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    Taking the Fight to Mars!

    After the original attack by the Invaders, the Alliance of Humanity is taking the fight to the Invaders homeworld using a portal uncovered by the Covenant of Antarctica. As the nation who bore the brunt of the original invasion, the Prussian Empire was given the honor of the first strike. Here's a link to the original Invaders battle: http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/4718-war-of-the-worlds-genghiscon-xxxiv-in-denver-co/?hl=invaders The scenario begins with an initial deployment of half the Invaders force around their central pyramid and the last oasis on Mars. The Prussian land forces then deploy through the gate and establish a beachhead, followed by the remainder of the Invaders moving in their reinforcements. If you recognize the Relthoza drone spires, that's because we used them as Drone Hives for the Invaders. End of Turn 1, one Sentinel large tripod down to concentrated Tesla fire, one Metzger down to flaming Death Rays of doom. Turn 2, as the ground forces engage, aerial support from both sides arrive. The Gewitterwolke dies horribly. Oh! The Humanity! Turn 3 was hard on the humans, with the loss of another Metzger and a squadron of Geier due to a vicious onslaught from the Invader bombers, but the Prussians' allies have arrived. The Hochmeister steps forward and takes revenge for the Gewitterwolke, felling a Sentinel in one swift assault. Sadly, 46 AD from the combined Death Rays of two Sentinels ended the Hochmeister's reign of terror. The loss of the Hochmeister convinced the Alliance that perhaps discretion was the better part of valor since not enough firepower remained to deal with the next drone wave and bombers.
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    Nick's Ship Guide For Newbies

    This small article is aimed at people new to the game, and unfamiliar with naval combat and cannot differentiate between a Frigate and a Cruiser. I aim to explain what roles do these ships play in general terms, which may help newbies find their footing. I hope it will be useful. For those with more experience and a better way with words, I welcome your feedback to make it better. SMALLS Corvettes These are your boarding vessels. Corvettes are fast and generally have Reckless crew quality. They can be used in aggressive waves to thin down the enemy’s AP and capture valuable enemy ships. Most corvettes come armed only with a single gun, although some may not even have any weapons. Note that the role of a fast boarding vessel may not be limited to a model with the "corvette" designation, some come in the form of small Submarines that do not have offensive weapons, for example. Take a look at the AP value, crew Quality and speed to determine whether or not the ship can fulfill a "corvette" role. Frigates / Heavy Frigates These are your jack of all trades for Small ships. They can be used to attack other smalls, and if get close to RB1, can even pose a threat to Mediums. They are usually armed with 2 weapon systems – sometimes its dual turrets fore and aft, sometimes it’s a single fore gun and broadsides. Escorts These can only be taken as attachments to Large / Massive vessels, and fulfill the need of defending the larger craft by contributing their AA and CC values. Also acts as a source of replenishable AP for their parent. Most are unarmed but some may have a single weapon system. Destroyers / Heavy Destroyers As the name implies, these are the damage dealers at this size class. All Destroyers have Pack Tactics, so they are good in being the hammerblows for your fleet. Almost all Heavy Destroyers have 3 HP, which means that can take a critical hit and still able to dish out pain. ++++++++ MEDIUMS Light Cruisers Much like how Battlecruisers straddle the line between Medium and Large, so does the Light Cruiser between Small and Mediums. Having the same DR and CR as a standard Cruiser but usually with 1 HP less, the Light Cruiser does have some distinct characteristics: Its armaments are under-powered compared to a Cruiser. Its not a Capital model (with an Italian exception - though their ORBAT is due for an update). This has some implications - it can target Smalls without suffering penalties to hit, it cannot be Spotted by Recon planes, it cannot be Prized. This means that Light Cruisers are mainly used for asymmetrical warfare - bullying smaller ships and protecting the flanks of your larger force. Cruisers These vessels are your line ships that can perform a variety of duties such as spearheading an attack or acting as a flanking force. A good balance of firepower, durability and AP make cruisers the core of any fleet. Gunships Much like the Destroyers in the Small size class, gunships pack offensive power in the Medium class. Generally designed to be much more offensive than Cruisers (either through more weapon systems, more AD, easier access to bring all weapons to bear, etc). Gunships function as what Destroyers do. Monitor These are ships which house a single, massive gun which only point forward. While devastating to anything caught in its sights, Monitors suffer from average speed and having limited weapon arcs. A crafty enemy will flank the ship and take it out of action. Light / Support Carrier Modest carrier capabilities (4), mounted on a standard cruiser hull - these come in squadrons of 1-2 (or 2-3 for the Chinese), and have a Strategic Value (25) tax. This means each carrier is as valuable to the enemy as a Battlecruiser (see below)! Their weaponry is mainly used to fend off attackers, not to be part of the front lines. As squadron coherency is 8", this means that the carrier action zone is quite extensive as each Light / Support carrier in a squadron can project a larger bubble of (albeit weaker) carrier points. Battlecruiser Housing Battleship level ordnance on a cruiser hull, Battlecruisers of the nations have a common trait – they are in squadron size of 1, all have the Combat Patrol MAR, and also a strategic value, and most come with 3 Turrets too. With the possible exception of the Covenant Battlecruiser, all the others are used in an offensive manner, when you wish to lay on the hurt, but beware – it only has a cruiser’s durability, and the Strategic Value Tax on top of it makes it a valuable prize for the enemy. +++++++ LARGE / MASSIVE Battleship The iconic Battleship is one of the toughest and nastiest ships of the line of any fleet. Used for direct dueling and brawling, it has only a single purpose – to eradicate enemy vessels in a most direct fashion. How it does this differs from nation to nation, but the main purpose is the same. Assault Carrier These are generally Carrier (6), have a Strategic Value and sport ordnance that enables it to be at the frontlines supporting the fleet. It could be heavy main turrets, or devastating Foreguns, the Assault Carrier should not be used coyly, but rather as a second line ship, much like a spearman with reach that is behind the swordsmen at the front. Fleet Carrier These are Carrier (9), have a high Strategic Value and are dedicated SAS platforms. Their strength lies in the swarms of the SAS they can spawn, and most are generally not suited for direct brawling, although they do have weapons to defend themselves if the enemy gets too close. Dreadnaught The personification of the Nation fighting style of which it belongs to, dreadnaughts are armed to the teeth with the HP, DR and CR to boot. These monsters can come with up to 2 generators and can maul whatever it is in their optimum range. They are however, weak to boarding, and swarms of corvettes can easily Prize such a valuable investment. If you bring one, make sure to protect it well!
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    BLOG DISCUSSION: Madame Liberté

    This forum lacks a 'groan' button....
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    Orbat Update

    What I wonder is: How many different players did finish top spot with the french? Because looking at German DW tournaments the french do pretty well in 2.0, but they have one single top 3 spot during the last 6 tournaments. Just looking at 2015 events published on the tabletopturniere.de webpage the top 3 for those couple of tournaments were: 4th DW Battlefield Tournament (Berlin), naval: 1 KoD, 2 Raj, 3 KoD 1st DW Northsea Battle (Bremerhaven), naval: 1 KoD, 2 CoA, 3 RC 5th DW Battlefield Tournament (Berlin), Teams of two Players, naval: 1 KoB & RA, 2 PE & CF, 3 PLC & Raj Berlin Offensive, 2 games naval, 2 games armoured: 1 PE, 2 RoF, 3 CoA 6th DW Battlefield Tournament (Berlin), naval: 1 CF, 2 EoBS, 3 CoA 7th DW Battlefield Tournament (Berlin), armoured: 1 EoBS, 2 KoB, 3 CoA Certain players did very well (even switching forces), but forces seem to be a nice mix with a total of 11 Orbats turning up in the top 3 and five different Orbtats actually winning. Cheers R
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    The RoF don't have a Large Airship. The RC don't have a Skyfortress. The KoB, PE, and CoA Skyfortresses have the exact same weapon systems as the Large Airships but are tougher with Carrier. The Savannah has a completely different design than the Valley. The Savannah is slow with a great broadside and a large amount of SAW. The Valley has great Fore rockets with the same power as the B72 but without Piercing, and 9 Aggressive AP, and 3 Bomb Bays, and similar toughness. Slightly easier to crit but slightly harder to damage with its Rugged Construction. All three FSA aerial larges fill a distinct role and they all fit it very well and efficiently. Most players just rely upon the Savannah because they are comfortable with it.
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    BLOG DISCUSSION: Madame Liberté

    Look at the bright side if our RoF player gets one you or I will end up painting the damn thing. I say make it a drag queen from Rockey Horror Picture Show
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    Directorate general tactica

    Directorate: General Tactic In 1.5 version Directorate was a multi-arc firing no shields fleet with great frigates. When 2.0 came out everything changed and our fleet was turned upside down. With so different weapons, different stats and shiny new toys many of us had to completely relearn how to play this faction. I know I struggled with some aspects and had to play many games before I got the grips on it and found a way to build effective fleets and then play them well enough to win. By this post I would like to try to pass on my experience and my view on our faction, our ships and other factions. Mind that this view can be crooked by my specific experience and my local gaming group – what factions I generally play against, what our players generally use and how they play. General Overview If you look through all fleet lists you will notice that Directorate differs a lot from all fleets. Directorate is the only fleet that widely incorporates only one direct weapon system on its ships – turreted beam weaponry. With the release of 2.0 the only exception to this rule was Persecution Dreadnought and Overseer Carrier. Justice Heavy Cruiser was only different with its gunrack mounting and suffered the same issues the fleet as a whole. With Return of the Overseers starter we now have some new ships that break the rule a bit: Anihilation Gunship still has only one direct weapon system, albeit a very powerful one; Turmoil R&D can be seen as having two direct systems as it has beam gunrack and forward gravity weapons (but they can only damage ships); and finally Anarchist Battleship with Port/Starboard beams, unfortunately it will be very hard to get both in a firing position. This first distinct mark means that Directorate can throw much less total AD in each volley and can target much fewer targets. This is partly negated by the use of beam weaponry and partly by better AD at RB3 than other fleets. It can also be somewhat negated by our torpedo weapons mounted on port and starboard, but if you already played the game you know how hard it is to get targets for both sides. Another distinct feature of our ships is Reinforced (Fore) MAR that increases CR by 1 if the incoming fire is in the fore arc. This MAR seriously increases the ships lifespan as it brings CR rating of Directorate ships above average or even at the highest values. This means critical hits are less likely and from the fore Directorate ships are much harder to hit hard, especially at longer ranges. Unfortunately this MAR goes directly against our torpedo weapons mounted on port/starboard – the ship either withstand more punishment or can throw some more AD. Our third special feature are Cyberwarfare weapons. We are the only core faction with the access to them and from alliance & mercenaries factions only Hawker has some limited access to pure cyber weapons and OmniDyne has access to cyber torpedo weapons. I think our wide and very exclusive access to both pure cyber and cyber torps (Assault Robot Torpedoes = ARTs) is something really special. They are a great tool at disabling ships systems and killing crew, but be careful as they only rarely destroy a ship by themselves (kill all CP and destroy the ship through hazard markers). If you use them you still need a plan to deal with crippled ships. Other important aspects of our fleet surely are above average boarding potential, wide access to Special Forces MAR and Biohazard Ammo MAR. Our boarding potential determined by simple AP count is above average I would say. But what it makes potentially deadly is a combination with Special Forces, Biohazard Ammo and Cyberweapons. Another important thing to mention is our wide spread of toys. All core fleets are pretty much focused in one direction or are built around one central idea where our fleet uses very different tools to accomplish pretty specific goals. We have access to beam weapons (used by Aquans), primary weapons (used by Terrans and Relthoza), shields (heavily used by Terrans), cloaking shields and stealth systems (heavily used by Relthoza), Biohazard and Corrosive MARs (again Relthoza), Gravitational weapons (Tarakians) and Reinforced (Fore) MAR (brings CR to Dindrenzi or RSN levels). You can say that Directorate brings turns weapons of its enemies against them. It really looks like Directorate either supplies other factions or steals their technology. General principles to keep in mind at all times Keep your fore towards the enemy! This is rule number one especially in opening turns. You need to stay alive to dish out the damage, destroyed ships are useless. There are some exceptions of course, like Deterrents with great torps or Subjugators with gunrack weaponry. You still need to keep your fore to the most threatening enemy squadron unless you are firing at it, then you turn it against the second most threatening. Link firepower only if you need to or have to. Most of our ships (smalls are exception) have enough firepower in their ideal range bands to score a hit or even a crit with some little luck – 8AD is enough to hope for a crit and some ships have 9AD or even more (Nemesis, Deterrents, Subjugators). This rule goes well with biohazard upgrade as you put more CP damage on enemy ships. Don’t be afraid to link when you want a certain critical hit or even two. Simple rule is if you have between 8-13AD you want to fire unlinked at medium ships and if you can get together more (especially above 15AD) you should seriously consider firing linked – e.g. Vanquishers have 8AD in RB2 and when firing on medium ships you either want to fire unlinked to achieve as much CP damage and hope for 3-6HP damage or you want to link together for 16AD and just overkill one cruiser with hopefully two critical hits. Don’t forget mines! We have only four ships equipped with them and it’s easy to forget to drop them. They are great area denial tool and restrict your opponent’s moves and protect your flanks and backs. TACs selection? Your TACs selection should be based around the ships you use, what tactic you set for your fleet and what your opponent is. Still there is a good selection of cards you will use in almost every game, these cards should be: Drives to Maximum – Extra speed never hurts and often you need just few extra inches to get a squadron in ideal firing position or get your ships from a hot spot. Burn Thrusters – From time to time you need lower TL on every ship. Practically must have if you use Deterrents as sooner or later they find themselves in a position when their 2” TL is a great obstacle. Focused Repair – PD or shields offline are bad for anyone. Firewall Breach – I always find it useful as shutting even 2 shields might be a game braking event. Then we have TACs very useful against specific factions or used with specific tactic in mind: Intel Gathered – Great against Sorylians with their FTB 1 Perfect Timing – Must have if you reserve some medium or large ships. Pinpoint Calculation – If you run more than one squadron of Nemesis with Precision Strike. Lastly we have pretty much useless cards: Regroup – Would never take it for tier 3 and at tier 2 we have such a vast selection I would be really surprised to see two same squadrons in one fleet. Stay on Target – Pure **** as it’s pretty impossible to drive off a full a full token of 6 wings and if you have only 3 left you select your targets carefully or are desperate enough to risk even large ship. In no condition you are willing to lose a wing if you can’t get it back with Deck Crew. Alliance of Convenience – Another crappy card as usually you have up to one disordered squadron and manage to get it under control with your second roll. To take this card just in case you fail all your rolls is insane. It might be effective against heavy Decimator fleets, but as we are one of them it’s beyond the point. General strategy and fleet list creation If we look at ships and options at our disposal we can create several narrow strategies: Raw power – Trying to maximise pure direct weapons AD output by taking ships without necessary upgrades like Biohazard, Special Forces or taking Tormentors (as they are built around cyber and torps). This approach is valid against Aquans and Dindrenzi as they are mainly designed this way and by maximising AD output you try to close the gap in max AD output. With clever play you can then locally win this AD fight and came out swinging. Problem here is that even this list might lag behind its opponent. Cyber list – List build around large cyber support designed to disable enemy ships. In this list the role is generally played by Carrier with a pair of Tormentors or by a full squadron of Tormentors. Often Drones are present to exploit weakened state of enemy ships. This list is great against ships with tough defences like Terrans or Relthoza. Even though this list is great it trades direct weapons for cyberweapons and may find problems with finishing crippled ships. Boarding list – Focused on boarding and maximising AP whenever possible, wide use of Biohazard and Special Forces. Ships like Vanquishers, Subjugators or new Anarchist are a must have to achieve boarding superiority. This list is great against opponents with low AP, like Aquans, or ones that can cover behind tough defences, like Terrans. This list can also be admirals doom as ship upgrades are very common and may result in few very expensive ships. Also it brings our ships very close to our enemy and some can punish us really hard for that – Aquans with their mines, Terrans with their RB1 firepower. Looking at the above it’s pretty clear we want some combination to get as much benefit from each strategy and negate as much drawbacks as we can. The easiest to combine are raw power with cyber or boarding list. The hardest I would say is combining all three. Every time you build a fleet you need to find a balance between all three of them and take just enough to make each work. The more you combine the harder it is to play with such a force as you have to make those combinations work and not just expect them to work for themselves – proper activation and target selection sequence needs hard fought experience. If you add our wide spread of options it is very easy to make a very nice looking fleet, but lacking any united purpose and almost ultimately doomed to fail on the battlefield. I myself tend to focus on raw power fleets with added cyber to break ships defences (mostly shields). When I take some cyber I usually include Drones, but that’s mostly for fun as they rarely play a decisive role. Now if I want to create fleet with some nice boarding potential I auto include some strong cyber ships and I usually take only one strong boarding squadron, sometimes two – that’s amount that works for me as it won’t break the amount of pure AD much and it allow bringing along some cyber ships. Ships breakout into different strategies Raw power ships: Persecution Dreadnought Ship capable of falling here or boarding, but it’s almost utter garbage without any real use. Don’t expect me to use it anywhere as I gave up on it. Judgement Battleship Purely awesome ship in my opinion and I always take it with extra shield, -1” TL, extra WC and 3 Interceptors. Damage output of this beast is insane for its points cost. Can be built as a boarding threat with extra AP and three escorts with also AP upgrade. Unfortunately this is very costly and fragile built as every opponent can see its potential and will just heavily focus on Judgement or escorts. My standard build is somewhat less threatening and they don’t concentrate on Judgement so much. Anarchist Battleship Great flagship I take if I want some bombers with me and can’t or don’t want to take Overseer for some reason, or I take it if I want the cyber turret as an addition to counter something specific in opponents fleet (like cloaked Spooks). I take it with Liquidator accompaniment for added firepower and protection, but for not taking Interceptors it is much softer later in the game. Built with Stealth Systems is a valid choice especially with Deterrents and Nemesis, but I somehow fail to try it as I use my large ships as battering rams and this built reduces the amount of shields needed in RB1-2. Deterrent Battlecruisers Taken purely for their great AD output in RB2-3. If I have spare points I add corrosive torps. I fire their torps separately anyway so corrosive can increase their damage dealing potential. Overseer Carrier In this setup taken purely for a full Bomber token and with only +1” Mv upgrade without any accompaniment. If I manage to spare some points for extra wings I also take some Interceptors, otherwise I take cyber fore just for fun and hope for luck. It can be taken with Vanquishers as accompaniment, but I never tried it as I want to keep the cloak active the whole game. Vanquisher Cruisers With focus on AD just use them bare without any upgrades. You can add a Heavy but then you trade RB3 firepower for resilience. Also remember that Heavy has gunracks and that can sometimes really mess with squadrons movement. I don’t mix my squadrons, never. Subjugator Heavy Cruisers They are here purely for their resilience and extra 1AD in RB2. Their AP and Special Forces are just a welcome addition. Anihilation Gunships Haven’t tried it so far, but they definitely fall in here as they have ultra high AD output. I would buy Biohazard for them only if I really had spare point nowhere else to be used…and that’s almost impossible scenario. But their Decimators can help with boarding a lot. Turmoil R&D Cruisers (with beam gunracks) When equipped with beam gunracks they have excellent firepower plus they are one of our ships capable of targeting two enemy squadrons with weapons ignoring PD. Nemesis Destroyers I use them without Precision Strike as I dislike Targeted Strikes in general – when you have 9AD you want to fire them without Targeted Strike and hope for a crit on a medium ship. With a squadron you can fire 2x9AD and score around 3-4HP dmg or you can try one 13AD Targeted Strike and hope for a crit. I know we have a specific TAC Pinpoint Calculation to help us, but it’s unreliable. Enforcer Frigates Only tier 3 choice with pure AD output. Has great RB3 firepower so use it! I tried to buy biohazard for them and it’s just making something fragile more expensive without seeing any real results – you don’t generally take it to use it against enemy smalls and they have to link together against anything larger, so at best one marker per turn for 20 points…no. Cyber ships: Anarchist Battleship It can be in the same setup as above. I sometimes take it if I need cyber, but I can’t take Overseer or I want two cyber squadrons. Anarchist can fill a cyber role while still being a monster in other aspects. Overseer Carrier As a cyber ship I never use it alone and always accompany it with a pair of Tormentors. I know they are designed to stay above 20” to stay safe but I found out that I really want and need the 14AD in RB2. Together they have enough PD to protect each other against almost anything and they have 10AD torps. You can use setup with Tormentors also as a boarding squadron with +2AP upgrade, but then it gets a bit expensive. I think they are the only other squadron capable to get 15AP together…and that’s really scary. Tormentor R&D Cruisers I only use them with Overseer – I only have two and I also want SRS with me. I tried them separately and it just hasn’t worked out. Eventually my opponent closed with them and ripped them apart at close range. When coupled with Overseer they are protected at close range by his SRS. Turmoil R&D Cruisers Their cyber gunracks are very interesting and has the potential to really mess up with small to medium ships. Together they have the second highest AD cyber output in RB2 in our fleet…don’t forget them. Hostility Drones Our only ART option. They are great against enemy smalls with CP1-2 and fail against smalls with CP3 as you need two turns to kill one. They are great at further disabling ship systems or crippling it by killing CP. Boarding & Biohazard ships: Anarchist Battleship Very expensive option, but also very scary one - 12AP with Special Forces and Second Assault is something to terrifying. If you also add Assault Shuttles it is a boarding beast. One of our best boarding ships. Deterrent Battlecruisers With biohazard upgrade for both beams and torps makes them our best CP damage dealer as they potentially can dish out 4CP damage per turn against medium ships or a large ship either with its defences down or already damaged. With their 4AP each they are not bad at boarding and can use it against smalls or damage a medium ship. Vanquisher Cruisers As they are pretty fragile I prefer taking biohazard upgrade first and only when I can spare the points I also add Special Forces. But then they are a major force in my list and I really consider shunting them to get them into boarding range. Subjugator Heavy Cruisers As they already have Special Forces I try to buy biohazard for them, but not every time I manage to find the points. Either way they work great and biohazard only boosts it a bit more. Hostility Drones For their great CP damage potential. Now you just need to check the lists above and select ships from it. I would mostly select ships from the first list and only add one specialised cyber/boarding/biohazard squadron per specialisation. You can see some ships fall in two categories and that’s perfectly fine as long as you distinguish in their use as they can be built to fill several purposes. For example Anarchist can be built as a pure AD monster with extra wings, 5 bombers and two Liquidators as accompaniment – for only 260 points you get linked beams 15/18/11/4 and extra 15AD from Bombers. For the same amount of points it can be a long range sniper with Stealth Systems. Another built is a boarding monster with extra wings, 5 assault boats, both AP upgrades and three escorts with AP upgrade – this catapults it to staggering 310 point but it is practically boarding proof and it can effectively board any ship it desires and expect to win – with 3 escorts you can even board a large capital ship with escorts and don’t care as your escorts board enemy escorts which leave your prize without the much needed help. When you select ships for your list keep in mind your opponent won’t help you achieving your goal and will try to derail you as much as possible. You need to build a list that can achieve what you want and still react to your opponents play well enough to survive. If you create a RB1-2 purpose list and your opponent builds RB2-3 list you might be in serious trouble, especially if he can keep the distance. If he builds RB1 list capable of getting in the middle of your fleet by turn 2 and all you got is RB3 ships you are pretty much screwed. Your list needs some variety or you need to figure out how to deal with certain specifics of your opponent. This is very hard to do for a tournament as you have no idea what you are going to be playing against and you have to figure out ways to deal with everything. In a case of a general list I would take one cyber squadron, one boarding squadron and some biohazard to support it. That shouldn’t break your back and allow you to fight some factions much more effectively.
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    Hi guys, thanks for the replies. It does seem Sorylians are more about their cruisers than their capitals. I still might pick up their patrol fleet and see how they go however. However the Ba-Kash definitely appeal to me. Their aesthetic reminds me of the Ork fleet from BFG. I may just get both see which suits me better.
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    No, a cloaking field only applies to a model if that model has it written down in its stats. Also, you shouldn't confuse accompaniments with escorts. Escorts are a sub-class of accompaniments and have additional rules. For example, the Punisher escorts of the Directorate can combine their point defence with their parent model, other accompaniments like the Tormentor cruisers may only link PD.
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    2K KoB vs CoA

    I tend to agree. In most cases full squadrons do better than smaller groups and personally I only use Escorts to fill some points, or I go with one Escort per expensive large (as the first one brings the biggest change). In the small section imho all KoB ships are fine vessels. Nevertheless I have a tendency not to use more than one group of expensive smalls (like: destroyers, heavy destroyers or mostly even frigates) as those need to get some cover from bigger vessels and mostly have to play late turn 1 and early turn 2. Having multiple fragile hard hitters likely leads to loosing one of them before it can activate for its brutal strike. Cheers! R
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    ETA on the allied ORBATS?

    Danes are a glass cannon. They hit hard but have almost no defences and must time their attacks perfectly or be totally shafted. Plus they literally just had their update.
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    But you almost don't need those ship options. Hawker cruisers are practically heavy cruisers, frigates are probably the meanest of any faction. Plus the fun of Cyberwarfare weapons on all Tier 1 ships. Nothing more fun hacking your opponent's shields/weapons down.
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    BLOG DISCUSSION: Madame Liberté

    Let's do the Time w-Orb!
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    Ba'kash! Resilient and very straightforward to play. Roll down the plating and drive forwards, while enjoying the best DR/CR on cruisers and heavy cruisers in the game, and a battlecarrier with the DR/CR of a RSN Dreadnaught (no shields though), and then start brawling like a madman on RB1 and RB2.
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    And last but not least: Choose a faction where the models appeal to you. The rules can change, the models last for eternity.
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    Tired of looking at a million different fleet builds so list done & sent
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    Units that don't see play

    I have gone out of the way to make scenarios for the Ecuyer, (think convoy escorts-mmmm! They appear in only one BG. Does anyone ever take it? Its a good unit and with the point costs for others more viable. Meanwhile one way to get models on the table is the Specialist Group squadrons Does anyone else think the RoF Specialist Groups to lack a coherence in missions/roles? The Ecuyer would have been a juicy model to match with some smalls. They need two Voltaires and the Rouseau- now THAT is a specialist Group. (Like the FSA B-72 and PYB-2s). One Voltaire ( with the three Pascals) is ineffective with its guns.
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    Orbat Update

    I have not played my beloved French since the update. Gone FSA. I am postponing the disappointment when constructing a force to see that I will be down a squadron compared to the prior ORBAT. The increased costs mean I will likely be at an activation dis-advantage compared to my opponent. Unless I take chapter ( and weaker units). Some will say Its a "challenge", and that if I am a good enough player it won't matter- Sophistry- The French will be MUCH LESS FUN to play. I also expect them to lose a lot. I have found fighting the old French to be no harder than anyone else. They had definite weaknesses. They were about as hard as the EotBS. Now... I have beat them every time I have faced them. Ifeel very mixed about playing and beating, French fleets, often with ease. But playing them....no. Eventually the grieving will pass.
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    Dreadnought mobile fortification statue

    Hey its the statue of Liberty- it should be filled with people, AP 15 (Aggressive tourists!). With Long Range Assault! Floating through the fleet freeing prized RoF vessels!
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    Dr. Sky

    Doublesided Tokens

    Hello! This version of the markers in the style of origami. Layout for printing. Example of the assembly: https://youtu.be/rO4t-F2ejgM
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    An airship with some cranes and it'll be easy
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    Doublesided Tokens

    They're the tokens supplied by the (2.0) flotilla boxes I've bought over the last year, which are 16x16mm. Managed to buy a wooden stave (€4 euros) of 15x15mm (2,5 meters long) so yeah, still got plenty more sawing and glueing to do! But it does save a lot in the costs compared to using regular dice.
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    My view on the new drone rules.

    I really don't like this idea of "but cards, guys!". I don't like the dice roll in the first place, there's never been a game where it hasn't just been awful for either me or my opponent. And it took two years for the specialist squadrons, I'm not holding my breath for faction cards.
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    Yeah! And, while you're at it, bring back Scuttle! It's just a step to the left...
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    That same disgusting game design is what has caused 40K to simply disappear locally. As one player who had been playing since rouge trader said watching the last tournament. "It's not even 40K anymore. It is just two kids in a sandbox whacking tonka trucks together screaming 'Mine's bigger I win'".
  27. 1 point

    Infantry bunkers

    You have an interesting point there. The WWII concrete pillbox has become somewhat synonymous with the concept of a bunker despite not actually being a bunker as such. A bunker is by definition a storage place. In army terminology it is usually where the ammo is kept and usually hardened. In Hollywood terminology a bunker is a place where people are kept, not quite the same thing.
  28. 1 point

    Infantry bunkers

    well, to be fair, some of the Dystopian Wars ships don't really look like ships
  29. 1 point
    Kaptyn Krys

    Reading Warfare 2015 Pictures (link)

    Link to my uploaded pictures from Reading Warfare this year. Thought I would post a separate topic so it doesn't get lost a a reply and others can add their own. http://imgur.com/a/4myeA A hundred and something odd pictures, far to many to add to a post and my picture allowance appears to be full because I still have a gallery of last years photos. Seems my phone was out of focus a little at times and I didn't notice. Ah well. Enjoy.
  30. 1 point
    Got in a 1200-point RR game last evening. It was my AoK mixed fleet of Tarakian, Xelocian and Ryushi versus Terran, Hawker and Terquai. Battle report is on my blog here : SkisGames This was our first time using all of the "reserves" options and boy oh boy, does that change the way a battle progresses! Thanks for giving it a look!
  31. 1 point
    Lots of pictures ..... laser effect with explosions. A nice visual report supported by details. I like it. Thanks for sharing.
  32. 1 point
    Danimrathbr /


    The Traders are the only Marauder fleet with a Battle station currently I believe. I don't see a problem with this? For me it only lets you take a station if you are using them as mercenaries. Right now !
  33. 1 point

    Kurgan's Fleets

    Thanks. It's not hard process to get this color, but pretty long one. Here is step by step: 1) black undercoat 2) GW Leadbelcher cover whole model 3) GW Nuln oil or any other black wash to darken whole model significantly 4) highlight all edges with Leadbelcher 5) another highlight with GW Runefang Steel 6) mix Tamiya Clear Red with Smoke to get bloody color and cover the whole model 7) apply satin varnish - matt will completely ruin previous step The red light effects are done before applying varnish.
  34. 1 point
    I would put a pitch in for the Valley. The double RB3 9AD rockets are killers (the second nine won't face any AA if you work it right) that remain dangerous until it is scrapped. They are tough 7/9 DR/CR, have rugged construction (1), 9HP and be very dangerous closing on one part of the fleet to bomb (3x6 AD with Area Bombardment available), board (9 aggressive AP and Sharpshooters) and shoot (9/7/5/3 Broadsides) while rocketing at a farther part of the enemy. I have two. Didn't use them much before but under 2.0 they are a good bang for the buck.
  35. 1 point
    If you want some good FSA flavoured units to add into your fleet, I'd personally recommend the Princeton gunships and the Guilford destroyer. They are great units that I try to never leave the dockyard without.
  36. 1 point

    Princeton Gunship

    I think the point was not to have to repaint squadron markings
  37. 1 point

    Official Thread: Dominion Of Canada

    I ended up getting and painting some extra Canadian turrets, and as my turrets are magnetized, I drop them in place of the regular turrets on Cruisers and Battleships. I'll put one or two in a fleet as a 'Canadian contingent' I suppose I wouldn't mind getting some specifically Canadian designs - but my feel is that Canadian shipyards and aviation plants are perfectly happy building to British plans - they just don't have the capacity for the largest designs - Heavy Battleships, Dreadnaughts, Fleet Carriers, Sky Fortresses. The Canadian Land fleet has vehicles more suited to the terrain of Canada than the KOB, but the near interchangeability of British and Canadian designs at sea and in the air allows for a simpler Imperial supply chain - especially as KoB and DoC will operate alongside one another for long term operations (especially in the north atlantic) . By having these two parts of their force relying on KOB supply chain for most consumables and parts, this frees up the lesser logistic capabilities of Canada to support thier land arm more fully.
  38. 1 point
    I'm certain they will. If the Poles and Indians got a navy I don't see why the Canucks won't.
  39. 1 point
    Well this week i finally repaired the university's 3D printer, and after your tutorial _wyrm_ I decided to 3D model my own frigates and gunship until spartan releases them. so after 1 day modelling and several breaks at work i did this. tomorrow I'll do a test printing to see how they go. and Yes is based on the naboo champion cruiser.
  40. 1 point
    Lord Nat

    Official Thread: Ottoman Empire

    I'm interested in the breakdown of the 11 TFT's in the support group. Is that a CAP Close Air Support of 3 to each of the armoured cruisers & 5 on the dreadnought
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