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    My attempt at more ship background.

    With over a month gone since release, I assume no one will mind/cry spoiler if I post my own take on the aquan Overseers box models? Aquan Heavy Carrier: A new class in the Aquan navy, the heavy carriers have been introduced as a counter-measure to increased battlecruiser activity on the directorate front. Lighter than battleship, the ship weapon layout draws from the cruiser layout rather than the tried and tested broadside-heavy setup of larger aquan ships. This, along with large, forward-facing launch bay for small craft and reinforced frontal plating allows the ship to engage targets efficiently as it closes, something most of the Aquan captains found hard, even with their ship’s prodigious drives, when faced with the elusive Deterrent battlecruisers or the Works Raptor torpedo ships. Like it’s smaller Charybdis counterpart, the Oannes command center is set up to allow close communication with vessels heavier than escorts. Drawing lessons from the Directorate forces they oppose, Aquan command insisted on equipping at least part of the newly constructed ships with an up-sized “shimmerstream” crystal layout, making the new vessel much harder to target than any existing Aquan ship of the line. Famous Vessels in Class: ANS ‘Oannes’ [Data unavailable for clearance levels Red and below] Aquan Gunship: Classed “Shiva” by the TerIntel, this ship is a natural evolution of the cruiser and heavy cruiser in it’s design philosophy. Whereas those multi-purpose ships serve admirably, the needs of an all-out war made a need for a dedicated big-ship killer apparent, ideally one that will be field-able in smaller squadrons. The Shiva is the answer to that need- just as tough as the Tsunami heavy cruiser, it packs an even stronger fore beam array at the expense of aft and broadside systems. Typically for these post-war designs, there is no space for the mine bay, instead the ship takes a significantly larger security force than the heavy cruisers, and has massive torpedo systems, each one as potent as a carriers’. The Shiva is a ship designed for one purpose only- to sweep all targets in front of it, it has none of the multi-purpose toolkit the other Aquan cruiser-derived hulls possess, a fact that surprised some of the alien commanders, who by now believed that even Aquan pleasure yachts had mines hidden just in case. Famous Vessels in Class: ANS ‘Spinefin’ One of the first of its’ class deployed to front, the appearance of Spinefin and Firefin, it’s shoalmate, have caused significant consternation among the Dindrenzi forces operating near the Wimms corridor, as they were generally believed to be just another variant of the Namazu upon first sight…that is, until the squadron opened fire on cruisers beyond what was considered “safe distance” for their class, and then followed by a devastating torpedo volley that caught the dindrenzi cruiser “Anger of Dramos” completely unprepared, a critical hit to it’s bridge disorganizing the entire squadron for long enough to finish the job, an admirable proof of the design’s worth. Aquan Heavy Cruiser Sulis Class: “Are they allowed to do that?”- Unnamed Terquai commander upon the demonstration of the Sulis. A rare instance of applying ground-combat technology to space, the Sulis is little more than a large crystalline prism attached to a hull. It has a very limited number of beam nodes, but it’s primary mission is to serve as a mirror for the other ships of the fleet. While in space the number of objects that can block line of sight is much lower than on the ground, the same principle applies- other ships in the fleet can use the prism system on the Sulis heavy cruiser to attack vulnerable sections of the enemy ship, or to extend the range of their beam weapons. That makes the ship an obvious target for the enemy, which led to the strange “winged” shape of the vessel, thick armored growths covering it’s flanks and frontal arc to increase it’s survival rates. The vessel was also equipped with extensive comm suite to allow incorporation into other squadrons. Only time will tell if this unusual ship will be the game-changer that Csera command desires or a technological dead-end. Famous Vessels in Class: ANS ‘Tranquility’s End’ Deployed with a typhoon shoal as a single ship, it was sent to test if the heavy Sulis can cooperate with faster elements in running battle. That principle was tested when the force stumbled upon an unescorted Oroshan dreadnought, clearly on it’s way back for repair. Despite its damage, it would still be more than a match for the Orca battlecruiser, so the aquan commander, realizing the boarding threat of the “space-city”, decided to harass the ship, and kept the Sulis behind, hidden in the gas cloud. Eventually, the Sulis crawled into aft of the great ship, ignored like any solitary aquan cruiser would, and the Orca captain, slipping out of the gas cloud, fired into the prism, scoring a critical hit on the engines, and pummeling the ship till the Oroshans signaled surrender, unable to fix the damage on top of the previous losses.
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    Sorylian Medium mod question

    I managed to get a decent degree of animation (running/lurching forward) into my Bor'kas with a little trial and error. The stock pose of legs planted was a little too static for me, especially with their Recon ability. I'll try and get a few pics up later this morning with some wip: the 2 squadrons are at the painting stage ... (EDIT) I hope these images show the type of animation possible:
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    Changes in the new ORBAT

    Ah, yeah...any unit in the game that Remains Stationary will have their speed reduced to 0, that's generally what happens when you remain stationary...in regards to the Heimdals, if they have already reached where you want them, the area around a secondary objective for example, then you don't need to move great distances, if at all. You can Remain Stationary, utilising the Placed Firing bonus and shoot at any enemy Infantry that are, or may shortly be occupying the building...and any other targets of opportunity around the general area (they've got great All Round Fire Arcs - so don't need to lose their Placed Firing bonus by moving to shoot in any direction). A Squadron of Heimdals Rolling 24AD with a Placed Firing bonus and the Barrage MAR are going to be hitting Light Infantry on 5+ with no Cover Saves and Heavy Infantry on either 3+ or 4+ with no Cover Save...the Infantry are not going to last very long.
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    sorlylian test

    The Bol'vak is done. Still have 3 infantry base to paint and i'll order the heavy helix.
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    My attempt at more ship background.

    Well, two ships to start with, an aquan and terran cruiser, cause for some reason only Tier 1's get any info in the fleetbooks. So...well, not sure if I should say "enjoy", but feedback would be nice, even if it's "dont' ever do that again". Aquan Cruiser: Sebrutan cruisers can easily be classified as light cruisers by oother sides of the conflict- their morphology adjusted for speed and maneuverability rather than toughness. Their individual weapons are weaker than their competitors’ , but Aquan tactics for cruisers call for coordinated attacks by the entire shoal- and a whole group of cruisers firing unison at a same target is a sight as wondrous as it is deadly- a delicate lattice of laser beams meeting on the hull of the target, efficiently exploiting any visible weakpoints where other races’ ships would just pummel the target with heavy fire. Supplementing the laser irises is an omnidirectional torpedo launcher fed by a central magazine, and a minelaying bay in the aft. Famous Vessels in Class: ANS ‘Pearl Spire’ This ‘Chironex’ class vessel and it’s squadron gained fame for a daring charge at the advancing dindrenzi fleet. Whereas most aquan captains would keep distance and try to flank the foe, Pearl Spire’s squadron used beams as maneuvering thrusters, and deployed a minefield in the middle of the enemy formation, causing more damage than the light picket force could otherwise hope to accomplish. Terran cruiser: For most of Charter’s existence, the Sentinel was the fleet’s workhorse- a moderately armed vessel designed for long patrols and taking on multiple light enemies that the Terran settlers may encounter in the initial push. Only after the 1st Secession war was the need for a new, tougher vessel apparent, but only few ships of the Hermes class were constructed before the Dindrenzi successfully seceded. After that, a long process of designing an all-new vessel began, incorporating many of the alien technologies acquired by the new Terran Alliance. The Teuton class relies on it’s superior shielding instead of extra mass of the Hermes, and is the first Terran medium ship to incorporate beam weaponry as a standard rather than retrofit. Like all terran ships, it retains the strong torpedo armament, a tradition that harkens to the first days of space conquest. Famous Vessels in Class: NTSC ‘Ulysses’ Hermes class ship whose name dates back to earliest colonization period, the list of deeds attached to the name is as long as the history of the Charter. It’s last notable deployment was to the Veydreth tribes, serving as a liaison with the tribe chiefs, the ship’s pedigree providing clout necessary to get the raucous aliens to pay attention. Currently it is accompanying the same Veydreth clans to the Sorylian space.
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    ORBAT Update.. nerfs.

    Heh, I can't argue that I really take this new updates badly. So, from now I try my hardest to present just a plain analysis in my posts. Enough of whines, Kimek!!! This is the units I use the most now Huk'Ka He still suffered from the same problem as in previous ORBAT - it's one trick pony. His prime role is to satnd up and shooy through the battlefield, using his big cannon. Once enemy dive into close range Huk'Ka start to suffer identy crisis - he has thescatter cannon to hunt the smalls and infantry, but his big cannons seek for bigger prey. And thus once we start to fire, using one weapon sisten, the other starts to suffer. And due to AD numbers we NEED two of them in unit to be useful, so we need to reduce some other units, to find the points. Bor'Kas The lack of crusising speed of 8 made them more relient on terrain and Tac cards, so lizards need to spam activation, to make sure Bor'Kas can survive long enough to barrel into enemy's ranks and starts wrecking things. Which lead us to... Ka'Kun Pretty much my current lifesaver unit. They clean the infantry, burn the activations, grab objectives. I use them in units of 3 to be cheap anough to squeeze more killy stuff in roster and to present them to enemy as just too uniteresting target. Kul'Vok The lack of a Hard Target MAR and their cost, those big guys compensate with their DR, firepower and CQB. Usually, thei either guard my home objective or ride in the Huk'Ka belly, preparing to bash some faces in. Mul'Kat unfortunatelly, really pushed down by the cost of a Bol'Vak IMHO. I just need point to spent on Bor'kas and now Heavy Armor Helix, to stay in game.
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    Help with a 1200pt list

    Just back from a rather bloody first game that ended up against the Dindrenzi instead (the Aquan player couldn't make it). Two patrol fleets plus carrier verses my above list. Initial thoughts: The Dreadnought was quite fragile against two Dindrenzi Battleships, but held it's own quite well and the prospect of boarding scared the s**t out of my opponent. (I would have captured one if I had have remembered the +2 AP MAR. Doh) I totally underestimated the efficacy of the Heavy Cruisers. They really are sharks. Tormentors are a great disruption unit. I need to be more aggressive with the carrier. It mostly played a defensive role. Is this why most folks add the +2AP MAR? To finish the Dindrenzi were hard nuts to crack and the level of firepower they could dish out was scary at times. Next time I think I'll try the Battlecruisers. Honestly I'm hooked on this game.
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    Video Battlereport Terrans vs Relthoza

    Cool always wanted to see the spiders in action hope to see the lizards too later on. Vielen Dank Grüne Horde.
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    Yeah, that will probably need some FAQ action. You could theoretically have four SRS tokens Regrouped into the new squadron and the book does not address what to do in that situation since the maximum token count for squadrons is two. Easy answer is to destroy the two excess ones, but in this case, I would much prefer a concrete ruling from Spartan proper.
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    Deep See Aquans

    Aaand...first of the Overseer-box ships, the mighty Shiva. Pretty fun to paint.
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    The Pirate

    Return of the Overseers

    Now that's dedication!
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    Return of the Overseers

    I bought the starter set just to get that battleship
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    Hello Planetfall Commanders ! Stat Cards have now been updated to be ORBATs v2.01 complient. Please check if any mistakes have passed through the correction process. And please send some coockies to Zeph who helped me for this update. Next update will include the Leviathans Helixes. Please stay tuned
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    Easing back into things, here are some WIP Corvettes.
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    You pretty much already did. If Derek sees it here and think it merits it will get added to the next FAQ... He likely won't though unless ASD and I are reading something wrong, it's pretty cut and dry now that a book is infront of me.
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    Sorylian Medium mod question

    Pic of the pieces care of one of our french speaking players:fbruntz More shots of the rest of the helix: http://spartan-forum.forumactif.fr/t2173-sorylian-collective-core-helix-ajout-des-borka-et-du-hukka
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    I really do expect Sorylians to be capable of running lists with "too many." The idea of them having nearly or as many Artillery drops as we have Skydrops is quite likely to me... and we're less than half way through helices with 9 already without doubling a helix. The thought of a dozen Sory Artillery markers makes my commanders more than a little uneasy, and I'm thinking some lists may bump that to 16-18+ in larger games.
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    For me and my motley crew of players, it was how easy the game and rules were to pick up. The exploding dice mechanic we all agree is fantastic. Watching a space lizard survive a hammering from an RSN BB with just ONE shield dice. Yes the RSN captain couldnt believe it, yes the Solyrian captain couldn't believe it, even my self just spectating but we all agreed it was one of those 'fun moments' that we will always remember and refer to. We have 2 more guys who after just listing to us talk about previous games are very interested in getting involved and have asked if they can come watch to see how it plays. After playing a certain gothic space and ground themed game, this is so refreshing and the key word...FUN
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    They might throw us a bone as part of the field support. 1.0(Invasion) I think we had artillery, but if they shoehorn some in that helix and they're optional... I'll paint them for display but they won't see my gaming table. Not wasting designators to drop the markers and not wasting the points. The barge has it? I'll set it somewhere fun and drop it but not making it part of my strategy. Edit: nope I was wrong, only the bloody flier had artillery. Which I think was more intended to represent saturation bombing.
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    ORBAT Update.. nerfs.

    I hear what you are saying, it was just that particular argument ranks up there with "learn 2 play" for me. If some people feel like they got gut punched let them complain. Vent their spleen. Then in a new thread start working on tactics. That is how I have always felt it best to deal with people who want to have their say. Because when you argue with them it just keeps the argument going. I have always felt that a bit of gamer rage is a good thing as it shows that people are passionate. The worst thing for a gaming community is apathy. Apathy is what is killing my local 40k scene not gamer rage. Oh and telling people to calm down and act rationally really gets them riled up. Don't believe me? Try it on your wife/significant other, but don't say I didn't warn you about the fireworks thanks for the good discussion
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    Couple of questions

    This is how I am going to play it until further notice as well. The fact that the initial agreement between the players is that the 1st tank is 1st in the Target Priority Chain, and the 2nd tank is 2nd in the Target Priority Chain...and because of this you allocate hits and use the shields of the 2nd vehicle before the 1st vehicle is confirmed destroyed and the Infantry exposed...it just seems fairer to focus the fire on the vehicles in this instance. If there are any hits left over after the 2nd vehicle being destroyed, then I'll go back to the 1st set of Infantry and start applying the left over hits to them and so on. It is a pretty fringe example too, with only two vehicles in the current ORBAT's having the possibility of finding themselves in this situation...the Aquan Sedna and the Sorylian Huk'Ka. For it to happen you'd have to have a force with a Squadron of 2 of these vehicles in it and the vehicle in the Squadron that was first in the Target Priority Chain would have to be carrying Infantry at the time, and it would have to be hit hard enough that after saves etc it was completely destroyed with enough remaining hits to cause at least a single point of damage on the second vehicle...it'll be a fairly rare event I think.
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    Flying Units?

    Yeah, I want them to just scale this for Armada and call it the new Snapper or something Simply gorgeous.
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    My attempt at more ship background.

    LOL. "...even Aquan pleasure yachts had mines hidden just in case." Good writeup all around, but that's a real gem of a line.
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    ORBAT Update.. nerfs.

    I'm simply trying to gently point out that things have gotten a bit over-emotional around this update (not just with Sorylians) and that the sky isn't falling and the universe isn't ending. I've seen things like a unit is a hideously over-costed disaster at 130 points and it's totally unacceptable, but it would be fine at 115. Which means in a 4000 point game we're talking about a difference under 1% in your costs--maybe people should chill a bit? I'm certainly not saying everything is fine, just that maybe a calmer and more rational critique would get more attention than screaming the unit/faction has been destroyed and it's so unfair because some other unit in some other faction got a buff. This ain't chess, units aren't identical, and no two gamers will EVER agree that every unit is perfectly balanced. Different factions, different metas, different tactics, different terrain levels, different scenarios...these all come into play (as do skill and luck, as you pointed out) but threads like this imply it's all about the unit being too weak or too strong which simply isn't true. Not understanding why something was weakened and asking for an explanation is fine--complaining bitterly when you have no idea why the designers did it, what force levels were they using, how much terrain, which opponents and scenarios, etc...and acting like YOUR environment is the only one is something else. "Broken", "overcosted", "undercosted", "overpowered"--these are opinions, not facts. There simply is no indisputible proof that unit (or fleet or army or faction) X is better than unit (or fleet or army or faction) Y which is better than unit (or fleet or army or faction) Z. There's just no way to know in reality if two players are of exactly equal skill and which army is factually the best. It's all opinions (and those that think things are fine are worth the same as those that say things are broken so you might want to be careful about throwing out claims that others are discounting your opinions). You know us gamers: put 10 of us in a room to look at the same 6 units (for example, the 6 core medium tanks), and we'd come out with 50 different prices In the end, when I've had an issue with a unit in other games, I find I have better luck getting others to agree with me by focusing on what the unit CAN do within a faction and talking reasonably about what might help it do better in the faction, rather than complaining over and over that it's been nerfed or is useless. Repeated complaints that my unit of a certain class isn't as good as someone else's unit of a certain class never go anywhere and don't convince people I'm right (that's what you want, correct? to get others to agree with your opinion that a unit needs improvement?) so I try and avoid them. All they do is lead to a lot of long forum threads that eventually get locked in disgust by system admins after every point has been circled back to and repeated 14 times . Especially in Planetfall--if you haven't noticed by now, the stats are changing frequently. No need to throw your models away in disgust or get so upset--the stats will be different in two weeks anyway Which I also find a bit frustrating myself. A living document of stats is one thing, but honestly they have been changing so much since release that it feels like the stats were closer to beta than production ready at release (sorry Spartan and Delboy, that's just what it feels like to me and I, personally, will be glad when they stabilize more than they have been).
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    artillery murders lights. Hard. Put it over 2ndary objectives. Your opponent cannot risk putting troops on objectives. Its easier to win this game via objectives than any other means so in that respect its pretty powerful. You hold 2ndary`s if you get beaten off them you give them a gift :-)
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    ORBAT Update.. nerfs.

    You realize Kimek that this is the second time you've been talking about how much the Sorylians got nerfed now, in the context of two games you still...won. Maybe the sky isn't falling?
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    Earth Systems Alliance Navy

    So it's been quiet for a while, was busy painting warhammerstuff But finally I managed to add a new squadron to my fleet! Pics are a bit bright, sorry for that. Hawker Resolute Cruiser Squadron
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    Mr. J

    fixed weapons and old battleships

    You can already bought it in the SG Store : http://shop.spartangames.co.uk/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=DWA9023
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    Couple of questions

    I agree with awesome. if there is enough damage to roll over to the 2nd vehicle then you use both shield dice. any floating dice left then goes onto the infantry inside. I think the "floating dice" is the key word we should look at.
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    and now the sole survivor (cue blue Oyster cult) can now link with the other 3 ships. using a song reference, i couldn't resist.
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    Just starting out.

    Youtube is a friend ....but (as a new player myself) practical time and then search these forums (or just asking) has helped a LOT! Welcome to the habit...er game...universe, Admiral.
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    I use Palleton for my colour scheming needs: http://paletton.com/#uid=1000u0kllllaFw0g0qFqFg0w0aF Pretty handy site, though its main purpose is for website design. A bit fiddly in some aspects, but once you get a hang of it, you'll be making schemes like no one's business! Improved on the Movable track for the Bounty/Cerberus, by adding magnets from underneath the hull off the ship. This adds extra strength when sliding it unto position, and doesn't fall off when you flip the ship. Plugged in the hole with some greenstuff, which I also used to clean up the small magnets on the edges. Also primed them blue ...which at this point, I need to stop, since I really need to finish my Russians.
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    Rockets just got real

    Good thing allies are only optional so you can just say no if someone brings this. I i wanted weird allied things to brake faction balance i would just go play that other GW game.
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    ? Can you only shunt part of a squad.
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    Danimrathbr /


    I've done a bit of poking and it seems to be happening to ALL parent child relationships. Please be aware that if you are using the current version of battlescribe allied forces of any kind will not reflect profile changes to stats based on any upgrades or hardpoints you have chosen! I will have to get in contact with Jon and see what he can do, in the meantime make sure to mark your printouts with the correct values so you don't forget !
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    Derelict, Prize and Salvage

    Imagine Derelict as an abandoned burning wreck that is slowly sinking (or spiralling down from the sky, or burning on the land). In each End Phase the Derelict loses 1 HP and then drifts forward for the distance of the minimum move. A Prized model is a model that was boarded by the enemy and captured, still having a unit of enemy marines onboard. Maybe, it could be repaired and used by the enemy after the battle or it contains some valuable intelligence or technology, hence it gives double VP. It does not lose HP in the End Phase, but it also drifts. The captors can defend it using its own AA/CC if the original owner decides to attempt to recapture it. A Salvaged model is a model previously Prized by the enemy, but successfully boarded by the original owner, with the captors wiped out and the original owner leaving some marines to defend it against recapture. It does not lose HP in the End Phase, but it also drifts. The salvage crew can defend it using its own AA/CC if the enemy decides to attempt to Prize or Derelict it again. It gives only half VP to the opponent, as the model can be repaired after the battle. Note that a model can become Prized - Salvaged - Prized - Salvaged and so on indefinitely, until both sides run out of AP on all their models. However, once left without any AP on it after a lost boarding action, it becomes a Derelict and starts to slowly fall apart, since the AP doubles as firefighters and once there is not a living soul on the model, there is nobody to keep it in one piece. A Derelict cannot be Prized nor Salvaged again. It is in too bad a shape.
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    We interpreted this differently. We read it that Superior Design only worked against Critical Hits and Targeted Strikes, and that Cyberwarfare attacks (being neither of those) had full effect on crew loss and dealing out Hazard Marker as well as other things such as the High Energy MAR could give Hazard Tokens to a ship.
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    Greetings, fellow cold-bloods! Finished some of my core helix so I thought I'd share it here. Have a good one!
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