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    Another update, this time a near finished Anarchist. This is under a different light than before. This is an aging LED light that is yellow from being about ready to die. My basement where I do my painting is being torn up so for the time being I've been doing airbrushing in a different location that has great lighting and everything I need to safely airbrush and spray primers etc. I just wanted to do the detailing tonight and not have to wait until tomorrow, so I brought the airbrushed Tier 1s home. I also apologize for the spammy posting!
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    @Tank, they are coming. left the write up at work so wasnt able to do much last night, but here goes @Azrael, oh I plan too... So, Game Preamble: The First Pacification Fleet sailed further into the Proteus Sector, virtually alone among the stars. They had survived the last engagement against the Rense Navy, more than that; they had crushed the opposing forces. Despite the hard fought victory, knock-on effects were still evident in places in the fleet. The Indomitable, under Commander Ranulph had not yet rejoined the main body. She had suffered heavy damage in her point-blank duel with Darkened Heart, the RSN battleship. Good fortune had smiled on the new ship that day though, not only had she survived the encounter, an engineering party from the Tyrant had declared her salvageable, a fine prize for the young captain. The Iron Maidens had been tasked with retrieval, and were even now towing the hulk back to Terran controlled space, with Cloak and Dagger squads providing escort support. Admiral Ichabod found that he needed to cover these gaps in his active duty roster, and called The Backstabbers up from reserve, adding a second missionary squadron to his fleet. Another Cruiser, a recent re-fit called Lady Blue was brought in to bring his Teutons up to full strength again. ***** The following morning, Ichabod held the briefing as usual. Holovids of his captains and commanders gathered around a table, ready to discuss the problems and duties of the day. Ranulph was in the middle of reporting that his ship was back to full operational status, when Commander Hiro suddenly requested the floor. “Go ahead Hiro, whats the problem?” “Admiral Sir, I think you might want to see this, it has just come through to our comm system” A three-dimensional image appeared over the table between them, unmistakably an Aquan. Then it began to speak: “Salutations Terra Humans, I am Tal Riel, formally of the Gene Ship Tiamet, and I come to you with message, and a most humble request. The maps of the Shoal Fathers show that you are currently sailing near to an area I must warn you about. My ship shoal was operating not far from you, less than 3 cycles ago, when we were ambushed and virtually annihilated by another shoal of humans. They called themselves the Children of Dramos, and the giant ship-cannons brought fire and death to us. Our ships were shattered, and many of my kin were sent into the void. I wanted to send a warning to our allies that they were near, and my request, if within your power, would be to return unto them our anguish, a hundred-fold. Please, make them burn” The image disappeared with a loud crack, leaving the officers looking at one another. It was Ranulph who spoke first. “We should at least investigate Sir, even if the Dinders have moved we should be able to pick up their trail.” “Indeed Commander. This attack on our allies cannot, and will not, go unpunished. Helm, bring the ship about, and message the fleet. Head out to the following coordinates. I want the Hydras and Backstabbers on long range recon, Lingchi and Indomitable form up along side the Jenova. Teutons to follow Pattern Delta, and cover our starboard flank.” “We’re going to find these xenophobes, and make the bastards pay.”
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    Hi Guys, today i get my Leviathan. Here we have some Pics. be ready for the painted one =)
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    Balor's Oroshan

    Yep I tricked you I have not started painting yet, I'm sorry but it will start soon. I had a to do a good amount of green stuff to fill some bubble in both the new and old models. The frigates have been eating well and are all grown up now. I wanted to show the new on the left and the old on the right version of this ship. They are very close but with minor changes on the new ship.
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    Chadda Offensive: Always check for whom you hunting ! Hawker Industries Relthoza Rocy7 – Relthoza ® Conus (Hawker Industries (H) Scenario Border Clash Points Limit Patrol Fleet 800 Flagship Stabilis – Hunters Fleet - Admirał Atrox Aquan fleet was detected in the system Hadybda. - Let know BaKash is a job for they Scatter Weapons. Prepare the fleet to jump. 9 hours later Hadybda system. - Identification? - Atrox admiral demanded. - Two strong drive source and 7 smaller. Signatures are strange - do not fit Aquan profile. This is probably small fraction of people - Hawken industires. Well ,prey is the prey to battle stations. – ordered admiral. When we get back to the base I take the head of main scouts - he muttered under his nose Terrain used (1 nebulas, 2 asteroid Fields, 1 debris field, Valhalia – used only as decoration) Deployment Due to the high density of the asteroid fields fleet had less room to maneuver. Hawker has concentrated its fleet, as did Relthoza. Relthoza fleet with support of Bakash expected Aquan but instead hit the opponent as demanding as a Hawker Industries. The first attack of Brood ® was not effective, but the Cybernetic answer from Regent Carrier(H) referred devastating effect. At the beginning of the battle Brood ® lost both cloak as well as point defense. Admiral opponent attacks some strange weapons we lost cloaking and point defense network . - bridge officer reported. Atrox looked around the bridge, was surprised to notice that in part on the tactical screen appeared a skull with crossbones. WHAT? Immediately restore control! - Admiral shouted in rage. We try, but computers do not respond. Enemy is preparing to attack - in the voice of an officer was nervousness. Atrox watched helplessly as the enemy Battleship preparing to strike its suddenly not protected ship. For this reason, he was an easy target for Excelsior (H), who put him to first critical hit (again destroying the PD network) scale destruction completed the torpedoes. Relthoza responded with attack of Aranatea shunt cruisers that synchronous jump on a 30" and closed down one of the Resolute cruiser (H). End of the round Relthoza repair one of two pd network dissable. Round II Relthoza use focused repair to make PD back online. Hawker has focused its efforts on Brood ® while Relthoza focused on eliminating Regent Carrier (H). In the second round of finally arived reinforcment form Ba Kash (2 Hashvar cruiser proxed by 2 Auditor Gunship). Kash Ba ® trying to destroy the frigate (H), but missed, at least they have more luck in the case of an Regent carrier (H) givign him 1 damage. Unfortunately, under the pressure of concentrated fire, frigates, cruisers, carrier (and bombers), and Battleship (H) Brood ® is destroyed. Hunssmann heavy cruisers ® concentrate their fire on the regent carrier(H) – 2 damage + crew loss and Hawker Battleship. (1 damage+crew loss) Round III Situation of the beginning of round III By shunt entry entry squadron of Relthoza frigates enters on Battlefield. Huntsman ® destroy another Hawken cruiser, damage the last (1HP) and continues the attack on the Battleship (H) giving him another damage. They also make desperate effort to capture regent by boarding (H), but with lack of success. Ba’Kash in this case must finish the job with Cartier and even further rehabilitate for last rund by blowing one frigate (H) into the space dust. Hawker answers with destroying 1 one of heavy cruisers and finish of second. Shunt cruisers ® use their corrosive weapons to hit the sweet spot of Battleship (H). This proves to be profitable, because corrosive works in this round and further damage Excelsior. He got 5 hp on the end of this round. Four round All Relthoza efforts are concentrated on Hakwer Battleship giving him 1 HP damage, Ba kash only on the occasion destroy another Hawker frigate. Hawken try to eliminate Hunstsmann Heavy Cruiser but it still holding. Unfortunately nearby strong solar flare damaged sensors all ships and prevent the completion of battle. Battlelog Relthoza 8 Hawken 5 Loses Relthoza Battleship 2 Heavy Cruisers 1 Heavy cruiser (3/6 HP) Hawken Industries Battleship (3/8 HP) Carrier 2 Cruisers 2 Fregates After the battle The younger hunter Cautus looking for the remains of Stabilis and thinking about the fate of the admiral. Most likely, he could not survive. New weapons of oponent turned out to be a dangerous. What are your orders for the fleet younger hunter? - In this state, we cannot continuation the chase, rescue survivors and get back to the base. Get in touch with our corporate allies. Time pay them a visit. Cautus thought it worthwhile to know that weapons, learn how to secure from it, or even how to use it against their prey.
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    Kurgan's Directorate Fleet

    Here are the promised pictures. and some pictures from yesterdays game
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    Flyers and CQB

    Let's face it, "realistic" flyers would not need models because they would move so fast as to be on and off the board before anyone had time to react much, except to fire automated AA weapons at them, kinda like their are no Artillery Models in FSPF.
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    WAR LOG 3725

    Quiet01 Vs CLAP! Points value: 700 Scenario: Recover Resources Forces: Dindrenzi Vs Ryushi Battle Log score: 10/1 Dindrenzi Victory! (And my redemption as an Admiral)
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    I, for one, REALLY like the Aquan Leviathan. I shall most definitely be buying two!
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    Balor's Yin and Yang Evil Corporations

    No I don't use an air brush and when I do I'm going to need a lot of practice as I really don't like air brushed paint jobs. Also here are some SRS so you can see the difference.
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    Video Battlereport Valhalla Mission 4

    Thank you for another video battle report; I hope to emulate you someday soon. A couple of comments. 1. If a tokens carrier model is destroyed, the token is removed. 2. Remember kinetic weapons can choose to add plus one to the critical affect roll. 3. You forgot to drop your mines! I forget all the time as well.
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    I've posted batrep pics with non-Spartan models before and the Spartan Gaming Police haven't descended upon me yet. Remember this is not GW, THIS IS SPARTAN!
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    Balor's Yin and Yang Evil Corporations

    Ok I need to get a few better images and some solo shots as I'm having a issue on my focal points.
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    Directorate Heavy Helix

    I can show you my Directorate Forces for size comparison I hope this will help you...
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    Balor's Yin and Yang Evil Corporations

    Working on getting both my Works Raptor and Omnidyne done. I have two box sets of WR done and about 70% done with my Omnidyne fleet. I went with the simple classic scheme as I really liked it and I don't own another fleet with a similar scheme.
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    Syndicate step by step

    Hello guys! Its been a while since i've made another walkthrough. This time Its the syndicates turn, phantom and spur models. they were unfairly named by my GF “ the power point vessels!” so the issue here was to make an aggresive line using simply colours. Blue/Red/Yellow/White/Black Step 1 wash and prime black your models! here are the tools I’m gonna use for these models. Step 2 use vallejo “french blue” with an airbrush in the parts you want to make your shadows, the reason behind I’m doing this is so when I apply a thin red coating it will turn purple. Step 3 its turn to use White this time as in my previous sorylian tutorial its to obtain a bright red. So apply a White coating in the áreas we want to achieve the brightest red. Step 4&5 Sorry guys but i missed a photo here so you will have to understand with an explenation. Step 4 is when I use yellow justo n the tips of the nose, central cilinder and side flins. Step 5 is when i apply a thin red coating. After this you will realice your efforts in the previous steps and achieve a transition from orage to purple passing through a bright red. I must say i after applied a dot of thin yellow with the airbrush to remark the orange. Step 7 no more airbrush guys… now its time for classic brush. Here we use black to cover the window areas and gun areas. Step 8 Highlights! on of my favorite parts, start doing transitions from grey to White in all panel san areas where we applied black. it should end something like this. Step 9 Windows! ok maybe it was to ambitious not to use any other colour except the primary ones… i went back to my beloved turquoise. I usually start the guns and Windows with a mix 1:1 (white:turquoise) then I start doing a set of Windows randomly and adding to the mix 2:1 and ascending 3:1 , 4:1 and a final highlight with a 5:1 White : turquoise. Step 10 black ink your model very carefully not to ruin the red finishing and White stripes. PHANTOM BB SPUR BC hope you guys likethe walkthrough. PD1 no syndicate models on the webstore… could a sydicate box be near? PD2 if not ….. this baby will be in my personal mass production list SORRY FOR THE LONG POST
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    Crisis in the Atlantic!

    CRISIS IN THE ATLANTIC! An independent exploration team, scouring the seafloor of the South Atlantic, has located a cache of valuable sturginium crystals in the middle of the Parker Island Group. Unfortunately, both the Grand Coalition and Imperial Bond were holding fleet exercises in waters nearby, and the exploration team's wireless transmissions were intercepted by both Coalition and Bond radio operators. Our correspondent embedded on the Coalition's flagship says both fleets are now bearing down at flank speed on this lonely corner of the ocean, ready to stake their claim--by massed broadside, if necessary--to this incredible strategic asset… As we approached the engagement area, the Australian admiral sent the press corp aloft in an observation balloon, muttering something about people getting underfoot…as we rose, our intrepid photographer snapped the photos you are about to see. As the Coalition and Bond fleets bore down on each other, the gravity of what we were witnessing finally hit home, as we realized many good men would go down to their deaths in the frigid depths this day. The battle opened with the Russian Borodino battleship and Tambov gunships charged forward toward the island group, ready to put their massive armor plates to use in defending the small bay from the Bond fleet. At the same time, the Prussian Metzger robot waded in close behind one of the small islands, using it as cover from the marauding Russian main guns. A large Prussian air fleet, barely visible in the clouds, moved in from the north with Covenant Cleomedes cruisers in support, facing a mostly Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth skimmer fleet. On the south side of the island, closer to our initial observation position, a Covenant Aristotle battleship, escorted by Thales corvettes and working with two Pflicht airships and three Jager airships, faced an Australian Cerberus battleship, supported by three American Lexington cruisers and four Augusta frigates. First blood went to the Grand Coalition, as the PLC Dazbog battleship scored a critical on one of the Cleomedes, knocking her shield generator offline. The Covenant answered swiftly, as their corvette squadron torpedoed one of the Tambovs at long range, causing a minor magazine explosion. Working in concert, the American PYB-2 rocket seaplanes, PLC Szabla interceptors, and Russian Suyetka interceptors combined to eliminate an entire squadron of Prussian Speerwurfs. The PLC paid for their intrepidity, however, as lightning broke from the clouds and the Prussian Imperium made her presence known, damaging the engine of a PLC Podaga cruiser and electrifying some of her marines! A second Speerwurf followed suit, damaging the engines of a second Podaga. The second phase of the battle was much bloodier. The Tambovs were first into the island center, but quickly came under fire from the Pflichts, with the damaged Tambov soon sunk. Meanwhile, a major aerial engagement was developing to the north, as the Prussian air fleet descended from the clouds and began to wreak havoc amongst the PLC forces! The PLC’s guns were blazing away furiously at the Prussian flyers, answered by blinding flashes of light from the Prussian tesla weapons. One Pogada was sunk, crashing into the sea after the Imperium’s forward tesla ripped a horrific gash in her hull. The Dazbog answered in kind, temporarily crippling the Imperium’s anti-aircraft batteries and tearing several small holes in the skin of the massive blimp. Rockets streaked across the sky from the wings of the PYB-2’s, and a Jager fell into the sea, smoke and fire trailing behind the stricken airship. Prussian dive bombers sunk a PLC Bagiennik heavy frigate. On the south side of the island group, the Covenant and Prussian forces worked together to eliminate most of the American frigate squadron, and caused major damage to two of the Lexington cruisers. The third phase of the battle saw the Borodino push its way into the center of the island group, just as the Metzger entered from the opposite side. The Borodino opened fire on the giant Prussian robot, damaging its weapons. The Russian Novgorod frigates scored another critical on the robot. The aerial scrum north of the island continued, albeit with fewer vessels in the air and on the sea, as the Prussian Gewitterwolke sunk another Bagiennik with its fearsome tesla weaponry. The Cleomedes squadron scored another critical hit on the PLC Dazbog, damaging her weapons. On the southern side of the islands, two of the Lexington cruisers were sunk by the Pflichts and the Aristotle battleship. Phase four turned out to be the bloodiest phase of the entire engagement. The Russian ships were able to sink the Metzger, but not before it crushed the remaining Tambov! The PLC Dazbog became the first battleship to sink in the engagement, falling to a truly massive tesla strike from the Imperium, but not before scoring another critical hit on the Imperium and knocking her generators offline again. The Covenant cruisers soon sent the rest of the PLC force down after the flagship, sinking the remaining PLC cruiser and frigate and shooting down one of the American PYB-2 rocket seaplanes (the other was overwhelmed by Prussian fighters). As the battle drew to a close, the Aristotle rammed the remaining Lexington, sending her to the bottom with all hands. Immediately after ramming the Lexington, the Covenant flagship sank the remaining American frigate, thus removing the FSA forces from the engagement. Meanwhile, possibly due to excessive celebration on the Borodino due to the Metzger's demise, the Russian battleship rammed into one of the islands, causing minor hull damage. The remaining Pflicht sunk one of the two remaining Russian frigates and boarded the other, with her marines setting explosive charges before jetting back to the Pflicht. The correspondent pool counted no fewer than 20 salvoes fired on the Pflicht, to very little effect. The captain of the Gewitterwolke attempted to dive-bomb the Australian flagship, but his daring maneuver had little effect, except to scare the daylights out of the Australian crew. At this point, the remainder of the Imperial Bond fleet withdrew, leaving the contested bay to what little remained of the Grand Coalition fleet. As we descended in our observation balloon, the seas were slick with burning oil and the cries of men floundering in the water could be heard clearly over secondary explosions on the remaining ships. The destruction wrought over this small corner of the South Atlantic was tremendous, and one can only hope the sacrifice was worth it. ========== So there you have it! At the end of the day, the GC outscored the IB fleet 9-0 for the scenario itself; the Bond fleet was not able to get an eligible model or squadron into the center and have it survive long enough to count for points. However, it was a costly victory: the Bond sunk 1,300 points of Coalition ships, while the Coalition sunk 1,015 points of Bond ships. The idea to put this scenario together came to me several weeks ago, as we have added some new players to our Denver and Colorado Springs groups, and we now have several major and minor factions represented. Other than to have fun, my goal was to see how many different factions we could get on the board at once. We ended up with six, although I ran the only mixed battlegroup: PLC, Prussians, Russians, Antarcticans, FSA, and Royal Australians. So, I'd call it a success! A couple of observations and other tidbits: -"Weapons Damage" was the most common critical effect we had. Must have come up at least 10 times during the engagement, and I think there was at least one ship with Weapons Damage at all times after turn 1. -the sole surviving Pflicht airship, with no exaggeration, probably had at least 25 AD rolled against it during the course of the game, it survived with only a single critical hit. -the Prussians started the game with all of their air models obscured, as they closed the range with the GC surface ships. Hence, when they started to come down in turn 2 and 3, most of them were unscathed. The "nipple of doom" on the Imperium (the forward tesla weapon) was responsible for 19 hits (in one salvo) against the PLC battleship, sinking it. This report was written more from the point of view of the GC; any of the IB players who participated, please feel free to chime in or correct me where I got any facts wrong. Thanks for taking the time to read this report!
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    Commodore Jones

    Gen Con 2015

    Also as a incentive to Spartan, bringing the new Halo tabletop GenCon will also get mad mad buying and interest, with lots of spillover into Firestorm Armada.
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    Chadda Offensive: Huck'vanos's Folly

    I can well imagine. It is a balancing act though as I don't want to completely block off whole areas of the battlefield. I guess we'll find a balance with experience. Thanks for the comments about the ships by the way. I cannot tell you how mind numbing it is to paint each individual hull plate - DON'T DO IT!!!! I honestly nearly cried when I saw the number of plates on the Dreadnought. it is taking me a while I can tell you!
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    Two questions on terrain

    1. It applies only to models within the cloud and doesn't effect ships beyond them. 2. page 43 Debris Field, Game effects second dot: "When a Squadron activates with a model within a Debris Field, roll a D6". This means that when you activate a squadron you roll on the table and apply the result before you move, fire etc. with the squadron.
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    beginner tournament

    My comment on the 390 games is that in some cases I have found certain factions (such as the Dindreinzi for example - there has been a degree of conversation regarding their unsuitability for micro-engagements in their section in the forum), are ill suited to such small engagements due to the lack of variety that can be fielded in order to fulfill their core choices (especially those factions with more expensive T1's), and a couple of lucky rolls can decide the outcome very early on. My personal opinion is that 550 would be a good amount as it leaves enough room for a small element of choice with regard to fleet composition. Having said that the Captain is right in that they are fast, a good learning curve, take up little space and are still very good fun! Its a good point you make about the number of wings especially if you do not know which factions you will be facing in advance (allowing you to bear this in mind), however placing restrictions on SRS will penalize some factions more than others (Ryushi and Relthoza in particular). Ultimately I guess the same PD issues could be said for WR Torpedo Cruisers or anything else that puts out a high volume of torpedoes as well ! Just my thoughts . Good luck with it, I hope it is a roaring success!
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    For me it's a hard choice between the El-Shami and the Odin ("Ragnarok 'n roll!"). Heck, I like all of them!
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    Shadow Hunter EoBS odd bit

    Because Spartan Designer like to do details no one will ever see on the finished model. Look at the new Japanes cruiser.
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    Leviathan cqb

    I think the Leviathan CQB is more relevant to CQB orientated Leviathans...because it allows you to use the Leviathan Weapon in CQB giving you a massive bonus...which would be good to take out Battle Robots, Leviathans and Heavy Vehicles...or at least cause them some serious damage.
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    Major Spag

    Syndicate step by step

    Those are awesome looking. Thanks for sharing!
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    Worst job in the Sorylian Army?

    I'm in shock yet... Dear Spartan Games: Less Warhammer. More Firestorm.
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    Flyers and CQB

    The fact is that this is fiction and you can bend whatever you need to make it match. BAE are working on railguns to take out incoming aircraft and missiles. That tech has to be land/ship based as it is so large. I think that it lends itself that if we could manufacture smaller sized, hyper velocity weapons (coil/gauss rifles), then they should be able to take out aircraft also. Furthermore, the aircraft in PF act more like attack choppers. They dont bomb/strike a position an move off, They target or support a location. Think about this; a black hawk cruise speed is about 170mph, "flat out" is 183... Hardly super sonic, where as hyper velocity is defined as over 6500mph... As i said CQB is a broad term and could literally mean that in the case of aircraft 1 man per squad could be armed with an LML such as a starstreak and have the rest of the squad carry the ammo.
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    The Doctor and The Master don't get out as often as I would like. Once I can get a local games club started again, it might be a bit different
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    Chadda Offensive: Huck'vanos's Folly

    Great report! I also have to commend on your ships, they look great. Add more terrain or at least rearannge it so there is something in the middle to break the firing lines. I saw something similar yesterday in my gaming club where guys put all line of sight blocking terrain around the table edges and put a gas cloud in the middle. Sorylian player was just ripped to pieces by RNS fleet.
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    Worst job in the Sorylian Army?

    It occurs to me that if he did swallow that same guy could also do the prostate check a few hours later..... depending on armour integrity and dietary fibre....
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    1200pt Smalls Horde

    It really depends on why he's frustrated with the Terrans currently.
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    Ok, the data will probably be up tomorrow when I parse it from my computer.
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    final ranking win/loss/tie primary army / ally and the army list.
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    Balor's Yin and Yang Evil Corporations

    Nice Works Raptor fleet and very nice OmniDyne fleet!
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    Commander Drakere

    Disembark and Hit&Run

    Disembark in itself IS a movement action. You don't automatically disembark from the Drop-Pod when it lands with Nyx, it's a MOVEMENT action you choose to make (You can choose to just sit in it if you want). Thus you cannot shoot then Disembark, as you're not outside of the drop pod in order to make a shooting action to begin with (and to my knowledge you can't shoot from the drop pod?), either way, the fact you have to take a movement action first in the form of Disembarking means you can't use H&R. You're not allowed to stop mid-way through completing the movement section to decide to take a pot shot now, are you? Else you could choose to move half your Cruise movement, shoot, then take other half, no? You have to complete the movement action entirely.
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    Another reason to split Sorylian forces against Dindrenzi specifically is while our guns are equally powerful on the right and left side their gun racks can only shoot at one of your flanking squads at a time and if they turn towards either of your squads to use their fore weapons it just opens their aft to your other squad. For Area terrain I highly recommend felt with glitter, it's easy to move models over and you can still add 3D elements by placing them on top of the area and then moving it for convenience without moving the actual terrain.
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    The stinger is a gun, you can see barrels for it either side of the "stinger" point.
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    Mr. J

    Syndicate step by step

    Very impressive, and thanks for the tuto
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    Syndicate step by step

    Tank 06025, the so metallic basecoat you are mentioning is just the light reflection on the black primer. actually I've been looking at some websites, but they are in spanish http://faucesdelkraken.blogspot.com.es/ also a friend of mine gave me some tips and the rest is just testing by myself, the last 6 months I've been quite autodidactic. the french blue step was by testing previously with white and then adding another colour, so if I add blue and then white and a final coat of red logic dictated it will turn purple.... but as i tell you the key is practice.
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    HMS Jekyll and HMS Hyde will be taking to sea in my next kob game. Hopefully this week. This thread has given me a couple of ideas to try out with them.
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    WAR LOG 3725

    Two crazy games today that just wouldn't end. Both games took over four hours to play out. My first game was over by the end of turn three but we kept on going to see how far it can go. For my second game we both kept rolling dumb and am glad it ended in a tie. Players: underachiever vs. Raj Points Value: 800 Scenario: Ambush Factions & Allies: Dindrenzi vs. Sorylians Battle Log Scores: +10 / -7 Dindrenzi win Players: underachiever vs. Andrew Points Value: 800 Scenario: Border Clash Factions & Allies: Dindrenzi vs. Terrans Battle Log Scores: 6 / 4 Tie
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    Help with Terran Paint Scheme

    Hey all. I am working on my terran fleet and I would like some help on their paint scheme. Honestly, I'm trying to keep it pretty simple. Spray dark red Drybrush medium red drybrush light red dark blue details yellowish details light grey details wash black I'm trying to match the colors of the Terran logo colors: Here's my first attempt. The color is a little more pink in the picture than it is in real life. It's pretty heavy red actually. I may do some freehand logos in white to top it off. Do you guys think this looks good or do you have improvements you can suggest? I would like to keep it pretty simple and streamlined and pretty close to the Terran logo.
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    The Mighty Fleet of the Jade Dragon

    Hi, and thank you all ! Here is the first Dao cruiser All the "white" areas are more greenish as suggested, even if you won't necessarily be able to see it on that crapy night pictures ^^
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    Well if you want to get technical Lumbering models MUST use the template to move (pg119-120) unless they are 'stuck' and have to pivot.
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    Gen Con 2015

    Man I remember the days of running events at Gencon! The "Glory Days!" FYI for you dudes bringing heat to Gencon: First, they care more about selling tickets than anything else. It will be a hard sell to get more than eight players for your first time. If you've ran events in the past you should be able to get more but fresh meat doesn't get a lot of space. Second: They cannot be called "demos" if they are not being ran in the Exhibit Hall unless someone rents space. So if you're submitting intro events, don't call them demos. Instead call them something else and then in the event description put something like Basic Game, rules taught, Minis provided or some such magic. The last thing anyone ever wants is having to continuously submitting events over and over. It sucks.
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    One last minor race to do now. Might as well finish it all up! So without further adieu... Hawker Industries: A Tactical Overview Hawker Industries is a rather interesting set of ships to say the least. Combining some of the Terran shield know how with some tougher hull plating, these guys can stand with the best of them. Their tech might be last gen, but they are the very best example of last gen tech being put to deadly and effective use. So, onto the ships themselves! Regent class Carrier The newest addition to the Hawker fleet, providing an alternative tier one, and an interesting alternative for the Terran fleet as well. Defended at 5/9 with a shield, it's not going to be incredibly resilient, but it can still take a few hard knocks here and there. Slow moving at 6", this ship isn't going to be getting anywhere in a hurry. 6 HP seems a tad light, but not cripplingly so. Good crew at 6, and 4 AP leaves this ship decently manned. 5 PD is typical on a carrier at this point, and Hawker is a little light on the PD feature anyway. 8 Wings gives this ship room for a full size offensive wing, and room for support as well. Usually coming in the form of interceptors, or support shuttles, this can be a vital point int he fleet, keeping you going. The ship comes in with some reasonable firepower, with broadsides that would not shame a cruiser, and a turret mount that is an effective stand alone weapon. Otherwise, the ship can still throw 10 dice in one direction, enough to threaten most ships, and crit most cruisers. Torpedoes are passable, but low enough not to expect much on it's own. The ship starts with the all important Deck Crews, keeping your fighting craft in good order. Able to take two hardpoints, there's some nice options here. Adding 2" onto the command distance can be nice, giving you a bit more reach on your wings. The one option that I think is almost needed to make this ship really shine is the option to increase the HP to 7. Able to eat three crits and still keep trucking is nothing to sneer at. Also present is the option to mount a cyberwarfare turret. The die count is not incredible, but high enough to menace cruisers adn overwhelm frigates quite handily. It can make a good addition when trying to maximize firepower and options. 20 points is a hefty investment though. Finally, the option for Ops Center is present, in case you feel you really need that extra TAC. Upgrades are limited, only being able to bump the turrets from primary to nukes, which is nothing to take lightly, as an 8 die nuke sot can be helpful to say the least! The other option is weapon shielding, and...well, you're probably going to take this. Most people do whenever it's available, and I'm not exception. Accompaniment is pretty standard, with up to 3 escorts from anywhere in the Alliance, or adding two Hawker Cruisers. This does make a damned formidable battle group, able to match fire with nearly any squadron in it's weight class. Chucking up to 14 dice with nuke possibility is something that can and will demand attention. The group can hammer out 16 torpedoes at range, and if they link all the guns into a solid wall of fire, they can drop 22 dice on target. One way or another, someone is going to be unhappy with that being thrown. The downside? This ship and group can get very expensive very quickly. It will represent a significant investment on your part. But it's a tough group, and can very capably get it's points back. Resolute calss Cruiser The hard core of the fleet, these ships represent what will likely be one of the mainstays of your combat actions. Reasonable at 4/7 and a shield, these ships aren't incredibly tough, but they'll be able to stand up to most enemy forces. 8 MV keeps them moving well enough to pull a U-turn int he midst of the fight. (Quick note, if you find yourself abreast an enemy ship, pulling a u-turn will very often land you just outside of RB 1, bringing you into optimum range!) The ship gets it's staying power from the 5th HP that comes stock. Hot damn! Able to eat a double crit and keep on trucking is a massive advantage in a fight. Well stocked in CP at 5, the AP and PD are strictly average at 3 each. Economically priced at 60 points, these ships can be brought forth in good numbers to bring the enemy down. Weapon wise, the Resolute is a little shy in closing fire, with only torpedoes at range. Broadside mounts are a little underwhelming, but it all changes once you hit RB2. The turret mount has the majority of the firepower in terms of guns, with 6 dice. Fully linked, a full squad can unleash 19 dice into a single target, largely giving you a crit on most anything you aim at. Definitely a heavy hitter! They come stock with Protected systems, which while nice, isn't a major selling point on the ship. No hardpoints at all, but a pair of upgrades appear. Upping the turrets to nukes is a cheap and dirty way of adding some menace to your fleet, able to core out frigates, and a six die blast is often enough to put a point of damage on cruisers. Finally, the all important Weapon Shielding is present. 10 pts each is costly, but worth it really, as it lets a mauled ship with only a single HP throw enough dice to keep in the fight. Fully upgraded, these ships wind up at 75 points each, making them a bit pricey as a mainstay unit. Excelsior class Battleship A lot has been said about this ship over the years. Pre-V2 it was a dead ringer for one of the best battleships in the game, able to compete with the Nausicaa on even footing, with odds leaning towards the Excelsior. Alas, it is not quite the beast it once was. Which is not to say it's toothless. Far from it. This ship still plays a mean range game, and can take a lot of punishment. Sitting pretty at 6/12, it can match the mighty Dindrenzi ships on even footing, but it can pull away with the 2 shields mounted on it. It's not going to win any races at 6", but it's enough for 2 turns. 8 HP is typical for an Alliance battleship, and 7 CP is enough to be well crewed. 5 AP isn't anything to write home about, but it's enough. 6 PD is a tad light, but unlike most ships like this, there's no option to upgrade it, leaving it a bit vulnerable to torpedo fire. This ship has a decent spread of firepower, with the Fore Fixed holding most of the dice, but followed shortly by the turret. Broadsides belong more on cruisers than a main warship, but linking the turret in gives enough firepower to be a threat. Able to lob 9 dice out the front at 32", this ship can be the backbone of your range game in some fleets. 7-8 torps provide enough dice to be helpful, but not enough to be a main weapon. Still, nice to have for late game, and there's good odds you'll still be there causing problems for the enemy in the late game. The ship comes stock with Weapon Shielding, and makes this a ship that has to be smashed into pieces before it stops being a threat. The typical 3 hardpoints are available here. +1 MV can be doubled up on, bringing the ship up to a reasonably swift large, able to keep pace with cruisers in the same faction. The nicely added +1 HP lets this ship eat 4 crits and keep on trucking, a nice way of beefing up the staying power. Ops center is here as well, for all the same reasons as it is on the carrier. The same Cyberwarfare turret is here, and is still a way of maximizing the amount of options and firepower on this ship. Upgrades are limited to Secured Bulkheads, which can be nice if you know there's going to be baording involved in your fight to keep your ship in good condition. Otherwise, there's the option to slap nukes in the turret. It's a nice option, but with the reliance on linking ot keep your dice count up, this option at 15 pts can often get left on the wayside. Able to take accompaniment from the Alliance, this is not a bad idea at all, as it can help smooth out the rough edges of you PD coverage. Speaking of accompaniment... Stalwart class Escort Well, it's a PD escort! And more importantly, it's one that has frigate level defences, and a shield making it need some commitment to bring down. It does however come in at 20 pts, making it a bit pricey for a PD bump. Not much else to say here... And finally, the ship that ever Hawker player loves the most... Endeavour class Frigate Ah, the Endeavour. This ship has been most often touted as the example of a Light Cruiser, and I'm not going to lie, it's pretty accurate. With a whopping 4/6, it's a tough nut to crack when combined with Difficult Target. No shields here though, not enough room to mount them with all the fun they installed. 10" MV means that it can move when it needs to, though it's still on the lower end for a frigate. 3 CP is actually pretty nice on a small, and the 2 PD is a welcome bonus. The weapons on these brutes were pulled right off the sides of a Resolute Cruiser, though the turret was obviously a far cry from the heavy guns you find on the big ships. Still, a small turret is present to help bump the dice up. A full squad linking up can throw a whopping 16 dice into a target, bringing the bang for your buck up to battleship levels of firepower. A fore mounted torp launcher provides closing firepower, up to 10 dice in the right ranges. This bad boy does it all! And at a cost. 35 points each make these ships a steep investment at 140 per unit. They can be a star of the show, but always remember that your opponent will catch on fast and focus on these guys to bring them out of play fast. A shunt unit can bring a lot of pain and suffering to the enemy if you want some options that aren't costing you a lot of points comparatively if the shunt goes slantwise. In closing, the Hawker are a balance between shields and armour. To be frank, had they been available when I started back in V1, I'd likely be playing them right now as my main fleet. Their range of ships is still limited, but they've got a lot of mean ships that can soak up massive beatings and keep on firing.
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    Kedorians: A Tactical Overview The Kedorians...these ships are weird to both use and fight against. One of the fleets that forces both player to completely change how they will approach the game really. Squad size is small, but gun coverage is complete. The biggest loos I see in the fleet is largely the lack of general torpedo coverage. As your ships become damaged, they lsoe effectiveness a little more completely than most other races. Still, the sips are well armoured, come with excellent shielding, and a host of fun tricks, so it's an interesting bag to say the least. The Kedorians are all about slow moving vessels that turn on a dime, and most of them either come with, or can get the Shunt Matrix MAR. This is what makes them so damned strange. The ability to flit around the board with no regard for terrain by and large, and the potential to cover extreme swatches of board in a hurry make these ships a touch number to follow. Dorian squadron hiding behind a planet? It can, and likely will be on the other side of it, blasting away at you the moment you come anywhere near it. Dei-Nak Battleship – The biggest beast in the fleet, this ship is not cheap in any way. Base cost of 220, it is one of, if not the most cost intensive battleship in the game. 5/11 makes it feel a little vulnerable to chip damage, but that's when the 2 SH come in, reminding you that chip damage is not something you fear overmuch. MV 2 is just enough to get a few turns in when you need to line up the shot once you're piled in amongst the enemy. 9 Hp is middling, better than average, but not huge. 6 CP actually feels alittle light, but not terrible either. 5 AP is low, but the Kedorians aren't meant for boarding really. A very respectable PD of 7 keeps it clear of early game torpedo fire. Weapons are simple and effective, with the same dice in every arc. 14 is the lower end of battleship fire, but when in 4 arcs, it's more than enough to get the job done. For MARs, the pivotal Shunt Matrix (4) is the biggest feature. While unlikely to happen, this ship can jump 24” in a single turn, making it the highest move potential battleship in the game. Superior Design is a welcome addition, keeping that Crew alive and kicking, and preventing one of the big killers of CP at bay, the Hazard Marker. Play it smart, and you should never have to worry about them! At only 2 Hardpoints, these must be chosen carefully. The option for up to 2 more Shields is a choice that bear a lot of consideration, as it would be layering on defences normally reserved for Dreadnaughts and battle stations. Though it makes the station a high 250 points fro just that option. Another choice is to bump the MV to 5. While this might seem a little odd with the potential of Shunting every turn, it bear consideration, as you'll be able to turn enough to get any weapons in line, and also just chug along at a rate not much lower than any other race. Or, you can grab up 2 CP, which has the virtue of being free. Against boarding heavy factions, it's an important consideration. Upgrades get interesting. Going t Beams is a nice thought, pushing out the range to a much greater distance, and also allowing the guns a little more bite in RB 1. With how random the Shunt Matrix is, you may well be spending more time in RB 1 than you plan. Also on the menu is Energy Transfer (2). This gives you far more single target clout, though really with how your ships are set up you should be able to get at least two targets in line for damage, so the use is questionable. But for the times that you really need to hammer away at a Large ship, then this option can never be underestimated. Zhou-Nor Carrier – The only source of SRS in the fleet, this ship is a fine addition to the fleet. 5/10 is a respectable number for the hull, especially when combined with 2 SH. Pulling away from the battleship with a mighty MV 3, it's a full 50% faster than the other large in the fleet, able to leave it far behind. Eventually. 8 HP mark this as one of the more HP heavy carriers int he game. Massive 8 CP mean that this ship will be a tough nut to capture with boarding assaults. 4 AP is unsurprising really, but the 6 PD is a nice thing to have. At 155 points, it's a steep cost for a base carrier, though it does pack good weaponry and defences onto the chassis. 8 wings mark this as a ship able to bring a full group of offensive wings, and a small detachment to keep things going with either interceptors or support shuttles. Or just two groups of 4 bombers... Weaponry on this is very much like the Battleship, just less of it. The biggest loss I see is the loss of the RB 4 dice. Otherwise typical of a Kedorian ship. MARs are a little surprising, as there is not integral Shunt Matrix, and all it adds is Dirty Secrets. Being able to shut down an opposing TAC is not something to be underestimated in a game, it can swing thngs in your favour admirably. Hardpoints are limited to a single choice, leaving this ship with a tough shoice ahead of it. It can go cheap, and simply up the engines, bringing it to a mighty MV 6! Or say screw it and spring for the Shunt Matrix (4). Both choice bear some thought, as any launcher SRS that are out of coherency auto-return to base when the ship shunts out, it can cause issues for the Kedorian player. Upgrades are the same as the Battleship, though beams come in a little cheaper, it's still the same two choices, with the same reasoning behind taking or not taking both. Zai-Dan Cruiser – The backbone of the Kedorian fleet, these ships are the workhorses that keep the fleet in good standing. There is nothing wrong with these ships really. Dindrenzi Cruiser level hull plating? Check. Upgraded Terran cruiser level shielding? Check? Sorylian level firepower? Check? Aquan level fire coverage? Check again! And the most expensive base cost cruiser in the game? Absolutely. These ships are kept in check from the fact they are limited to a squad size of 2, keeping them sane. With only 3 PD, they can also be somewhat vulnerable to torpedoes and SRS, though the pair of shields help with that. Still, 8 dice in 4 arcs means that these ships will be tearing up anything that looks at them slantwise. Coming stock with Energy Transfer (2), they can focus down to get enough dice to threaten a Large target. Shunt Matrix (5) means that they can teleport around the board nicely. Grtanted, the extra variance in the distance can risk splitting the squadron up, making them far more risky than the Larges when doing this. The option to upgrade to beams is actually fairly cheap, and a sound investment really. In any of the games that I've played with Kedorians I will never have less than 2, preferably 3 squadrons of these ships on the board. Gai-Shar Destroyer – Less defnded by a single shield, and lacking the Shunt Matrixm the Destroyer is a good source of ranged support for the fleet. It is also the only source of torpedo fire in the fleet, making it a welcome addition. Also decently fast (for a Kedorian) at MV 6, these ship can reposition if needed. Still a bit costly at 75 points each, these ships carry heavy weaponry, at each one packing a pair of torpedo launchers that throw 6 dice at nearly any range. Linking up for 15 dice is enough to threaten most any ship, even early game, or just link each ship alone and throw two groups of 9 dice. Both will work nicely. Stealth Systems provide another layer of security. The only downside? Remember when I said almost any range? That's because they have NO firepower at RB 1. So if they send hunters after you, they face a real risk of getting under your guard, and picking you apart with impunity. Either keep ships near them for protection, or use 2 groups of these ships so they can provide covering fire to one another. Zer-Nak Frigate – The only small int he fleet, it doesn't break the mould terribly much. Average defences at 3/5 with a shield will keep them going well enough, but the big advantage to these ships is the conventional drives that let them go at a blistering (for Kedorians) MV 10. Low CP, basic AP and PD, these ships are a little pricey at 30 points, but they do pack in 4 arcs of firepower. Limited to RB 1 & 2, they also have Energy Transfer (1). This does jump their firepower on one target from 10 to 12, or two groups of 7. The high move of these ships usually lends them to getting 2-3 arcs lined up easily enough, especially if shunted in. Seeing a squad of these throw dice in all four arcs is a brilliant feeling, but not common. Still, 3 arcs throwin 10 dice is enough to chew up frigates and cruisers. The Kedorians will likely win their first few games if their player has an idea of what he is and can do. Might win his second game too. But once the opposition gets an ide for what the Kedorians will be doing, the fight becomes much more bloody. While the Kedorians might be lords of the multi-targeting, that also means that many things are likely to be able to target you back, and put the hammer down. A few botched Shunt rolls can also leave you either not going anywhere in a hurry, or so far out of position that your ships are isolated and vulnerable. Each ship is tough on it's own, but not invulnerable by any stretch. Nonetheless, this fleet represents one of the most unique and dynamic fleets in all of Firestorm.
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    Let's see, I am not quite sure what do you mean about a tactica, or what format it should be. What I can offer is the result of my few experiences I made. Till this day I was very lucky, and got to play vs Terrans, Hawkers Industries, Aquans, Ryushi, Dindrenzi, Relthoza (sorilian and directorate come in sunday). From these experences I have understood few things, and I will try to summarize them in some Thematic way assuming you are going to create a Hawker Industries Support fleet: Hawker Industries Fleet Composition: Positive: You got great resistance to damage, having high critical and damage rating on Tier 1, 2 and 3 Your efficiency conserves itself much better thanks to weapon shielding (you need to lose 2 hit points to lose 1 on your weapons) You got great damage dealing potential in Tier 2 and Tier 3. Tier 1 is situational because of it's fore fixed, but it's sufficiently good. You got nuclear turrets! You got one of the most offensive Carrier Groups around Negative: You are lacking Point Defence Fire. So you will need to have escorts or take a Carrier Group with interceptors on board. Only normal speed. Your overall Fleet is not the fastest around. Your main weapon is primary, which makes it the shortest range possible without added benefit. So how should your fleet looking? In direct confrontation you have one of the best cruisers and frigates around. They can absorb much damage and still be able to rain death to your foes. In a 800 point game you might want to take: 1 Battleship 2 Cruiser Squadrons 1 Frigate Squadron. In a 1200 point game you might want to take: 1 Battleship 1 Carrier Group with cruisers 1 Cruiser Squadron 3 Frigate Squadrons A note on mars and upgrades. You should always prioritize Weapon shielding, then nuclear turrets on the squadron that has most linked turrets attacks: Carrier Group has ...........14 Cruiser Squadron has..... 12 Battleship has ..................10 About turrets you want to upgrade only 1 squadron to actually have turrets. You might want to upgrade a second if you really are desperate against frigates. The rest is not that important, aside getting cyber warfare on your Battleship and Carrier. Speed is also a must for the battleship. Deployment: Remember that your frigates have the scout mar, which makes you redeploy one of your squadrons after the deployment phase is over. If you win the dice roll for deployment always let the enemy start, then put as first thing your battleship, knowing that you will be able to redeploy it later on if there is a need. You could deploy in reserve but since hawker industries are capable of putting a good torpedo fire even with frigates I think there is not much need to shunt in. Even carrier should not shunt in, because you need the interceptors for protecting your battleship or cruisers. Terrain: Since you have the shortest range available terrain is your friend. It can give you cover or speed bonus if there are planetoids. On plain open field you will have a harder time. Battle Formation: You should try to keep a compact formation (care for nuclear blasts and mines) and pierce right trough the enemy, Your objective is to put yourself between the enemy ships so that you can use 2 or 3 arcs of your weaponry. Being spread, can only be helpful if the missions demands, or if there is particular terrain in the field of battle. Also because you got turrets you wont be having big problems fighting back a shunting squadron if you need to. Tactics: They are pretty much straight forward. Use terrain to get as few hits as possible until you can unleash your weapons at range band 2 (8"-16"). How to maximize your efficiency? Try to hit enemy squadrons that have still to activate, in many cases firing at enemy that have already shot you does you no good. Try to kill a squadron of frigates with torpedoes in the first Turn. Prioritize your firing to not waste useful attacks. Frigates should attack Frigates then Capital Ships, Capital Ships should only attack Capital Ships. This is not always true but you do not want to lose 15 dices on one corvette where you got a -2 to hit modifier. Try to use Tier 3 first, then Tier 2, then Tier 1. This is especially important because of the short range of the Hawker Industries weapons. If you move your frigates first, there is a chance that the enemy will eventually move closer to you, and then you will be at optimal firing range when it's your turn to activate your big ships. Depending on mission it's better most times to incapacitate your enemy Squadrons instead of trying to kill a single squadron. Their Fire power will be greatly reduced. If you kill 2 cruisers from 2 different squadrons it will have much more impact than killing 2 cruisers from one squadron. Try to use both your starboard and port fire arcs. Best if you are able to use both of them in conjunction with your fore arc torpedoes. Anyway most of the time if you are firing at a squadron you will always be in the situation in which you can carefully position your ships to shoot using two arcs. Hope that this could come close to what you had in mind.
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    I forgot to make enough photos to make a full battle report but I can say how it played out. I played vs a relthoza 1200 points: It had T1: 1 Battle cruiser 1 Dreadnought (6 bomber) 1 Battleship (6 Bomber) T2: 2 Destroyed group deployed normally 1 cruisers Group T3: 2 squadrons of 3 frigates each I had T1: 1 carrier Group with 2 cruisers escort 1 battleship T2: 1 Cruiser Group T3: 3 Squadrons of Frigates The Field of battle had about 12% coverage of terrain with 2 fields of asteroids, 2 planetoids and 1 moon attached to a planetoid in rotation (to be determined) My overall strategy was to slingshot thanks to deployment zone coupled with +3 movement tac card my battleship to 14" forward, and offer it as a prey to be hunted, while I would try to do the big damage of the carrier group and frigate squadrons. Here a picture of the battlefield: Kostenloses Bilderhosting I did focus my torpedo fire on his frigates to kill them off to reduce his activation, and after turn one I successfully destroyed one frigate squad, but in return I also lost half hull points on my battleship. The carrier did support the battleship with it's interceptor complements(3) to reduce significantly the torpedo damage and to prevent any bomber runs. After that the Carrier joined the right flank and started to demolish it. My cruiser on the left flank managed to in conjunction with the Carrier group to destroy 2 out of 3 Cruisers. At turn two I got lucky and my battleship was still not destroyed, and with the combination of the two warfare from the battleship and the Carrier I managed to cripple 2 destroyers to -5 crew points. The Battle cruiser was completely demolished by the Carrier Group. My battleship was destroyed so was his by a bomber run of my carrier. In turn 3 I managed to start first and my carrier group managed to make a double critical hit on his dreadnought. Afterwards I managed to score a double 1 critical hit which destroyed his second destroyer group. Starting from this moment the snowballing I had going on was unstoppable. The game was ended at turn 5, because we mutually agreed it made no more sense to go on. Here a picture of the end game Sorry for the bad quality! But it's only to give a visual idea. Here a better picture of my fleet. (that's not a actual pic, Solar Pannels are attached, but the second Battleship is lacking solar Panels because they where not delivered ) We ended with 20 score on my side and he on 0. But I must say I was quite lucky on some crucial shield rolls, and offensive rolls, and on the initiative of turn 3. I was a bit surprised that he did not use his destroyers on ambush mode. But it was also a test game for him. So next time I will be much harder. What did I learn from this game? 1) Interceptors are very very good. Having them let's you in the position of discarding escorts, which in turn let's you but other stuff that is more crucial. 2) Hawker Industries Carrier Group is deadly, but especially the carrier cannot absorb much damage. Weapon shielding let's your overall offensive efficiency decrease slower but it does not help the damage. So it is crucial to play it well, hiding it behind planetoids. Having a +3 movement can really make the difference. Also nuclear turrets with 14 dices can be deadly, even to cruiser squads. 3) Positioning. Wanting to assault first, then use nuclear turrets is a bad bad idea. I made this mistake and so I was forced to link in broadsides to avoid nuclear coherency effect, losing so possible damage. 4) Frigates are very powerful, but cannot handle damage well. So next game I would rather change my positioning and staying far behind, even when facing stealth. After all torpedoes of the Hawker industries Frigates are very effective. And having the chance of using the full complement of ordinance of a squadron can really hurt! But this is only possible if your frigates are intact. 5) Baiting. To avoid losing to many frigate your best bet is to get your toughest Battleship right in the middle. It can absorb tons of damage and it will force your opponent to do something about it. So I would advise this order of preference for baiting: Battleship, Cruiser, so that your high value targets (carrier group and frigate), can survive a other turn. I hope this first test game of mine with the new Hawker Industries Carrier group was helpful. What was your experience with it?
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