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    The Helix Effect - Questions?

    Hi CaGeRit! A really good question! Yes, the system is designed to allow players to expand their collection easily through the release of more Allied Helixes and Narrative Helixes. These boxes (or combination of boxes) will allow players to broaden their collection in a relatively inexpensive way and change some gameplay aspects of their force easily. The Allied Helixes you already know about - These Helixes replace the relevant Helix in a force's structure - The Terquai Recon Helix replaces the Aquan Recon Helix in the Helix Map for example. The Narrative Helixes will come out as part of Campaign Guides/Blog Articles that we plan to release in time. These Helixes replace the relevant Helix in a force's structure in the same way as Allied Helixes, with more background and different rules/stats for the unique models within their build. Hope that helps? d
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    Episode 18 of the Element 270 podcast is up - and we talk Firestorm Armada! http://element270.wordpress.com/2014/09/22/episode-18-firestorm-armada/ In this episode Giles, Peter and Reese take a break from our normal topics of discussion to talk about Firestorm Armada! This epic space battle game finally gets the treatment it never asked for, as three players relatively new to the game try and pull it apart to see how it ticks. Spoiler alert – we enjoy it a lot! Find us, as always, on our blog: http://www.element270.wordpress.com Subscribe to the podcast here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Element270 Find us on twitter: @element270 and on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/element270/
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    The Helix Effect - Questions?

    Hi steve_990! In time, Yes! There are lots of things to come out first, before we can expand on the minor races.....but give use time! Cheers d
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    Make the Done/Widow better.

    The widows are great, I'm not sure what you are talking about. They received a buff when the books came out, prior to that they were a little fragile, but I love them paired up with a battleship. I find that they are more than capable of putting a hurt on an enemy tier 1 when in a full unit.
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    Official Thread: Ottoman Empire

    Oops not sure what I'm doing with the quote function. I'm not convinced everyone in out group thinks the pa is overpowered presidente! I accept drone spam can be, although it failed tonight
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    Official Thread: Ottoman Empire

    Everything except for the KoB. ;-)
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    Official Thread: Ottoman Empire

    You always think everything is overpowered, Presidente.
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    new book smell :)

    Got my new copy of the firestorm armada rules! hurray!! Love new book smell. Bit light on lore though. Need a good reason to take these fleets too war! Plus a few stries would be nice too. I did like the little comments from the stern faced guy. Does anyone know what type of stuff the Spartan Games people would want to recieve if I wrote something?
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    Hehehehe - we probably did get stuff wrong! More practice is on the cards! The speed may also be related to the size of the games we've played - only more games will tell! Must get onto it!
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    Damn! Foiled again! However speaking of unsavory I actually managed to find time to go through these here rules you have posted. I suspect I'm having another senile moment and I read a train timetable rather then the rules so apologies if I have missed the point. However given my age I am committed to carrying on, regardless of howwidly inaccurate or inappropriate my comments are. General Rules - Pounding and Grounding 1. In the Fleet list supplied do you have to specify the Flagship or can the Commodore jump ships between round is the lodgings aren't to his liking? 2. Do the Strategic Forces have to be the same between rounds? 3. At what point are SAS size and weapon load identified? Hard Pounding Scenario 1 1. Focalpoint height is undefined is it large or medium? 2. There is an Infantry Bunker what size is it? I think they are all the same spec.If not what is it's spec? 3. "1 SP for having units within 4" of the enemy focal point". a)What is a Unit-any SAS or model? I assume that derelict/prized/etc..donot count? Scenario 2 1. Special Rules a) Assume that Convoy Vehicles and Target Vehicles are one and the same? Assume that Vehicles can still teleport as part a critical hit? 2. Can Target Vehicles be part of the Strategic Force? Scenario 3 1. Is there any limit to the amount ofsupply tokens that a model can hold? Appendix of Terms 1. Supplies 2nd sentence "If during it's activation a model of small or large size...". Are Mediumand Massive models being explicitly denied the ability to pick upsupplies? Hard Grounding Scenario 1 1. Victory points, 1st Sentence - a) I assume model victory points is the model points cost? Do you include the strategic value as well? c) Prizes do not count for victory points but derelicts do? Scenario 2 1. Set Up. If the Strategic Advantage player chooses the left half of their deployment area -does this place any constraint on which half of the deployment area his opponent can set up in? 2. Set Up. Does the advanced deployment zone have to be completely on the table? Can you place the centre point on an edge and just have a hemisphere? 3. Objective: Assume Tiny flyer is SAS Scenario 3 1. Is there any limit tothe amount ofsupply tokens that a modelcan hold? 2. Can supply tokens be moved between models as in Scenario 3 of Hard Pounding That's it for now. There are occassions where twowords are joined together please just unravelthem, I think Ihave spotted most of them and even corrected a few. There are times when the space bar just disappears and I can't find it. I suspect that it'ssomewhere withthe Any Key which I can't find either.
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    It's nice that you finally talked about this awesome space battle game! I think you gave a good overview although I felt that you got many details wrong (rules-related). You might need more practice! (Of course, I'm no expert myself.) I'm surprised that you guys said the game plays faster than Dystopian Wars, because my experience is quite the opposite. The models in FA might be in range a little quicker, but they die a lot faster in DW due to larger amounts of attack dice and rounding up. Overall, I really enjoy your podcast. Keep up the good work!
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    I spraypainted some nebulas with an airbrush and some comets and a black hole with spraypaint, very easy and looks quite good (the picture is shitty though, sorry for that^^). I used some cardboard from warhammer boxes because it's smooth and doesn't curl up when sprayed, but the borders are not very nice, maybe I'll use something sturdier for future terrain pieces.
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    How to Make a Space Board!

    I used your ideas to make a table for our club, and it turned out very nice! =D some of the stars are turned out a bit weird until I got the hang with the toothbrush, bit I managed to cover it up ^^
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    Easy, you've got two kidneys, right?
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    Sanguinary Dan

    New league starting in DC area!

    Regardless of Dream Wizards having copies of the rules on release we will OFFICIALLY start the first Wednesday in October. I'll be bringing my French every week and will pound into my locals the need for them to bring their fleets. I will always have a ringer/loaner fleet available in case of emergency. I generally arrive between 3:00 and 3:30 each Wednesday. THE PLAN 2 weeks at 1,000 points - starting fleet - no Massive class ships 2 weeks at 1,250 points - may add new ships and squadrons - allies allowed 2 weeks at 1,500 points - Dreadnoughts are legal The Bonuses Shipwright's Prize - Commodore gains 1 reroll (all dice) once per game - fully painted fleet Master & Commander - play 1 TAC Card at ½ cost - Commodore survived previous battle without his Flagship being crippled/sunk/prized 1st Sea Lord - Commodore gains up to 2 free escorts - Undefeated during previous 2 weeks National Bonuses TBD based on which and how many of each nation are participating.
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    Ah ok, thank you! So in this eddition only rules?
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    Short answer yes
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    6- B The Firer is one size larger than the obstruction, so can fire but is partially blocked. 7- C The Firer is two sizes larger than the obstruction, so can fire without obstruction ( except torps) 8- B The Firer is one size larger than the obstruction, so can fire but is partially blocked. This is just the same as 6- it doesn't matter how big the target is here! Overcharge the coils- Yes, just the one Attack, not all Attacks. If it was ALL Attacks, it would say so, such as in the FSA Punishing Gunnery Ability.
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    The Helix Effect - Questions?

    Paint everything you have..... Seriously though.....I'll have to hold off on telling you that, until Neil gives me the go-ahead! d
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    Allies and national rules

    Nope, since your commodore is CoA, not BW.
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    The Helix Effect - Questions?

    The Support Helix. Cheers D
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    The Helix Effect - Questions?

    Hi Venter! The various helixes are designed to reflect the combat methodology of various elements in a force's order of battle. So, A Support Helix has special rules that transmit special rules across the force that benefit all elements, An Assault Helix has Heavy hitting close quarters models that that allow players to break open defences. The Recon Helix (one of the most important Helixes IMO) allows a player to control the battlefield early and capture the objectives. As regards a stuffed spider...... No, ....spiders are notoriously unwilling to be stuffed in my experience.....better to simply buy the model when it comes out. Cheers, D
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    I place some – most often three – dice around the hull/perspex (front, one side, back) and then let my opponent carefully watch me changing the hull/perspex. But the "official" way of putting the perspex underneath the hull is a very nice idea that will be tried out. For the thing with shooting from submerged weapons on a wave lurker has anyone ever thought about dotting the center of the turret or the relevant broadside with a permanent marker? Needs to be just a small dot. Will try this as well. NC
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    The Helix Effect - Questions?

    Hi ahmadan! The Veteran Helix is ONLY used by the Dindrenzi and Terrans who participated in the Tarxon VI campaign....(for now) The Veteran Helix can be a replacement to the Core Helix if both players agree. This helix is designed to allow those players who got in on Planetfall early in the Studio Sparta release to get gaming straight away. There are plans for all sorts of narrative helixes like these over time, but the Heroes of Tarxon Helix for Terrans and Dindrenzi are the only one I have stat-ed just now. Hope that helps? Cheers d
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    France and Prussia are both Imperial Bond. They are not close allies however so your French if you're playing Prussian Core have to come from your 40% non-core fleet max. Your CoA do not have any allies in the groups you stated.
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    I will have to download it, I did not see a new one yet! So if a Vanguard wanted to plug an even at Adepticon who does he talk to? I know you guys are out of Australia, but you are one of the few Spartan Games related podcasts.
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    Official Thread: Ottoman Empire

    It's not only seing stats on paper, but trying to use the models as they were used in the past, that's what I said. "They are useful in role X" means they are not going to be used as they were anymore. When I bought Ottoman I did because I found the playstyle very attractive as a nation with "mid-long ranged attack", "difficult to hit" with fun trick wich they can survive without.. Now is mid-ranged attack, not that difficult to hit but more resistant and with trick you must use if you want to survive. That's the only thing I'm saying. Just they are more difficult to play now, it's not about "they are OP" it's more about "I enjoy them less than before". I suppose and expect everyone who complain is because they don't like roles or playstyles to be changed once they have spent their money, not just because "I want to win"
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    I shunted in your carrier wariant with 4 extra wings deck crews and and 2 extra movement with double mines and 2 escorts just behind a dindrenzi preatorian, he didnt like it much:) those double frontal primary weapons are awsome linked with frigates it comes to 19 AD at range band 2, was much fun for me, not so much for him.
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    Custom Battlefield Rules

    I don't think science fiction equals fantasy. However, what seems to elude you is that scifi, no matter how hard, isn't actual simulation of the future. Asteroid fields IRL have literal thousands of kilometers between each asteroid, it's physically impossible to "hit" an asteroid by accident. Planetoids the size depicted in the game would almost certainly not grant you "gravity boost" of almost 3/4th of a battleship's "top speed" ignoring the fact there's no such a thing as top speed in space. The game is essentially based on scifi tropes, not hard science. As are most scifi games, because suprise, hard science is boring as hell when you try to base a game on it. Well apparently it did elude you that there;s no "widely accepted" scale-to-actual-scale ratio like you suggested and certainly nowhere does it actually state the scale is consistent. Then again what do I know, I view a game as a game, not as some sort of srsbsns simulation of reality (as you see it). You too have made sure we know your vision is the only right and true one despite ***all arguments beyond your many years of gaming experience. But don't worry, I have actually found there is a block option, so you won't be hearing any more arguments and i wont have to read your pants on head ideas either. Good riddance and goodnight.
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    I'm not going to claim credit for it- it is what Del does!
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    Stats for the New Models?

    It would be nice if the rules came out with the preorders, some people like to see stats before they make purchases.
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    Gameplay/Rules question

    You sir just achieved my LIKE And i dont wane destroy anything (except for my opponent) but I want more....Intel
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