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    We're really sorry to hear that you received those mispacks. We try and eliminate all mispacks, but what you have come across is particularly disappointing and unacceptable. They are the older Starter Sets, and have likely been sitting on the shelf for some time as we have vastly improved our packing process in recent times but, nonetheless, we would like to rectify this immediately. From your original post it reads that you sent us an e-mail on Friday. It usually takes up to two working days for our despatch department to respond, so you should receive an e-mail back today. They will send you replacements and ensure you get what you need.
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    You know there are times in which I think you should change your name to Sky_isfalling... Zak
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    Okay since I have a few squadrons of Sentinel cruisers I decided to try a different mod. So these are the Terran Rapid Improvement program (RIP) mark 2 Sentinels. Top: Underside: I still have a bunch of clean up on this, and I still need to glue it down to the ship itself. Thinking about adding some really thin pieces of styrene for more detail. Not sure what I will do with the other 2 squadrons yet. Might mount single barreled turrets on the topside and underside.
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    Heavy Fighters & Heavy Bombers

    I don't think throwing a grenade onto the game table and yelling "I WIN" is a tactical response, to be entirely frank
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    I like that, offer to allow them to withdraw peacefully then shoot them anyway. Your training is almost complete my apprentice, you will come over to the dark side .
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    Erebi´s Flying Circus

    About two hours later....
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    I have a better solution: To eliminate all of these mis-packed items, simply remove Zenian League ships off of the shelves. This way, SG can better concentrate on all of the other ships, and this will also cut down on the amount of inventory and space that SG must have in their warehouse. (and thus, less mispacks) See?
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    Hold fire presidente. Do not forget 2.0 is just around the corner. I have a hunch the new fleets say CF onwards have been balanced with this in mind.
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    Check it out: the Ganak is basically done. All that remains now is a coat of varnish to hold all that delightful paint in...
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    And the Zenian League, once gain, came to fear Tarakian warships! Now, paint the Ganak and set sail to new horizons! (oh, and absent any orders, destroy Zenians wherever you see them)
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    The Ganak has arrived, thanks again, Sky! https://www.flickr.com/photos/86755812@N03/12895090644/
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    This. I'm curious to see how it's all connected. Also, the Covenant needs to build a moon laser. It's the natural mad scientist evolutionary step.
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    I would like to point out that not having the pdf up in a timely fashion might affect sales, while I do like the look of the models that's only half the product the other half is how good it is on the table, if I cant judge that then im not going to make a purchase.
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    Let it be said I quite immodestly love the RSN ships and their whole aesthetic. Recently I bought a full unit of Cerberus heavy cruisers, and realised a couple of things. Firstly that they look quite interestingly different from the Spook if you leave the bottom fin off. Secondly, if you do this, you end up with lots of fins. And thirdly, I suppose, that the ship has that weird window on the back section of the hull (where it curves just after the engine block), which is about the same profile as the fin. As a result I had a bit of fun with one of the Cerberus. The fins were glued onto those window parts to form wings, increasing the ship's width and giving it a look that really grabbed the 80s space opera anime aesthetic I like so much. Now I'll usually be using this as a Cerberus, just the "special" one that's the accompaniment to my battleship. On the other hand it looks quite different to the Cerberus and so perhaps could be a battlecruiser for the RSN (their scale of ships is weird, the Spook is massive compared to the Dindrenzi cruiser but the Spectre is tiny compared to the Dindrenzi battleship). The next step would probably be statting it up. Then again my fleet also contains a pretty unique Argus/Banshee stand-in until I get round to buying one so a few unusual looking ships won't stand out too much...
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    Heavy Fighters & Heavy Bombers

    Thoughts on the following: Cost price per Wing is 10pts. (double current Wing cost) Heavy Fighters MV 9" AD 4 PD 1 AP 0 Heavy Bombers MV 6" AD 6 PD 1 AP 0 All rules for SRS stats the same, and ships can substitute heavies for regular fighters and bombers. These are slower moving SRS, but pack a big punch. Might be worthwhile for fleets with low SRS capabilities... While fleets with heavier SRS compliments might become a bit scary. (or scarier?)
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    Ongoing balancing discussion thread

    Alternatively, we could all learn to deal with it like mature and adult people.
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    A question on Boarding Logic

    Without any cover, yes. That's another debate we met several times here. I'm not fan of boarding either, looks like too "all or nothing" game mechanic, but some people likes it and it's still a designer choice. Let's wait for 2.0 to see if it's changing or not.
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    Danimrathbr /

    Battlescribe Data Files

    Hello Crimson, glad you like it so far! I have every intention of putting the battlecruisers out as soon as possible. At the moment I have just been waiting for Jon to release the next beta which will let me accomodate the changing squad size and accompaniment. As well as that the next release should let me get rid of the separate files for fleet size. Another additon is full inclusion of the fleets ship stats and MAR's. The next release will be a vast improvement .
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    No Quarter shall be given Mv2", turn 45 degrees to Starboard (I like that side), Mv1" No Sector Shield Fire! (Linked Beams, and Torps) Guardians just tag along to watch the fireworks Edit: I'm sure Directorate can scam a victory out of it somewhere.
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    Hmm, Maybe you should run a poll on your solution?
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    Fan Art

    Some quick concept for Sorylians, Aquans and Dindrenzi assault troops :
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    Questions about the Tesla Generator

    Hi Ungard, 1) It doesn't get added to the minimum movement before turn, but it does require that the ship move at least that much in the activation. 2) You must roll all tesla movement dice before the squadron moves, yes.
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    First off - PORT is LEFT, STARBOARD is RIGHT. So, after that move, you are 7" from the Titan, facing his Starboard (Right) side. RB 1 - so you are at 7AD, not 11. Shantu fires 7 beams - only 4 hits. No effect. Shantu fires 8 torps - 7 hits. Terran PD has 3 hits before rolling for shields - no effect. Sorry, Sky, I don't see a lot of way out of this for you right now. Personally, my favored result for this duel was the Shantu exploding, followed by the Titan failing it's repair check for corrosion markers to take out it's last HP - mutual takedown, Directorate victory! Meatshield's activation.
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    Actually, they can be found in this sub-forum. They were made by Commodore Jones. Let me get you the address. http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/8124-expanded-tarakians/
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    Why from the Core fleets? Take your general, run of the mill Tarakian Escort!
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    Kaptyn Krys

    Kaptyns Plog

    I'll try and take some more pics tonight, need to tidy up a few patches where the red sprayed beyond the masked area before I can start painting odd panels in
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    Hopefully I will get an email similarly within a few days. I only sent mine today and will give it a little while. As a customer one of the things I praise most highly from any company is excellent customer service. The post from Spartan Games above fills me with confidence. It's not just the offer to replace missing/damaged parts but the quick offer of an apology for any inconvenience. Very very impressed Spartan. This more than anything will get me coming back to your games.
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    EIMC Question

    Nails cards are unfortunatly not offical although they really should be. They certainly do have current errata though.
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    In addition to Marauders: I would like to see: Minesweepers or minesweeper MAR Fleet carriers (Larger carriers) Stats for civilian ships Prototype battleships for all core races Make all secondary races playable with more ships. TAC cards expanded and balanced better Tournament rules
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    Exactly. I really wanted to see something different in this class and I think SG succeeded. Now, we gotta learn how to use them.... hmmmmm, maybe a poll is needed.
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    Odd that we are getting quite a few reports of extremes - either a powerful debut for a ship type that seems to be well worth its points if not more, or a ship type that seems to go poof once it comes into contact with enemy forces. Maybe we aren't yet proficient in their utilization? Or, maybe we are using them with 'normal tactics' which aren't what these ships were designed for?
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    Idea for Fluff advancement in 2.0

    Are you going to stop raising this particular point in every thread that you post in at some point. Because it doesn't really seem relevant here at all. Anyway I'd love to see the CoA develop a feel of being the hand behind the various unaligned factions, for sure. I'd also like to see a development on the background in Sirocco and also the CoA aerial box about the giant portal in north Africa and the ancient ruins in South America potentially connected to the vaults. Also having watched the Godzilla trailer recently, monster island man! Darwin's lot need to pop up! Drachenfutter and I worked out at the pub that the Godzilla in the new movie is roughly 7/8s of a Metzger in height (a lot bulkier, though), want to see them fight! 10 AP sounds about right...
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    Flight stands detached... in a Games Workshop case. Because I am a fan of irony.
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    "We are the one percent. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile." "This message brought to you by our corporate sponser Works Raptor. We'll be right back!"
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    Well we tried 2 rulers, which are terrible **** in my opinion vs the ottoman battleship and they went down without making much of a dent and we were playing the storm template as only rb4, however I believe its any range band which is even more crazy. My problem is that alliance nations or smaller nations should not be a match for any major nation and their ships in nearly every category are the best. The short and bottom of it is, they have to many rules and dice on their guns.
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    Will's Aquans

    Exciting. You're teaching him right :-P
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    New Game Table

    Interesting idea give us an update after a few games to see how good it works
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    Umm, I cant see the poll.
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    Names on Aquan ships

    Lol awesome. I can see it now: "And today several Directorate 'freedom fighters' were brought down by the terrorist tyranny of the Sebrutan alliance while on a daring raid to rescue several hundred Aquan scientists". Zak
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    Names on Aquan ships

    PR is the lesser known yet just as important cousin of DR and CR. Well in the Directorate anyway.
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    Mad Modd

    Terran Battlecruiser

    I went and finished up one of my Battlecruisers last night. The 'BC-98 T.A.S. Luna' is now ready for duty. Her sister ship 'BC-99 T.A.S. Venus' is still in spacedock having her systems worked on.
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    I think if you had 2 Terran shield cruisers in a game of Dystopian Wars you'd have many other concerns to think about than whether they can be out of command range.
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    I don't see an issue with a living errata/faq document and would prefer it to something buried in a 5 page thread that my opponent may or may not accept. This actually came up in game the other day regarding use of "PD" for torps, SRS and boarding assault defense in a single activation. Saying you "saw it on the forums" doesn't carry a lot of weight. So yeah, I agree with Sky, put it in a doc, version it, and update it. Not a lot of effort.
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    Its not so bad, but if you want to not get fed up with losing you do sort of need to stick to certain ships and certain tactics, and unfortunately the patrol box is not a good place to find those ships. You'll probably learn to love-hate the Falx for looking amazing and having tons of potential, but never living up to it in practice. Personally I use my frigates as Plumbata proxies, as they look better than Plumbatae. If you think I was passive I mustnt have tried hard enough!
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    Carrier Types

    The DW game is made to accommodate both "big gun" and carrier naval warfare. Neither one is given preference over the other. In this DW environment that is a good thing as gamers who prefer one style of naval warfare over the other can still both play the same game. Now one consequence of the DW game is one side will have more activations than the other. And usually it is the fleet with more carriers. There is nothing "cheesy" or "beardy" about that. That is just the way it is. An activation spam may be annoying, but your opponent is not going to win just because he out -activates you. Those TF activations have to eventually mean something for your opponent. No gamer of DW is just going to bring carriers along just for the extra activations of TF.
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    Kaptyn Krys


    we all know of math-hammer and I'd been playing around with working out stats for for F:A. I used a great littel website called Anydice. which I and, I know others, have been using for a while. http://anydice.com/ I wasn't the best at first year programming so had to call in a little help from the guy runs the site and had a little fiddle with what he sent back. If you go the site and copy in the following and hit calculate you will get a set of charts. Charts range from 1d6 to 27d6 (linked retribution+combined bucklers) showing the probability of getting X number of hits. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- function: explode N:n { if N = 6 { result: 2 + [explode d6] } result: N >= 4 } EXPLODER: [explode 1d6] loop N over {1..27} { \ Used lowest function to keep the tail short. \ output [lowest of 45 and NdEXPLODER] named "[N]d6" } ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fun fact, the aforementioned retribution+bucklers will double crit a CR12 ship about 40% of the time..... (only calculates to the first 10 explosions else it would run forever!)
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    There is only one choice for me...
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    From the album: Clap!'s Terrans

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    How Do You Win With Prussians?

    I've always found that the instant I start reacting rather than acting the game is going against me. But then again I favour aggressive play and keeping the opponent on his heels. If I'm the one trying to plug holes because my plan is falling apart and his fleet is pouring throguh gaps that shouldn't be there then I'm in a bad spot. That said I agree that you should always be flexible enough to be able to counter unforseen circumstances. But I'm a firm believer in the fact that an unplanned battle is a lost battle. Always keep the objective of every unit clear in your head (even if the objective is to sail one frigate a turn right in fron of a DN to prevent it from moving away from my Ika).
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    How Do You Win With Prussians?

    I'll agree with both Septenarius and DkoW here. Yes that would be rash to give up, but yes it's totally your option. I think it's all about what you expect to get out of playing the game. Is it all about winning for you and your friends? If you agree with the consensus on the other Prussian threads, that we're the weakest faction, then you have a choice to make: take up the challenge that will make victories all the more rewarding, or whine about perceived rules imbalances (or quit the game entirely, in your case). Personally I think there's much more to enjoy about this game than numbers and math; these miniatures are some of the most detailed and beautiful ever produced. To me, any sort of talk about tactics and numbers balance (a subjective conecept anyway) in a game that includes a lot of dice rolls is simply silly. Having a competitive mindset in a system that is based on random dice rolls is a recipe for disappointment. If you're looking for a balanced game, play chess.... Anyway, an extremely easy fix to all this prussian nonsense is to play with scenario objectives (not just field orders, but actual scenarios that require your opponent to move). But regardless, there's plenty of other reasons to stay in the hobby. Owning a Seydlitz alone should convince you to stick around...
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