in, im out (worst experiences with space combat games all used "realistic" vector movement)
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    When are we going to get this update, Just waiting to see where I will need to strengthen my force befor my next purchase.
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    Firestorm Armada 3.0 headed our way?

    Helllo JorduSpeaks, That's a nice idea. I will ensure all folk on the forum will know what is changing and I will actively encourage the FA testers to interact with the fourm as a whole to share information.aboput any new amends. Cheers, Spartan Neil
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    Limiting bombers?

    I think the core "mistake" with SRS is the use of the Combine mechanic. It makes the small tokens useless for any offensive purpose, doubly so for fighters, while the large tokens are godly for whatever purpose, expect poor fighters again. It might be better if they instead had higher base values that then added the Wing value (or a multiple of it) to give their stats. This would make both the smaller and middle SRS values much better, which would help their viability at both purchase and late in game play. Example: Fighters - Mv 18", AD 3+Wings, PD 2+Wings, AP 0 Intercepters - Mv 12", AD 0, PD 4+Wings, AP 0 Bombers - Mv 12", AD 2+2*Wings, PD Wings, AP 0 Assault Craft - Mv 8", AD 0, PD Wings, AP 4+Wings Support Shuttles - Mv 8", AD 0, PD 0, AP 0 Crazily enough, this would also open space for adding values in place of some of the zeros. Intercepters with AD Wings? Support Shuttles with PD of HALF Wings?
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    Firestorm Armada 3.0 headed our way?

    Perhaps in a FAQ of sorts instead of in the actual book? I would rather the money spent on printing those extra pages to be used on more new content.
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    I like the LoIS orbat, it is one of the better ones imo and is fun to play with. Minerva could use a slight tap with the nerf bat but personally I find them easy to cope with (it is nice to find a battlecruiser that is easier to board than the CoA battleship ). They make very fine prizes! Regarding the Uccisore upgrade, I look at it this way: Would I pay 30 points for a squadron of Uccisore if they were not attached to the cruisers? Yes I would. Therefore the cruiser upgrade is a fine option! Gladius are also one of my favourite cruisers, they hit like a brick in a sock in another brick! The upgrade puts their points cost quite high, but the uccisore squadron tends to be worth it in my opinion.
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    what the heck is the Nausciaa?
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    I can only hope the Dindrenzi get some sort of sheild-breaker-anti-battleship battleship!
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    2016 PF Wishlisting

    Perhaps the Relthoza elite remember what happens when there's a swarming period with nowhere to go, or they just don't have the power to stop the swarming queens or don't want to expend the power and resources needed to do so? Individual Rel queens may have much more freedom than we assume, to do as the please as long as they are expanding the race and not eating their own. So much great story material here.
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    Limiting bombers?

    One of the problems I think is that fighters have the same pd as bombers and it just doesn't feel right, right?
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    Rufus' random reports

    Conclusion The event: Superb! Very well organized, enough space for all the tables, a good time schedule, cheap and tasty food, great scenarios and games, prizes for everyone and most importantly wonderful people. A big fat Swiss thank you to Thunderbolt for all the work he put into organizing and running that event. The 900 km trip sure was worth it. The games: I had five fun games with nice opponents. The Scenarios made sure things did not get boring and while I think some pieces of terrain (just 2-3 out of 11 tables) might be a bit too large for DW all tables were suited for very interesting games. The Scenarios felt balanced and it made sense to adjust the tournament point matrix for each Scenario. After the first round there actually were only few 20:0 results with all results being possible. Thanks again to Thunderbolt, Asghar, Earlybird, Gobbos and Bratr for 5 very challenging and memorable games of Dystopian Wars. In the end Thunderbolt finished 3rd, Bratr 4th, Asghar 5th and Gobbos 6th. The other fleets: 21 participants, 11 different factions chosen, none of them was taken more than three times. There were not even two fleet builds that were similar, actually all fleets were pretty unique. Surprisingly (to me) there were a couple of air core fleets present and some of them did pretty well (eg Thunderbolts Chinese which finished 3rd). There were two dreadbots (EoBS and CoA) and both finished on 18th and 20th place. As expected on 1300 points there were quite a few dreadnoughts at the tournament. Again only two made it to the top 10. Some of the lists were tough as nails, using allies had some of the usual suspects showing up however I think the overall list variety was great, the overall balance worked out fine. If we check for similarities within the top three, all of them had a high activation count, a high SV, many SAS and pretty good boarding abilities a high percentage in large/massives and non-core. My fleet: Well here we go. I had decided to go with my KoB. I wanted to build a rather classic fleet that should be competitive enough to keep up with most things to come without going for activation/carrier spam. And what shall I say… I really can’t blame my fleet (or dice) for my results. Illustrious: A nice commodore. Don’t bother about the “firepower”, use it as a supporter and a reliable place for the Commodore. I really think this model is fine and it works the way a skyfort should. Rulers: I think the ruler is a nice little battleship. For an affordable 180 points one gets a reliable ship of the line that is best at RBIII and RBII. With the latest update the P/S torps suffer a bit (they switched), but I think the basic concept works out perfectly fine. Hoods: Top notch battlecruisers. Their speed and reliable firepower was important. As with the Rulers the key is to keep them in formation preferably even covered by the Rulers and tagteam with some of the larges to concentrate fire (the lack of a coherent formation and thus failing to concentrate my firepower on the right targets was crucial for two of the games I lost). Vanguards: Nice supporters to do things the other ships could not do as well. For 110 points a very affordable unit which cannot be ignored by most opponents. Swifts: These were key elements. I rightfully lost two games where I threw them away for nothing. If they get to do more than just a boarding rush they really shine as their 2AA can change the course of the battle for the skies. Overall: Is it a good idea to go triple BB for a competive build? Likely not, but one can still play the game without being at a “big” disadvantage. The crucial part is the lack of proper air coverage. The Swifts could help out a bit if played well (which I failed more often than not), but I actually misjudged the amount of SAS to face at the venue. In our local meta one or two Carriers are common for 1250ish points, three are pretty rare. In Berlin all of the top three had about 30 SAS and at least three Carriers. The big exception in the overall picture were Bratrs FSA, which imho speaks a lot for him as a player. However I did not have to face too many Carriers myself and the three games I can’t really blame on my list. I think regarding the matchup it was tough for game 1 (Chinese Air Core, which I won with deployment, movement and luck) and game 3 (LoIS, which I lost due to bad deployment). The other three matchups (KoD, 2x FSA) were more or less even sometimes even with a small edge for my KoB (imho). When I lost I did lose because of clear mistakes on my side and well played enemy fleets. R
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    Rufus' random reports

    Game 5 with Bratr, FSA What plan…!? Scenario: Three towers are set up between the two fleets. Both players can score points for destroying and or capturing them (30 points per HP) and if one should succeed and capture one of them one is free to use its gun and rockets. Boston Submarine ©, 6 Assault Subs Liberty, Shields Liberty, Shields San Francisco, Shields (6 SAW) Annapolis B-72 4 Augustas 5 Reveres 5 Reveres 10 SAW (local air support) This time we had a very nice table with a couple of small islands one of which actually looks like Iceland as Bratr recognized. Sadly I don’t have any pictures of this battle myself, but I found one that shows the end of the battle and put online by the organizers. This is the game which I cannot really memorize (maybe Bratr can help here and show my poor explanations are no more than propagandistic lies…). I was pretty confident I could do okay in this game. The FSA fleet is a good allrounder without being extraordinary in any regard and I really hoped to bring my huge number of KoB guns to bear. So I was initially aiming at roughly 10 points or even a couple more and I was pretty sure no side would score more than maybe 14 tournament points… how wrong I was with that assumption . After setup I was still happy how my heavy ships were starting out. The basic idea was to try and lure Bratrs main fleet to advance through the relatively narrow corridor between two islands and then hit these ships hard from two directions. I decided to ignore the opportunity to board those turrets or shoot them and instead wanted to focus my fire on some of Bratrs models to gain a small advantage early on. Turn 1: While Bratr scored about 300 points by destroying two of the neutral towers, I could not get any really good shots at his fleet. However I could take out some frigates and damage the B-72 somewhat. Things were not looking too bad, but I had to realise that instead of just running into my “trap”, Bratr was advancing slower than I had expected and that he was using cover to good effect for the mainstay of his fleet. Turn 2: The Annapolis and the Boston started to put some damage on one of my Rulers, one of the Liberty BBs added more damage. On my side of things I threw away some of my Corvettes in another futile boarding attack (again without any real options for following attacks). The B-72 was nearly brought down. And then I made quite a big mistake and advanced the Illustrious which led to Bratr having range for two Attack runs for his FSA Fighters against my Commodore. The result were 3 very unnecessary damage points. Turn 3: The Illustrious took more damage from some Heavy BB shots. The Turtles took out one of my vanguards, which had surfaced to ram some Corvettes. The other one had fallen previously. Towards the end of the turn the Illustrious really should just have died, but instead it tanked the two wings of Fighters, the Boston firing at RBII and the full gunnery of the Annapolis without losing the last hullpoint. On the left flank some of Bratrs Corvettes had failed to board the last of the three neutral towers and they took some losses. I had lost most Corvettes and the fight for air superiority and I knew I was lacking the means to bring down those two heavy BBs, which were still advancing steadily and gunning down more of my ships including the HMS Hermes (Ruler with the Guardian). Turn 4: I did a death or glory boarding assault with the Illustrious (which was on the very last HP) against the somewhat damaged San Francisco (which had previously lost some few marines) and subsequently lost all my marines for no effect giving away the Illustrious as a prize. Some of my ships now broke as the Commodore had fallen, however I could still run for cover with the Lord Hoods (one was down on the last hullpoint), and keep two Rulers floating. All other ships had fallen. The battle was lost, I had failed to take out any of the enemy larges and only brought down most enemy smalls, the B-72 and possibly the Annapolis (not sure any more if that one was blown apart by one of the Rulers or not). However the bigger difference came from Bratr being smarter and more effective regarding the Scenario. While I only scored a meagre 60 points from two damage dealt to the neutral fortifications, Bratr had scored 480 points here which in the end led to a decisive 18:2 victory for his FSA fleet. Looking back: While game 4 was lost by one big strategic failure on my side, this game went down in a long series of small and medium mistakes here and there. Thinking about it, this likely was the tactically worst game of DW I played in a while. I threw await my Corvettes for no use and thus lost my best chance to win air superiority, I put the Illustrious in unnecessary danger and gave it away as a prize in the end. One of the Rulers was destroyed without getting any good targets, the second Ruler drifted to the left flank unable to help my last Lord Hood in the fight against the enemy larges… The game still was good fun, the biggest "problem" was that I was too tired to do much conversation or be a more entertaining opponent. Thanks again to Bratr, it was a pleasure to meet and play you. Some thoughts on the tournament and the fleet will follow. Cheers! R
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    CoA vs Russia

    Hello all! I'm back with another video. This time a battle report, The Covenant of Antarctica take on the might of Russia!
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    c0rruptd's Dindrenzi

    Here you go, intervigilium. Happened to have my Archangel out tonight, so easily done!
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    Rufus' random reports

    Game 1 with Thunderbolt, Chinese Federation No plan survives contact with the enemy... Scenario: Standard rules. The commodore is worth double points. Main thought pre game: Be cautious, keep the Illustrious back and shoot the enemy commodore if he moves to aggressively. Even before deploying the plan was dead. Jürgen brought a Chinese Federation Aerial Core Force which consisted of the following: Zhanmadao ©, Carrier 12 Feilong Sky Fortress, 6 SAWs Feilong Sky Fortress, 6 SAWs 3 Chi Long Assault Flyers 3 Chi Long Assault Flyers 5 Zhulong Small Flyers 5 SAW 5 SAW Terrain obviously was not that important in this game as Thunderbolts Force would simply ignore it. The matchup seemed pretty tough, but I was really looking forward to play with Thunderbolt as I knew he is a good player from his tournament record and even more importantly I knew he must be a nice guy when he took a huge effort pre tournament to make the venue a great experience for everyone. While I was not really sure how my fleet could do against the Zhanmadao and double Feilong with those brute nodes there was one thing that immediately put my fleet in a decent position. Thunderbolt decided to take an aggressive approach and put all Chi Longs to the advance force a couple of inches left and right from the centre. I obviously set up completely towards one flank which automatically had 3 of the Chi Longs and even one of the Feilongs a bit out of place with too much space to cover and I hoped to increase this distance with my movement even further. Turn 1: Thunderbolt advanced, my whole fleet tore big holes in the closest unit of Chi Longs finally bringing two of them down at turns end. Turn 2: The first Feilong had range for the nodes and set a couple of Corvettes on fire. I moved further to the right flank slowly advancing towards the centreline while firing full barrages at the Feilong that had harassed my Corvettes. One of these shots resulted in a crit teleporting the Feilong 15" in my direction where I could board it as it had not been obscured. I obviously used the crew from my burning Corvettes for this and in the end had to scrap some models, but the first Feilong had fallen. Turn 3: The Zhanmadao arrived in highly effective range. The earlier rocket barrages had not hurt too much, but now it turned its guns on my ships critting a Ruler and flaming down some more Corvettes. My SAWs were doing the job of their lifes bringing down more and more enemy SAS and while the Chinese forces were still getting in position, I fired all guns at the Zhanmado scoring a couple of HP including a hard pounding. Turn 4: The Zhanmadao boldly advanced further firing in all directions, the Illustrious took some damage and one of my Rulers fell to enemy fire. After the other Rulers had put more damage on the Zhanmadao and the Illustrious was running (flying) for her life to avoid getting boarded by the Assault Flyers, I used the chance for a boarding attempt on the Zhanmadao with the Vanguards as they obviously could not do much else. They did an amazing job bringing down a lot of the enemy crew and scored another sabotage. At this point I decided to go all in and use both Hoods to hopefully get down those remaining 2? crew on the Zhanmadao or die trying. Fortuna was with the brave Lord Hood crew and the first attempt was enough to overwhelm the remaining crew on the enemy Commodore which was prized. Turn 5: Thunderbolt boldly fought on, but could not salvage the Zhanmadao as only one Chi Long got into position for the attempt, to make things worse HMRS Tanith survived all incoming CF attacks on the very last hullpoint with 2 corrosion and 6 raging fire tokens on the airship. The enemy SAS capacities were depleted, my remaining ships concentrated fire on the Assault Flyers and took more stray shots at the small flyers reducing the CF forces even farther. In the end phase the Illustrious repaired both corrosion markers (thanks to the Commodore ability) and the game ended here. (The Zhanmadao already removed after the game its position was to the left of the Hood/Vanguards) The sum of all tokens... or: What happens if you face chinese.... (sorting all tokens back in took more time than deployment ) Looking back: I had been really lucky both with the teleport on the Feilong and the boarding attacks against the Zhanmadao and in the end scored a brutal 20-0 victory with the Commodore alone being worth a crushing 1440 points because of the scenario we played. On the other hand Thunderbolt had a couple of pretty bad rolls one of them about 15 dice on the Illustrious hitting on the 5+ resulting in exactly zero hits. He did roll pretty good for everything that has flames. The nodes worked on nearly every model he targeted and there were at least 2 fires on every model that had been hit. The same went for the flame throwers, those regularly scored a lot of hits or even crits, but the real guns which bring down ships and don't just burn them slowly failed him miserably. To be fair, his airforce might be a bit light on actual gunnery. Even with about 500 points of his airforce being delayed through my deployment and movement I had a hard time winning this game and the game was way closer than the result may look like. However this did not hinder Thunderbolt from climbing up the ranking with every game and in the end he finished way ahead of me in the 3rd place with a crushing 65 of possibly 80 points in his remaining 4 games. R
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    Terran Colour Scheme Database

    As per Overreads suggestion, here is a database for Terran colour schemes! I went with a Russian green sorta colour for mine, after an attempt at white and blue that really demotivated me to paint for a while...
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    Rufus' random reports

    2nd German Dystopian Wars Championships, Berlin Tomorrow I'll fly to Berlin where this weekend I'll take part in a nice gaming event organized by Thunderbolt. To start up the heat I'll simply post my tournament list (1300 points naval or aerial core, allies allowed, expecting a couple of dreadbots) which will hopefully cover its tactically inept commander. Right now there seem to be about 20 players from 4 different countries, playing a total of 11 different factions. No single faction is present more than three times, so I am really looking forward to meeting new people and play a lot of enjoyable DW games. I really hope I can do reports with at least some kind of halfways decent pictures for my games, but time will tell... Fleet list: HMRS Tanith: Illustrious Sky Fortress (Commodore), Pulse Generator, 6 SAS [150] HMS Hermes: Ruler Battleship, Guardian Generator [190] HMS Baal: Ruler Battleship, Shield Generator [180] HMS Melqart: Ruler Battleship, Shield Generator [180] Lord Hood Class Battlecruiser [115] Lord Hood Class Battlecruiser [115] 2 Vanguard Submarines [110] 5 Swift Corvettes [100] 5 Swift Corvettes [100] 3 Swift Corvettes [60] 5 SAS Fighters 4 SAS Fighters 1 SAS Recon Plane A total of 1300 points. Expecting a lot of Dreadnoughts and/or Dreadbots, I am pretty curious how my little ships of the line will do. As a precautionary measure I'll post a picture now... ...all ships still afloat! Cheers! Comments about the list, fleet, tournament or my english are warmly welcome! R
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    Philippines Campaign!

    This looks awesome. I love campaigns with solid geography and narrative structure behind them. Well done!
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    The prices of individual models are absolutely in keeping with the prices of our boxed sets; that is, the boxed sets offer greater value, whilst individual models, something that has been asked for by so many for so long, give gamers the flexibility to buy exactly what they want to flesh out their forces. I notice some have pointed out that carriers don't come with tokens. That's something I can come back and look at, but right now I am busy trying to implement this much-asked-for service to the online store. I originally pondered whether to implement individual models or full squadrons in the online store, and went with the former because many of our veteran gamers may have picked up blisters in the past that do not reflect full squadron sizes. Regarding the comment that a sky fortress not coming with tokens would potentially put off newcomers, I would highly recommend a newcomer who wants an aerial force to pick up an Aerial Battle Group. That's my take. I'm not going to expand on this further if anyone comes back with counterarguments because, quite frankly, I'm trying to stay 'in the zone' to get this service, something that was not available before (okay, there were still some outdated blisters in the store), up and running for everyone that asked for it.
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    Allow me to make you all aware of what is going on. Since returning to Spartan Games, my number one priority has been to update the Spartan Games Online Store. A good example of what I am hoping to achieve is the Kingdom of Britannia setup. For each nation (all games, but starting with Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada), I will be doing the following: Ensuring all product descriptions are uniform (fixing strange formatting issues). Adding photos of painted models to all products that only have a render image or no image at all (boxed sets, models and parts). Adding individual models for each nation/race. Adding missing parts. Adding a 'Maximum Squadron Size' tab to listed individual models. In addition, I am ensuring fulfillment is aligned at our end, taking photos, editing photos, and generally organising everything myself. This is a one-man job and it is going to take time (I'm not going to say exactly when this task will be finished). I've also got product releases to organise, Spartan Vanguards to attend to and loads of other things going on that might interrupt this process, but it is my number one priority and I am on it! So Kingdom of Britannia is done... next up is the Prussian Empire.
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