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    Knodd Olaffsen

    Custom made gaming board

    Hi everybody! I've finally finished my own gaming table and while the gloss varnish is still wet, I couldn't resist but take a few pictures. The nebula was made by airbrush with a simple stencil cut out of paper to define the sharp edges. After all it was a lot of fun - and much more easier to make than I thought! Cheers, Thomas
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    Sorylain Collective My Journey

    ok hear are my finished cruisers and heavy cruiser
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    Danimrathbr /

    Battlescribe Data Files

    iOS version is now just waiting on Apple for approval! I'm guessing Jon will likely release all the versions together so about a week from now. I will make sure to have the directorate done by then so all the core fleets will be ready .
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    Kaptyn Krys

    Reading Warfare Tournament

    Tournament is up and open to entry! -- Updated 13/08/14 -- ++ 10.3 Lightyears out from the Crowthorne System lies the Reading System. This system is heavily defended and a key way-point hub. It also used to be famed for it's industrial biscuit production. ++ ++ Unfortunately the Reading system will soon be on the front-line of the Zenian advance down the storm zone. Fleets must be prepared and put in to position, defences built and troops stirred to action. The next 6 months of planning are crucial. ++ The Wargames Association of Reading (WAR) is hosting it's first ever Firestorm Armada Tournament at our annual show; WARFARE! There are currently 12 spaces available but I hope if those are filled quickly and others games are not more tables will be requisitioned to the storm zone. Tournaments that are not half filled by the 1st October will be cancelled (But I doubt that will happen to us!) Where Rivermead Leisure Complex, Richfield Avenue, Reading, RG1 8EQ. When 15th & 16th of November Cost £15 for entrants before 1st October, £20 thereafter. No refunds can be given after 1st November. Includes general entry to the show and a shiny badge! entry is paid via paypal on the Wargames Association of Reading website. click on the link on the right to book tickets. - http://www.wargamesassociationreading.co.uk/warfare-competitions-24.html Spaces 6/18 left Details 800 point patrol fleet, 5 games of 2.5 hours each. 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. A Trophy is awarded for 1st place with medals for 2nd,and 3rd place and also for best painted fleet. Picking your fleet - 800 point Patrol Fleet. - Fleets should be constructed using the latest up-to date fleet guide as supplied by Spartan Games, using any of the main factions or alliance/league fleet guides available. (will update with pirates/marauders when the guide is released) - Your fleet list should include any hardpoints, upgrades and SRS designations - Fleets should ideally be composed of Spartan Games products and no proxies allowed, however conversions are perfectly acceptable. For example you could not field a Terran cruiser straight off as a destroyer, but if you had suitably converted a Terran cruiser to represent a destroyer that would be acceptable. - fleets should also be painted with a minimum of 3 colours. There will be an award for the best painted fleet. - Once fleet lists are submitted only minor changes are allowed. (but no need to submit for a few months. - Fleet lists should be submitted 1 month before the event so they can be checked. Time Table ---Saturday--- 9:00 -- Registration 9:30 -- Game 1 12:00 - Lunch 12:30 - Game 2 3:00 -- Break 3:15 -- Game 3 ---Sunday--- 9:30 -- Game 4 12:00 - Lunch & Painting judging 12:45 - Game 5 3:30 -- Awards Games Game 1 - Escalating Engagement Game 2 - Recover Resources (variant) Game 3 - Hold the Waypoints Game 4 - Capture the Station (variant) Game 5 - Mission TBC games 4 and 5 are subject to change as Spartan or the community release/design new scenarios that are symmetrical / balanced. I could use Borderclash but where's the fun in that! Mission Briefing; Game 1. Escalating Engagement. As per Firestorm Armada book Game 2. Recover Recourses. (Variant). The 3 debris fields that act as the objectives are replaced by 3 objective tokens. They are placed and function just like the debris fields table present in the scenario in the Firestorm Armada book on page 102. Any normal debris fields on the table follow their normal rules as per page 43 of the Firestorm Armada book. Game 3. Hold the Waygates. As per firestorm Armada book Game 4. Capture the station. (Variant) 1 Centrally placed station/objective marker. Follows the rules of a normal ghost station, page 44, and is not under any players control. A player with a unit within 6” of the station in the End Phase increases their battle log by 1. Capturing the station immediately increases that player’s battle log by 2. If the station has been captured and the controlling player has a unit within 6” in the End Phase their battle log is increased by 2. Loosing a captured station to the enemy reduces the losers battle log by 4. Game 5. TBC What to bring Rule book, tape measure, dice, tokens, templates, army list, TAC’s and Fleet! A tray would also be useful to move your fleet around between rounds. Please title your fleet list with your name. Bring 2 hard copies of your fleet list with you on the day, one for you and one for your opponent. Objective tokens would be really useful to for scenarios like recover resources or hold the waygates. Winning! Players will be randomly drawn for the first game and I will endeavour to make sure club/family members are not drawn against one another. After the initial game players will be drawn via the swiss system. Winning a game will score 3 tournament points, TP, a draw 1 TP and a loss 0 TP. Ties on TP will be decided by accumulative battle log points. The painting competition is voted for by the tournament participants by secret ballot. In the event of a tie an outside judge not involved in firestorm will decide. Any questions just ask bellow, PM me or email me at chris_smith2289@hotmail.com.
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    Excel list generator for Dindrenzi

    Hello, I saw a similar one in the Terran topic,and as I just started this game I created mine for the Dindrenzi. https://www.dropbox.com/s/62xe8x0or3xdnjc/Dindrenzi.xlsx If you find any mistake in it,then please let me know. Tussky
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    Tips against Relthoza

    There is no ship or squadron of ships in the game that can throw more dice than a squadron of Templars. They are hell on lasers. PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW!
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    Modded Theridion Carrier

    Just got my carrier box set. I really like the Apex and general vertical design of the Relthoza. So the horizontal nature of the Theridion was less than appealing. Fortunatey it's pretty simple to turn everything 90 degrees and glue it up. Took the flight stand peg hole from one of the wolf escorts (don't like the way they look on the escorts, plan on drilling holes directly into the body) and trimmed it down a bit to fit into a notch along the bottom edge. Everything else is just glued to existing parts. It's a little bit "chubby" looking, but I'm much happier with this than the initial design and I feel it's more in line with the rest of the new Relthoza ships. Next I want to take a crack at the new battlecruiser (more horizontals? really?), but that'll have to wait a while.
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    Patrol Fleet, thoughts?

    Now I have a sped up you tube video of relthoza doing this set to yakkety sax in my head.
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    Reading Warfare Tournament

    Also, can't wait to get at least 5 games in against some of you guys! By then I'll be a 2 year lurker here so putting faces to names and having a laugh will be fun! Mega thanks to krys for arranging it
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    Reading Warfare Tournament

    booked up x2
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    Without going over your hard points and upgrades in detail, it's hard to say for sure (I do not have a fleet list in front of my right now), but I do not usually take the wings for the Bane squadron, and I usually wind up with four drones, rather than the Nidus squadron. I think that covers it right there.
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    A call to Boston Area Players

    Next Toy Soldier Firestorm Armada Day is Saturday April 19th. I'll make sure to post what scenarios we're using for the league so any that want to participate can come prepared. In fact, I'm prepared to say that until further notice, we will make the 3rd Saturday of every month Firestorm Armada day (I feel confident we can sustain that through the summer, where it may turn into a "Spartan Games Day" as I look ahead to the eventual release of Planetfall...)
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    Heya gents, have you tried playing at Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie? I own a store in Massachusetts but grew up in Annapolis. The owner Ed is an awesome guy and that shop is one of the very few that I'm jealous of. I'm not sure if they carry Spartan Games aggressively, but they're a top notch store with lots of gaming space (they also have a miniature centric full time guy, Patrick, who seems to harbor a lot of love for non mainstream miniature games...)
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    Danimrathbr /

    Patrol Fleet, thoughts?

    ooooooo, bad news bears for the lizards!
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    Patrol Fleet, thoughts?

    I think 2 Banes with a carrier is excessive. (Yeah I know extra guns and AP). I find that in an 800 point game, one Bane gives me split berth and decent firepower while still allowing me to pull in a full unit of nidus frigates with Bombers. I find that often I can get a 12 dice bomb run, a 12 dice FF shot and a 7 dice port/starboard shot off with the Nidus, where I can only really get s single 12 dice shot off with 4 widow/drones. (Ten dice in this list.) I think Drones are great escorts for battle ships, but I rarely run them on their own. By the way, this is what it looks like when you do it properly:) https://scontent-b-i...911889191_n.jpg
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    Reading Warfare Tournament

    I am signed up. All shall feel the fury of the spiders!!!
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    Fire Control Offline?

    Don't know if I'd have been quite that extreme Quiet, but I am with you by and large. I do like to think that damned near chapter and verse quoting the rules to them works.
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    Terran gunship

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    Andrew's Directorate.

    Updates! First I did a little more work on the Sanctuary and redid the shield emblem (I never really liked the first one but I haven't really had the time to readdress it till now)! I also finished the destroyers, here are the lead models form their squadrons: And finally the fleet so far... again .
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    Fire Control Offline?

    Tell him to take his Rules Lawyer Degree back to Walmart. This is the first time I have heard someone argue that Fore Fixed is a "different" arc from Fore. There is a small(ok, miniscule) part of me that would almost buy that argument after four or five Gin and Tonics. It is not spelled out that Fore Fixed is a different arc from Fore pertaining to the instance of the Critical Table. Does the argument go the other direction? For instance, you are firing straight down the Fore Fixed arc of the RSN BB Spectre. Would the Spectre also lose the Fore Beam weapon as well as the Fore Fixed Kinetic? So in other words this guy thinks that the entire Dindrenzi fleet is immune to the Critical effect unless your ship is firing straight down the Fore Fixed Arc of his ship? *warning tongue in cheek humor* I might be over reacting, but I would at least never play with him(if that is a option) and probably verbally abuse and humiliate him for ruining the game(and maybe flip a table). *humor over* I am going with the Spirit of the Rules on this one. Fore Fixed is affected the same as Fore when that Critical is rolled, otherwise plenty of ships(other than Dindrenzi) in the game would be immune from losing the Fore Fixed weapon.
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    My lists vary, but lately I have been playing: 800 points: Battleship-6 Fighters with 1 frigate carrier- 5 bombers 3 interceptors with 1 bane with 1 bomber 3 banes- 3 interceptors 4 nidus- 4 bombers 11 models, 42HP 1000 points Dreadnought -6 fighters carrier- 5 bombers 3 interceptors with 1 bane with 1 bomber 3 banes- 3 interceptors 2X4 nidus with 4 bombers 14 models/ 50 HP This is my shunt heavy list. Every unit has wings that, with the exception of the bane unit, allow me to strike to a range of 18 to 20" while still staying cloaked with shots of up to 18 dice. This allows me to take out frigates, and most cruisers that try to get within' my 20" stealth systems bubble. When I am in position, I try to pick a flank and shunt my Carrier, Banes and with the relthoza TAC card my battleship/dreadnought and crush either a tier1 or a cruiser squadron with all of my uncloaked fire power.
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    The wife's new models arrived today.. and if anyone asks.. Yes.. she did in fact hold up a destroyer on a peg and go "Pew pew" .. no matter how much she DENIES doing so now.
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    Beta test.......

    interesting Mead recipes aside................... the applications for the beta test crew have been coming in thick and fast. It is very encouraging to see such support for our games. I will continue to take applications for one more week and then i will compile the final "Crew list" At that point you will (or won't if you incur my overfiendly displeasure!) recieve an email confirming your place upon the good ship Awesomegame. I will follow this up with what is expected of a Beta crew test member. Your contributions, your attitudes and the structure for how the testing will be run. This will be the point that you can run away screaming if you choose...... after that it will be into the rules with full swing..........
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    Erebi´s Flying Circus

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    A call to Boston Area Players

    Agreed and not a bad idea. A dedicated FA day would make it easier to make the trip (since there would be a greater chance of folks being there). Any thoughts as to when? -B
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    Sorylain Collective My Journey

    Ok finished the next two steps the gray high lighting and the gray wash. also done the white noise lines and the battle damage on those lines, what you guys think? For the heavy cruiser i am intending to do something special, well special for me. which compared to most of the painters on this form my work in still low level , but i am trying hard even after 25 years of painting lol. The grey high lights are not showing very well in photo sorry But what i think i am good at is conversion work. Ok hear is something i have been working on for a while i want to see what you think. As i have studied aircraft engineering in university i relay have problem with space carriers having Launch decks i don't know why they just feel wrong. so hear is my take on the carrier. idea is they launch out of tubes from the front of the craft and get tracker beamed back in the ship under the ship throw the hanger doors And with some paint on and bit more plastic work etc I still have lot more paint work to do as it only got base coats on at moment
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    Sorylain Collective My Journey

    I prefer the fourth color scheme. Beige et noir.
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    And now, my Canadian Armoured Alliance Force is complete, commanded by the "Mighty Montreal" (whose nicknamed the M&M, the turquoise ones with dark chocolate inside) : :queen: God Save Our Gracious Queen!
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    Swamp Class Cruisers

    From the album: ArchonDan's Relthoza

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