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    Dystopian Wars Playtester Thread

    @Sailion I think you have realy hit the nail on the head for a lot of us with that comment. The steam Steam Punk genere can take many different paths all too often ventruing into Gothic Horror and dark powers. Dystopian Wars follows the path of glorious over the top machinery, mighty empires and stiff upper lips beneath waxed mostaches. While I try not to be a simpering fan boy with my comments, the depth and varety of the game plus its accessibality is what makes it stand out . You not thrying to get you head round what the Salorians, Xanipths, ProtoHuman Corportaionaists or Jar K'vn are, about let alone pronounced. This is a world we recognise, understand and can identify with. On that foundation Imaginations and creativaity run utterly amock. To create a game that is easy to learn, harder to master and with beautiful miniatures.
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    So your medium carrier gets: -The same AA and better CC than the Massive one -Sharp turn, unlike any other that doesn't belong to the EotBS -And a Guardian generator?! That is ~120-130 pts
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    I'm really happy with the alliance rules, means I could run some of my French as Belgium Royalists and use The Australians I got pre ordered. As close as I can get to a Dystopian rebel alliance fleet. Basicbob, your properly rigth and I agree on some more Italians ship, they are really nice as because of the "Blades of the Sea." Look and feel to them. Note: I know I'm Dystopian wars crazy. But it's an awesome game.
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    Redesigned Unit Stat Cards

    Nail if you keep doing this, maybe SG should just move your cards to the official download section as well. Especially now when the new models dont come with stats cards anymore.
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    more boarding madness

    That rewording of Dash and Elan is very strange indeed. And considering its location in the download section not even in the "Errata and Clarifications" document is really a little bit sloppy to me. I still stand by what I said before where it concerns Gas Alert MAR. From a background point and a game play point it makes sense. This Dash and Elan business is a whole other kettle of fish and speaking of fish doesn't smell right. I do appreciate you pointing out this rewrite of the MAR ( I think. )
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    Having looked over Stani's excellent stat cards, the Chinese are seriousely frighening, the skimming Dread is an utter monster as expected but sutable expensive and fleet limited. But its the Jian class battle ship that is a real boarding (12AP) and broadside beast 15AD at RB1 13AD at RB2. I'm also impressed by the escort carriers given that they operate in a sqadron of 3 thereby providing 12 additional TFTs They are also very capable ships in terms of firepower. Am I getting them? No. As I will be comitting to the Ottomans and have gone heavily in to the LoIS Do I look forward to facing them? Very much so. The CF looks like it is vulnerable to a more manuverbale enemy fleet and is not too special on AA and CC. I think the KoB could give them a rough time. The RC would would be a like a slugging match between two ponderous machines, slow unrelenting and brutal, FSA won't find them a push over either especialy given the CF ability to shrugg off the affects of a Crit on a 5+ or 4+. Very well done to Spartan and the play testers, excellent work.
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    Brother Glacius

    Dystopian Wars Blog

    Hi all, I have a new blog that I've been working on for the last week and it is going to showcase my Empire of the Blazing Sun army. I've just starting painting the land portion of the fleet. I had done some initial work on the sea starter before, but want to get land forces painted up for demos. Eventually I'll get back to the rest of the army. So go check it out and let me know what you think. Brother G.
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    Redesigned Unit Stat Cards

    9 months! I actually almost put a "warning: dad joke" comment on it ...
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    Thank God its Friday......

    What ever causes it, Friday is great for DW gamers. New models, new rules, new stat cards...... Now I just need to find 20 hours to read it all, let alone paint and game..... Next poll...do we need an eight day week...with a three day weekend?
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    Yes, because the result of a single person on a tournament says everything...
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    Hi guys I recently got into firestorm armada and I really love the game. Im a 3D artist and I really got ispired by the game. So I'm working on this Dindrenzi leviathan. Made it in a couple of hours. Did it in 3D studio Max and Z-brush. It's not finished jet but I'm really interested in what you think of the leviathan model, let me know
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    more boarding madness

    As far as Dash & Elan is concerned, agreed. The changing of that MAR's wording does change how it works, and Spartan should clarify if it foresaw this consequence. Since it was changed officially, whether it was intentional or not is unimportant until a clarification is posted. Dash & Elan should be played by the current official PDF. The point I am making is that changing the Dash & Elan MAR only changes the Dash & Elan MAR, It does not, by implication and interpretation, also change Gas Alert MAR, the Tetsubo, and the boarding sequence as previously played and ruled upon. Thus, strictly as currently worded, the Dash & Elan MAR should* be played exactly the same as the Gas Alert MAR, which is - officially - that no surviving AP need to land in order to grant the added AD. * By "should" I mean according to the rules as written and current forum rulings, not according to realism, interpretation, or fluff. Obviously, this may all change if and when Spartan and/or Delboy make their clarifications official - which should precipitate another PDF update so everyone is current. Now on to the opinion stuff: Agreed. Tetsubos would become the worst small fliers in the game if Gas Alert were changed. Disagree. "Game Balance" is an over-used vague term that really has many meanings depending on the situation. How would it be balanced from the EotBS point of view that one of their better units became basically useless and overpriced? The Tetsubo is a wonderful unit as-is, they are a Gas Alert delivery device. As long as your opponent is aware of the danger they represent, there is no more "imbalance" than any other unit that gets to use its strength at the optimal moment.
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    more boarding madness

    -This is madness! -THIS... IS... SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! *Boarding Assault* Yes, that was useless. But I'm tired. And I always have that movie in mind after seeing that topic title.
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    more boarding madness

    A couple things to add in light of the above posts. 1) If Delboy is going to be jumping back into the pit, so to speak, he should know that there are nasty creatures here in the pit known as rules lawyers. Being an official Spartan and casting "I'm going to take a different view" of an official ruling is simply throwing unneeded confusion into the fire. Delboy, is your post meant to be an official Spartan reversal of a known rule? Or is this simply an explanation why you think an official rule should be changed? Are you talking as a hypothetical player or in an official capacity? You can see why your status as a Spartan means your word really is the law around here, so please be careful what you are saying on these forums, and be as blunt as possible. We don't necessarily need the how & why so much as exactly the what. 2) Rationalizing a rules change to an official rule based on the re-wording of one MAR in a download is putting the cart way in front of the horse. This sort of retro-active rules changing is not a solid practice and it does not hold up to known rules. From a game designer's point of view, it is far more likely that the updated MAR pdf for Dash & Elan was simply cut short with the unintended consequences of this thread's issue. The alternative, if your positions are to be followed to their logical conclusion, is that the Spartan rules team deliberately changed how Gas Alert, Dash & Elan, the boarding process in general, and the Tetsubo all work - and didn't announce this to anyone - but rather left this "official" rules change up to certain people to figure out using one change to one MAR on one download? That seems completely far-fetched, and worse, irresponsible.
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    Lord Nobody

    Dystopian Wars Playtester Thread

    Some things are worth repeating.
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    more boarding madness

    It's been a while since I've posted, but I've recently returned from a DW hiatus and this post has me putting my rules lawyer cap back on: The issue of Gas Alert MAR was settled in a number of forum posts last year at this time. The discussions culminated in Spartan Andy's ruling, which was repeated in a few threads (do a search in the rules forum for Gas Alert). The AP does not need to reach the enemy vessel for the bonus AP to take effect. In the original discussion, I'd taken the point further and asked if this means that pure Gas Alert, with zero surviving AP, would be sufficient to then cause a Sabotage (under rules as written, this was the case at the time). Spartan quickly moved to clarify this loophole on this thread, stating that: Since the Spartans had made an original ruling regarding Gas Alert, quoted it several times in different threads, and also made this subsequent clarification regarding one part of that rule (using the word "alone" means this is a possibility), I'd say that is pretty strong evidence that their position on this was thought-through and concrete, and not open to further interpretation. With all due respect to Delboy's analysis of the rule's progression, it is based on too many "rules as intended" opinions and purported word choice errors by the authors (which are admittedly certainly possible - anyone who has spent time analyzing the word choice in the 1.1 book knows that this is a mentally painful undertaking!). Thus, anything short of an official reversal of this (official) decision should not be used. Unless both parties agree beforehand, as always.
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    more boarding madness

    @Delboy Sorry to say, but I have to very respectfully disagree with you. This is a case where it is not how you interpret the procedure for a boarding assualt, but how you define the two MARs. ( And Nucreum you are right it is all about how these Mars are worded. ) Under Gas Alert once a boarding assault has been initiated the attack gets the +2 AD. Under Dash and Elan the boarding assault will recieve +1 AD if the assault point is greater than zero. Those two MARs are saying two entirely different things. The Gas attack takes place once the boarding assault has started. (period, the end) Dash and Elan takes place with an assault point if that assault point is still there to attack. And subsequently the Gas Alert could not be used again in another attack if there was no AP left to initiate a boarding assault. Which keeps things fair and balanced. Basically if the defender w/ AA reduces the attacking model's AP to zero the GAS Alert becomes a one shot weapon. I don't see a problem with that. And background wise we don't know for sure how that gas is transported to the target ship. For all intents and purposes it could be shot by a rocket before the AP make their jump-attack. So its already there !!! The only thing I would say about the Dash and Elan MAR is that wouldn't those AP defend with the same dash and elan as they exhibit in the attack ? But that's a separate issue to be sure.
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    I'm hoping for more Italian units. I hope they don't stop at just sea models. I really like the land game for DW. I need to see awesome Italian land ships baby!
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    Then again, neither is 'tired and old' , the V1 rules are proof of that! Zak
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    Painted French Land forces?

    There are some in my RoF album: http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/gallery/album/57-andy-ts-french/ I used a paint scheme loosely based on French WW2 tank camouflage. Cheers, Andy
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    Paint the decks Red. Call em Redbacks.
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    Hostility Drone

    Perhaps CJ if you read the rules before ranting it'd make more sense. Not that logic has ever stopped you before... Zak
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    Hi, I shortly started to blog about "Dystopian Wars" in German. Falls also jemand das hier lesen kann; ich würde mich über Besuch freuen. Greetings Elledor http://russiancoalition.blogspot.de/
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    Redesigned Unit Stat Cards

    IN THE BEGINNING, there were replacement stat cards, and all the stats were to be found in the book, awaiting only the release of models (though not everybody waited for them), and it was good. Then there were the CoA, and the French, and their stats were to be found only in their A5 fleet guides, but helpful souls provided scans to Nail, and cards were made, and it was good. Then there were many releases. Models were released individually. New cards were released for existing models, with great errata. Models were found with MARs that no man could define. Great confusion gripped the land and the people cried out in their despair, "What the hell is a Speerschleuder, anyway?" And it was not good. But then, Delboy. And lo, did Delboy speak to Nail, saying, Come join us and provide feedback and playtest and nitpick mightily. And Nail spake, Okay. And cards were made for the playtesters and were completed well before they were needed, and upon release date they could be given unto the people -- but not before, for, verily, Nail had signed an NDA agreeing not to spill the beans. And it was GOOD. ... I have a playtesting document for the AC conversions but I didn't help playtest them so I'm not 100% sure that it is accurate to what is going out with the models, which is why I'm waiting for people to send me the stats before I make the cards. For the Italians, and the Chinese and Aussies and things yet to come, I have cards ready in advance. They're good to go as soon as the street date hits, but I prefer to be on the overly cautious side and not release anything until Spartan does (either by officially releasing things or by dropping the stats in a PDF like they did with the Italians).
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    Official Thread: Chinese Federation

    on the other hand they could be a major naval power with floating imperial cities - great guess ( ok i just saw the release ) but its f%$#@ beautiful
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