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    Fluff Ideas about the Nor'Bar'Ro

    I have decided that my elder is going to be called Dramos and has started losing his memory. That way when my main opponent a dindrenzi player shouts REMEMBER DRAMOS! !!!, He will just be helping an oldster out
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    Looking to start expanding

    I can finally pick up my french today . 1x old naval battle group, 1x new naval battle group... might be a lot of frigates, but never mind I will have to play them asap . R
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    RSN Fleet

    The models I've done so far a pretty much test models to see how each type of ship will look. Hope to have a full fleet painted soon. Not very imaginative I know but I felt blacks and greys really fit their special forces / stealth feel. Excuse the bookshelf, I don't have anywhere to display my models properly yet.
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    Balance in Return of the Overseers?

    You either aren’t going to like the game, in which case you won’t play it often enough for any balance issues to become a nuisance, or you are going to like the game, in which case you’ll want to add choices soon, enabling you to rectify any balance issues that may exist between the 2 player box fleets. So don't worry indeed
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    LBPBs Unit Stat Cards

    Hello fellow Admirals I've recently be switching to FA after playing a while on Dystopian, and I really missed the custom stats cards made by You Look Like A Nail So I decided to make my own. Since that they are now finished, I thought I'd better share them with the community. Core Fleets : Aquan Prime (update 01/05/2016) Dindrenzi Federation (update 01/05/2016) Directorate (update 01/05/2016) Reltholzas (update 01/05/2016) Sorylian Collective (update 01/05/2016) Terran Alliance (update 01/05/2016) Alliances Fleets : Kurak Alliance (update 27/06/2016) Zenian League (update 27/04/2015) New Marauders (update 29/05/2017) Game Helpers : Help Pack (update 12/09/2014) Some little exemples : Updates : 12/09/2014 - Card Back added in all Decks 21/11/2014 - Added SRS rules over all SRS cards 24/12/2014 - Added Defence Platform cards in all Core decks 13/01/2015 - Cloaking Field typo correction 12/03/2015 - Added new Oroshans & RSN ships 20/04/2015 - Added Return of the Overseers ships 27/04/2015 - New pictures of Hawkers & Work Raptors ships 03/07/2015 - Added all Invasion Ships for Core races 13/07/2015 - Minor fix on the Dindrenzi Castra Ship card 24/08/2015 - Terran Artemis Destroyer stat correction 08/10/2015 - Weapons fix on Terran Solar & Marauder Shadow 22/10/2015 - Dindrenzi Castra MAR and Directorate cards typo 04/11/2015 - New Terquai ships added 01/05/2016 - Added Task Force ships & redone Destroyers 27/06/2016 - Xelocians and Syndicate ships updated 29/05/2017 - Added new Omnidyne OSO ships Dont hesitate if you find any error or improvement ideas.
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    Kuzaos Relthoza

    Hi i wanted to share my Relthoza. I might touch them up a bit by apply the metallic green highlight from the bomber also to the ground troops. But otherwise they are finished. regards kuzao
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    Relthoza ORBAT changes 2.3 -> 3.1

    Updated for 3.1, no further changes, Recon Specialist MAR on heavy infantry still weird. General Relthoza / Ba'Kash special rules clarified: Nano-tech applies to Relthoza Leviathan, Armoured and Aerial Recon Specialist applies to Ba'Kash Armoured and Light Relthoza Varisei-Kei (Leviathan) Gained Walker Both Chrysalis Shard Cannons now have F/L/R arcs (from F/L and F/R) Kill Team MAR for accompanying lights moved here under the name Conditional Upgrade Double cannon Terror Weapon special rule named Focused Horror Vardiss (Heavy Support Tank) +15 points (300 to 315) Visith (Heavy Tank) -5 points (265 to 260) Salamas (Medium Tank) Aurelia Shard Cannon LR AD down to 8 from 9 Gained Predator MAR (can buy Recon Specialist for +15 points per model) Yayiss Spire (Sky Drop Transport) Gained Sectored Armor Obligation to skydrop renamed Sky Drop Asset -1 TV (1 to 0) Varic (Support Walker) Attachment rule rewritten, clarified and named Attachment Talamis (Tank Destroyer) +20 points (130 to 150) Nympha Shard Cannons AD up to 12/9 from 9/6 DR up to 7+8 from 7+7 Jabri Drone Swarm (Light Infantry) -1 TV (5 to 4) Ba'Kash Novian (Heavy Gunship) Dual Dirge Missiles EF range up to 12" from 10" Ability to fire rushed shots when flat out renamed Ground Attack Varuko (Heavy Ground Attack Flyer) Dirge Missiles EF range up to 12" from 10" Ability to fire rushed shots when flat out renamed Ground Attack
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    BlueFlcn's Hawker Industries

    Greetings and salutations and extensions of tentacly appendages for those of the monstrous persuasion, I'm waiting on some paint to arrive to tackle my OmniDyne, so I figured I would fill the gap in my soul that is roughly Space Pontoon shaped with painting the backlog of models I've been neglecting. To that end I chose to clean up a few Terran Alliance models and get cracking on my Hawker Industries patrol fleet. So here's some work in progress on the Hawker Industries Excelsior class Battleship, fresh out of mothballs. After giving the old gal a fresh coat of military grade gray with some light gray highlights. At this point I sat and pondered what to do with the ship. I was so torn I decided I need to buy a second battleship, or probably an entire extra patrol fleet to fill out the Hawker list once the Regent model releases. I won't need a second battleship but I could use a murdered out and looted battleship to stand in as a pirate battle carrier. So the next Excelsior I get I'm going to go with the following theme with green glow and energy effects instead of blue: I elected not to do this right now, since my current Hawker patrol fleet is supplemental to my Terran Alliance fleet, and I wanted my Hawker fleet to match kinda sorta. Here's what I did with the Excelsior: That's about an afternoon's work. I still need to finish up the solar panels, which I'll do tonight. The other ships in the patrol fleet have gray with light gray highlights, so I'll wrap them up when I get the time. Comments and criticisms always welcome! Thanks for viewing!
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    Communist Space Lizards

    Thus begins my adventure in painting Sorylians for Firestorm Armada. I began with this inspiration... And here is my first finished model... You can see the next ships in drydock, the frigates, in the background. What do you think? Questions, comments, and suggestions are all welcome.
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    Commander Drakere

    RSN Assault Helix!

    The ORBAT didn't remove Fearless buff no. It did however limit it to ONLY when fighting Hawker/Terrans.
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    Great approach - Never thought to use crackle spray to add depth and texture. Here's an alternative, more hands on approach with paint brushes for those looking for something more... Terran. http://www.ninjamagic.com/cgi-bin/gt/tpl.h,content=78& Since finding hemisphere balls is completely impossible here in Denmark (and eBay and similar places seem to only sell in bulk) I went with IKEA metal bowls - yes, bowls. http://www.ikea.com/dk/da/catalog/products/20057255/ They're hollowed (duh) so they're not as heavy as you'd expect from their size - Only two downsides (well one as far as I'm concerned), they don't really fit "Inches" rules for planets per the Rulebook, but I don't mind the discrepancy. Could put a circular marker below marking the atmosphere as a "no fly" zone to keep distance. And then there's the other...side. It's flat on the bottom (which I didn't realize until I brought it home), so it won't be a perfect semiphere - But on the plus side, I can actually park a space station or a small fleet right on top of it if I wanted to - or sculpt a top with terrain or buildings to add some detail (like a wall of china like thing)
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    Rather than start a new Thread, I'll simply keep posting battle reports in this on, and re-title it at some point! 2000 pts Armoured Core-KoB vs EotBS We agreed we wanted a big armoured game with lots of Air stuff in. Technically the KoB are just over 40% non core, but we ignored this as the forces matched what we were expecting! KoB: Eagle Illustrious Halifax 3 Hawks 5 Merlins Brunel with shields Soverign ( Mortar) 3 Mk2s + 1 Stewart 3 Mk2s 3 Cromwells 5 Terriers 2 Baronets + line infantry ( CIP for one of the larges) Squadrons: 4 large, 6 mediums, 4 smalls, 25 SAS EotBS Rajin command gyro Sky fortress 3 Inari 1 Onryo 5 Tetsubo Mobile airfield (+ 2 bansans) Hover squid( + small tank upgrade) 3 Medium tanks 2 Ronin Mk1 2 Ronin Mk2 5 small tanks 5 small tanks Squadrons: 4 Large, 5 medium, 5 smalls, 22 SAS One large table ( 50 X 85"), and about 5 boxes worth of Spartan buildings! We put lots of terrain on the table. Our map looks like: ........................................KoB side ...Mountain.........Large hill with town on top of it.................Medium hill with town....... ...Large Hill..................Lake............................................Medium hill......................... ..........................................EotBS side Deployment looks like EOTBS Left to right: Small fliers, Onryo, 5 Dive bombers LAS, RoboSquid + small tanks, 5 small tanks, Sky fortress( 3 DB, 3 fighters)Guardian generator ronin, Medium tanks, Turret Ronin, 5 Fighters LAS, Rajin( commodore), 5 small tanks, Inari, Mobile airfield with bansans( 3 DB, 3 fighters) and line infantry CIP KoB left to right: Merlis, Mk2 medium tanks, Terrier small tanks, hawks. Brunel( 5 DB+ 1 Recon), Eagle( commodore), 5 fighters( LAS) Mk2 mediums + stewart, 5DBs( LAS), Halifax + 3 fighters S support, foxhound recon tanks, Sovergin, Illustrious( 3 DBs, 3Fighters) Cromwells All 22 fliers deploy in obscured,and I managed to find enough tokens for all of them!
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    Official Kurak Alliance Thread: Veydreth

    Set up a better place for photos. The rest are available here to avoid clogging up the thread https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dghe2nzku71ak8j/AACwybQVgZPEQLiX7O8OEk7Ta?dl=0
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    PD and Boarding

    As I understand it, you can use PD against SRS (IE: you move within 4" of a token), Torpedoes and Boarding Assaults once each per phase. If two squadrons attempt to board the same ship though, it is two different activations (two enemy squadrons), and so the defending ship can use its PD to attempt to defend against both boarding actions in the same turn.
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    Commander Drakere

    A Sorylian Tactical Analysis

    And artillery, don't forget artillery!
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    Learning to Laser Squid

    Hey folks, New to Firestorm, decided to pick up Aquans because I liked the ships visually, and they are also giant laser squids in space. I had a bit of a hard time deciding on a paint scheme, so I looked at some fish, and settled on this: So I bought a couple green shades (dark, mid tone and bright), and a couple shades of orange and yellow. I'm kind of an awful painter, and I've never wet blended anything before, but I thought I'd give it a try to see if I could get an organic look. It's a learning process. I've got the Aquan half of the two player box, and decided I'd start with the frigates. Here are the results: I could use some feedback from more experienced painters. Are the silver flecks to large/obvious? Also, how the F do you paint orange? It's really tough getting it to look nice. Is my dark tone green too bright? I tried to do some wet blending with the mid tone green to get it a little brighter towards the front, and give it an uneven, organic look. I don't think it really came out. Any help is appreciated!
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    Cyberwarfare. Is it pointless?

    The last couple games, my Directorate opponent has discovered R&D cruisers, mounting primarily cyber weapons. They are priority #1 to bring down - as Terrans, facing cyber weapons is absolutely horrifying. She likes to get in close and try to kill off more crew or send security into disarray before attempting to board; or bring down the shields prior to launching a big gun strike. Used properly this has got to be one of the more tactically devastating weapons in the game.
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    Allegro's swarming urge

    Hey guys, starting my thread also here in Planetfall, Here's a fast WIP of my first models... check flickr for full quality.. hope you like it https://www.flickr.com/photos/132846252@N03/18171083656/in/datetaken/
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    I would suggest that the Recon move should be amended to say that units may make a cruising or flat out move. It doesn't make sense that a recon unit can stay still and not move at all or must move some arbitrary maximum move and nothing in between.
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    The bigger the games, the better dreadnoughts fit. I have played several 2000+ point games, and there 300+ point mega units, be it dreadnaughts, heavy battleships with cruiser attachments, or 4 strong medium units are not all your eggs in one basket, they are great big hammers! However, I would strongly advise not jumping straight into this scale of battle- work your way up, and learn the rules and your force well, otherwise they take a long time. Once you do know them well and spend less time looking stuff up, then these big battles go quite fast, as so much stuff dies so fast! James
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    Fluff Ideas about the Nor'Bar'Ro

    I rationalise it that the Eldars are the Infantry models on the back of the beast, and when the infantry upgrade packs get released I will be using the leader models on the beasts back. I will probably model a whole load of armour plates to its face and legs. If I am stuck with a living model I am so tying it in more with the rest of the range. Alternatively I will use the Terran model and paint it up in my Sorylian colours because that model is just a beast
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    FSA ship names

    I'm not sure you are quite right here, bigsquatch. Surely any names harking back to glorious episodes of the history of pre-civil war country are neutral? For example Lexington was the first battle of the war that gave the USA( Now CSA) independence. Not all that yankee, is it? Saratoga and Princeton are more revolutionary war battlefields. It is just an accident of history that as the revolutionary war occurred before the Louisiana purchase and acquisition of texas, most of the big battles were fought in what would become the North in the Civil War. Also, you have to get the right origin for the name. Lexington is the second largest city in Kentucky, as well as being in New England Georgetown, Washington DC, is named for the battle of Georgetown ( South Carolina, revolutionary war) Washington DC did not exist at the time! The Springfield refers to the firearm used by both sides of the Civil War. In the DW timeline, this is therefore the firearm the south won with- well worth naming something after!
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    It's just a little blurp to remind you that they count as an individual activation of their own once they disembark. Why they didn't bother replicating this blurp for Drone Swarms I don't know, but right now it's just a little, un-necessary reminder imo that might just cause more confusion. xD ANYWAYS, to speak of the new Relthoza... Dem Talamis, woooooooow... Easily best Tank Hunters in the game now. Overall cheaper than everyone else, and packing the best firepower with the farthest range. Only downside is them being a unit of 2, so losing one of them hurts massively.. but with DR 7-8 and Cloaking, that's going to be a tough order to achieve and even a lone Talamis is still capable of hurting most mediums at LR. And those Heavy Infantry...! By the Charter I think those are the best Heavy Infantry in the game. They can drop, move 7" and fire a 25AD attack up to 10" away, they're fearless so Militia doesn't hurt them at all.. and with the AP MAR they will rip through infantry and vehicles alike. I think these guys are going to be easily worse than Nyx.. yes their attack isn't CQB so won't ignore shields but 25AD is alot and they can easily cloak rear/flank shots with their movement potential and sky drop. Can just drop them safely somewhere behind enemy lines then move them into a good firing position leisurely, no need to drop them in a way to get them within 4" of the enemy! These guys plus Drone Swarms are going to be a good tag team I think.
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    FSA ship names

    I know, but still, how cool wouldn it be to have Jessie James as a treadbike officer?
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    The main hangar bay doors seem to be in the front-center.
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    FSA ship names

    Those ain't the names of the ships, but the classes. I named all my ships after Southern cities, exept one, but that a personal thing. But if you want to rename your ships then feel free to do so. But as for legions, Im kinda dissapointed that Jessie James and other CSA gorillas aren't characters.
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    You need how much airpower?

    Actually in the real world history paddle wheels were very prevalent on ocean going ships in the Victorian era. Screw driven ships were still fairly new in 1872 and were still being perfected to a large degree. In fact the largest majority of ships still had sails in addition to the steam engine.
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    The Key Maniac

    FSA Fluff?

    be pretty cool if we got some art done for the races to
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    Cyberwarfare can be excellent. Here are some of its more potent applications: Turn off enemy PD before a torpedo strike, boarding assault, or bombing run. Use crew damage to degrade the effectiveness of ships with Weapon Shielding. Use crew damage to set up a ship for a boarding assault. Turn off pesky weapon systems, like the fore weapons of some destroyers, and laugh. Using cyberwarfare requires a little setup (or rather, it is the setup), but it can be devastatingly effective if used correctly.
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    Directorate changes 3.0

    I've been doing better since getting our Heavy and Leviathan helixes. Basically, my usual game play is: 1. Aggressively go after 2ndary objectives - you can have your Informers and Crones (and now Anarchists) on them Turn 1, and should. Try to keep some of them out of LOS so the enemy can't kill them all. Kill the enemy lights that might contest. 2. Have TDs and the Wraith engage at long range. With the new changes, the Avengers might be shooting on the way in a lot more (7AD at short, now) rather than staying all the way back, but principle remains the same. Try to fire at ranges or angles that give you a dice advantage or force the enemy to move to shoot you. Take placed shots if able, but don't be afraid to move - and whichever squad has the Stalker can move and get placed shots - use them aggressively (and have the Stalker itself lead the way - once it's launched, it's main job is to die so you don't loose an Avenger or Castigator). 3. Have our core tanks, Heavies and Mediums chop off whatever enemy forces move up on us. They both boast crushing short range firepower, don't be afraid to use it. Moving flat out turn one is often worth it if you don't have any good targets that skydropped or such. 4. Up until now, the Grand Company is our only really offensive infantry formation. Any time I've tried to used Core Helix infantry aggressively, they've gotten wiped out (or close to it) for little return. Camp the Tertiary (or near the Tertiary, if you are facing Nyx) and use them for counterattacks. If you are facing a sky-drop heavy force, they might be useful as a dismounted screen. The Grand Company, on the other hand, can Storming CQB an objective from something like 40" away, given the right circumstances. Watch for these circumstances, engineer them if possible, and use them if you can - it's about the only way we're ever going to score a primary objective. 5. Cyberwarfare tanks are surprisingly effective on light tanks. Low DR means that you can get 2-3 rolls on the table, looking for 1s, 4-5, and 6. 2-3 is garbage on anybody, but if you get a dehabilitatign marker on a light, it does make it a good target for another cyberwar squad! Those are my initial, stream-of-conciousness thoughts. Anybody else?
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    Kor'Nak Vaan

    Space Lizard Cheer Up Thread

    My Sorylian Battleship Huk'Vaan designated by forces humans as "The Old Friend". I hope you like it.
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    RSN and Veydreth

    I hope we will see another picture of RSN helix. I don't know what to think about archangel but i m sure it s just a question of angle of view.
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    FSA linked campaign?

    The previews for next months releases mentions booklets with exactly that: It's been teased ever since the release of Planetfall that some kind of linked system was under development, and at last it's been made official.. Teasers include Planetfall benefits for winning Armada games in the same campaign, for instance starting a game with zeroed in Drop Markers! I've not heard anything regarding SpecOps in a while, so I doubt that it will see the light of day anytime soon (as in before Q4), but that is pure speculation.
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    von Klinkerhoffen

    Question about basing

    The Planetfall bases come pre-textured? I just paint and flock mine. I would only consider texturing them if I was unhappy with the texture on them (which I'm not) or if I was considering a snow effect? The gap between the figure and the base I partly cover with flock or leave. I do not find it that noticeable afterwards. But of course each unto their own Here is a close up (warts and all ) of one of my finished infantry bases [/url] As you can see I have covered some of the gap, but not all. Here's all four together: [/url]
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    Since it was just recently re-done, here's the battleship of my fleet... put on your sunglasses!
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    Wraith CQB

    Hey, there's what the Directorate need on their alternative Leviathan. A giant beam weapon in the center reped on the statline by a massive CQB. I'm joking... I think.
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    Wolf pack

  39. 1 point

    Wolf pack

    Well if we can't get nuclear missile subs, then I would like see an attack sub against subs and suface ships.
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    BluFlcn's Space Mafia 4 life (Syndicate)

    Small update on the Spur class battlecruiser; one of them is actually done to the point of needing some engine and weapon effects, which I'll add once I get time to break out the airbrush. Once I finish the last Spur and my SRS tokens arrive I'll take a couple of shots of them all together on the board. Who knows, that may take so long that Spartan releases the rest of the Syndicate line by the time I get to taking pictures. As always, comments and criticisms welcome, and thanks for viewing!
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    My Elbe Fleet Carrier, one of the most dreaded ships in my fleet. This one never fails to deliver! [/url]
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    OmnyDine by committee

    Another small update, today the Executive class battleship is ready to receive it's engine and weapon glow effects. Which it should sometime this week. Like the Auditor the Executive and by extension the Foundry (I shudder to think about tackling it), are very busy with little details. I really have to hand it to Spartan, OSO ships are deceptively complicated with small details, while looking simple and elegant in design. Executive: Again I apologize for the picture quality. When I get time I'll use a better camera to take superior pictures... eventually. >.> Thanks for viewing!
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    Did a face upgrade on my Hyperion. He should look pretty good once it is finished being painted.
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    Raleigh, NC here. Brand new player
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    I added some old models i had kicking about to my infantry to help identify the gun and breacher teams, still working on the painting. Gun team Breacher team
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    I tried conversions too, but just small things. Like this thorns on my Aquan Prime: Or the lightning bolts in the rear of my Dindrenzi:
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    Here are pics of my painted models so far. Directorate and Works Raptor models Directorate and Works Raptor from another angle Aquan and most of the Terquai models Aquan and Terquai from an angle I tried to post the pics here, but couldn't so I hope links are good enough. The images themselves are larger than Amazon's Cloud drive will display. If you would like to see the larger file choose the download icon at the bottom of the image. Thanks for looking.
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    My proteus prime stuff

    Here's my stuff that I've been using to teach the game and give demo's with. It may take several posts given the file limit... Aquan stuff.
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    Aquans painting

    Here is my first try at the Aquans - I will add more detail I think later Sirsir and the Imzani Light Recon (Having issues putting images on my post so only my gallery link)
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    Aquans painting

    Ok next up is my first Infantry And a bit closer I'm quite happy with them - as I don't have the steadiest of hands for painting & I don't use any magnifying glass thing to do really close up work. I know the bases need a bit more finishing off to hide the circle of the added on infantry
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